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  1. Ireland - For gawd's sake, put a Cork in it! I'm always surprised how many couples don't realize that when the HGTV producers hand them a script, tell them to have opposite wants, to disagree about everything, and make every flaw sound like the end of the world, that they'll come off looking terrible.
  2. Edit: Oops, wrong country!
  3. So I watched the Oak Ridge, TN episode, and at the final house the human billboard was griping about how cold it was (very sharp leather jacket, btw.) They tour the home, then come outside to discuss the pros and cons, but when they finish he starts up about the cold and says, "Let's go back inside and have some soup and sandwiches." Wait, who does that in someone else's home that you are touring? This ain't Goldilocks.
  4. Liked the Azores episode simply because it was something different geographically. Do not want a toilet with a view, though.
  5. The realtor was great, but the client guy seems like a mouthy poseur. In the San Diego (actually Chula Vista) episode, wow at the dumpy apartment/condo with the burglar bar doors charging $329/mo in HOA fees!
  6. Is one of them named Joanie? [Cuz Joanie loves tchotchke's] Probably the high calorie Sarah Palin one.
  7. Not sure if this is a new episode tonight, but it's new to me (first time to watch it.) All I keep thinking is how did that client lady not do better than annoying, overtatted, terrible hats, trying too hard saxophone guy? Edit: Holy crap, they actually spent time in Christina's appointment with some holistic chiropractor/snowflake therapist?
  8. Happily Wherever tonight, LA-Palm Springs-Phoenix: I'm shocked they would be able to get that much for $600k in LA. Mid-City is a nice neighborhood, no? And I'm pretty sure they filmed this during the pandemic, based on how far the realtors kept their distance.
  9. Utrecht: Fussy realtor cracked me up. The whole "We gotsta find ya a girlyfriend" seemed, uh, forced. Like there's something he (or 'friend') didn't want mom to know. I kept expecting an Adobe Stock Photo watermark over the brief, random, and bored 'possible girlfriend' in the final credits.
  10. The show ended later tonight, 2 or 3 minutes past the hour. Is this the old TBS strategy of starting every show a few minutes late, or something else? Or goodness gracious, did even HGTV do some kind of breaking news tribute to Kobe?
  11. They did a lot of drugs in the 60's. As to the impact on the neighbors, I seem to recall a statement at the beginning, where they were describing the challenges of the project, that they wouldn't/couldn't turn it into a tourist destination because it was in a neighborhood. Speaking of lookalikes, I kept thinking Bobby Brady (Mike Lookinland) resembled Jeb Bush whenever he would smile, especially when he would laugh and tilt his head.
  12. That was a lot of fun! Cindy Brady on the kitchen: "It would take forever to film in there. They only had one camera."
  13. The constant sidebar vids of the One of a Kind series are even more annoying, interrupting ever stinking show. All those fake beauty contestant reactions and posing have me hating her! What a great way to insure I'll change the channel when that show comes on. Am watching less and less HGTV these days, not sure why they insist on bombarding obnoxiousness.
  14. I think this is an awesome idea for HGTV. Looking forward to what they do, but a part of me is fuddy duddy enough that I liked how the previous owner decorated much of the house (except the pink bedroom and peach bathroom, of course!) Thanks for the Zillow link. Sold it to HGTV for $3.5 million!?!
  15. I guess the cat's out of the bag now.
  16. Safor, Spain: As an introvert I'd have gone with La Drova in the mountains, but get their wanting to be in town. Lovely place to retire, and just 40 miles south of Valencia. Cullera halfway in between is a scenic option, too. All very affordable, coastal California at a fraction of the price. Rolling my eyes at the adult child's "I want my own room!" Brother can sleep on the couch when visiting.
  17. Jersey Shore: Couldn't stand how repeatedly rude that guy was to the realtor. I get that he was hamming it up the whole time to please the producers (like the phony cat tube bullcrap) but the rudeness seemed like part of his personality. "Would you like to see the garage?" "Duh!"
  18. Groaning-In, Netherregions (City of Bad Puns): "Oh no, this indoor plumbing and having a tv is terrible, I want the true Dutch experience!" (that 99.9% of the Dutch don't live like.) Preacherman is a turrible actor. Was hoping for an eyeroll from Mr. Spithorse the realtor.
  19. Really enjoyed the "Austin Suburbs" episode, those were some funky monkey houses. The one they bought was great, then made even better with their changes.
  20. Sydney was such a cringy episode, too much of the hopeless Beta storyline. Did crack up when the realtor accidentally slammed the door and did an oopsie to the camera.
  21. Debbie Downer Does Tehachapi: I sure hope the wife isn't near the wet blanket that the producers portrayed her as. "Nina is actually the more pessimistic of us." Would never have guessed... I think they said the oldest kid was 22, but was only half watching so don't recall whose it was. What was up with her repeatedly saying "You don't want the kids to be too comfortable?"
  22. Austin: Is Marching Band Designer a real full time job? Not a school's band director, the episode implied he was a consultant working from home. When I was growing up in Texas marching band was only in the fall. I enjoyed that they were pleasantly chill.
  23. That Bali episode may have been the biggest pile of BS HHI has ever tried to pull over on us. There's no way that house fit on a 50x100 foot plot with a septic system. And it was clear from the final shots that it was built on different land than what they pretended was where she was buying and building upon. I wouldn't be surprised if she's actually in a gated community.... Edit: Did a search & found I was 2 months late to the Bali bashing party. April 8-12, about 7 pages back.
  24. Krakow: Since the third house was $2,700 under budget (LOL.) I'm thinking they could have afforded to buy a freezer... Regarding the first apt with those glass floors next to the windows, in the bedrooms above the living areas, was the architect a fan of the Sears Tower, Ferris Bueller, or an upskirt perv?
  25. Goodness gracious, I can't get past all that stripper makeup she piles on.
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