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  1. After what seemed like an eternity, the long wait is over and it was a solid return. With all the hype and sneak previews, I wasn't sure what to expect but agree with posters, it was well done. I wasn't surprised that Hundley didn't die--she's bee on the show since the beginning and I d didn't think they would write her off (but you never know). Devon's father was obvious to me and it was such a poignant moment with him relieving those last moments with his father on the plane--alone. Great acting! So happy ConNic finally tied the knot (and yes, beautiful dress)! But even happier that it appears Raptor and Mena will finally acknowledge their feelings -- that smoldering undercurrent has been a long time coming! I like Kim as they bad guy but yeah, it looks like they will redeem him (as they did with Bell--still SMH on that one) but not Morris Chestnut's character (can't think of his name in the show) which I think does a disservice to the character as he seemed to show more empathy, and turn around, at the end of last season. Happy New Year to everyone - stay healthy and safe!😷
  2. I missed posting on a couple episodes but after S6, E3 episode, I had to share my thoughts as well. I am so disappointed and disgusted with this once brilliantly-written show; I think I'm through watching--at least on a regular basis. Maybe I've been beaten down by the pandemic but after patiently waiting for the return of Chicago Med, S6, E3 was just dull & boring. We have the usual suspects and more of the same: Halstead - Mr. Omnipotent who ALWAYS knows what's best for patients--almost killing them every time! Will he NEVER learn?? April - Can she be anymore childish, unprofessional and annoying--in general and especially with Choi? They've made her into another unlikable know-it-all and him like a whipped puppy every time he looks at her/they confront each other.🀒 Choi - seems to have lost all intelligence and competence he once displayed in the earlier seasons. Now he's become befuddled, uncertain and a bad decision maker about what to do on anything! Dr. Charles - he's become an unimportant character when his previous involvement was at least the voice of reason. I don't know why the writers brought back his teenage daughter and 2ndd wife. For that matter, why bring back CeCe only to have her die? Sharon - What's up with her video calls? Is she supposed to still be in quarantine? (I believe she's diabetic IRL so perhaps that's why she's not on the show? Did I miss something?) Maggie - they make a big deal of her getting married, health issues, etc., and if I were a first-time viewer, I'd know nothing about who she is!! Is she even still married? did he die? do they still have that kid? Maybe I need to revisit S6, E1-2 as I honestly can't remember and worse, don't know if I want to, LOL! Manning & Marcel - JUST HELL NO. I could see this "set up" coming for miles and hoped against this arrangement but it looks like they will push it forward. And who the hell is self-righteous Natalie to question him about his one-night stands? I don't know who the writers are for this season (or since Connor's departure) but this is show is past life support. Sadly, there is nothing redeeming about this show any longer which causes me to question if it can be saved. The uninteresting, poorly-written yet predictable storylines, character assassinations they've done to everyone, etc., just doesn't hold my interest any longer; I'm not invested in these characters since they've become a shell of who they once were. If they don't resuscitate it quickly, it will continue to die a slow, painful death, imo. Happy New Year to all and stay safe & healthy!!😷
  3. Think the pandemic episode may have been better! This was more of a bittersweet episode with Max and Alice, the DMD boy, Helen going off with new doctor--already??--or are they just friends? Kapoor and Iggy - could have done without. Believe we're all adults who could have decided whether to watch the pandemic episode or not vs. decision being made for us.
  4. Understand what you're saying about Cain but is he really any worse than Bell was in the first 3 seasons (or when ever the Quo Vadis story arc ended)? As I posted, Bell was a megalomaniac-- unscrupulous, arrogant, manipulative, untouchable, and devious-- but he's done a complete 180 and is hardly recognizable as the antagonist Conrad and everyone else was fighting against and pretty much hated. He's somehow become the acceptable, benevolent one and everyone trusts and "loves" him (his HODAD skills seem to have vanished, been forgotten, or resolved). No matter, it will be interesting to see how this Cain arc plays out next season.
  5. I knew Derrick wouldn't die or the salsa guy. Everyone's saved except Cain's ex - will they explore his backstory further (or was her "summary" sufficient?). Clearly, Logan Kim just threw him under the bus and has Conrad in his sights to take over. Of course, don't trust Logan, Conrad, but I remember Marshall's conversation with Conrad about the "dark" side. - prophetic words or just a red herring?? Will Cain finally see he was just a useless tool for Red Rock and turn to the good side like Bell--who you shouldn't forget was unscrupulous, arrogant and devious but has now done a complete 180🀣 Poor Mina and Raptor- bad timing! Does anyone know if there will be another episode or was this it for the season??
