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  1. pwdrpuff

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    Yes! I was staring at her shower, and not her! It's a nice remodel. Okay so, I just can't with all addicts that blame their addiction on not getting enough love at home. You are a grown ass woman, take some responsibility. I didn't have a good childhood, but I moved on. Get some therapy if it's that bad.
  2. pwdrpuff

    Family By The Ton

    So it's not the fat that's the problem per se. It's the nitrates, processed meats of who knows what, and sugar drenched sauce! Everyone keeps talking about the evils of eating fat, but it's been proven over and over again that processed food and sugar is the real issue. It's a bit self-congratulatory to say that the nasty fat on steaks you don't touch is why you aren't like these people. @libgirl2 Also, taking off the fat off meat before cooking, causes it to dry out faster and not retain flavor and juices. Over 40 and killing myself at the gym did not work for me, even when I thought I was eating clean. Cutting out all processed food and added sugar did. I was close to 180 at 5'7 and now 149 without even dieting or calorie counting. Someone told me about Whole30, which helped me get started. Now I mostly eat Primal and don't worry about cutting off the fat. Full fat cottage cheese, and the rest is better than processed fat-free versions.
  3. pwdrpuff

    S37.E13: Finale

    We all know that woman are typically raised to be non aggressors. Even the most A-Type will try to play down their ambition or drive to win, so that they are not viewed overly aggressive. Whereas a man is not penalized for such actions, because it is inherently seen as a masculine trait. It's no wonder why only 15% of idols are found by woman.
  4. pwdrpuff

    S37.E13: Finale

    I only work with white men, so maybe that's why I've not heard of this. Their usual topic of discussion is video games, surfing, and the gym. It's much more evolved than when I was on a ship with mostly men who talked all kinds of nasty things I didn't want to hear.
  5. pwdrpuff

    S37.E13: Finale

    Maybe I should get a Twitter account to expand my horizons on the world.
  6. pwdrpuff

    S37.E13: Finale

    I'm Gen-x that never got into social media. I don't tweet or read tweets, so I have no idea what labels everyone is gravitating towards now. I only have a FB account because of my extended family likes to stay connected, but I only check it maybe twice a year. That said, I would not feel comfortable comparing my struggles to a black woman ever.
  7. pwdrpuff

    S37.E13: Finale

    I Don't Tweet, so who knows.
  8. pwdrpuff

    S37.E13: Finale

    I know Mike didn't need the money, but he did outwit. So yes, I was just a little disappointed when kentucky won. With Angelina, I just can't. I can't believe she called herself a woman of color during the final tribal. Does she understand that means black? I wanted to reach through my tube and slap her multiple times this season. She's so bad and lacks social awareness that I probably go road-rage on her if I saw her IRL. And yes, I'm a minority race woman, but not of color, sorry. If I had to pick a winner favorite, it would be Christian. Hopefully they are still doing fan favorite. And can Jeff stop with the safari shirts in LA. Where do you get these shirts? I'm a REI customer, and I haven't seen them.
  9. pwdrpuff

    S01.E03: Maybe

    I'm truly impressed that this is a Lifetime series, because it doesn't seem like your usual hokey day-time female drama lacking story or acting. The acting and narration is actually on point, which confuses the hell out of me this is on lifetime. Okay, so back to the show. Joe is a creepy dude that's somehow still an endearing anti-hero. Maybe because he's cutely narrating and providing us his perspective. Now for the matter of why Beck, other than being a fixation of his imagination. His fixation on this very imperfect gal, that likes to pass herself around like she's the only napkin at a picnic, leads me to think he is flat crazy. Yeah, killing the dude earlier didn't give me that impression.
  10. pwdrpuff


    Let's just presume everyone coming here has watched the full season...I guess not everyone assumes this.
  11. pwdrpuff

    S03.E14: Everlasting

    One of the most engrossing episodes to date. My eyes were peeled the whole time and it reminded me of a Star Trek Next Gen episode. Love!
  12. pwdrpuff

    S03.E13: Warning Shot

    First, David, I'm in total agreeance with you. How do you filter a hiree, if you are the person hiring yourself? huh-wait a minute, So who hired her then, God or the director? What the hey, did Nas say at the end that .....
  13. pwdrpuff

    Flip Or Flop Atlanta

    The houses turn out pretty nice (not yard), but yes they are way too vanilla, give off a brother-sister vibe; and sheesh, does a woman over 35 need to dress like a tween in every episode? Okay, that's all I have.
  14. pwdrpuff

    S05.E06: Move-Ins

    I'm just waiting for Cody to make the big reveal that he's transgendered. That or he has a micro penis. I'm completely being serious because I can't figure why he is so scared to be close with someone. Maybe the cameras are giving him the jitters, maybe childhood trauma, brought up in a commune or is Mormon? ...Hopefully we get the story eventually.
  15. pwdrpuff

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    She outdid herself, which I didn't think was possible. The purple/patterned condo was an assault to the eyes. Something definitely doesn't smell right. Why would they take a offer $10K under asking, with it only being on the market 5 days. Someone needs to give this woman a reality check about her design abilities. And the husband just goes along with her every suggestion, even though he even states that no one would want a purple home with a black toilet.