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  1. katenm

    Season 1 Discussion

    Larry didn't eat the pig because he IS a pig. He didn't want to ingest his own kind.
  2. More sex happens in that hospital than happened in my co-ed college dorm!
  3. katenm

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    There's a saying, "after 40, it's Botox or bangs." Darcey clearly made the wrong choice. As a woman of a certain age, it's sad (pathetic) that she doesn't grasp the concept of "the harder you try to look younger, the older you look."
  4. katenm

    Season 1 Discussion

    You are correct. Guess my brain could not bring itself to put "Paul" and "sex" in the same sentence. Thank you for catching that
  5. katenm

    Season 1 Discussion

    I'm going on The Paul Diet. Whenever I crave something I shouldn't eat, I think of Paul having, either with himself or another person, and my hunger disappears. For days.
  6. katenm

    S10.E01: It's not about a f***ing tree

    I am concerned that what Jeff's views as teasing, his daughter will view as harsh criticism. That can be very damaging.
  7. katenm

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I think she has used "doing this for my kids" as an excuse for every stupid decision she has made. Is that too harsh? I think not. lol
  8. katenm

    Master Of None

    Just binged watched this show. I love it. It's funny but it's also sweet without being cloying. It's a bonus that the older characters are portrayed as real and not sitcom caricatures, ..as they so often a. As an old person myself, I appreciate that. (Kevin Costner was cut out of the Big Chill, except for the scenes of his body at the funeral home. )
  9. Did you know Chris Hardwick got married? And that they had a 2-week honeymoon in Japan? Each time he mentioned it, I thought it was because he couldn't think of anything positive to about FTWD
  10. I don't really care who (whom?) Negan killed. As a loyal viewer since the first episode, I'm feeling sad about that. I'm not angry about the cliffhanger, per se, it simply killed my interest in the show.
  11. katenm

    Season 7 Preview Special - 08/14/16

    OK, so now you've got me shipping Jesus & Darryl lol
  12. katenm

    S02.E08: Grotesque

    Only my love for Paul Calderone kept me awake during this episode.
  13. katenm

    S02.E01: The Day of the Beast / S02.E02 Caraquet

    Perhaps I am mutating mutant but I have to love a show where it rains blood.
  14. katenm

    S04.E07: Travel Agents

    I loved this episode. I also love Martha's ability to walk long distances while wearing heels.