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  1. superloislane

    Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    I would have appreciated a recast for an older Bruce even for just one scene. But it looks like we might not actually see older Bruce at all and it's only Batman which seems absurd to me since the entire story is about Bruce coming back but we won't get to see any reunions with characters.
  2. superloislane

    S05.E11: They Did What?

    Your entire post sounds amazing! I would have loved to see that. I would have at least liked to see what they actually stated was going to happen this season - Bruce going undercover with the gangs and dealing with them himself with a side helping of Selina. I thought that would have shown his intelligence and the ability to blend in and figure out criminal plans all by himself. But no....we mostly got Bruce helping out Jim/Selina from time to time and other times not getting to do much at all
  3. superloislane

    S05.E11: They Did What?

    It's pretty weird that Jim wouldn't immediately try to check on his newborn baby, the baby's mother and his wife after finding out that Nyssa wanted to kill Barbara. I mean I know he was busy with the bombing of the city but still "I won't be party to the murder of civilians General" - at least there's one soldier in Gotham who actually questions his orders! While Tom Hardy's Bane was better, I still like the voice here much better. I can actually understand what he's saying Not wanting Gotham to be destroyed is totally in character for Penguin since he always wanted to rule it not destroy it. And Riddler not really caring about the city but showing up for Penguin is beautiful and also in character for him That's the biggest newborn baby I've ever seen Lucius giving Brue tech - oh the future is calling! And 'Nightwing'? "You just have a remarkably recognisable odor" - damnnnn Jim I love Bruce on the roof with everyone but he's the only without a gun - what was he supposed to do? Just throw smoke bombs? I like that they reused Jeremiah's bomb from last season - I always appreciate when they remember they still have things from previous stories Are we supposed to think that not one of these people will think Bruce is Batman in the future? I mean come on! I love Jaime Murray but I feel like she's playing the same character here that she did in Once Upon A Time - is Nyssa al Ghul really the Black Fairy? But she's got the kind of physicality where I actually believed she could fight like that - she looks great Great speech about Bruce's parents I'm guessing Selina is fine now after all that talk of her being different and having cat eyes? I'm so glad that they showed that Jim couldn't beat Nyssa in hand to hand combat - I was so afraid they would have him beat her in a fight BatCat fighting Bane together AND bats! Barbara brought her baby to the front line...and Barbara Lee Gordon? That stairs moment with Bruce and Selina though... Penguin and Riddler about to stab each other - this is the scene I would show someone to describe their relationship How sad is it that only the cops got medals when everyone else in the crowd did a lot too Commissioner Gordon! I can't even talk about the Bruce/Alfred scene because I'm in tears He just wrote a note to Selina and gave it to Harper?! I have to say that could have been the series finale and I wouldn't have complained!
  4. superloislane

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    Pretty good transformation scene with baby Bane Penguin and Nygma's faces when Barbara started having contractions is amazing 'Congratulations!' 'I will stand guard as I've always done' - oh yes Alfred you will This episode feels weirdly directed or weirdly lit - I'm not sure which one Bruce and Selina's hair keeps getting bigger while Alfred gets his cut! I'm really going to miss Penguin's screams The actress plays a pretty good Nyssa - but at the same time why does she want revenge? Ra's actually wanted Bruce to kill him and didn't seem that annoyed the second time it happened either! They are really going for Dark Knight Rises plotting this season aren't they? I sure hope Talia is Bruce's age I love how Barbara is still wearing her fabulous coat even in labour Finally Ed and Lee come face to face and they actually acknowledge that they stabbed each other and had some sort of relationship! That was driving me crazy Hugo Strange has been the saviour of this show - he's pretty much brought everyone back to life or changed them to advance the plot Well of course Barbara would be giving birth while shooting people from a wheelchair - it couldn't happen any other way I actually like that Barbara and Lee can get along now Alfred called Bane a baby bully ha! NO ALFRED! Wow Barbara is up and walking around perfectly fine about 30 minutes after giving birth - she is a really strong woman! After two episodes where not much happened - boom EVERYTHING HAPPENS! I know they didn't know they would have those two extra episodes but if I was watching it without that knowledge I would think they paced it really badly. Four weeks until the next episodes?! I mean on the one hand I'm glad we still have a bit longer with this show but on the other...come on! I feel like every single character are where they were at the beginning of the season. The only one that's different is Nygma I guess but that's only because he had a chip. I felt they were developing Bruce into Batman a lot better last season but this season that feels like the C plot if anything! What's going on?
  5. superloislane

