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  1. This is an excellent assessment. I think that's how the season will progress as well. Potentially they will all take a segment or two to discuss the fallout of Fessy leaving, and the impact of the game. We haven't even heard the nominations yet right? Then there will be some drama of who gets chosen to go down. I had been enjoying the 90 minute episodes, especially since they were not filled with fluff. There are SO many people and teams, this season is likely to go on forever. I think the pacing has been excellent, up until this point.
  2. Yep it was at the club. Can't remember if it was before or after Emy's song. My guess is that Kaycee sees Amber as competition, so she's on board with Fessy's egotistic attempts to get her out of the game.
  3. The show began making me think Emy is definitely going into elimination and we are getting the last of her. Even though I still don't care for her, her edit this week did make her seem more tolerable. She and CT are big fans of each other. I wonder if this means she wins and chooses him as a partner. Or maybe he was one of the only ones to say nice things about her in the confessional. Fessy needs to be honest: Amber B staying in this game and being anyone's partner, especially Josh/CT, is a threat to him in the final. Full stop. Fessy says he can say he's sorry and Amber can say she's s
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we are talking about two different babies. I think you're talking about Ashley's first baby, and I'm talking about Ashley's second baby. My thought was that Askale was brought in for THIS season because Ashley was pregnant and they didn't know how much film they would get of her, post baby and also during the pandemic. Maybe I am misunderstanding your post. It is interesting that they did not bring Charisse back as a friend. At Wendy's party they edited as if she wasn't there, when she was sitting at the same table. Then they did throw up her name at
  5. Interesting. I had assumed that: 1) Mia was brought in to replace Monique 2) They wanted a friend because Potomac didn't have any, and 3) They wanted an extra person because they didn't know how much film they would get of Ashley because she just had a baby, much like I assumed they did in season 4 when Monique was pregnant and Katie returned Everyone looks for moments on the show, because if you give nothing you get replaced. I thought that Wendy was safe. I can't imagine that they would have her be full time in season 5, have that altercation happen, and then demote her when
  6. Gizelle may not want a relationship. That's fine, because same here. If however she does change her mind, or if she's just saying that for TV, and she actually does get a relationship, I predict that she will keep it a secret for as long as she is on the show, or for as long as she can. The cast, the producers, the viewers are just salivating at the chance for Gizelle to get in a relationship so that they can give her the business right back. It's easy for Gizelle to continue to act as if relationships are not off limits, because she doesn't have one for others to judge.
  7. I love the fresh franchise energy of salt lake city. Sophomore season and things still feel very authentic. This is the only franchise where I truly lie every housewife, and newbie Jennie is still in the mix. I loved hearing her story, and her kids seem like they will be a fun addition to the mix. I'm really interested to see this shift in groups, and I'm very curious to see where Mary falls within the group this season now that she won't be stuck in her closet. I expect Heather to get a lot of backlash for what she said about Jenn's company on watch what happens live last night.
  8. The editing job on this show is getting worse. It's becoming ridiculously clear when audio has been edited in. Gizelle's comments at the goddess lunch. There was a line when her voice was low, then it gets high and animated, then back to low. I get it that you are trying to tell the story you want, but they need to do a better job smoothing it out. You are trying to sell reality TV, make it seem more real.
  9. Same here. I think it's a great plan and would really make for a balanced and exciting final.
  10. Yes to both of these. I have been complimenting the eliminations thus far. They are all originals, somewhat equalizers, and have been entertaining. If he gets thrown in, and there's talk of him going against another big guy to get one big guy out, and they have a hall brawl, *#(*&#&)Q#)(*)()#*@)!!!!!!
  11. I feel like there will be a daily challenge that is a sort of mini-final. They do that a lot. That will be a test of Esther's endurance and give some indication of how she will do in a long haul final. That's when Fessy will make his decision. I think Fessy would lean more towards Ashley or Tori. I agree with all of this. I think they knew that, which is why they went so hard for Logan to be house vote and not calling his name. I thought that if they decided to still call a woman's name, they would say Emy just because that was easiest. With that said, I am not an Emy fan. I don'
  12. I have always been a Nany fan, but now that she is literally in bed with big brother I don't know if I will stay on. I thought Josh was her friend? Now she is siding with Kaycee and Fessy over him? I think she feels safer with Fessy and Kaycee in the game. Berna I want to like you, but what was up with her in her confessional telling Amber how to feel? You're a rookie, you have no idea what happened last season. I still fail to realize what Amber did to make her such a threat to Fessy. If anything, he did her a favor. She won last season and he screwed himself royally. I say it every week
  13. I have so many thoughts on this episode. Can't put them all in a long post yet. So just about Gabo and Logan. I love Gabo. I want to win to help my family......and buy sports cars, watches, and party all the time. Hahahahaha. I love Logan more though. He reminds me SO much of one of my best friends from Spain. He's so sweet. I didn't want those two to go against each other, but I'm glad that Logan won because I like him a little more. Man the editors did a great job because I knew for sure that when Gabo came back down that last time and asked for a check that he won. Thank goodness he wa
  14. Yes, I had forgotten that Wendy told us that story. It does make their speculation of the rumors that "they believe to be untrue" all the more hurtful. Especially since now there is this social media battle of who said what, when. She did lose me with that last line. She should take a somewhat higher road and just wish them well. Now that I understand ADR (automated dialog replacement) I can't help but see/hear it all the time in this show. Another instance is where Gizelle said happy birthday to Robyn when they were recording their podcast. Basically, when they show someone while some
  15. It grinds my freaking gears to hear Ashley say that because she has to feed her newborn every hour she can't give Michael the things he needs. Can we focus on the newborn for a little bit??? Michael will be FINE. His little encouragement speech about how she's not overweight, she's getting back in shape, and she's still attractive?? GO AWAY!
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