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  1. Rome's mother mentioned that Regina had made the appointment, so presumably the contact info that the salon had was Regina's.
  2. I hate to be the poster who gets caught up in minutiae, but Pensacola to Raleigh is just under a 12-hour drive. I guess they could have flown (still a 3-5 hour flight on a busy travel day), but the pies (& the travelers) seemed to be in great shape when they arrived at the house. The sister's (Pam?) cute outfit, hair, & make-up were pristine, but then again, she is Martha Stewart without the felonies 😉 Like I said, I hate to be 'that person', but since the writers were insistent on mentioning hometowns, they should have picked a closer city for the sister & family to be traveling from. I'm from NOLA; wonder if I know Ben's crazy relatives 😃
  3. Finally got to watch the final 2 games of the ToC. After making it 13 years as parents with no kiddos breaking bones, one of the pre-teen queens fractured her humerus. Of course it's her dominant arm, but she hasn't been in too much pain & it doesn't seem like surgery will be needed, and she has a purple sling that she & her sister decorated with glitter glue. Glitter glue makes everything better when you're a 10-year old girl. I was spoiled that James won, but was glad to finally be able to sit & watch at 11:30 Sunday night. Too late for wine, so I settled for a Reese's Christmas tree. Our donation to pancreatic cancer research is $76 - a team effort between Dr Toothbrush & me. I said Lamentations for Thursday's FJ (have never heard the term Jeremiahed, but I'm pretty sure the Book of Lamentations has been attributed to Jeremiah) Friday's FJ was an instaget for us both. Another contestant that I think should have made the ToC before Emma is Jackie (from the Runaways - can't remember her last name). Not sure of $$ winnings, but she won 4 games to Emma's 3. And I agree that the 2nd place winner of the Teachers' Tournament should have been invited to participate.
  4. I like all 3 finalists, but will be rooting for James or François. I wish Gilbert & François would have been in different semis (& won) because I would have loved a James/Gilbert/François final. We said Baro too, so any ridiculous answer prize will need to be shared with the Toothbrushes. She would not, which is why I can't root for her to win. I almost wish she wouldn't have made the finals so the James/Emma rematch anticipation would have been a bust. Guess that makes me petty af, as the kids say.
  5. I hope this isn't Alex's final ToC, but if so, I hope that the players who would have qualified but were left out are able to play in the post-Trebek era. I would imagine there would be some sort of a time-lapse between hosts, and the producers may want a clean slate.
  6. Dr Toothbrush noticed that Alex referred to James as the champion, but I didn't even notice. I do think that James as ToC champion is a forgone conclusion, but I think it was more auto-pilot on AT's part. FJ was a team effort - I said sun belt & bible belt, while Dr T said rust belt & bible belt. And we both gave a disappointed "aww" when "My Favorite Year" was a TS. He ran the fantasy football category, & I got a grand total of 1. The song lyric category was fun.
  7. I saw that and I agree it was a very sweet & genuine moment.
  8. Awww Dhruv 😢❤️ FJ was not an instaget, but I got it in time. Ran the sports category with 3/5 guesses (knew Gabby Douglas and Ali Krieger & Ashlyn Harris) Jeopardy will get the James/Emma showdown it forced wanted. What sucks is that if this ends up being Alex's final ToC, more deserving players may not get their ToC opportunity after all. IIRC Emma only won 3 games & just under $100,000 during her run. Hoping François rounds out the 3 finalists, but I will be happy with Gilbert too.
  9. James will no doubt win it all, and unless they end up in the same semi, François will most likely be a finalist also. I also like Emma, Gilbert, & Charles. At least puppy abandoner Ryan has been metaphorically 'defenestrated' from the ToC, and hopefully from J! for good.
  10. I am extremely fond of Alex, but his fan-boying over "Jeopardy James" (ick) is unappealing. And I like James. The Roman Numerals category was a team effort in casa Toothbrush. I suck at them, so I gave the initials & my kids translated into RN. I didn't even know they taught Roman Numerals in school anymore. The only one I got was the $200 clue - MM=2000. I knew FJ but could not come up with Marian Anderson, but I knew I would know it the moment it was revealed. Hate when that happens. Dr Toothbrush could not get past Mahalia Jackson which we both knew was incorrect. Nice to have you back @Mystery Author I am re-reading the last few Kinsey Milhone mysteries & have been thinking about you. As long as the sharing stops with me & doesn't extend to his sisters I am good with it. Hubby has the iron-clad immune system of a pediatrician so I'm not worried about him. Just took a wild guess about you not liking James 😉 I actually remembered all 3. Wonders never cease! NFW!!!! 😡
  11. Lovely gesture, and I also love that Jeopardy is going to donate the minimum ToC winnings of $5K to the charity of Larry Martin's widow's choice.
  12. Is it just me, or is this ToC kinda blah so far? Maybe it's the virus that my eldest picked up at school & was kind enough to share with me talking. Who knows, but maybe James being on tonight will perk things up. (sorry @lb60 ) I got FJ but it wasn't an instaget.
  13. The "family" picture was cringe-inducing. And since it seems that the group in the picture is all any of them know, who would Delilah send the birth announcement to anyway? My oldest's birth announcement was just him, and when I had twins a little over 2 years later their announcement was just them. We thought about having all 3 in the twins' birth announcement pic, but ultimately decided just on the newborns. I love Jason Ritter, and he looks more & more like his dad as the years pass. I have been an actuary for 23 years, and yes, showing up to the office is an expectation. But then again, I don't have a made-for-TV job. Always a pleasure.
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