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  1. cathmed

    Diagnostics: New Amsterdam in the Media & Ratings

    Is there a Spoiler Thread for New Amsterdam and if so, where is it located?? Thx!
  2. cathmed

    S04.E22: With A Brave Heart

    Agree with many other posters on this finale. I felt it was an unsatisfying, disappointing and a horribly unresolved ending with Conner/Robyn/Ava. Are we fans to "read between the lines" to think-believe Ava was confirming she killed the father to clear the way for them to be together? I presume there will be some type of "explanation" (on departures) in the 1st-2nd eppys of S5; I only hope it's plausible. With all the fan uproar with Colin Donnell leaving (could care less about the Ava character), maybe the showrunner will reconsider and Colin will return for a recurring guest role Who knows! And I wasn't aware The Code had been cancelled so even if Dr. Latham returns to Chicago Med, there won't be the chemistry, respect and mentoring that I loved between Rhodes and Latham - big miss! For me, the only bright spots of the episode were the return of Dr. Latham, Dr. Charles/CeCe's wedding and even the acerbic Dr. Abrams - what a no-nonsense character!. The rest of the episode was forgettable. I'm not sure why we're revisiting old storylines (guess some may be a set up for next season) but it just doesn't hold my interest. Manstead - why are they determined to reunite these characters? I knew he wouldn't relocate and, of course, she won't die. Poor self-sacrificing Maggie - now burdened with MBC, seriously? Bernie/Emily with their unconventional and plain weird "plan" (was that to be a corollary to the Alzheimer woman (Joan?), husband and Roxanne?) I don't know why Bernie's wife would agree to this; after all, they are still married. Asinine storyline. Only silver lining is perhaps that's the last we'll see of Bernie/Emily! Sexton a bit sickening "happily" working together again. But hold on - they've been together for a hot second and now she's potentially pregnant? Just NO to this. It didn't work out so well with Tate (a true Mr. Nice Guy) when she was engaged, pregnant and seemingly happy either but I'm sure, this will be all unicorns and rainbows *sigh/eye roll* Manstead/Phillip - Guess Phillip is out of the picture (way too soon for his proposal) as we know this dramatic event will only push Manstead back together *double sigh* especially after Agent Lee was so magnanimous to tell Maggie how "good a guy/never find anyone better" Will is - PUH LEEZE but maybe she (Agent Lee) sees that those two deserve each other, LOL!!
  3. cathmed

    S01Ep22: Luna

    Could have done without the Xtasy storyline. Same sentiment as others have expressed. Glad to see Dr. Reynolds had backbone and didn't listen to his overbearing mother or sister. He is a grown a$$ man so yeah, it's time for him to make his own traditions and memories. The oh-so-predictable crash at the end - WOW - Hasn't that trope been done to death in too many shows and soap operas? Seriously, they couldn't have thought of a better cliffhanger? I looked for Helen as well so that will be the mystery for the start of S2. Is Max's wife dead or will she make it after the crash? Personally, I hope they write out Georgia's character; she didn't ad any value. Looks like Lauren has been written out permanently--no way she would have survived that crash-but glad she made amends with Helen before her demise. BTW, that was Bloom's best performance this season; maybe rehab also saved her, lol! C'mon now, you're ruining the story with your logic, LOL!! And yes, Leslie Uggams looks good for 75!
  4. cathmed

    S04.E20: More Harm Than Good

    Typical, boring and tepid episode: Natalie – overstepping (again) with a patient Halstead – misjudging kidney donor and recipient but of course he’ll be right about Phillip. Is Phillip a pathological or compulsive liar? Glad to see Dr. Latham if only for a brief moment. Sorry there was no Robyn this week. Since Bekker is being written out – why are they trying to redeem her now? Don’t fall for it Conner – trust your instincts! From what I had read on many website synopses, it stated Bekker had slept with the father and I still believe she was behind all the other incidents that occurred, e.g., finger nick in OR, Robyn’s fake kidnapping, etc. How are they going to write out Rhekker? I truly hope there’s no car accident or anything tragic for him at least. She – I could care less--just make sure she’s gone permanently. April – her usual passive-aggressive self Bernie & Emily – please get rid of those two. Rather cheeky of Bernie to ask for Viagra; you could see the disgust on Choi’s face! If this is the best the writers can do for an almost penultimate episode, they need to stop now! It will be quite easy for me to stop watching weekly if they don’t come up with better storylines, and revamp the characters, for S5.
  5. cathmed

    Chicago Med in the Media

    Couldn't agree more and voiced a similar opinion a (on a different thread) when I learned he was "leaving". I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and with the illusion, that Robyn & Connor will leave and work together elsewhere which would at least keep the door open for any guest appearances by him. I think (hope) Ava meets her demise in a tragic, fatal accident - she doesn't need to return for any reason, imo. It was a very bad move to have ever put Rhekker in a romantic relationship.
  6. cathmed

