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    B&B : In the Media!

    I think it's telling of how utterly wrecked B&B fandom when Y&R fans are happier this news because they found their show to be exceedingly boring ATM: I once had a customer when I did car sales that wanted a car we'd already marked down $3k and wanted another $3k off that one manager turned down, and the fucker went around and called the other manager who agreed to it because he's a complete chucklefuck and wanted another deal (he was management/sales floor which is a terrible idea for so many reasons but well beyond my long winded point Im getting to) and the rich little entitled bastard looked so smug when he came back on Monday to buy it that I wouldve let the guy have the entire sale if it weren't the end of the month and I didn't need that half a point for my quota. Thats exactly how I feel learning that THIS was the thing that finally dethroned Y&R (which really hasn't earned it's too spot in a decade, at least). This horrible, horrible story that's alienated nearly all of its long-time viewers that stood by for some truly rank and/or repetitive stuff before this...this goddamn story that is to B&B what Season 8 was to Game of Thrones. Only not, because at least that pain ended and who knows if Beth being found is only the beginning of even more horrors now that Brad Bell has been "rewarded" for the one time he subverting expectations. 😠
  2. Nor should they. What Flo did was inexcusible, even before she knew the woman she'd robbed from was her own cousin. The only reason she has any guilt at all is because of her tentative closeness to the Logans would've been a much bigger payout than the $50 grand Fuckingham gave her. Emma didn't even blink about what needed to be done and Thomas have her the same "you'll never work in this town again!" schpeal that he gave the other three stooges. I wouldn't put up with it if I were them, either.
  3. They've mentioned that before, once. I think most people assume it's Wyatt because Quinn said she was a teenager when she had Wyatt, but teen can still be of legal age. Knowing Quinn, she could've lied about her age when she first met him too. Even from what they know of ThomAss's past behavior, though, I think they're aware that he's more than a bit unhinged. I mean, he did try to kill Rick once. The one whose denial continues to be baffling is Ridge. If they won't allow Hope to chew up Thomas, I hope they let Steffy do it. Maybe they'll get into a fight that Ridge breaks up and all three of them fall over. A home run!
  4. Sharon can't possibly... ...oh, who am I kidding. Of course she's this stupid.But my question is WHY Sharon continues to be like this after all the growth she's made as a human being by reading Nick for filth at their last botched wedding attempt and moving on without going back into destructive patterns. I could've sworn he married her once before for some ass-covering reason. Still a better shrink than Taylor Hayes, though. 😅
  5. God, this! Remember when Brooke was trying to paint herself as Just A Girl in Love with that Deacon affair? Stephanie was having none of that. This scene is iconic as fuck and for me Stephanie Forrester's character peaked with that story. She was also more than willing to drag her own children when she thought they needed it, Ridge included. I can't imagine Stephanie letting Flo finish her first sentence before slapping her into next Tuesday--if she were that lucky. Stephanie gave Brooke a gun to off herself with over far less! 🤣😝
  6. In the words of one Grumpy Cat meme, I hope they both lose 🙃 This little exchange definitely answered the question as to what kind of person would consider Quinn Fuller among their best friends. I know TIIC are trying to do what they pulled with Amber's only marginally more trashy mother Tawny, who existed to talk her daughter into stupid things....but we'd seen Amber take on the biggest bad B&B had to that point so we knew there was potential for goodness and courage. Flo couldn't even be a Meg Synder in this story to get Hope her baby back while covering her own ass. So far, spoilers indicate she'll get what's coming to her. I had to rewind the video when I heard that. From shrill ass Katie of all people? I know she buried the hatchet back when Steffy got knocked up with Failed Steam Reunion Device #1 Kelly but wow. That's a helluva sea change from her reaction when Steffy lost her Eggo Mini and she was pushing Hope to go after him. At any case, it's an echo of the caring, decent family that the Logans were written to be in the 80s. It's why Caroline I with all the resources in the world stayed with Brooke and her family after her rape. It's amazing that the one person on the show who truly hated Steffy (even more that Hope arguably)is showing more consideration and concern for her than her own family. Her mother fucked off, her brother lied to her so he could potentially fuck her rival and Ridge just wants to fuck her, period. On paper, that's damn depressing until I remember she slept with her twin's ex barely a week after she died fighting for her honor and called up Carowhine to come between him and Sally (so I guess they're even on that.......? 👀) Even for all the rank shit Steffy has pulled on her, I can't remember Hope ever once raising a hand to her, so you know it's bad. I haven't been this happy since I found out one of my old shitty bosses got fired when the Acura service bay unionized behind his back. It was like Christmas had come in July, but this is like all that, Chinese New Years, Boxing Day, 4th of July, Canada Day, Valentine's AND Cassie Newman's birthday all rolled into one. Flo deserves a slap. I only wish Susan Flannery were still around to box her ears like she did Liam that one time. 😂
  7. Anna Yolei

