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  1. Alex wasn't on last week either. I don't watch any of her other shows but I like her on this show & hope she'll be back. I like both sweet potatoes and spinach & artichoke dip, but they do not belong anywhere near each other.
  2. 4/5 Missed The Philippines. I read the clue as the country was named for a Spanish king AND the Greek word for horse, so I was trying to think of an island with hippo in it. I figured that was easier than trying to go through Spanish kings in my head. Other than Wednesday they were all instagets for me.
  3. This recent house was so cluttered & busy! If I were house hunting I'd walk in and then right out. The sconces on the wall to replace bedside lamps is good in theory, but since they appeared to be controlled by a switch just inside the doorway of the room you would have to walk across a dark room to get into bed. And if you wanted to read you'd have to get out of bed, turn out the light, and then again walk through a dark room. Talk about defeating the purpose. The dark walls & cabinets made the kitchen look much smaller. Removing the soffit to show the entire fireplace was a great idea. Her replacement mantle and the cedar on the front of the house did not look as bad as I thought they would, but still not a big fan of the exterior cedar planks. I liked the original pavers in the front walkway.
  4. Re: Thursday's FJ. If you want to see the most gorgeous royal family in the world (IMO), google the royal family of Bhutan.
  5. 4/5 I said Mt Rushmore because I am crap at presidents prior to the mid-20th century & had no clue (ha!) when Chester Arthur was POTUS. Although I somehow know that his middle name was Alan. Go figure.
  6. For FJ my mind went to the Oracles of Delphi, but then the #9 stirred my brain & I was able to jump to muses - museum. Had never made the connection & was a little surprised that it was right.
  7. Snot palaces got many laughs at casa Toothbrush also. I said BMS in my living room. Another shoutout to the recounts & threatened lawsuits happening now? With the Jeopardy death coincidences, Ken Jennings having a clue category Monday puts him at the top of my list of Alex's replacement.
  8. My dad texted me just as I was walking into church. Thank God that with 3 kids I always have Kleenex in my purse because I cried all during Mass. It's not easy to have to keep blowing your nose under a mask. The whole Toothbrush family loves Jeopardy & Alex and will miss him greatly. We stayed with my parents briefly last summer while house hunting, and after dinner all 7 of us - ages 10 thru mid-70s - settled in to watch. Yes, he could be a product of his time, but having to have off-the-cuff conversations with dozens of people each week couldn't be easy, even for someone as professional, intelligent, & friendly as he seemed to be. RIP to the GOAT, and condolences to his family & loved ones.
  9. 3/5 * The closest I got to Trumbo was "that movie! Shit what was his name"? And I had no idea about the SCOTUS case, but as of a few minutes ago I can say I went to high school with a SC justice. Feeling pretty unaccomplished lol
  10. I thought that Jeff's squash queso sounded horrible, but Katie's pumpkin chicken chili looked good & I plan to try it. I've made Alex's candy cups with cookie butter - so good! Ava's attitude about the Dracula donuts was hilarious. I have a 13-year old & 2 almost 11-years olds & I they would totally react the same way. One of my 10 year olds likes to say she would have found something funny,cute,etc back when she was in "single digits" lol She definitely looks like a mom to a newborn lol Lumberjack Gus was so cute!
  11. You were a lot closer than we were. I said murder hornets & Dr Toothbrush said la cuchara Both jokingly because neither of us had any clue.
  12. 2/5 no * I misread Friday's clue and answered Copeland, the composer. Since I thought the piece was called Appalachian Morning, I would have been wrong anyway. Boo hiss. As happy as I am to have J back, I cannot get into the shows this season. I keep thinking of the contestants as pretenders while waiting for Zach to be able to return. I liked Kevin and am glad he was able to become the season's 1st 5-time champion & win a bunch of moolah.
  13. It was sad to see Valerie Bertinelli on this week's episode knowing now what was going on in her personal life.
  14. Not a Lisa Edelstein fan. I think I'd prefer Liv, & I'm not sad to see her go.
  15. Mary is Mrs Palmer (Imelda Staunton's character in 1995's Sense & Sensibility) as a pensioner in the 21st century.
  16. Me too. I said red dwarf for Thursday, and that guy from the Enbrel ads for Friday. Thursday & Friday FJs have not been my friends for season 37 thus far.
  17. @Grundoon59 - I'm so sorry for your loss I pronounce Berry & Barry differently, but Mary/merry the same. And marry differently still. Kelly was too extra for my tastes. When Alex announced that contestants would be local for the time being, hubby said, "that's why you haven't been contacted for an audition" Probably more like I bombed the test but he gets brownie points for that. When Alex asked buff Joe if the flag move was done in men's gymnastics, hubby said it sounded like a stripper pole move lol Brad would be a great host. I said Goya knowing I was 100% wrong.
  18. I am back!! My 2020 clusterf--k started in Nov 2019, but things are as settled as they can be these days. Hope you are well. 3/5 for the first week. Those artists & poets get me every time.
  19. The date on Morse's newspaper, and also at the start of Dr. Benford's audition tape for the science show, the date of May 7 was mentioned (a throwback to the ad that Dr Ferman saw in January indicating that auditions would be held in May). Strange & Max both made references to the information they had about Molly's murder "at that time". There were probably other clues that I missed. It was subtly done.
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