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  1. Didn't he already make that for David and that's how he went back in time with her in the first place? But he was still a ghostly presence
  2. Are they killing those time demons? They were impossible to destroy when we first saw them but now they can be taken down by a sword Poor David - he does deserve love Legion decides to attack one at a time for quite a while Surprise song! That's a lot of guys with David wigs dancing in the background Thank God Switch is okay...in a fourth-dimensional state The father/son scene may have brought a tear to my eye Did Switch and Syd speak before this? When did she help her? Why is Kerry getting old? "I've always wanted to be a teacher" - hmm maybe a professor? And it ends with "Be a good boy" - good words to live by there David. Rewriting time brings up many questions - for one, why would Syd's life be extraordinary since she still ends up in the mental institution with or without David and now she won't remember the second childhood she had so that was pointless right? Farouk is still out there but I guess he's just stopped being crazy and killing everybody? Yeah right! He never got any punishment for his crimes for crying out loud! And we never got any explanation for why Division 3 was working with him and trusting him! Poor Ptonomy he had nothing to do this season but I guess with time rewritten, he's now a man again? And I'm guessing poor Amy, who didn't even get one mention this entire season, is alive now too? Lenny is probably still crazy and drugged up somewhere. With David never meeting up with everyone, doesn't that mean Melanie and Oliver won't find each other again? Considering they very much implied that David's mental illness is hereditary, he will most likely still have that. But it's possible that with loving parents who actually know what he's going through, he might deal with it better. With Charles and Gabrielle staying together and raising David and Charles wanting to become a teacher, we could assume that he builds the school and maybe David becomes the first X-Man? I'd like to think the characters all came together this way. It's weird they didn't give us a 'here they are now' flash segment at the end showing us where all the characters were but I guess they want to leave it to our imagination. But, overall a better finale than I was expecting - I was expecting them to kill David and I was going to be really pissed. But they gave him a second chance which is much better.
  3. I have put off watching the last two episodes because I don't want the show to end! Gabrielle is okay with these strange people showing up on her lawn and then walking into her house? Why could Syd and the Carys show up in corporeal form but David couldn't? Oh wow David finally got to talk to his father Harry Lloyd is a great Charles Xavier Captain Sensible's WOT is definitely the song everyone should have in telepathic battles It's sad that David has lost his compassion for others when he used to have it in spades. Saying Switch was just a means and Charles was shocked by this. I'm guessing Syd learning empathy will also happen to David. A hundred Davids saying Daddy isn't weird at all So it's Charles and David versus Farouk and Farouk - I can get into this!
  4. Oliver and...Jason Mantzoukas and...Melanie!!!! Considering the way those beds are arranged, I'm guessing Oliver and Melanie aren't getting up to much Is that the same young Syd as before? It looks like her "We're not put on this earth to think of only ourselves" - I'm guessing this is the lesson Syd will gain from this? To learn empathy? Of course a rap battle is the only way it can end - I sort of hope that's how the entire series will end. "You call yourself a wolf? You're a shitty little bastard" - greatest. line. ever. "It's not us or them, it's us and them" - what does that mean? I'm confused about them going into the time tunnel to 'fix it'. What are they fixing? I thought David and Switch were going to change all this carnage or whatever (maybe I'm wrong) so are Syd and co going to stop that and why? They had to spend an entire episode teaching Syd how to care about other people and not always put herself first and yet it's David who is the villain?! This episode was alright and I realise I missed Oliver and Melanie more than I thought. But when there's only two episodes left, did we need this?
  5. I thought they would reveal everything was in David's head in season 2 to explain all the nonsensical parts of that season but they didn't do it. I wonder if it's now too obvious a plot twist for them to actually do it? But I could see it happening.
  6. Finally David is showing why he should be feared unlike the first episode where he was way too easily killed. And to be honest Division 3 keep attacking David when he seems to just want to be left alone so they can't be too shocked when he finally attacks back Lenny!!!! Last season I was really hoping we would get to see Lenny and David doing crazy shit together but I guess not Cary took Switch out to Division 3 and said she would be safer with them and they...put her into a tank seemingly against her will and let her stew in her own nightmares? Do they really not see all the bad stuff they're doing? Oh wow Syd actually met David's other personalities and they called themselves Legion! I'm going to cry with comic book happiness Syd is somewhat catatonic - I'd prefer if she stayed that way What exactly was Farouk's plan? Bring David there and try to stop him while sacrificing Division 3? Not the best plan ever Did not expect singing - at this point I feel like I should always expect singing Lenny is apparently becoming a tree now. Okay then
  7. We're four episodes in - still no explanation about why Division 3 are trusting Farouk! "You think daddy won't protect you?" "We love you daddy" - That's not weird at all! Blue cats who eat time - okay I accept this! It's interesting that they're putting a time stamp on the series now by saying David's mother was in a concentration camp I never watched the Shield but I might now! Well come on Cary - you really want to talk about treachery? Did Syd just claim to be the victim in her rape of her mother's boyfriend?! SHE did it to HIM! They seem to be doing absolutely everything in their power to make me despise her. Is this on purpose? All the arms giving the middle finger made me spit my drink out! Yay war!
