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  1. Oh no, the curse of the early music cue returns!
  2. I hope I get to be Tara's Secret Santa one day, so I can give her this .
  3. I really wish we could get Joe Reid's ideas for this topic.
  4. Arrgghh, I love these Little House podcasts, but yet again the music starts way too early. Can that be fixed?
  5. I love Broadway and loved Smash, even with its problems. (Someone once commented on Adam's rewatch posts, I believe, that the two stars should have been cast in each other's roles, and I thought that was a brilliant fix.) Additionally, I had just had a baby and a collection of Smash episodes on the DVR , and watched so much Smash while figuring out nursing. Plus, the music is so great! I was getting sad that we weren't hearing any music in the submission, and OF COURSE, Adam played the big number at the end. I should always have faith in Adam!
  6. When I first saw the title, I got excited that this was a collection of Allison Lowe-Huff's favorite things. Oooooh, a different Lowe!
  7. Just a suggestion that you should maybe cut out that 90 second (or so) bit of weird silence and awkwardness at the beginning. :) Although maybe weird silence and awkwardness is perfectly suited for a thing about Catfish.
  8. Kim's connection to this is FASCINATING! I got very excited at the end when she said she had more true crime insider stuff.
  9. I can't believe how I recognize each episode from the description, then it all comes back to me during the summary. I must have watched these shows a lot on repeat back when we only had 5 channels to choose from after school. I hope we get a lot more random actors ("actors"?) popping up!
  10. Is that based on an existing video or just random and weird?
  11. Holy blast from the past! I grew up in Madison (graduated HS in 1991), and I am 95% sure I was in a community musical with Bayne Gibby. That name sounds soooo familiar. How cool she is still acting and doing so well! I'll need to ask my mom about her way back when.
  12. I would pay them a dollar for that threesome!
  13. I thought Justin Timberlake would at least get an honorable mention as favorite host. He brings it! D*** in a Box, Barry Gibb talk show, whatever you call the mascot dudes who bring on down to wherever. He always seems up for anything!
  14. He's only older than one of them, so maybe it isn't that weird he can fit in so well! (Ugh, the one dude's bald spot makes me feel particularly old).
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