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  1. Actually I'm from south of the Mason-Dixon line: Hickory, NC or thereabouts. I live in Phoenix now but Seattle before that after fleeing NC at the tender age of 19. The early John Waters' movies: Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, and Desperate Living (the trilogy of trash), are some of my favorite movies ever. Throw in Multiple Maniacs, Polyester, and Serial Mom for good measure. I'm also actually a man (a gay one). 😁 I love that picture of Divine.
  2. Plus, didn't Stacey also imply that Florian shaving her turned him on? THE HORROR! When Stacey bent over and was all "buns up kneeling" on the sofa I just imagined a bramble bush running up both thighs and converging around her various nether regions: front, middle, and back, with Florian on his knees using 3 or 4 Lady Bics to clear it out. I wonder how often he has to do this? Can I ask WTH is up with their faces on that boat in the previews? Their faces just didn't look right (as if they ever do). But they looked more alien-like than usual.
  3. I want to know if it's just a cyst or a "cyst and deceased" (ala Tamra Barney). Aren't these two close to 50? How in the hell does she think it's even remotely advisable to try to have a kid? My God she is insane.
  4. The same thing that is wrong with them in general: They are mentally unstable individuals who stopped aging around the age of 11 or 12. Why go to Turkey for these procedures? Have they burned through every cosmetic dentist and plastic surgeon in the greater New York area? I'm wondering if there is some trauma in their lives we don't know about that prevented them from aging emotionally past the age of 12. Thank goodness Darcey's daughters are living in their father. What about Stacey's kids? I assume their father has refused to allow them to be filmed for the show. We hear about the
  5. OMG! This poor woman thinks an E means "Exceeds Expectations!" Hunty needs a refresher on what an E grade really means. Did you also know she is"overtrained" in screenwriting? And that she's a teacher? Yes, she says both of those things. Plus, there's this gem that pops up when talking about Harvard not allowing her to list them on her LinkedIn profile: "yet Facebook & other platforms Did not only Harvard team on LinkedIn." It's like reading a Russian news article translation via BabelFish in 2002. I'm trying to slog through the video while reading the comments (I find it h
  6. She's suing Harvard for "educational abuse" (whatever the hell that means): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9936529/Farrah-Abraham-plans-taking-legal-action-against-Harvard-University.html Just found a video to the actual Farrah word salad (interview): https://www.tmz.com/2021/08/27/farrah-abraham-slams-harvard-threatens-lawsuit/. In summary: Apparently Harvard subjected her to Chrissy Teigen-like bullying! She's the most diverse person in her class y'all! I didn't realize caked on unevenly applied bronzer made her a minority but I guess in her world it do
  7. No I don't she's trolling at all. Farrah obviously suffers from some sort of personality/narcissistic disorder, possibly sociopathic. If she were acting, there's no way she could carry on such a charade in public for so long without letting it slip.
  8. I wonder if effortless A is related to her previous "backdoor" work. That's what first came to mind when I read that.
  9. The coverage is absolute garbage. Just like last night, they showed the gold and silver medalists on vault an didn't bother showing the bronze medalist despite the fact that she debuted a brand new vault at the named after her. Tonight, they showed Carey and Ferarri, then suddenly after the break, Melnikova and Murakami are tie for 3rd. They talked about the tie but didn't show the bronze medalists! It's trash coverage!
  10. While I have several gripes with Forster and his decisions, Carey not being on the team is not his fault. It's the fault of both Jade and her dad. The Carey's decided early on to qualify via the world cup individual route. Had Carey been named to the team, the US would have given up her individual spot and the US would only have been able to send one individual, not two.
  11. DawnDavenport


    I'm in the same boat. Adrade rightfully deserved the vault gold. She was superior in every way on both vaults except for the landing: better pre-flight, block, height, distance, and form in the air. I also am actively pulling against Brody Malone.
  12. Please tell me they aren't justifying not have warm ups right before on the actual competition equipment! My understanding is there is a warm up gym with equipment. However, the competition arena is different and there can be slight differences between the warm up and competition equipment. I mean there's a warm up period before each rotation in the other events but event finals. I've read that it was by request from NBC to help better time their coverage so the FIG and IOC decided to scrapped them. If it's such an issue for the network, If that truly the case, then it's even worse
  13. Sorry. I meant that Miller had the highest compulsory total in '92 and had the 2nd highest total in '96 across all events, not just beam. Miller had the highest beam score of the entire competition in '96 with the 9.737. The next highest was Podkopayava with a 9.7.
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