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  1. Another Ron C prison breakout. The last one (on GH) was fun for awhile so why not? As long as Orpheus doesn't save the life of the mayor's daughter and get pardoned ... At this point soaps for me are all about enjoying individual scenes. Watching Gwen connive and Jake needle her entertains me. I remember when Chad used to entertain me. Sigh. I'm all up for Chad being de-Dimera'd. I'd rather have him de-AbiWailed but I'm not that lucky.
  2. I suffered through Dannifer so, yes, bringing back Peter to torture Jennifer would work for me. Jennifer would be a ton more interesting to me if she didn't skate on her mistakes. Peter & Kristen teaming up again could be fun. Although I would gladly trade every Dimera (including Tony!) to rid my screen of Abigail (or AbiWail, as she's known at Casa de Digby) there are enough theoretical and off-screen Dimeras and enough usable history to spice things up on screen. Megan and her ginormous hair! Renee! (Ok, I'm a little fixated on her. I was a child.) Benjy! (He's a Dimera, he can't be Isabella-dead.)
  3. If it means Abby leaving town, I'm a-okay with a Dimera exodus. As much as I love Hope, I've been team Hope since KA took over the role in the early 80s, I'm not all that sad to see her go. Sticking her with Rafe was lame and gave Hope nothing to do. I just wish she had a proper send off.
  4. Under Reilly, IIRC, Tony was retconned to be Stefano's son again so, yes. When Tony came back under HS he was clearly not Stefano's son once more and, as a personal favor to me, Tony even mentioned Renee in a "Dimera family dinner" scene. (Yes, I'm kidding about the personal favor to me. Tony & Renee were my first 'ship. That retcon burned me.) Shameless doesn't cover it. Couldn't they just have had Ben have a twin? Plus I'll never forgive Ben for not making Abby his first victim. There's his insanity defence right there. I like Jack, I really do. But I wouldn't say the audience had formed a bond with him in the 3 months MA was in the role before the rape. Jack gave off a stalkery vibe at first, then it was an "I love me so much Kayla must love me too" vibe that set up the inner conflict. Jack raped Kayla to punish her, then he forced her to play the role of his wife while he psychologically tormented her, etc. He never paid for his crime. That doesn't mean I don't like him, it just means the character commited a rape and never paid any legal consequences. And I will never, ever get over the utter BS of Dr. Tom Horton telling Jack he should ease up on himself and realize he was worthy of marrying the town virgin. (I'm paraphrasing, obviously) because even a noted rape apologist like Dr Horton (see Bill Horton's rape of Laura) wouldn't go that far and, even worse, it removed the inner conflict that made Jack an interesting character. Word to the power of WORD (TWOP reference) on the "redemption thru rape" trope. Sami is my girl - she's a very shouty girl right now but I'm in her corner - and the fact that this show has had her raped TWICE and, for kicks and giggles, had her commit a rape, is just beyond gross. All three events were just plot point BS but the EJ/Sami stupidity was all about making Sami suffer enough to make her worthy of Lucas after the Stan stupidity. (Pardon me while I vomit in a corner.) I was never a huge Sami/Lucas fan but I didn't hate them, I really liked them in the very beginning. The appeal for me was that Sami didn't need to be "worthy" of Lucas because he was a little schemer himself. They understood that about each other. The whole blackmail rape in a car was dumb.
  5. That's it, "Nighttime Hope." I'm glad she didn't actually kill anyone. It's that sort of storytelling - all shock and no long term implications - that is killing the genre. I guess the writers rolled their Magic 8 Ball and the options were, as usual: rape, prostitution, murder, previously unknown spouse, previously unknown child, brain chip and try again. This is why I can't take it too seriously on this show. Everyone is either a rapist, a murderer (or seriously attempted murderer) or a rape victim. It's a decades long fascination. I mentioned in another thread watching an old episode and there was a rapist, assisted by his son - the product of the aforementioed rape, operating on a newly minted rapist. You could literally fill a room with them. Ugh. Yes, my beloved Tony raped his then wife, Liz. They were very unhappily married and, if memory serves, both wanted a divorce but Stefano wouldn't let them and insisted on a grandchild. Tony went on to fall in love with Renee (sob!) who turned out to be Stefano's daughter. Tony's had it rough, people! I was about to say that Hope is one of the very few long-term characters not be be a rapist or rape survivor and then I remembered Sub!Sex and fans flipping out that somehow both Hope AND John were rape victims. I guess Stefano's brain chips played the role of rapist in that scenario.
  6. I'll just weigh in on the opposite side - I like EJ. I think the character has enough ties to others on the canvas to make EJ viable even on today's ... er... show. This show that features a recovering serial killer as a romantic lead. (Because having Franco on GH didn't get it out of the headwriter's system.) Wasn't Hope wandering around killing people, too, at some point? God, why can't I quit this show. WHY? So, yes, in my moral universe murder is worse than rape. Sue me. Nothing's going to stop me liking my girl Hope no matter how many people she kills. Or loving Andre, despite a bodycount that rivals Stalin. Or loving Tony, who did rape Liz back in the day. Or liking Jack. You get the picture. It's not easy liking characters on this show because each of them has gone through the headwriter wringer. EJ could be recast. But, again, unless Sami is given something to do other than berate people I'm not sure why they'd bother. Also, almost every time one of my fave characters has been brought back the writing has been a hit-job from the first scene. (I'm looking at you, Carly Manning.) If this show wants me to put up with 70-something John giving a beat down to 20-something Tripp then this show needs to deliver a few scenes that give me some motivation to care about these characters on screen. Or start featuring the Eric Brady Partial Naked Crocheting segement twice week.