  8. I loved this episode. We finally get to see exactly what happened with Farouk and his parents. How sad that David sort of caused his own history to happen. Farouk called David his beautiful boy - that relationship is strange I think Farouk really does see David as his child when before I thought he was just messing with him. Cerebro! I loved Charles and Gabrielle's relationship. I also really liked the way they showed Charles' telepathy - I sort of wish they would do that in the films but instead they just have him stare/hold his fingers to his head with no effect at all. Good actor for Charles too although it's annoying they didn't once call him Charles Xavier. It's sad that Charles gave David his powers while Gabrielle gave him her mental illness - I'm guessing that was why they showed her handing the 'angry little boy' doll to him as a symbol of the illness she was giving him. Sorry, not sorry to say this but I have found some of the best episodes to be ones without the supporting cast - this one and last year's alternate Davids episode. I'm pretty sure they did actually leave. Like you said David was a real, physical baby born from these two and Charles does have the power to get them out of the hospital the way he did, so I'd say they did leave.
  9. David's crazy is really coming out I wanted to see David and Lenny's crazy goings on after he specifically took her with him last season but I guess not And...I still hate Sydney. Why is she saying that David destroys the world even though all she has to go on is Farouk telling her that Future Syd said this? When did David drug Syd? Didn't he just remove her brainwashing??? "I'm asking about the temperature of your nuts!" - Oh Lenny Are they just never going to explain why they're all trusting Farouk? I loved everything about Cary at the commune and I'm interested in his plot. He already has more to do this season than he did last season Cary called them trapping David last season an 'intervention' - but they trapped him in a cage and as David pointed out, they did they try to gas him after having done not much at all to warrant such a response! It's interesting that Cary called it that Are Melanie and Oliver just gone completely now? I still want David to kill every single one of his 'friends' There were weird parts of this episode thrown in just to be weird. Whenever this show does that, it loses me so I hope it stays on track
  10. I felt like I was tripping just watching this episode. I love Switch - she's everything Hey how do we bring back Ptonomy from death and that weird place we put his mind in last season? I know! We'll create a robot version of him! But this time...with a moustache. David's 'friends' teamed up with the guy who murdered his sister and tortured him for 30 years because of a possibility of David doing something. It still doesn't make sense to me why they would trust Farouk so much. I want David to kill all of them and I feel no shame about it. I'm still not even sure what the show is trying to say because Division 3 very much seem like the bad guys here even though they think they're the good guys. I mean maybe they'll show that David did some messed up things before this but right now, David has created a peace and love hippie commune because he wants love and they don't seem to be doing anything bad to anyone while Division 3 are coming in killing everybody and flippantly state they'll kill a teenage girl. David definitely doesn't look like the villain here. I feel like they made David appear weaker than he should be because they wanted Divison 3 to look like a threat. When really, David should be able to turn them all inside out with a thought. This episode was a real return to form after the incredibly lacklustre season 2 which tried to be weird for weird's sake. I hope it continues to be a good final season - I want this show to go out with a bang and not a whimper.
  11. Oh they're showing where Bruce went. I wonder why he chose this place in particular? Maybe it's Nanda Parbat? MOUSTACHE! I'm only 3 minutes into it and I paused it to walk around the room - I don't want this show to end. Aw no moustache Why did they give Barbara Sr red hair? That's supposed to be Barbara Jr's hair colour Thanks Lee for telling us what you've been doing for 10 years - that's handy! Riddler suddenly has a Jim Carrey vibe Penguin 'NOOOOWWWWW!' Batman hand! And voice...is that David Mazouz's voice sort of scrambled? What a coincidence that Penguin is being let out at the exact same time that Bruce comes back Jim stabbed Penguin and Riddler in the back and sent them to Blackgate - not a surprise Alfred! "I felt someone was watching me and I know it was Bruce" - that would sound crazy if we didn't know Bruce was Batman "So you came here tonight dressed to the nines to tell him that you want nothing more to do with him?" - Alfred knows what's up I like Lili Simmons as Selina - she looks a lot like Camren Bicondova Oh look the bomb stopped at 1 second - what a surprise! I don't really buy that Harvey would just accept being framed and for what reason? What threat was issued? They never explained this and why did J want Riddler to do anything? I'm confused about Jeremiah's plan. I love how Riddler and Penguin just laugh with each other Oh I love Batman hanging them from a pole - classic Batman move Joker's outfit is perfect Did they just kill proto Harley?! Did J just say Bruce is the only thing he loves? They're not trying to pretend that this isn't a ship anymore Damn good entrance - thank you Bruce! Could it be any more obvious that Bruce is Batman and Jim sort of knows? BatCat rooftop scene!!!! And poor Selina - Bruce really was all she had Not overly fond of the Bat costume but what a shot! This definitely needed two episodes - I don't know why they didn't do that. It really felt like a pilot for a great show we'll never see. And I would have appreciated a recast for Bruce even for just one scene - I really wanted to see Bruce reunite with the other characters like Jim and have a last scene with Alfred but this time as a 6ft4" fully grown man. But what an ending - I can't believe the show is over. Damn it I'll miss so much.
