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  1. A little higher and I'd have said it was her chin trainer.
  2. The ripped black jeans make yet another appearance... I wonder if she ever takes them off, or just sleeps in them like she sleeps in her mesh bathing suit whilst on vacation?
  3. I wandered over to Amber's instagram (slow work day...) and her bio says "Life is great sober and healthy", but doesn't she still drink? I guess if she no longer takes drugs she can call herself clean, though some may disagree, but sober? The definition of sober is to do with alcohol. Also I've only just started following OG and one of the things that irritates me most is Amber's pet name for Leah, not once have I heard her acknowledge her child's actual name. "Hey BewBew!!!" is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  4. A hurricane's probably small potatoes over Casa de Jenelle, they're all so used to the air constantly being filled with uppercut.
  5. The way I see it, if Chelsea wants two weddings and can afford two weddings then she can have two weddings. Kail had a quickie marriage for benefits and a big wedding for the sake of her MTV storyline; Chelsea just wants two celebrations with the man she loves. I'm not mad at that. Unsure why anyone would be.
  6. She's really overdone it on the healthy hashtags this time, hasn't she? I can't even think of any new ways to mock her, it's like she's mocking herself for me.
  7. The first time I saw her back tattoo at a glance, I thought it looked like a collection of open sores. The skull with wings isn't even symmetrical and I just can't with the leopard print. If I were Juhnelle I'd be feeling a whole lot of regret. Having said that, no tattoo will ever be as bad as Amber's portrait of Leah. Ever. Words can't even describe how bad that is.
  8. Is she trying to brag that she woke up looking good or something? Because girl looks rough. That face definitely looks like it's been slept on. Small animals could live in that hair and who the everloving heck sleeps in what appears to be a mesh bathing suit???
  9. I totally agree that misogyny and antiquated gender roles are probably rife in the holler. But I definitely remember Corey saying that he wanted Ali and Aleeah to be thinking about college when they were older. I always got the impression that he wanted his daughters to be the best versions of themselves, and (reading between the lines) wanted them to have ambitions beyond what Leah ended up doing with her life. I actually think it's Leah's influence that would hold the girls back more than Corey's; I can totally see Corey telling them to do their homework so they can do well in school and go
  10. I find myself wondering if Leah ever even asked the girlses what activities they'd like to do. I wouldn't be surprised if she just decided that they should be cheer leading like she did, because that's the pathway to becoming the most popular girl in the holler y'all. That's how you get yourself a looker like Robbie Kidd.
  11. Ventured over to Leah's Instagram and plenty of her deluded fans are defending her. So many of them are saying stuff like, "Ali's more limited as to what she can do", but that's not an excuse. Just because she can't do sports doesn't mean she can't do hobbies period. Sure she's limited in terms of physical activity, but she could enjoy plenty of other things if Leah wasn't too lazy to explore them with her.
  12. I was going to say the exact same thing. Poor Ali. There are plenty of activities Ali could do, but she's probably not encouraged to because none of them interest Leah as much as cheerleading does.
  13. I think she's had enough surgical help that she doesn't need anything mechanical.
  14. New to this thread so apologies if I'm repeating things that have been said, but these were some of my least favourite moments: The episode where Phoebe thought her mother was a cat. It wasn't in the same vein as typical quirky Phoebe stuff, it was just stupid. I didn't like how everyone ganged up on Ross at the end and made him apologise to Phoebe and the cat when he was the only one who'd been honest instead of laughing at her behind her back. Hand twins. Need I say more? When Monica was Phoebe's maid of honour. I generally don't dislike Monica but she was a bitch in that e
  15. She's a huge hypocrite. Wearing a top that puts your pierced pepperoni nips on display for all to see is the epitome of class, but anyone who dares to wear sweatpants in their own house needs to "get it together".
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