  7. I thought it was pure genius when HS brought back Benji, but only to kill him was numbskullery. Hogan had his pluses and minuses, his willingness to mine a show's history was always a plus for me.
  8. EJ is an interesting character (he's legacy, right? Born on screen?) and any decent writer would be able to find something to do with him. I'd say the same about Sami, though, and it hurts to see what they've reduced her to doing. Heck, most of the cast is reduced to pitiable storylines. Also, this is DOOL and pretty much the only person who stays dead is Isabella Toscano Black.
  9. I wish James Scott would just tell us how he really feels.🤪 I loved, nay, FLOVED ejami back in the day but as far as I'm concerned they got their reunion on the John Oliver show. Therefore I'm entitled to move on. I'm not opposed to a recast but if AS is just going to be used to show up and scream at people then I don't know that the point of that would be. Now I'll just go roll back up into a ball and resume chanting "Eric is gone, Eric is gone, Eric is gone" because I'm still not over the pretty being taken from me.
  10. Sorry for any confusion, handsy was my word. Didn't think you were "accusing" SN of anything, btw. Jack #2 for real? Can't act and can't be trusted in a dark room. That's just not a good combo for an aspiring thespian.
  11. I looked it up in Miss Hunter Tylo's book (thanks, Google books) and girlfriend doesn't come right out and say he harassed her. She says he came into her dressing room in character and was less than pleased when HT didn't swoon or something. Bear in mind that HT also says her husband, Michael Tylo (Quenton!) came to the studio the first day to "spread his scent around." So my vote is that the Tylos are both BSC. HT loves to spill everyone else's tea in that book without ever copping to doing anything wrong herself. I've never heard of SN being accused of being handsy or whatever. If we was going to start with the actress whose husband may have been peeing in corners to demonstrate his ownership then I've gotta question his timing. I've long heard the stories about one of the first Jack's being fired for some sort of harassment toward MBE. It would make sense if it was Jack #1 since a) he looked like he was related to the Johnson clan and b) was an ok actor. Jack #2 didn't deliver on A or B so why wait until he hit on a very pregnant MBE to kick him to the curb? If the story is true, it's Jack #1 and Jack #2 was a temp until they could find another "actor" as opposed to Jack #2 who was "a guy who can read lines and not bump into scenery without actually being able to act."
  12. Preach. This show might as well be named Days of Raped/Sex Worker Lives because this show has been fixated on those themes for decades. With all the practice they'd had with rape storylines and hookers you'd think they'd be at least mildly ok at this sort of thing but, no, they're awful at it. And how fixated are they? Just pick any year from 1980 on and just try to find a rapist/rape victim/rape spawn or hooker/reformed hooker/pimp episode. There are times when they'll have all three in the same scene. Because they're that shameless. I can't believe they're going there with Allie.
  13. There are no emojis for how much I love this idea. The Marcus/Steve friendship was such a delight.
  14. Jack, and MA's portrayal of him, can be very compelling and even sexy. It all comes down to the writing. MA's doesn't exude the old DHo persona of ready-to-bed every woman in his vicinity. DHo as John or Roman isn't one of my faves but he could sell a love scene. (Please note the deliberate use of the past tense.) But good for him, soaps need actors like that. MA is at his best, imo, with verbal, conflicted characters. He delivers inner conflict and self-doubt. Put him with an overtly sexy female like Marina or that Kiriakis chick and he can sizzle. When Jack & Jenn are doing the witty banter, I'm all in. (That's the Fred Astaire chemistry. He's snappy and likes a gal who snaps back.) They've never worked for me as an angst couple, mainly because MR doesn't work for me as an angst actor. I'm not sure Jennifer works for me as an angst character. Unfortunately, the show saw fit to "fix" Jack circa 1990 and all his edges and self-doubt were reduced to fantasies/wacky visits from his dead fathers. I kid you not. Jack used to yearn for power and real love, that conflict made him interesting. I liked the idea of two shoot-yourself-in-the-foot artists such as Nicole and Jack getting together for some scam and then, well, getting together, all the while keeping each other real. But I can't blame anyone for looking at Jack at seeing a bumbling yaboob who occasionally delivers an emotional scene because that's really all he's done for nigh on 30 years now. I can't blame any single HW because all of them have done it.
  15. I'll just paint a target on myself and admit that I'm very interested to seee Cady as Jennifer. I'm not a particular fan of Cady's but MR wore me out years ago. The writers have written Jennifer into a corner and Jack along with her for years. This could be a chance to let Jennifer act like an adult and, ya'll might want to sit down, let Jack be more than her devoted doormat. Early classic J&J was great but I need to see Jack try to prove himself worthy of Jennifer's love like I l need to spork out my right eye. Bonus points if the show brings back Peter Blake and Jack gets to call Jennifer on her past. Also, more bonus points if the show finally explores the Jack/Nicole chemistry.
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