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  1. Outlander. Got Starz just to watch it and couldn't make it through the first season.
  2. Very true! And two played by Bradford Dillman. The psycho doctor with the nervous tick that he played had to be the scariest of all her love interests. "Auuuuudraaa!" INSP hardly ever shows that one. Probably something to do with their weird form of censorship.
  3. Love Big Valley! Didn't know it was on MeTV. I watch it on INSP. I don't get Decades. INSP is really overdoing it with The Virginian and Daniel Boone. Neither is a fav of mine either.
  4. Because then they couldn't fool themselves that these younger woman are really into them rather than using them for the $$$$.
  5. I think that Mary was actually only 13 when she got engaged! I hate when shows have a character do an about face just to create drama, which I think is why they had Charles insist on Laura waiting until she was eighteen to get married. "I don't think a girl should get married until she's eighteen." But Mary was only sixteen. Laura should have told him to make up his mind. Yeah, "Manly" and Laura's age difference was skeevy at the beginning. Especially in those episodes where she was wearing her hair down and loose. IMO it made her look even younger. And he kept acting like he couldn't wait
  6. And St. John Boy declares, "Boys wear whatever they can get these days". Like he'd have been caught dead wearing that half a dress monstrosity. He had to have brand new flannel britches just to take Marcia Woolery to a dance.
  7. I just watched "The Reunion" again. Livvie really bugs me in that. Self righteous, and ungrateful and that outfit she sent Jim Bob to school in was obviously half a dress. She didn't know he'd be made fun of? And since she's such an expert seamstress she couldn't make it more like a shirt?
  8. The husbands.... I didn't mind Adam until he got his sight back but can't stand Almanzo. And Percival was okay in the beginning but I hated his treatment of Nellie when she was expecting and he was too much of a control freak. I always watch LIW because of Eliza Jane's story line.
  9. Yep. If I were John she'd have been picking apples after picking her teeth up off the floor.
  10. Well, he did coach the birth Sarah Jane's baby up in that cabin. And he was a bossy PITA there too. "You're not doing it right! The mamma lamb just lies there and concentrates on the work." Somebody should have kicked him in the b****s and then told him the daddy sheep just just lies there quiet when that happens to him. Total bitches to Toni. Mary Ellen needed more than one crack across the mouth over the years, like when she told John that he was stupid because she wasn't getting her own way.
  11. As sole caregiver for my 91 year old father JM's reaction sorta bugged me for the simple reason that she's got piles of money which makes caregiving easier in many ways. Try caring for and watching an elderly relative deteriorate with no extra funds to hire competent help. The caregiver without funds rarely, if ever, gets a break. It's emotional and financial. Not saying either one is easy or pleasant but it's got to be easier with the cash.
  12. Marcus Dane was Grandma's old beau who came calling after Grandpa died. Apparently, he'd been pining for Grandma all those years he was married to another woman who was wonderful but still just sloppy seconds. All those old girl and boy friends of Livvie and John who were being "neglected" in their marriages... Well, hell yeah! They probably were resentful of being compared to the wonder couple. Wonder how that politician that was pining for Livvie would have liked her on his ass all the time about getting baptized or John's old girlfriends would have liked his running off to work in the cit
  13. Another thing that really irks me is the myriad of characters living lonely lives and in unhappy marriages because they couldn't marry one of those oh so special and desirable Waltons. GW even ended up going to his death. The rest of them pine around envying the person that "got lucky" or try to get the desirable Walton once they're available, such as Marcus Dane and Grandma. I feel sorry for the disrespected people they "settled for" in place of their "true Walton love".
  14. This actually happened to my mother. She was in a stall in the ladies at a family party and heard two relatives talking about her. They DID notice her though when she came out and confronted them.
  15. And John Boy just happens to be there to tow her car and Mary Ellen just happens to have a whole scrapbook on her.
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