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  1. And how many of those divorces were due to Brooke actually cheating? Heck, one time Ridge ditched her because she exchanged text messages with Deacon about their own daughter (although I'm not sure that counts as a divorce since they didn't file their marriage certificate). Eric has had PLENTY of reason to divorce Quinn; he just hasn't taken them, not even this time when she repeatedly boinked his 'friend' Carter. It speaks to how desperate he is, rather than being an indicator of how strong and stable their marriage is; it certainly does not say anything about Brooke's faithfulness to Ri
  2. When were all the times Brooke cheated on Ridge? Brooke's affairs, numerous as they are, usually have Ridge as the "other man", not the victim. In the three and a half decades since Bridge became a thing, I can only recall three instances when Brooke cheated on Ridge: when she thought he was dead in the furnace, when she somehow mistook Hope's masked boyfriend Oliver for him, and when Bill randomly kissed her. None of those situations really fall into the same boat of Quinn carrying on with Ridge, her adultery with Carter, or her thirsting after that hot gardener/masseur, all of which occurred
  3. Any idea if it's an onscreen appearance for Chandler Massey, or just an offscreen phone call? I really wish he and nuSonny were part of the main show (or had their own spin-off). Addie died almost half a century ago in real time. And since then, Doug has, for the most part, been with Julie. And I doubt Doug considers Steve to be his "son" in any way, shape or form, because that would mean he's spent much of the last half-century married to his own "daughter". I can see where people are going with the tone-deafness of the Oak Alley visit, but it makes zero sense to cancel the en
  4. I didn't see Brando looking uncomfortable once he started stripping. Yes he was nervous beforehand about performing in front of Carly and other people he knew, but once the strip act started he seemed fine (although his dance moves were not). Same with Milo - the actor didn't convey any discomfort once he started stripping; rather he was enjoying the attention, and what he didn't enjoy was Kate (or rather, her alter) cornering him afterward while he was still half-naked and trying to seduce him, on the eve of her wedding to his mob boss. Personally I thought it was a fun little scene, lov
  5. No surprise they have forgotten that since, as far as I know, Doug only has one son, Douglas LeClaire. (I'm not sure how much of a role Doug has in Douglas's life, anyway - wasn't he raised by his stepfather?) Unless you're counting his late stepson David. Hope does have another brother Steven, but he is Doug's brother-in-law. Well, the whole blanket baby thing is due to Covid. We can hardly blame the show for that. Most parents wouldn't want to expose their infants to that kind of risk. Agreed that Thomas and Charlotte have been underused, but Rachel has been a part of a major plot in
  6. Yeah, I think Ken's proven to be the major obstacle to this show ever improving. Through multiple changes of head writers, he's always stuck his oar in and seems to have very set ideas of what the audience (and his long-dead parents) want for the show. For evidence, look no further than the mistreatment of Will Horton, a popular, ground-breaking, legacy character. That is ALL Ken.
  7. They also used to have an enormous terrace/pool set below the living room, where I can remember many scenes taking place. I was reminded of it last week when GH made a big deal out of their new "hotel rooftop pool" set which appeared in practically every episode since its introduction with every character congregating there, including the rich folks who should have private pools of their own. I was like, pffft! B&B had their own, larger pool 30 years ago. In fact, I can even remember ATWT - not exactly known for being a big budget soap in its final days - having a Snyder pond, where hottie
  8. Just getting caught up on the episodes and I have a whole bunch of observations: They are going to make Chase into a mopey loser who pretends to be disabled to keep Willow married to him, aren't they? Austin is totally going to be the next in line to blackmail Michael over his tryst with Chase's wife. I don't have anything against Millow. And I've always found Chad Duell cute. The endless jokes about his looks and physique are not cool. Still no Lucas at his one-time son/now great-nephew's birthday party, even though last Christmas he was supposed to take on more of a p
  9. Well, there was that time Sheila absconded with her first baby Mary Warwick, and returned with Mary as 18yo Erica Lovejoy, only 4 years later. Enough time for her to have had Finn and pawn him off on a complicit Jack and unsuspecting Li. This would make Finn the second of her five (!) children, after Mary but before Diana Marone and the Fisher twins, Daisy and Ryder. I am really not thrilled to see Kimberlin Brown back. I can only assume that Brad Bell (whose wife is an Obama appointee to various offices) must believe that Brown is going to bring back lapsed viewers and is holding his nos
  10. I'm not sure what it is Brooke is supposed to have done to Steffy in this latest escapade. Yes she commented that it's a plus point Steffy will no longer be mooning after her daughter's husband, but the way people are carrying on, you'd think she'd expressed unhappiness that Steffy had found a man who loved her, and only her, and they'd gotten engaged. On the contrary, today's episode had Brooke looking genuinely excited over Finn and Steffy posting their wedding announcement. It is a huge contrast to how Steffy usually reacts to happy news about Hope - where her default approach has always be
  11. Yeah, we really have to be careful what we wish for. I've wanted Brooke to get back into business (or chemistry) for the longest time, and they've never accommodated my wish. And now, of course, they would do it under the worst circumstances possible - one mother trying to steal a job away from another who's nursing a newborn. Seriously, Show. Can we give Brooke a medical storyline? I think she's the only character who's made it this long without ever having a medical issue. (Well, unless we count the blink-and-miss alcohol addiction and the literally "missed" miscarriage of Bill's baby.)
  12. I can understand Cam keeping his shirt on. I was checking his age and he only turned 18 last month, so perhaps not by the time the pool scene was filmed. (I also came across his most recent social media snap which is ... a shirtless pic, so I doubt the actor personally has an issue going shirtless.) But what I found bizarre was Spencer keeping his shirt on after he got dunked. The actor's 21 and has already been shirtless on the show. And given how flirtatious he is with Trina, I could totally see him thinking (wrongly) that it could be a way to get her onside to keep his lie going.
  13. I thought Rosie was short for Ambrosia - Amber named her kid after herself. Let's see: Thomas (Hamilton), Jack (Hamilton), Will (Logan) and Beth (Avalon) are the only kids with middle names, as far as we know. Thomas, Phoebe and Hope are the only ones with original names (well, Thomas is named for the island of St Thomas, just as Beth's middle name is derived from the island where she was born - and promptly stolen - but I think those are original enough). Did Margo name Mark after herself, or was that original, too? ETA: I suppose Diana Marone, Sheila's supposed baby with Massi
  14. Other soaps have multiple actors shirtless in an episode but it's not attributed to the sexual desires of the headwriter. Do Y&R's traditional Fourth of July pool parties, or B&B's male modeling scenes, result in the same scrutiny of their respective writers?
  15. You're absolutely right. Taylor's maiden name was Hamilton. She did keep her first husband's last name professionally because it was the name under which she started her career (and I think he funded her med school education?) but it beggars belief that they would give that name to her grandson. I can understand Finn not knowing, but Steffy?? And somebody in the writers' room must know too, since Hamilton was the middle name given to Taylor's one-time son, Jack Marone. But jeez, how hard is it to come up with an original name instead of always a namesake? (Who was the last baby to receive
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