    S02.E23: The Unbefriended

    Not much of a cliffhanger for me since as far as I'm concerned, they both can go (dad and sister) but I think it will be the dad especially with all the "memory flashbacks" Nic had while waiting any word from Conrad and him (the dad) saying he wanted to "tell her something". Will the dad's heart even be useful to Jessy if he is the the one died? Whoever dies, will Nic blame Conrad? Nic still angers me with her ultimatums to Conrad with the "meet me halfway remark"! Seems to me that's what he's been doing since S1. I presume they've been together for some time and if memory serves, there was a flashback where she had a miscarriage (early in their relationship?) and he was supportive and certainly there for her--not only then but many tough and dramatic-filled times: mother dying, her druggie sister, the uninvolved, estranged dad, desperately clearing her when she was falsely accused and in jail, etc. After all this time, it seemed logical--to him (and me)-- to take the next step together but she's too busy taking on everyone's problems--without help--and then whining about it. I like them together but at times, I want him to walk away. Conrad is a good guy even though those sporadic God-like heroics can be a bit much, lol! Marshall (Conrad's father) was willing to take on Quo Vadis to "right the ship" (offered some astronomical amount of $$'s) so I'd much rather have had him remain with the show to get Chastain solvent plus have oversight on Bell. Since Kit is giving her ex another chance, is this woman going to be Bell's new love interest, will he sign the papers, or return to his evil ways as we know he doesn't want anyone holding him accountable? I mean, c'mon, we have to have an antagonist and Bell was exceptional at playing that role! Lastly, is the path clear for Mina and Raptor? It's been a slow burn but one I hope finally ignites a bit for S3!
  7. cathmed

    S02.E22: Broker and Broker

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought too much of the episode was devoted to Nic's sister and the whole kidney "dilemma". I could;d care less about this storyline and it needs to end--hopefully next week. Looks like this was Alec's swan song, though! Bell's as unscrupulous as ever - playing on the lotto guy's feelings to "secure" his winnings to get funding for Chastain but Raptor is astute enough to know and see what he's up to. I just love how the writers introduce a storyline that comes out of thin air *sigh*, i.e., I didn't realize Chastain was in such dire straits and yet Bell blames Lane and Quo Vadis for this of which he had a hand in both?! Ballsy of him! I, too, wonder what Conrad had to give in order for selfish, unrepentant Jessy to be placed at the top of the donor list. Yep, he has money but really, would he go that far for Nic especially with her ambivalence towards him? I know, I know - he loves her! Mina - that was quite OOC for her but must admit, glad she acknowledged her feelings for Raptor--even if she alleges she was in a fugue state (yeah right - LOL!)
  8. cathmed

    S04.E19: Never Let You Go

    Agreed. This episode was weak and poorly written. I do wonder if after 4 seasons (now renewed for a 5th) if the initial showrunner/writers are there or if there's been some turnover as I'v noticed some of these plots/storylines are just absurd and implausible. They are assassinating these characters which makes me dislike most of them more. Is anyone "monitoring" what's being written or as you say, they just don't pay attention, care or aren't invested in the characters anymore. It's lazy writing. If that's the case, and IMO, end CM now before the show continues its downward spiral--especially since Colin Donnell (aka Dr. Rhodes) won't be returning for S5.
  9. cathmed

    S04.E19: Never Let You Go

    Could have done without this episode and glad I wasn't the only one who, as terrible as it sounds (and I'm not a violent person), wanted them to shoot this unbalanced kid. There was absolutely zero reasoning with him and I could see Goodwin torn between trying to save everyone (baby and girl, specifically) or have the SWAT team take him out. Choi walking April through the procedure with the little boy--looking concerned but adoringly at her--was as bad as Manstead helping each other deliver the baby/save the pregnant teen. Yes, I get it, in adversity, everyone's so empathetic and emotional; then they show these "tender" moments with each other even though they've moved on with other people. I hope this won't be the catalyst for Chexton or Manstead to reunite. Smug Bekker saying she saved Connors's father - too bad she wasn't inured in the melee. And speaking of which, S5 has been renewed--and most should know by now--they've fired/dismissed/written out the Dr. Bekker and Dr. Rhodes characters (the old "creative differences" reason). I could care less about Ava but Connor - monumental mistake. IMO, he's been the glue who's held the show together since its inception. And as an actor in this series, had the most intelligence, skills (trauma and CT surgeon), camaraderie (with all others and especially with Dr. Latham) and challenging (with Goodwin and the new CEO) role. He will be sorely missed and unsure how they'll write out his character and more importantly, how it will impact the show going forward. Selfishly, I would hope to see Robyn and him just go off to some other hospital or he becomes a mentor to other doctors (teaching but still doing surgery). I definitely don't want to see Ava and him together. I'm hoping the showrunner/Dick Wolf will rethink this dire decision and he will at least return in some guest spots. This will definitely affect my viewing of Chicago Med as the other characters are too bland, boring and just plain uninteresting to continue to watch with any regularity.
  10. cathmed