    S05.E09: The Trial of Jim Gordon

    Lee is talking about raising the baby? I didn't realise that Jim and Lee were back together full-time. That one kiss they had must have been an amnesia spell for both of them that made them forget the last two seasons Bruce is still smooth as hell with Selina! Yes Bruce it might be time to leave Gotham, learn multiple fighting techniques and get ripped and come back 10 years later to kick everyone's ass Damn BatCat will forever be cockblocked! I love that Alfred got the boot into Zsasz! When was the last time Alfred and Lee actually spoke to each other? Season 2? But that was a really lovely conversation - it's a good touch to have Alfred talking about being thrown into a situation where he had to raise a child who was not his own but how amazing it has been with Lee who has to go through it herself. The concept of the trial of Jim Gordon was an interesting one but a lot more could have been done - it was really underwhelming. I thought they would have a number of characters 'testifying' at the trial and bringing us back through a number of seasons of the show almost like a retrospective but I guess not 'People. Ugh!' Lucius Fox is still the funniest character on this show Even though I still don't think Peyton List's version of Ivy fits with the previous versions too well, I think she does play a very good Poison Ivy. We never actually had a fight between Bruce and Selina before so I'm loving this! The future is calling! I don't believe that Lee and Jim would just get married all of a sudden but I know they have to fast-forward everything this season. I guess season 4 Lee never happened, I wonder if they would have been married if they didn't get extra episodes? But I LOVED her wedding dress! The BatCat kiss! Now the filler is over I hope we can actually get back to the plot - whatever that is. Does anyone remember? I can't believe there are only three more episodes left and I feel like not much has even happened
  6. superloislane

    S05.E08: Nothing's Shocking

    Wow did they go all the way back to season 1 for a previously on clip? That can't be good! Barbara is definitely showing her pregnancy now. How long has it been since episode 7 since Barbara had a very flat belly then and now she has a full on pregnant belly? I like Bruce taking on a case without Gordon - but Bruce's hair seems to be getting bigger with every passing episode - it must be where he keeps his secrets Penguin's face when he saw the dummy was amazing It makes no sense for Harvey to be holding back information - how many times have both he and Jim been dirty and they both know about it - why would this be any different? I mean Jim himself has done FAR dirtier stuff than this! Beat cops and henchmen are seriously the red shirts of this show Did Hugo Strange create everything that ever happened in Gotham or something? He seems to be responsible for EVERYTHING! Did Bruce just get his inspiration for his batarangs? Damn you Gotham for making me think it was going to be Killer Croc down there! The Ventriloquist is an actual Batman villain but I guess he's just dead already? That's too bad - he was so much fun and I loved that it was Penn! I might need some tissues because Bruce/Alfred is giving me serious feels! But come on - they couldn't have given them something more that actually developed the Batman plot rather than just filler? The girl playing Jane Doe is a very good actress - even behind a mask for most of the episode This was a nice enough episode which shed some light on Harvey and his dirty cop past but we already knew enough about that and he already had his big redeeming moment last season so it feels like retreading ground. Even though I do love when the show focuses on Donal Logue because he's always great. But overall kind of a dull episode
  7. superloislane

