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  1. DawnDavenport


    This site has a note of who was affected by the vault height and those that elected to repeat after the AA was finished: https://www.gymn-forum.net/Results/Olympics/2000_Sydney/2000_women_aa.html I wish Khorkina would have won AA so we didn't have to endure anymore of her "diva" antics and unsportsmanlike behavior after 2000. She definitely would have retired.
  2. DawnDavenport


    Yes and it was with the old vaulting horse, which was already dangerous since the margin of error was so narrow compared to the new vaulting table. It was somehow set too low for the first two rotations. I remember American Elise Ray almost broke her neck during warm-ups and several other gymnasts had some near miss injuries as well. There are several videos floating around showing the various mishaps. It affected the taller gymnasts like Ray and Khorkina the most. Overall, the equipment during those Olympics was deemed subpar. The floor was very slippery and too hard so lots of lo
  3. DawnDavenport


    I've heard that lots of countries and athletes are having trouble with the vaulting table so sounds like not just the US Men. I've heard some say it should be referred to as the Death Vault. I wonder if this might affect Biles doing the Yurchenko double pike if that's the case? I know she's said she will not be attempting in the event finals since they don't get one-touch warm-ups.
  4. WTF is going on with her arms? First, she looks like he has man hands and her arms look about 6ft long! Maybe she's becoming knuckle dragger like her mother!
  5. DawnDavenport


    From her Wikipedia page: "Her parents, Marco Wong and Bee Ding, are both research scientists." WTF? Plus, she trains in MO and the trials were in St. Louis, which is not too far from where there's a Covid spike with the Delta variant that is more likely to affect young people.
  6. I'm distracted by the fact that she is so trashy she thinks this is an acceptable way to dress at one of the most popular tourist sites in the world in the middle of the day. I'm no prude but what the hell is she doing and why? Why is she in Paris? Is she with a "customer"? Does she take her daughter on these trips? If so, this isn't remotely normal. Of course in Farrah's world, this is perfectly ok for "Miss Sophia". She really isn't well is she?
  7. Darn. I assumed it was the WV part of Maryland. It certainly would suit this Tampa trash family.
  8. You mean this? What spinoff is Family Libby aiming for: "The Double Chins of Tampa:?" Can't wait to see coked out and drunk Charlie trying to be sober a entire season.
  9. Those are probably the toys that were sitting in the exact same place the night she went all "bad ass grav maga machete shoe bitch" on Andrew.
  10. I think a shower to her is having her mom "clean" her off after she "goes potty" like a good little girl in the portable toilet next to her bed and chair she sits in when she scarfs down all the food that is brought to her.
  11. Me too! This is one of my all time favorite episodes! Angie J reminds me of family so I've always been fascinated by her original episode. Can't wait to see what's in store for his hosebeast.
  12. The fact that is wasn't shown in the last few seasons tells me it probably was in need of repairs and either she didn't care to fix or she couldn't afford it. My bets on the latter. I wonder how much she'll actually make off the sale? Didn't she and Donn have multiple HELOCS/mortgages as one point?
  13. Steve is very shady! You should read about his attempt to run for office. I believe it was for Anaheim City Council. Plus, I think there are some shady accusations when he was with the Orange County Sherriff's office. Steve is not really a step up from Brooks, just a lateral move who looks better because he was her local D. Plus, Vicks didn't need to buy him a new set of chompers like she did for Brooks.
  14. Haven't read it all yet but sounds like she's not that innocent in all of this (as most of us have suspected all along). https://realityblurb.com/2021/04/06/report-rhobh-erika-jayne-had-direct-involvement-in-thomas-borrowing-which-puts-her-assets-in-jeopardy-plus-16-million-pasadena-home-to-be-listed-for-much-lowe/ Do Kyle, Rinna, and Dorit really want to back this horse next season? The picture in the first comment says it all too. She's nothing but TRASH.
  15. The warning signs for Gonzaga were there in the UCLA game so I'm not surprised they lost. It's clear and has been clear to me for years they are always overrated and over ranked. If they were in a competitive conference like the Pac 12 where they are actually losing games instead of in a weak conference where they dominate, they would be a middling competitive team.
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