  6. Ezra was a disappointment - no integrity, backbone or ethics. To wait until she died before he acted, e.g., saying anything to Conrad and Prevesh--does not assuage his guilt, imo.. He knew what Cain asked of him was morally wrong but went along with it. He is NOT redeemed in my eyes regardless of Conrad's ":young, vulnerable intern" outcry.. Not surprised that Kit's son-in-law would have the contaminated ventilator. So, Cain has a backstory but will continue to let Kim/Red Rock control him. A bit uncharacteristic for Cain to confide in Ezra--telling him about what happened when he was an intern--regardless that he was playing on his Ezra's feelings. Glad Conrad called him out at the end but will it make a difference. Based on previews for season finale in 2 weeks, doesn't even appear they address this travesty or Kit's son-in-law's dire condition. I hope there's some type of closure to these dilemmas.
  7. As some of you may have read, DirectTV went dark for the last 15 minutes or the show. I missed the wedding and evidently, Nat's snarky looks at Crockett. I'll have to see if I can catch On Demand as it sounds like those were the most interesting moments in the show! I have to agree with others; Crockett was NOT at fault with the kiss; it was all April. I've said previously, I like Crockett's character but just unsure where the writers will take him - will he end up being unscrupulous or just a nice guy and great surgeon? Also, agree - don't couple him with Nat or April IN.ANY.WAY!!! I thought it was just incredulously stupid for April to tell Choi at that moment about the kiss (I have no sympathy or empathy for her). It wasn't dramatic; just asinine, imo. They should have never been together in the first place. To me, it's certainly been a detriment to Choi's character. I remember Dr. Charles briefly mentioned a couple seasons ago about his wife and child (could have been around the time Robin joined the show); seemed odd to try to develop that storyline now. Maggie & Ben - still the most bizarre relationship simply because they were chemo patients. Maggie deserved better and yeah, Ben, nice guy, is going to die. Halstead and (former) heroin addict doctor - oh Lord, looks like I'll have to suffer through this but somehow, I think he and Nat will eventually "return to each other's arms" - ugghh!
  8. I actually meant to comment weeks ago but I've been so caught up in the poorly-written medical shows (New Amsterdam, Chicago Med and even The Resident is beginning to slip) that I completely forgot about itπŸ˜‚ I actually like the show. Since I read the book and saw the first film iteration with Denzel Washington, I wanted to see how well (or not) the writing would be. At this juncture, writing isn't horrible but I think some of the acting leaves a lot to be desired. The cases were a bit reminiscent of the book but not exactly the same which is good. Peter (BC) - he snapped his wife's neck so she's dead, so I thought, until I read some of the comments she may be alive - Say What??!! And BTW, liked the poster's comment with a nod to The Princess Bride.πŸ˜‰ The 2-hour finale should be interesting and answer any lingering questions!
  9. Not one of the better episodes. Please stop with the WTWT with Helen and Max. I thought that had been resolved? I'm not sure if Max and Helen are having some unresolved feelings/doubts but I'd rather the writers drop that like a bad habit--pronto! They are colleagues and good friends; no need to make something romantic from this professional relationship. Max seems to have a potential new gf--and I like her better than his wife, sorry to say--so just let that unfold. At least the new love interest has more charisma and chemistry than Georgia did, they're both a little unsure of what comes next--and Max seems to like her--so let's develop that (and don't make her a psycho). And what happened to Helen's love interest? He seemed like a really good guy. This storyline of Kapoor and Ella - just not a fan. She could have disappeared with the son storyline. Helen/Castro manipulation/lying/falsifying the trials - how is this any more unethical than when Helen was stripped of her duties because of the safe injection site? Castro gets to save face but Helen is demoted and stripped of title and most responsibilities. What if Max had been at the safe injection due to his addiction and Helen got him clean/saved him? Would it be justified then to keep everything status quo? Something just didn't seem quite right about this story-arc scenario, imo. Iggy and school kids mock shooting - guess I'm not a real fan of Iggy's either. It was handled OK but I don't know how realistic that approach is. Seriously, the counselors, teachers, administration wouldn't know how this affected the students and less, wouldn't have been aware of the effects? Is the school system honestly that obtuse?