    S05.E07: Ace Chemicals

    Since when is Lee all normal doctor again with a 'normal' relationship with Jim? She was leading the Narrows just last season! "All I did to make the Narrows better was for nothing.' - what did Lee do to make them better? She stole money and gave it to them and gave some speeches but that's about it right? Bringing back his parents and killing them again is probably the cruelest thing the Joker has ever done to Bruce even in the comics - and that's saying something! Jeremiah skedaddled pretty past when Bruce lunged at him! Okay at this point I'm saying that Jeremiah is completely in love with Bruce in the most twisted, crazed way ever 'I just want to be connected to you!' I got chills when I first saw 'Ace Chemicals' 'Jim Gordon and the woman he told me to kill!' - now that was funny! I can't believe they destroyed Wayne Manor! Mad Hatter is looking very comic Mad Hatter now The whole 'if Bruce hadn't been afraid and asked to leave the theatre maybe his parents wouldn't have been killed' guilt thing doesn't really work in this show because we know Bruce's parents were killed by a hitman who would have killed them no matter what. 'Why not kill the man you see as your second father figure?' - uh I'm pretty sure that's Alfred, not Jim 'You need me' You mean nothing to me' - I was starting to get a Lego Batman vibe here Wow Riddler just came in randomly at the end It's season 5 and I STILL don't care about Jim's love life. And Lee you don't have any place to judge Jim on bonking Barbara when you were hooking up with Riddler five seconds ago! Penguin's face when Ed said Barbara is glowing will keep me laughing for days! Robin Lord Taylor is just the best I guess this new, scarred version of Jeremiah will be the actual Joker? We're seven episodes in and Bruce is nowhere closer to being Batman than he was at the start of the season - that's not good. I remember when they said this season would be focused on that - what a fool I was!
  8. Are A&E just the go-to writers for literally anything set in the 80s? What is it about that era that makes them so obsessed with it? The shoulder pads?
  9. superloislane

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    When she's Good Snow she accepts the blame for totally ruining Regina's life and for being a brat as she should, but Evil Snow blames poor, screwed over Regina and points out that she was only ten when all of it happened
  10. superloislane

    S05.E06: 13 Stitches

    Ah Bruce and Alfred getting into trouble - I'll miss that. I loved the side-by-side team-up. Also interesting that Bruce just casually calls up Barbara now looking for Jim I'm calling bullshit on anyone actually believing Selina killed Jeremiah - I mean even if they thought he'd go down that easily, they do know that everyone comes back to life there anyway "Is that really the craziest thing you've ever heard Barbara?" - good point Ed! I'm glad they remembered that Selina was friends with Tabitha Oh great...Lee's back Bruce had a scene with Nygma! I'm so happy, they have never had ONE scene together in the same room! I'm also happy for David Mazouz because he has wanted that for a long time. Although it's sad they didn't get one line Why isn't Nygma asking Lee questions and why isn't he curious about their relationship? They ended last season stabbing each other and kissing after all. Damn poor Alfred "I'm pregnant." - BOOM! Also, "the good time they had the other night"? Gotham sure has quick pregnancies if Barbara knows already! Jeremiah is being very Joker right now I feel like Bruce isn't getting to do much this season and a lot is sort of filler which is weird since he has a lot further to go than the other characters before his final self. Maybe that will change in the coming episodes but I'd rather they have him develop his detective skills or include something (anything!) about bats rather than just have him help out in situations every now and then Next week looks CRAZY!
  11. superloislane

    S04.E06: Family Business

    They hired a semi-well known actress, Frances O'Connor to play her mother who I believe gave an interview saying we were going to see her again later in the season. That suggests they yet again changed their minds about something they set up. Something like this happens again:
  12. superloislane

