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  1. That's a shame! I admittedly wasn't the biggest fan of the show, namely because I really didn't like Rob as a character. Zoe Kravitz is super talented though, and I was curious to see where they'd take things in season 2. I could be off base here, but I also wonder if licensing had something to do with it. Licensing all of that music can't have been cheap. It seems like this may have been one of those shows where it needed not just decent, but decidedly above-average viewership numbers in order to justify its continued existence.
  2. I thought that these videos were good. I must admit, that I am horribly heartbroken over all of this. For me personally, Rowling and Harry Potter are too intertwined for me to continue to enjoy the franchise. Like sure, I can still enjoy Roald Dahl's work, even though he was a horrible anti-Semite and a bully, but he's also been dead for almost 30 years. Rowling, on the other hand, is a living author who is actively using her massive platform to spread transphobic garbage. *sigh* I'm just so sad.
  3. I was pretty disappointed by this. That was not a tight screenplay. It feels like there was very little conflict driving the plot, at least until the end of the movie. I was really looking forward to this, because the trailer looked great and I liked the first film. With this one though, yeah I just kind of sat there bored out of my skull for the most part. There are some cute moments. The animation looked absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately though, I guess it's a thumbs down from me.
  4. I think that the astronaut sketch was my favorite one they've done in years. I was in tears when poor Kambuca's arm came off. I looked it up. You don't disintegrate, but it would actually take anywhere from 12-26 hours for your body to freeze solid. Here's about a 1 minute-ish long video on it if you're interested.
  5. That's really interesting that he would use "bismillah" since Freddie Mercury wasn't actually Muslim, he was Zoroastrian. I was looking it up, and according to Wikipedia, there are less than 200,000 Zoroastrians in the world today. That thing that his father keeps saying about "good thoughts, good words, good deeds" is apparently like a Zoroastrian mantra. Going to see this again today.
  6. Yeah, this might be a bit mean of me, but Josh is a total coward. Notice how it was Valencia who had to end that relationship, not him, even though he was clearly unhappy in it. Also, in the first episode, he breaks up with Rebecca on the last day of summer camp, right before he runs off to be picked up by his parents. He chose to break up with her right at the moment when he wouldn't have to deal with any fallout. So yeah, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Rebecca and Josh are still together when season 2 starts. In addition to that his family totally loves her, and he kind of screwed over his best friend in order to be with her, both of which could lead to a feeling of obligation to be in the relationship. I recently re-watched the pilot and Josh says something like "you probably don't remember me much do you?" At first, it seemed to me to be boilerplate meeting-someone-you-haven't-seen-in-a-long-time language, but now I wonder if Josh actually remembers his time at camp that well. OMG, this comparison really kind of fits. Scarlett O'Hara is actually supposed to be 16 at the beginning of Gone With the Wind. So, Rebecca is Scarlett. Josh is Ashley, aka her teenaged fantasy crush that she holds onto. Greg is Rhett, the cynical guy who sees through her, but can't help but adore her in spite of himself. It makes sense to me. I really couldn't enjoy the reunion between Rebecca and Paula. I know this is Sitcomland, and the standards of behavior are different, but Paula is a bit of a sociopath. That song rocked though!
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