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  1. Counselor hat on! During the zoom call, it was very clear in their mirrored language, ie. living with regrets, that Robyn and Kody have established the system of rules for the entire family, with a punishment system for the wife and children who do not abide by them. This is just a blaring example of the mistrust in this family. As many of us are aware, Christine and Robyn were self isolating with their own children, and yet those two "bubbles" still could not interact. The reasoning behind this is simple. Robyn does not trust Christine. For the children to interact, Robyn would nee
  2. I literally had pages on Kody and Christine, but just hitting on the highlights between these two. Counselor hat on! “I always just gave in. If you wanted to do something, I just gave in. Whatever you needed I just did, and I didn’t even argue, I really didn’t even formulate an opinion all the way, and it completely shocked me, that you loved her (Robyn) even though she was arguing with you.” Christine Brown in 2015. Kody was content in this power alignment. Christine would voicelessly self sacrifice in exchange for her husband’s love and happiness. When Robyn entered the family, Ch
  3. Oh wow guys, many pages of notes on last night’s episode Let’s start with Kody/Meri shall we? Cause I have a lot to say about Kody/christine, and Kody/Janelle and her children. Counselor hat on. What I saw and heard last night, is not uncommon in mixed agenda couples. One spouse is clear that they have no desire or interest in the relationship, while the other still has hope that their relationship can be renewed. This two differing agendas played out in full display during their anniversary outing. Take a look at Kody’s language: “I’m trying to get Meri to realize some things that m
  4. I caught up on the most recent episodes, and had 7 pages of notes jotted down just for Kody. To avoid a very long post on every red flag and issue that I identified with him, I'll just start with the biggest I saw. Counselor hat on.... Kody: Fair weathered, projective identification with emotional blackmail tendencies, Projective identification: It is a type of controlled manipulation that Kody often uses on his wives that leads them to act in a way that justifies in his own mind, his negative attitude and behavior towards them. Let’s take Kody being on his phone consistently wh
  5. Hey guys. As one can imagine it was a very eventful week here in Texas, but we are back up and running. I've got my notepad out, counselor hat on and ready to share what I jotted down. I touched on Robyn, so next up I have Christine. Christine: Behavioral self blame, Feelings of undeserved inferiority Behavioral self blame: "I'm sorry that I still get jealous." "I guess I'm just looking for a fight." These type of statements show that Christine's factor of blame for these feelings or actions, are on herself. Self blame is highly correlated with depressive symptoms, which Christine
  6. I finally got around to watching the new episode of Sister Wives, and as someone who has worked as a family/marriage counselor for over twenty years, I couldn't help but take notes, as I would in a session, as I watched their dinner conversations. So counselor hat I'll give a brief summary of some of my notes if anyone wants me to. I will start with Robyn. Robyn: Impression Management, and Feigning Ignorance. When a person, Janelle is this case, confronts the family about feeling like single mothers and a divide in the family, Robyn employs the tactic of feigning ignorance and impre
  7. I respectfully disagree, watching that ad only fueled my anger on Both sides of the house. Like Nancy all of these politicians have plenty of money to live on and stock their fridges. Meanwhile my aunt waited in line for three and a half hours at a food bank in San Antonio to receive a bag of onions, pototoes, one dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, and instant oatmeal. It is very easy for all of these politicians to waste time and argue and accomplish nothing. My only gripe on the ad is that it should show as many house members fridges as possible, but Nancy was the only one they had footage f
  8. If Meghan and Whoopi are on and are self isolating as well, then why can't Joy be on the show also? Is Joy refusing to be on now remotely?
  9. Robyn repeat after me: Do not have your desire for a preferred lifestyle masquerade as moral authority. Counselor hat back on here. Robyn: "I don't know how God could not just provide a rental." This along with many other statements and actions she made shows a Self Righteous way of thinking. Her vision is very limited catered by her own desires, and if a result falls short of what Robyn has deemed as perfect, then she views it as a failure. Take a look at her statement. The truth of the matter is that there are rentals available, they simply do not have the number of bedrooms
  10. In short answer....no. With victim mentality a person feels justified in being woeful and believes that sympathy and a catering attention from others should be given to them because their problems simply are not their fault, but a result from another...in this case Kody. So why others who watch the show thinks she comes off terrible, while Meri watches the show, she would just see how bad she believes she is being treated, and that her behaviors and attitudes are completely justified.
  11. Okay, counselor hat back on. Here are my thoughts on Christine and Janelle, and of course a little more on Meri and Robyn Christine: Although she is clearly not Meri's best friend, from what I witnessed, she is Meri's biggest ally in that blowup, not Robyn even though Robyn wants to portray to be. First, Christine clearly acknowledges that Meri does have a victim mentality and plays games with the rest of the family. Look at this exchange. (a lot of people are talking over each other, but I could clearly hear this from Christine.) Kody: She won't be happy till she has all of yo
  12. Forgive me, I will try to make this as short as possible, but having worked as a counselor for 20 plus years, I had to take some notes off of last night's show, and give my two cents on it. Back in the day there was a saying that you can't put two snakes in the same basket, what we saw last night is that you can't put two victims in the same basket. We literally saw, two women fighting over which one of the two got to claim a victim role over the division of the land. Both women wanted to claim that they were not given the choice and "just" had to take what was left. Meri: She absolu
  13. Having worked as a counselor for many years, I have strong opinions on what I heard from the Brown family on last night's episode. My two cents on what I heard. Christine's main problem with the one house is with Robyn and her children. Christine is being semi-truthful in her explanations on the why nots. What I hear and see is that Christine was not happy in the Lehi house. She watched all of Janelle's children as well as her own. She told us last night it was too much. and because of the children always being there with her, they could walk in at anytime, so she and Kody could only
  14. Does anyone remember that cheesy ad that Kody did to pimp out the las vegas homes in March 2019, where you could meet him if you came to their open house? Why do they think meeting Kody is every woman's dream? LOL. So do you guys think Janelle quit or do you think the family decided to go with another realtor?
  15. Janelle: After 20 plus years of marriage when your husband says kissing you is awkward, then I'm pretty sure he is as attracted to you as he is to Meri. Of course Janelle is chomping at the bit for one house. She can just send her children across the hallway to Christine's for dinner and babysitting. Meri: If you have any chance of living with Kody again take the big house! The only way that man is going to give you the time of day is if you sit your leggings butt in his big white living room where he is forced to have to spend time with you. Christine: you want the fam
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