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  1. Why oh why is Dylan supposed to be an expert on marriage? It's not his fault that he was only married for like an hour because his wife was shot, but still. And all the men on this show can go to hell with their contempt for women. Janet actually told Steve why she didn't want to marry him, and getting down on one knee or buying a ring will not solve that, you bunch of assholes.
  2. They couldn’t find male models on short notice working for peanuts... in Los Angeles? I doubt it. Also, have we ever seen Donna actually sewing her collections before - or didn’t she just doodle away? It would have been AWESOME if David had told the true story of how Dylan helped him in college. “You see, I was hooked on OJ and then I accidently brought an undercover agent to my dealer’s place and ended up with the whole stash...” At least that would have been a somewhat interesting story instead of “Dylan doesn’t like quitters.” Oh, really? Dylan has quit just about everything he was ev
  3. I don't know what that cardiacs thing is called in English, but in Danish is it called - directly translated - a soul warmer. And they were very fashionable, I had at least three different ones. Worn over equally fashionable spaghetti strap tops. Paired with Ally McBeal-short skirts or baggy pants. In short, I do not understand why 90's fashion is in again ...
  4. Steve is not only Janet’s boyfriend but also her boss. Wouldn’t he have noticed if she called in sick or went on a few days leave because she was to have an operation? That is the most stupid plotline/confusion story EVER. Not to mention the ongoing mystery: where does Janet live?
  5. It’s all in the same post now.
  6. Again this show teaches is the very important lesson (that I wish I had understood as a teen): anyone who are busy calling himself a nice guy is NOT nice.
  7. Also: did Donna get up really early after a passionate night with surferdude to ... curl her hair before making pancakes? Or was the sex so awesome that it made her hair curl all by itself?
  8. What a season! I remember disliking Gina in the few episodes I watched back in the day, but now I like her. She does actually bring something to the show unlike Matt. Love the David clip - that clumsy rage is exactly how angry storming out always ends for people, very true to life.
  9. I may be getting old, but if I was asked to someone’s home on a sexy date, I would be very annoyed to have to sit on the floor. Even Lucinda offered her dates - if not her students - chairs.
  10. Isn’t it off brand for Dylan to lie to Mary? As always on this show, apologizing seems to be a foreign concept. Kelly does say “I’m sorry” but then she goes on demanding that Gina accepts her apology or she’ll be kicked out of the apartment. That’s not really how that works, Kelly. Also, shouldn’t Donna have a say in whether her cousin/sister (oops, spoiler alert) is being evicted for daring to be hurt and angry about Kelly sleeping with her boyfriend? It’s like the writers realized that Kelly acted like a total bitch and had to do something to make the wievers feel sorry for her and forget
  11. LOVE that an entire band is playing for two-soon-to-be-one person(s).
  12. Apart from The Walsh twins, who even has “normal” sibling relationships (not counting the twincest): secret and/or unknown siblings: Kelly, Dylan, Donna/Gina. Siblings who vanish: Andrea, Valerie. Halfsiblings who are plot vehicles and not really persons in their own right: Steve, Kelly/David.
  13. I’m really interested to see how much I can hate Kelly by the end of the show. My hatred seems to grow from week to week these days.
  14. I had to pause the podcast and come here to write two things. One: excellent point that the club is going downhill because of David’s stupid show. Two: Now I really want a Save the Peach Pit conmemorative mug.
  15. I laughed so loudly in the street that people stared at me - it was so great expecting what was coming and waiting for it ... and there it is: DA NA NA NA. So great!
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