    S02.E21: Stuck as Foretold

    I still don’t care for Alec poaching Nic even under the guise of being “colleagues”; he has ulterior motives no matter how innocuous he seems to be. And yes, agree with another poster – he “knows a guy” who just happens to be able to get a kidney? Yeah, the old black market trope as already done on L & O SVU and probably countless other shows. Alec is unscrupulous and is still playing on Nic’s emotions even though she is being a bit of an idiot right now, imo. Even though Nic’s dad has been MIA most of their life, I should have known he wouldn’t be genuine or the voice of reason. Of course, he proved to be the selfish asshat he is. Hey, if Bell can change…but more on that in a second, lol! I'm just not a fan of this whole storyline with Nic's sister. And the ancillary stories: Conrad donating his blood to save the patient – truly an unselfish act; Raptor’s effects from the hyperbaric chamber revealing an unsettling time in his life (glad Mena will be “angry” for him!) were good. And yep, agree with other posters – WTH is going on with Bell? Do I really have to grow accustomed to—and sadly accept—this “new & improved’ version of Bell which I don’t understand at all the 180 degree change in behavior and demeanor. What, did I miss some kind of out-of-body experience to make him mend his evil, manipulative ways??
  11. cathmed

    S02.E20: If Not Now, When?

    Yes, I had heard of the story and as Mena stated happen far too often with women of color, especially black women. What disturbed me is that they wanted to form a committee (they already have the M & M Board) to insure this doesn't recur in the future. However, they very briefly mentioned implicit bias, which was at the crux of this, and really didn't do anything to the doctor or nurse, e.g., reprimand, privileges revoked (for dr.) dismissal, etc. So, for me, that was a big miss. If you were a person of color watching this, you knew immediately something bad would happen to the mother when he questioned Devon about "how long had he been in this country". Connic - I can't figure out what Nic's problem is or her reluctance/ambivalence to be with Conrad. I thought they had hashed out their differences/issues but we're now back on this circuitous insanity path. He's been with her through thick and thin and why she believes he won't be supportive is beyond me. I felt for him. Maybe since the show has been renewed, the want more angst between them or the dreaded triangle *sigh* This episode reminded me of a very similar and recent storyline on two other medical shows just a few weeks ago, i.e., Chicago Med - Nic possibly donating a kidney to her sister but CM was Maggie donating her kidney to a virtual stranger who used to live in the neighborhood, and New Amsterdam but Mena holding her fingers in the opening/hole of the heart so patient wouldn't bleed out Do these shows have any original ideas??
  12. cathmed

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    The ads for this episode kept calling it extraordinary; sorry, this was one episode that just seemed ordinary and unexceptional for me. Seemed like a lot of "parts" (storyline) but somewhat discombobulated. I don't know what that was between Helen and Max at the end -- too much reading between the lines , imo, for the fans to discern if she was talking about them, his marriage, the hospital, all of that or what?? But then and again, I'm still trying to wrap my head around their "relationship"--coming out of left field--as I didn't see that coming. I truly thought they were friends/colleagues - didn't see the romance at all. The convicted murder saves the day and then his epiphantic moment to humbly state, "I just want to be better". Doctors stuck in elevator (never seen or remembered the neurologist) with Dr. P giving directions through the elevator. Once the power was restored, why didn't they just push the button and get off at the floor to continue to help the resident. But we know why - she could do this without his help which bolstered her confidence! I don't know - maybe after this 3-4 week hiatus, it seemed odd to pick up/continue from the snowstorm (especially the guy that had the spike in his chest!) I don't remember anyone being in a life-death scenario at the end of that last episode--except Max and Helen--and I'm still a bit confused, LOL!
  13. cathmed

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    Keeping fingers crossed and certainly hope so but you never know with the writers. Since Robyn (Mekia Cox) isn't returning permanently, they may twist this situation and accuse her of the scam. I'm definitely hoping they don't go down that road and she simply returns to her life when her mom leaves the hospital.
  14. cathmed

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    Right. She had been so supportive of Natalie and her relationship with Phillip; what has changed? Maggie advised Will to move on/let it go and now she wants Nat to give "Big Red" another chance? Made no sense!
  15. cathmed

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    All I can say is that I hope Choi's sister storyline is short lived. April had her own issues with Choi's sister initially. Besides, it was a tension-filled seesaw, among the three of them, that may me nauseous--one minute supportive, next minute, not. April continues to play games once again by "hiding" his sister. I mean, it is Choi's sister and even with their differing viewpoints, he'd help. And BTW, hate April's new hair; doesn't do anything for her! Manning was wrong from the beginning. The girl is a minor and parental consent was required. After all that back and forth, the lawyers determine the same thing. So, the dad - was he the step-parent or just a dad that never knew his wife cheated on him (and didn't know that wasn't his daughter?) Although when Choi mentioned uterus, I thought perhaps the dad then knew she was pregnant but as it ends up, he's just clueless and will never know the truth. Mentioned last week that I thought it would be Robyn in danger; who would have thought it was a scam, and I believe perpetrated by Ava (and to undermine Connor?)? Maybe the rich VIP will take Ava to his country/be his personal concierge doctor and she's out. Sorry it will be another 2 weeks for next episode *sigh* Guess they want to finish up for May sweeps!