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  1. OMG! My first broke my coccyx too! Everybody thinks I’m crazy when I mention it. I didn’t feel it at the time it happened (a lot of other stuff going on down there!), but despite episiotomy stitches and all the other postpartum pleasantries, that was absolutely hands down the WORST part of my recovery. Hurt to sit. Hurt to stand up. Just hurt. For WEEKS. On topic: Steven is getting scary with the whole “no one can tell me what to do” crap while ordering poor recovering Olga around.
  2. This. All of this. Kalani and her entire family (including her idiot brother) are Class A assholes. Asuelo seems like a nice guy and her shrieking and eye rolling and constant ‘doubts’ about marrying him are sickening. Can’t stand her, not even a little bit. I feel bad for that tiny, adorable little boy, being raised by the Two Shrews of SoCal.
  3. No way that ring is real, right?!
  4. O.M.F.G!!!!!! I’ve only watched 30 minutes so far (and I’ve read no posts yet because I don’t want to be spoiled) but if I hear the term “ups and downs” one. more. time. I think I may LOSE IT. That is all. Be back later — just had to release some steam or I may have exploded into a Pinot Grigio vapor cloud over here . . .
  5. I think she was talking with her friends and said something like "I wonder what his name is?" and then she added, "For some reason I have the name 'Ryan" stuck in my head." Her friend at the wedding was reacting to that statement when he introduced himself as Ryan. It's this season's "I had a dream the night before the wedding about the letter A" (TM -Anthony).
  6. I thought the exact same thing. Why didn't the 'experts' think of this? If they didn't, duh. If they did and made the match despite her history, they suck even more than I thought (as in not just incompetent, but evil).
  7. Considering her sad history of losing a partner, I thought it was a little crazy/sadistic of the 'experts' to first consider matching her up with the guy who had survived cancer (wouldn't she always be worried about remission and maybe unconsciously 'hold back' a bit? I confess that I might!) and then marry her off to a firefighter -- a high-risk job. I think it's exactly this, especially if he's in a customer-facing role like in sales or account management.
  8. A friend's son worked for a large insurance carrier and his employer would not permit him/his fiancee to be on the "House Hunters" show -- and that program has MUCH less potential for secondhand embarrassment for the company due to behavior, utterances, etc. than this one does.
  9. That monstrosity HAS to be her mom's wedding dress ...... Looks like what us mature women (who high schooled in the 70's) would wear to prom, courtesy of Gunne Sax . . . lol
  10. I blame her parents. Obvs they never taught her anything about food or nutrition ("cause if they had, I'm sure she would have retained a SHRED of that knowledge). But, but, but -- there are toddler PICTURE BOOKS that show vegetables and fruits and identify what they are. How do you possibly reach your 20's without knowing the difference between peas and green beans?! C'mon!
  11. And that's just the beginning. Desperately hiding her ring from his daughter, borrowing money left and right, drinking to excess, letting his 'friend' nearly proposition her . . . ewwww. He's dishonest, evasive, damaged, and skeevy. I felt really sorry for her when she was crying with her friend. If she wasn't so desperate to leave Thailand (and help her family) I think she'd bail. As it is, she should toss DavidPoor back and throw another worm in the pond that is FilipinoCupid.com And that someone should have been David Poor, but no -- he ENCOURAGED his daughter to ask Annie (and he &
  12. Plus that whole 'agency' was a set-up to sell big bucks training and photography (head shots, etc.). They brought Josh in to assess the checkbook status. Did he and Aika really think what they were talking about was going to be FREE? Nope, fees would be paid; very little work will be booked. This show is starting to feel retread: modeling (though this time the hubby is a fan and the wife isn't), interesting local food served up, controlling men, bratty brides. Can we have a nice real, sweet story mixed in to cut the ick factor a little? Please? And she is correct -- at 36 she need
  13. What is it with Kentucky, specifically Louisville? No women there? Isn't this the 2nd or 3rd guy from Louisville featured on this show or one of its various flavors?
  14. Just had to pull this gem phrase out to say it made me laugh and laugh and laugh . . . well done! :D
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