    S05.E05: Pena Dura

    I really hope Ed gets his hair cut soon. It was almost sweet how Jim didn't really believe Ed could have killed all those people until he basically admitted it It's pretty funny seeing someone from outside Gotham reacting to all the crazy - 'a puzzle?' John Wick is in Gotham now! But honestly, I would get revenge for my dog too. I like when they reference the beginning the show with Selina mentioning how she was in the alley when the Wayne's died. But if I recall correctly, she did seem frightened in that alley not that she didn't care. I liked how they showed Selina and Bruce's different stances on morality without hitting us over the head in this episode. I love that it's a beautiful moment how Penguin and Ed tell each other that if they kill each other it won't be in a backhanded way. No mention of Babs and Jim doing the deed last episode Remember that whole thing about only women allowed at the Sirens and the league of assassins women staying with Barbara? I guess that wasn't a big deal after all. I don't remember ever getting a scene between Bruce and Harvey by themselves. That was a really good scene 'Kid's fast!'- ha! Now all I need is a Bruce and Ed scene because they have never had one in the same room You mean Jeremiah isn't dead?! How shocked I am not! I keep loving the actress playing Ecco/Harley - she's doing such a good job with that character. And it looks like his obsession with Bruce is still ongoing - were those Bruce's parents at the end? Did he make people look like them or something? I can't believe there's only about 7 episodes left!
  13. superloislane

    S05.E04: Ruin

    Bruce killed Ra's last season and he completely spiraled because of it, felt immense guilt and it almost destroyed his life and relationships. Why do you think he would want this to happen to Selina especially when he's also worried she's not being herself since the Ivy cure?
  14. superloislane

    S05.E04: Ruin

    How many times will we have to see Barbara pointing a gun at Penguin only to not succeed? I feel bad for the cute little boy Jim bonded with and everything, but unless he was going to be someone important, did we need to waste any more time on him? No offense to Jim but if you lost your entire family in that explosion, do you really want to hear a hope speech? Hey Alfred! I really missed you! I love the new vibe with him and Bruce with the cool new signal and everything. I loved seeing Bruce take out a bunch a guys with one hand literally tied behind his back. "We're sitting ducks" "And one Penguin" - that did make me laugh Robin Lord Taylor is just such a joy to watch. Lucius is so cool - "Just...why?" He and Ed are great together. The Ecco (Harley) and Jeremiah (Joker) dance was iconic. Zsasz talked about if he had killed all those people he would have covered his body in scars. I know the comic version does but has Gotham's Zsasz ever been shown to make scars when killing people? Am I forgetting a bunch of scenes where he did this? It was nice seeing Ed back solving crimes rather than committing them and then the reveal came. Why would he possibly do that? I knew Jim and Babs had to get it on again at some point - they really did love each other before and she's one of the only people who is helping him who is also a hot lady. I wonder if baby Babs will actually come into play this season. Speaking of, I usually don't care about Lee but it's weird how she hasn't shown up yet. They left her with a cliffhanger and she's nowhere to be seen. They might just bring her back for a quick closure because I'm so sure I saw something about her filming for season 5. Selina stabbing Jeremiah was so refreshing as she just went and did it! But...
  15. superloislane

    S05.E03: Penguin, Our Hero

    David Mazouz has grown about a foot since last season - Gordon had to crane his neck to look up at Bruce! Thank God that actor didn't turn out to be short because Batman does need to be tall. I'm really loving the relationship between Bruce and Gordon this season - Gordon is the big damn hero cop giving speeches and getting people to follow him while Bruce is in the background wearing black making stuff happen. It makes me wistful for a full-blown Batman show. My BatCat heart is crying! Kicking ass, taking names, being cutie pies...and starting a conflict in morality which will last for their entire lives! Selina's hair is sadly looking more and more like a wig. Even Penguin's dog left him! Ha! Not Mr Penn! I always love Gordon and Penguin being forced to work together - it's always funny. Ecco is looking very Harley Quinn-like. I have to say I think that actress plays a very good Harley Quinn too. I love how everyone always seems to know some form of kung-fu on this show. The people of Gotham are so incredibly easy to win over. Them chanting Penguin for shooting the gang leader? Don't they remember that he led the assault on Haven in the first place and brought those gangs in? Woah everyone's dead?! That was quick!