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  1. SuzyQILoveYou

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    I'm so upset that I didn't get to watch this live and participate in the live chat! This one was a doozy! I actually really enjoyed this one, I was laughing and yelling and cursing at Angela during the entire 2 hours. Especially after how sad I was for Kelly, who was the complete opposite of this lazy, delusional twit. I haven't had a chance to read everyone's comments yet, so my apologies if I'm being repetitive. *Firstly, just how damn cute is Dr. Now? Seeing him and listening to his adorable mishmash accent of middle eastern meets Texas, makes me grin like a madwoman. And when he is extra sassy, he gets even cuter. It's just ridiculous how much I love and admire Dr. Now. 😍 *Lacey deserves so much better. I really like her, and I hate that she is stuck with this horrible, horrible woman. My son will be leaving for college in a couple of years, and I don't look forward to having no kids in our house. I would love to have Lacey; I wish I could move her in with us tomorrow. It angers me thinking about this lovely young lady having to live in that environment. Surely there is someone else in her extended family that could raise her. I mean, if Angela is the best choice, that is Goddamn terrifying! *Angela reminds me so much of Penny, with wanting to do Dr. Now's program her own way, because of course she knows better, the whining, the shoe-less shuffle, the ability to know how much weight she's losing without the benefit of a scale, the child that deserves so, so much better, the talking back to Dr. Now, the way I could practically smell her putrid scent through the TV, etc... *She was 606 I think at the beginning? I bet she was over 700 by the end of the show. Losing weight my ass! *Is it horrible of me that this was one of my favorite 600 pound shows lately? I laughed, and laughed and laught my stupid ass off. I hate that I didn't get to watch it live; my husband and son absolutely refuse to watch this with me now because they claim 1 ) This show is disgusting, and there is something seriously wrong with me that I love this show, and 2) They claim I get a bit "worked up" and "overly animated, so now I have to talk to myself and the TV. Lies. All Lies.
  2. Oh, and I rewound 4 times, and still couldn't determine if that was Nicole Kidman at Lisa's party?
  3. My random thoughts on what will be the last Beverly Hills episode I watch, and I've watched since the beginning: ✓ Dear God, Dorit's outfits and hairstyles look so fucking stupid!! Go away, you horrible, ignorant, piece of shit grifter. Go. The. Fuck. Away. ✓ All y'all nodding and agreeing with said dumbass look just as stupid. She will not feel bad because she did nothing wrong. You almost murdered a puppy you stupid stupid twit. ✓ Denice is adorable. Love her and her cool, casual style.
  4. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E13: Home Is Home

    God, that almost made me hurl!
  5. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E12: Do the Dangle

    Luis' "smiles" at Stella are the stuff of nightmares! Seriously. Gave me the willies. Poor Stella, she deserves so much better. Kail, on the other hand, is getting exactly what she deserves. But I think she is only chasing after Chris because he doesn't want her. Her sister seems pretty nice and normal, it would probably be best for her to stay far away from the beast known as Kail. Aubree's speech was adorable. The babies crying in the car were entertaining. It's obvious that Aubree helps out a lot. Leah and family just do not get it with regards to Ali. And that's sad.
  6. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    When Kail was bitching and whining to her producer about the soccer emails, she looked HUGE!! Like 9+ months pregnant huge. Kail is just so awful; always angry and combative and aggressive and seems to think she is somehow better than everyone else. Hate. Her. So so much!
  7. SuzyQILoveYou

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    Love, love, love Miss Vanji! She's adorable, and I enjoyed every second of her trash talking at each drag queen's entrance, while hiding. I didn't realize last season how teeny tiny she is! I'm so happy Ru's giving her another shot.
  8. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E07: Surprise

    Just when I think I can't possibly hate Kail anymore, she does this shit. My God...... how much money does this bitch make? Thousands of dollars a month for Instagram advertisements??? Talk about easy money!! Damn right Jo, get your money. She's so selfish and greedy, continuing to accept Jo's monthly child support even though they have a 50/50 custody arrangement. And she can take her rightous indignation and stick it up her ass. Hate. Her. Hate. Her. And try driving a '91 Ford pickup for the last 26 years you snobby heifer.
  9. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Where I live, if a kid said their Dad's job was laying pipes, we'd assume they're involved in the sex industry.
  10. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Jenelle's eloquent and articulate diatribe of "I deserve some fucking respect" echoed the sentiments of the always philosophical and sage Amber at the last reunion. Those two morons are eerily similar.
  11. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    I'm glad Nova's getting to spend more time with her dad. Lord knows she needs time away from the coven and that apartment of effing doom. That place would depress and stress out anybody. And she really does light up when she's around Devoin, and he lights up around Nova too. I'm so glad to see he is getting his shit together now. He's really grown on me; I like him.
  12. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I wish Kail would put some clothes on that poor mini sumo wrestler she has. And vaccinate that poor thing and cut his GD hair! Or at least brush it, not keep it in a stupid looking knot on top of his head!
  13. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    My random observations: ✓ That Watson is just too cute. I teared up like Cole just thinking of that little guy laying there and what was to come. Especially thinking, as they pulled into the hospital parking lot, that Watson had no idea why they were there. As far as he knew they were there to eat and play. I think it's so sweet how Cole cries all the time now; that's what happens when you really love your children. (cough, Jenelle, cough) ✓ Which brings me to... Jenelle. I almost felt a tiny bit sorry for her when she started crying, because it's a nail seems to have no joy whatsoever. But then I remembered that the only time she ever cries is when she feels sorry for herself. I have never seen her cry once over her children and all the things they have been through and are going through. Her children get emotionally and mentally and physically abused...... not a tear in sight. MTV doesn't know Jenelle's favorite food........sobbing, wallowing in self-pity. ✓ I think it's so funny that Kail no longer has anyone to talk to/ film with. She's reduced to talking about what's going on in her life with producers, and I'm sure that's behind why she's trying to start a relationship with her sister in Texas. She is so foul that she's lost all those friends she's purchased, I mean had, over the years. ✓ Leah, yawn. I doubt Jeremy is spending any less time with Addie than he ever has; she just has nothing for a storyline.
  14. SuzyQILoveYou

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    God, yes! I'll sign first. If I don't grab the remote control quick enough to mute it, that sound gives me the vapors.
  15. SuzyQILoveYou

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Any way the universe could stop using the "little girl" analogy please? David wishes he could do anything as well as a little girl.