  12. I would have appreciated a recast for an older Bruce even for just one scene. But it looks like we might not actually see older Bruce at all and it's only Batman which seems absurd to me since the entire story is about Bruce coming back but we won't get to see any reunions with characters.
  13. Your entire post sounds amazing! I would have loved to see that. I would have at least liked to see what they actually stated was going to happen this season - Bruce going undercover with the gangs and dealing with them himself with a side helping of Selina. I thought that would have shown his intelligence and the ability to blend in and figure out criminal plans all by himself. But no....we mostly got Bruce helping out Jim/Selina from time to time and other times not getting to do much at all
  14. It's pretty weird that Jim wouldn't immediately try to check on his newborn baby, the baby's mother and his wife after finding out that Nyssa wanted to kill Barbara. I mean I know he was busy with the bombing of the city but still "I won't be party to the murder of civilians General" - at least there's one soldier in Gotham who actually questions his orders! While Tom Hardy's Bane was better, I still like the voice here much better. I can actually understand what he's saying Not wanting Gotham to be destroyed is totally in character for Penguin since he always wanted to rule it not destroy it. And Riddler not really caring about the city but showing up for Penguin is beautiful and also in character for him That's the biggest newborn baby I've ever seen Lucius giving Brue tech - oh the future is calling! And 'Nightwing'? "You just have a remarkably recognisable odor" - damnnnn Jim I love Bruce on the roof with everyone but he's the only without a gun - what was he supposed to do? Just throw smoke bombs? I like that they reused Jeremiah's bomb from last season - I always appreciate when they remember they still have things from previous stories Are we supposed to think that not one of these people will think Bruce is Batman in the future? I mean come on! I love Jaime Murray but I feel like she's playing the same character here that she did in Once Upon A Time - is Nyssa al Ghul really the Black Fairy? But she's got the kind of physicality where I actually believed she could fight like that - she looks great Great speech about Bruce's parents I'm guessing Selina is fine now after all that talk of her being different and having cat eyes? I'm so glad that they showed that Jim couldn't beat Nyssa in hand to hand combat - I was so afraid they would have him beat her in a fight BatCat fighting Bane together AND bats! Barbara brought her baby to the front line...and Barbara Lee Gordon? That stairs moment with Bruce and Selina though... Penguin and Riddler about to stab each other - this is the scene I would show someone to describe their relationship How sad is it that only the cops got medals when everyone else in the crowd did a lot too Commissioner Gordon! I can't even talk about the Bruce/Alfred scene because I'm in tears He just wrote a note to Selina and gave it to Harper?! I have to say that could have been the series finale and I wouldn't have complained!
  15. Pretty good transformation scene with baby Bane Penguin and Nygma's faces when Barbara started having contractions is amazing 'Congratulations!' 'I will stand guard as I've always done' - oh yes Alfred you will This episode feels weirdly directed or weirdly lit - I'm not sure which one Bruce and Selina's hair keeps getting bigger while Alfred gets his cut! I'm really going to miss Penguin's screams The actress plays a pretty good Nyssa - but at the same time why does she want revenge? Ra's actually wanted Bruce to kill him and didn't seem that annoyed the second time it happened either! They are really going for Dark Knight Rises plotting this season aren't they? I sure hope Talia is Bruce's age I love how Barbara is still wearing her fabulous coat even in labour Finally Ed and Lee come face to face and they actually acknowledge that they stabbed each other and had some sort of relationship! That was driving me crazy Hugo Strange has been the saviour of this show - he's pretty much brought everyone back to life or changed them to advance the plot Well of course Barbara would be giving birth while shooting people from a wheelchair - it couldn't happen any other way I actually like that Barbara and Lee can get along now Alfred called Bane a baby bully ha! NO ALFRED! Wow Barbara is up and walking around perfectly fine about 30 minutes after giving birth - she is a really strong woman! After two episodes where not much happened - boom EVERYTHING HAPPENS! I know they didn't know they would have those two extra episodes but if I was watching it without that knowledge I would think they paced it really badly. Four weeks until the next episodes?! I mean on the one hand I'm glad we still have a bit longer with this show but on the other...come on! I feel like every single character are where they were at the beginning of the season. The only one that's different is Nygma I guess but that's only because he had a chip. I felt they were developing Bruce into Batman a lot better last season but this season that feels like the C plot if anything! What's going on?
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