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  1. Zendaya has been excellent in everything I have ever seen her in and she totally deserves her win. Even when she was working on her Disney Channel shows she put in the work and she has been making excellent moves in her roles outside of her Disney stuff. I think she well on her way to a long career.
  2. I love seeing Mando with his baby in a carrier. He is keeping his son close.
  3. Good for Barbados. It’s about time. I have sure former British colonies will have diplomatic relations with Britain but it’s more than enough time to move on.
  4. She was in love then. They have been married forever so I guess it worked out.
  5. I saw an old photo of Prince Phillip and he was quite dishy. Prince Harry actually looks a great deal like his grandfather when he was a young man. I guess Elizabeth didn’t get to do a lot of dating if she started dating her now husband at 18.
  6. Prince Andrew is so disgusting. I wonder what the family is going to do when dear old mum finally shuffles off her mortal coil. She spoiled him too much and it shows.
  7. I read somewhere that Fergie’s terrible with money. She spends and spends and spends and is in no way fiscally responsible. She has made money from various ventures and it has all gone out the window.
  8. I know writers and they just have to write. They can have families and write but it does require time and space away from them. I have had to do this as well (I wrote my thesis for my Master’s degree). It is your job you go to work and don’t spend time with your family it’s exactly the same thing when you’re a writer. You are working just at home.
  9. I think it had to be Harry’s decision to make a break with his family. There’s a great deal of undercurrents to the placid face we see and for someone who has a place in the family but his was always going to be lesser, especially now that his brother the heir had children Harry’s struggle to see where he fit was always going to be an issue. I still think his taking a break from his family is to his benefit but he now has to make a place for himself and that can be difficult. I hope he and his family can be happy because he deserves that after the tragedies in his life.
  10. Those Windsor genes will turn up. His dad looked so much like his mother and then he slowly started looking like a Windsor. Harry looks like his grandfather when he was a young man those genes are strong.
  11. I think he’s trying to figure out a direction to go. He has many choices to make and that can be scary. For what it’s worth I think he’s doing the right thing by trying to figure out how to live his life now on his own terms. I don’t know why people put the blame on Meghan for Harry’s distance from his family. He has a family of his own, he is building that life with them. Harry was very hurt by the loss of his mother and I think it would feel awkward to have a relationship with his stepmother because she was having an affair with his father that was splashed all over the tabloids. As far as I have seen he loves his mother in law, has a fantastic relationship with her and for someone who has not had a mom or welcoming mother figure in a long time it can really be a treasured relationship. With that and Harry’s having real issues with the tabloid press after the death of his mother and between the gossip rags making his wife’s life hell and the firm leaving them to the wolves and closing ranks to protect Andrew I think he needs time and distance to make serious life choices.
  12. I am going to watch this show. Thus far I just saw the first episode but it’s interesting and I am going to see where it goes. There are secrets here and I want to see what they are.
  13. Prince Andrew needs to sit at home and not be seen among decent people ever again. The Royal Family needs to not include him in anything he needs to be forgotten because they are not going to turn him over for prosecution so he better disappear and do his level best to fly under the radar until he dies.
  14. I am rewatching Leah Remini’s docuseries on Scientology and something that she said kind of clicked with the Will and Jada’s situation because it has been rumored for a very long time that they are Scientologist. Leah said that stuff like this doesn’t matter in Scientology because they are “spiritual beings” and have lived many lives and will live many lives and stuff like this doesn’t matter.
  15. I think Meghan and Harry did the right thing by trying to distance themselves from the Firm right now. I have very little respect for the family because the queen is making sure that her favorite child a credibly accused rapist of minor children is protected and the family has to circle wagons to toe the party line. They might not be happy about the whole Andrew situation but they are not going to make waves at all.
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