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  1. I was extremely disappointed in the writers makin the decision for Reynold's character to go down this path. He has too much self-respect and integrity to even consider something such as this polyamorous affair. Guess they felt there needed to be some drama for next season. BTW, I didn't like her character from the beginning and she's just proven how deceitful she can be. I could care less about Iggy7 His storyline has never been of interest to me. Bloom needs to be fired. I hope someone holds her accountable for this. Sharpwin -First, I hated the time jump. BTW - with t
  2. Time to cut this show loose. It had gone downhill since Connor Rhodes left and it became a "hit and miss" show for me. Now that others left/leaving--which Nat & April were not my 2 faves anyway; however I think a character assassination was done on both, imo, as , they were not that terrible when the show first started. The remaining cast and storyline is just horrific and can't carry this show any longer. Again, imo, a once decent show ruined. I'm through with Chicago Med
  3. I realized this would be series finale but I can't believe this is how they decided to end the show!! Guess the writer's room didn't have time to make any additional edits since it was just discovered it wouldn't be renewed?? It's still a cliffhanger and too many unanswered questions, i.e., Martin's fate (did he really die), Malcolm's fate (arrested, justifiable, etc.) What a disappointing and unsatisfying ending as I'm still in shock! I know it was stated that due to low ratings, it would not be renewed but I felt it was one of the best shows on TV. It can't just be left to end this w
  4. Amen and agree with that! They are doing a horrible character assassination and grave disservice to Crockett; just let him be a surgeon and not a love interest--at least not with Natalie or ANY of the women at Chicago Med! I'm not sure why the Noah character returned only to be written him off with an asinine storyline. Rest of the cast - not even worth mentioning: No interest in Dr. Charles and his pregnant daughter. Halstead/April - stop the madness. Maggie & family - just don't care. What are the writer's thinking? Have they exhausted all interesting storylines or j
  5. IMO, that was definitely one of the better episodes of the series/season. Yes, we all know that we have to suspend belief with the storylines but it was entertaining. The storylines, acting, emotions - all superb, e.g., the fathers, Mina, AJ, Conrad, Devon, Kit, Bell and even Cain - excellent acting in this episode. I loved the dynamic of them all doing their best to save one of their own--doing everything and whatever was necessary to ensure she lived (and saving Henry was great as well). Few highlights: Mina is a BEAST - nonchalantly effortlessly and matter-of-factly stapling her
  6. The 21-year old cancer patient shouldn't have made this life-threatening decision alone but appears Crockett "convinced" her it would be OK. Crockett & Manning - who didn't see this coming when they started the risky surgery? Dr. Mayfield was warranted in having them fired but I knew the moment she said it, that the writers would use this as the perfect opportunity for them to have "celebratory" sex (even before Sharon's "reprimand"--seriously Goodwin🙄) or if they had been fired. They should have at least been suspended but now there are rogue doctors with little to no repercussion or
  7. Fair point - boyfriend did mention that; however, SHE is in witness protection. Unless they were married (moving the entire family into WitPro), I don't see how he could go with her. But again, I have to suspend belief. Mena did apologize for being so quick to be judgmental. But Bell certainly could have also met with his "trusted, supportive, aligned staff", e.g., ConNic, AJ/Mena, Devon to share about the potential hospital sale. After all, it's now become a lovefest for Bell🤣 and a vile hatred of Red Rock.
  8. I think it's a bit disingenuous of the writers to continue to portray Cain as the "asshole villain", as you say, since they've certainly found room to redeem other characters. But clearly Chestnut plays the role well as people seem to loathe/hate his character--so I guess that's goods acting on his part! Even though Kim mentioned the prejudice he felt as an Asian man with COVID (derogatory remarks to Asians), the same could be said for the "talk" between AJ & Cain--and even an earlier, albeit brief glance, into "what made Cain, Cain; why he is as he is". Don't know if they'll pursue th
  9. https://www.distractify.com/p/is-emily-vancamp-really-pregnant According to this, she is not pregnant IRL
  10. First, the whistleblower/witness protection woman - didn't make sense. If the "boyfriend" found her (glimpse on TV), wouldn't the people she put in jail also seek retribution? Maybe I've watched too many criminal shows, LOL! Interesting with Cain but I'm sure he'll recover (from the surgery) but how will it affect him with his colleagues? Devon is getting perilously close to the ragged edge Mena & AJ - a bit of a rough patch but seems to have sidestepped that disaster--for the moment ConNic - Still not enthusiastic about the pregnancy; couldn't they have waited severa
  11. After what seemed like an eternity, the long wait is over and it was a solid return. With all the hype and sneak previews, I wasn't sure what to expect but agree with posters, it was well done. I wasn't surprised that Hundley didn't die--she's bee on the show since the beginning and I d didn't think they would write her off (but you never know). Devon's father was obvious to me and it was such a poignant moment with him relieving those last moments with his father on the plane--alone. Great acting! So happy ConNic finally tied the knot (and yes, beautiful dress)! But even happ
  12. I missed posting on a couple episodes but after S6, E3 episode, I had to share my thoughts as well. I am so disappointed and disgusted with this once brilliantly-written show; I think I'm through watching--at least on a regular basis. Maybe I've been beaten down by the pandemic but after patiently waiting for the return of Chicago Med, S6, E3 was just dull & boring. We have the usual suspects and more of the same: Halstead - Mr. Omnipotent who ALWAYS knows what's best for patients--almost killing them every time! Will he NEVER learn?? April - Can she be anymore childish
  13. Think the pandemic episode may have been better! This was more of a bittersweet episode with Max and Alice, the DMD boy, Helen going off with new doctor--already??--or are they just friends? Kapoor and Iggy - could have done without. Believe we're all adults who could have decided whether to watch the pandemic episode or not vs. decision being made for us.
  14. Understand what you're saying about Cain but is he really any worse than Bell was in the first 3 seasons (or when ever the Quo Vadis story arc ended)? As I posted, Bell was a megalomaniac-- unscrupulous, arrogant, manipulative, untouchable, and devious-- but he's done a complete 180 and is hardly recognizable as the antagonist Conrad and everyone else was fighting against and pretty much hated. He's somehow become the acceptable, benevolent one and everyone trusts and "loves" him (his HODAD skills seem to have vanished, been forgotten, or resolved). No matter, it will be interesting to se
  15. I knew Derrick wouldn't die or the salsa guy. Everyone's saved except Cain's ex - will they explore his backstory further (or was her "summary" sufficient?). Clearly, Logan Kim just threw him under the bus and has Conrad in his sights to take over. Of course, don't trust Logan, Conrad, but I remember Marshall's conversation with Conrad about the "dark" side. - prophetic words or just a red herring?? Will Cain finally see he was just a useless tool for Red Rock and turn to the good side like Bell--who you shouldn't forget was unscrupulous, arrogant and devious but has now done a complete
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