  10. Yeah - that was done on L & O SVU. After the daughter had her father's baby, she went to prison and the father/grandfather wanted to adopt the baby (naturally, there were no . INCEST pure and simple, father-daughter, mother-son, brother-sister. As someone mentioned up thread, what was the point of this particular story arc? I wondered as well what the take-away is supposed to be. Unconscionable!
  11. Well...I don't know about "putting his faith in an addict"; he is so gullible. She proved, at least to me, in the previous episode(s) that she felt she could do this by herself--without any help--clearly you can't. And if she knew she was to be somewhere, why didn't she call Will to say, "Hey, I have a flat" or "I'm at NA", whatever. It just seemed suspicious and unbelievable. But they way these storylines have gone, who knows if they want her to tell the truth or just be the addict she is which I presume, the drug-sniffing dogs confirmed? For me, it's an uninteresting storyline I can do without.
  12. Not much to add... since the episode was so over the top, wasn't even sure if I wanted to respond. Think all the salient points have been made but my two cents for whatever it's worth. Agreed - this was one of the WORST.EPISODES.EVER. Who's thinking of these storylines? The mom/actor/daughter - asinine. Noah/April - why is he even a doctor? The drug-addict doctor and Will - what's the point? Crockett/Choi? - I agreed with Crockett - why subject this prisoner to any more trauma? He was going to die anyway after the amputation. Talk about cruel and unusual...that was unnecessary but Choi wanted to forge on so Crockett relented. ...I thought this IS what Crockett said to Choi but at this point of the episode, my mind may have wandered!
  13. TWood & Mellowyellow voiced my thoughts exactly about this episode in addition to Bulldog I'm really quite shocked about the metamorphosis with Bell; it's unseemly. Maybe I'm too cynical but I keep waiting for him top return to his old self. Guess that's not going to happenπŸ€”. Mina, Raptor, Andrea and Torres - Yeah, the two principals are just a bit off--timing wise--but trying to do the noble thing by not standing in the way of the others. Why do I really have to suffer through this? I grow so tired of the same formulaic trope. Cain - Agreed with others; they've made him the poster boy anathema, and I thought maybe when Raptor asked about his "beginnings", e.g., "you couldn't have always been like this/what's made you this way"--paraphrasing, the writers would/could/should delve into that a bit. But no, just more of the same megalomania, rude, omnipotent, and selfish behavior. Finally - previews for the next episode (2 weeks 😞) with Connic show promise and it's about time. Let's hope it's not ruined!
  14. Then there wouldn't have been a spotlight on Natalie to "shine"--although once again, she jumped to conclusions and didn't truly think about the best solution for all, just trying to "prove" she's right. Agree on the allergic reaction--is that even plausible? I, too, thought, OK, the condom but guess I forgot they were trying to get pregnant. THIS ^^. Didn't think that was a realistic situation but guess anything is possible. Hoped it work out for the family.
  15. I'm about through with the show this season. Chexton - there is zero chemistry between them (even though Choi is ripped) and their storyline is just dragging and uninteresting, imo. She's starting that passive-aggressive behavior again, "you only touch me when you're giving me an injection". Oh puh-leeze, give it a rest. Clearly, she's still thinking of Marcel. I truly hope Marcel's moved on. After all, it was just a kiss--not as if they slept together. Natalie - Why do they let her character make wrong decisions without having or thinking through all the facts. Marcel was absolutely correct--now you have an abuse victim going to jail. I felt Dr. Charlies and Elsa somewhat destroyed the family. Guess after making Elsa seem incompetent, emotional, etc., in other storylines, they're trying to redeem her? Sorry, I'm, not a fan. I'd rather have Dr. Reece back. Halstead - WHY a relationship with this heroin addict? Does he feel he has to be a savior? You could see this coming a mile away.πŸ˜’ Agree with another poster--Chexton, Manstead, Lanik - yep, all can go. They've destroyed Choi's character from what it was; same with Manning and Halstead. Lanik I didn't care for when they replaced the other ER Chief (guy from the "Ocean's" movies). Showrunners should have stuck with the original cast and we need better writers this season.
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