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  1. pep4

    House Hunters

    Debbie Downer Does Tehachapi: I sure hope the wife isn't near the wet blanket that the producers portrayed her as. "Nina is actually the more pessimistic of us." Would never have guessed... I think they said the oldest kid was 22, but was only half watching so don't recall whose it was. What was up with her repeatedly saying "You don't want the kids to be too comfortable?"
  2. pep4

    House Hunters

    Austin: Is Marching Band Designer a real full time job? Not a school's band director, the episode implied he was a consultant working from home. When I was growing up in Texas marching band was only in the fall. I enjoyed that they were pleasantly chill.
  3. That Bali episode may have been the biggest pile of BS HHI has ever tried to pull over on us. There's no way that house fit on a 50x100 foot plot with a septic system. And it was clear from the final shots that it was built on different land than what they pretended was where she was buying and building upon. I wouldn't be surprised if she's actually in a gated community.... Edit: Did a search & found I was 2 months late to the Bali bashing party. April 8-12, about 7 pages back.
  4. Krakow: Since the third house was $2,700 under budget (LOL.) I'm thinking they could have afforded to buy a freezer... Regarding the first apt with those glass floors next to the windows, in the bedrooms above the living areas, was the architect a fan of the Sears Tower, Ferris Bueller, or an upskirt perv?
  5. pep4

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Goodness gracious, I can't get past all that stripper makeup she piles on.
  6. pep4

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Diva & Snoop Dog in Fort Worth: Annoying how they are supposedly hunting in Fort Worth, but as the narrator is describing the city and how, "They love all the activities and nightlife Fort Worth offers!" they are shown riding in a gondolier ripoff in Las Colinas. Which is in the city of Irving, a Dallas suburb 25 miles from Fort Worth. And it isn't like FW has a shortage of cool places to film scenes at. T&P Lofts are cool, but it is still atop a public train station, and all that that implies. Everyone I've known who considered it remarked about how relatively affordable the asking prices were but that the high HOA fees were dealbreakers.
  7. 'Fashion blogger'(LOL) mom to Lake Zurich: Wow, they really gave her the villian edit...until the very end, after they chose. HGTV scriptwriters laid it on so thick that I knew within 10 minutes exactly what would happen. Would like to see more of that realtor. She has a Katie Couric type of cuteness.
  8. Malaga: A pleasant surprise that London Beard is falling down to southern Spain. I hope he does more episodes from there. He said that he grew up in Spain, and tries to get down there every few months. There are large British ex-pat communities along the southern coast of Spain, so I could see him having plenty of clients. Also makes it an easier place to retire to for English speakers while they start to learn the language. And very affordable areas, I could see how the family would be saving money moving from the states. Especially if much of her family is still there.
  9. Speaking of show bullcrap, in Med Life-Cascais, Portugal, it wasn't the least bit believable that a young family from California that could afford to spend more would consider living in that train station. So 'charming' with the drunks outside your window getting on and off the train from Lisbon until after 2am. Every night. Also annoyed that HGTV seems to increasingly leave out the town or region in the show description. "Family moving to Spain/Portugal/United States..." C'mon man, Houston ain't quite the same as Seattle or NYC.... Anyway, my understanding is that Cascais is a pretty desirable area, so one could get a nice apt in a other safe neighborhoods in the Lisbon region for even less than the $300k they spent. Good, affordable region to retire to. It and coastal Spain are so tempting.
  10. pep4

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    "Hooray, I'm for the other team!" (old Schoolhouse Rock reference) I actually enjoyed the Phoenix episode. Unlike a lot of the HH Family brats episodes, these kids were well behaved and made me smile, seems like a nice family. Daughter - "I like this backyard because we could have 300 dogs and it would still be big enough." Of course there were a few annoying producer driven bits like the constant "White cabinets!" "No renovations!" "I need a room for the 2 months I'm home from college and out all day and night with my friends!" But that's House Hunters. His quip at the end as he takes a sledgehammer to the old office shelves: "This is what living with 6 women turns me into!" (I did cringe seeing multiple pit bulls when they had 5 dogs. Pack mentality risk.)
  11. Well in one clip he was walking around in purple pants, so... And it probably was just the editing, but he came across as not understanding why Germany would require slanted roofs in a place that gets a lot of snow.
  12. pep4

    Home Town

    If I were the doctors tonight I'd think, "Why do they hate us?" The only 2 choices they were given were both UGLY houses. (Though the renovation turned out fine. Really enjoyed the couple's calm demeanor.)
  13. San Clemente, Ecuador: When trying to pick they kept saying how condo #3 was better because it was on the beach, but you could see that the other condo was also on the beach. Exact same distance, both atop the same kind of rock sea wall. Stupid producers probably made them say it.
  14. Wait a minute, Adrian lives in Nice, not Paris? I mean, I guess I would, too, but this stills seems like a major revelation.
  15. pep4

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Live long in Prosper: That windmill ceiling fan was indeed awesome, but I bet they could have gotten it and had it installed for far less than $2,000. (To be fair, in all the back and forth negotiating with the builder I can understand settling for paying for it now rather than mess with searching for one and getting it installed later. New buyer fatigue is real.)