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  1. There's also this thing that a lot of people do, where if you've used a word or phrase your whole life, and it changes meaning, you can be very resistant to accepting that change. I don't know that professor, of course, and don't have access to his thoughts. But it's entirely possible that he figured that "exhaust all of your resources" is the true, proper meaning of the phrase "shoot your wad." All this "ejaculation" business is just a bunch of kids being dirty-minded, and why should he dignify it by acknowledging that it even exists? People are funny.
  2. That's the thing; if he was older, he may well have had no idea of the more vulgar meaning. The more traditional meaning of "shoot your wad" (or sometimes, "shoot your bolt") is just to use up all of your resources. It goes back at least to the Civil War. The vulgar meaning is newer, and may have escaped the notice of an older speaker.
  3. Like you say, I'm not exactly upset about it. I just find it a little odd that "true Daily Double" seems to have become something of a mantra, to the point that even if the contestant didn't say it, the guest host would often supply it: "Ah, a true Daily Double!" I don't think there's any special way that a bet must be phrased, and saying the dollar amount is just as valid. Or you could just make a gesture like you're pushing in poker chips. I wonder if anyone's ever tried that? 😀
  4. Interesting. I find everybody's insistence on using the phrase "True Daily Double" to be rather annoying, and would prefer more people to simply give the dollar amount. I love Matt. I think he's one of the best things that's happened to the show in a long time, and I'm sorry that the whole Who's Going To Be The New Host thing is mostly overshadowing him.
  5. There are actually two television series based on "All Creatures"--the original, from the 1970s, and a new adaptation that was just on Masterpiece earlier this year, and is filming its second season even as we speak. I highly recommend both of them.
  6. Just to join the pile-on, at the university where I work, the official job title is "Resident Assistant." Those of you who care (which I'm sure is all of you! 😀) will be happy to know that MeTV has finally begun showing Jeopardy and Wheel, as they had promised to do, so I no longer have to resort to YouTube for the duration of the Olympics. This was certainly not the case on Monday and Tuesday. I have no opinion on Matt's quirks, one way or the other, but you can't say that he's not doing well in the game. His $74,000 total yesterday puts him in the upper echelons. Only 3 people h
  7. Asimov wrote more than a few stories which seem to exist solely to get to the pun at the end.
  8. Had to watch the episode on YouTube due to the Olympics (our local affiliate claims that Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune will be shown on MeTV while the Olympics are on; this claim is a lie). It would have been difficult for LeVar Burton to live up to the hype in the best of circumstances, and this game definitely was not the best of circumstances. He seemed very nervous, and the way that he kept saying "Time!" was distracting. I'm sure he will improve over the next few games. I feel sorry for Patrick, who now has the dubious distinction of holding the record for lowest score ever. That
  9. The only one I've been to is the one at Walt Disney World, and that's how I was able to get it. I wish they were more widespread; they make good sandwiches.
  10. Bono, that is. Sting's name is Gordon Sumner, just for completion.
  11. Reading the Wikipedia article on "Take Me Home, Country Roads," it turns out that John Denver's co-writers were actually driving through Maryland when they started writing the song. "West Virginia" was chosen largely because it fit the rhythm of the song. They also considered "Massachusetts," of all places! Speaking of songs, my guess for Friday's FJ was "This Land is Your Land." I knew it was fairly old, and I heard it a lot when I was a kid, so I figured it might have been a recent hit in the early 70s. It doesn't have any obvious connection to the '76 election, but it does have a s
  12. I said Shenandoah, and was absolutely sure it was right. I thought it was in West Virginia (John Denver said so!), but apparently it's not the one Jefferson was talking about.
  13. I remember that Arthur Chu did it, and it was one of the things that everybody criticized him for. As I understand it, $5 is the minimum you can bet on a Daily Double. I don't know; if you feel like you really don't know anything about a category, I suppose you want to limit the potential damage as much as possible. Opera is certainly one of those categories that a lot of people seem to be afraid of. But you always risk what happened to S.A. Turns out you do know it, and you blew your chance to get a lot of money.
  14. I'm not sure I follow the logic of this statement.
  15. Other way around. He was James VI of Scotland, but became James I of England when he ascended to the English throne after the death of Elizabeth I.
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