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    The Thomas actor played Summer's first lying, cheating husband Austin a few years ago and from that performance I had few expectations of that actor when B&B brought him on.
  8. Anna Yolei

    The Spoiler Collection

    I can't believe they'd kill another one of Tridge's progeny but I don't know how to redeem Thomas from all this either. But apart from the six months of decency he showed to Sasha and Sally, he's been a hot mess of a character from the first day he was SORASed. The first born son of the show's biggest leading man deserved better.
  9. Ridge should know because Caroline was a victim and Ridge covered for Douglas's paternity because of it. Good Lord, I remember that time before the Boinkberry thing where Thomas unexpectedly kissed Brooke for a PR stunt* and while Brooke got most of the heat for it because of course she did, Ridge was rightfully angry with Thomas too...more so than he appears to be for his role in this. As for that spoiler: Ridge should know because Caroline was a victim and Ridge covered for Douglas's paternity because of it. Good Lord, I remember that time before the Boinkberry thing where Thomas unexpectedly kissed Brooke for a PR stunt* and while Brooke got most of the heat for it because of course she did, Ridge was rightfully angry with Thomas too...more so than he appears to be for his role in this. As for that spoiler:
  10. As much as I truly loathe defending anything regarding B&B and the worst story in the show's entire history, I can't say it was anything like it's usual fare. I guess their gamble paid off, even thought I will forever be salty about that. But Y&R deserved to lose it's top spot. Show is not offensively bad--not like the days of MyPolar Sharon and Victor Newman eating up the show--but it's boring as hell. We've seen Nick and AA per on one another's leg, we've seen families fight over Christian, we've seen the Staff repeat her lines three times and flair and slink around the office in cocktail wear at 30 betow temperatures. And Kola continue to cure insomnia with their ineffable lameness. I though Lily and Came bored me back in the day but oh nooooooooo. I'm hoping this is leading to someone getting shot at the alter because there's no reason a couple is this damn boring. Can Klye and Summer fly into LA and get the Forresters' laywers to annul their marriage before Carter gets disbarred? The sooner they're split the summer Kola get married and we move onto new shit.
  11. Anna Yolei

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Which begs the question that if this blood illness is truly Eric Braedan's swan song and Victor is killed off if he's retiring within the next year, where will this leave Adam. The bulk of Any Iteration of Adam's interactions and character development has been almost directly linked to his reactions to Daddy Dearest. Once that stake finally takes through Colleen's Victor's undead heart, who else is there for AIoA to bounce off of. Sharon is boring, Nick is one-note, Chelsea will be gone the minute Josh Griffin is fired again. And he has no other friends except maybe Jack. Victor's not the only character that needs retiring. 😐
  12. You damn right no one does or else Liam wouldn't have had nearly as many weddings at 30 that Brooke's had in 3 DECADES on the show! 🤣 But no, it was ThomAss's way of pushing Liam with his slattern sister together sooner....because her brass cooter and Cha Cha Cha was usually all it took to get Liam's attention from Hope in the past. But that was before Stetty went and fucked his damn father over one measly kiss--which I know few lost sleep over because it's Steffy and Steamless's entire relationship foundation was built on quicksand, but if he gave that much of a shit, why would he spend what he thought were his dying moments macking on another woman? But it speaks volumes that she chose to storm out, much like she always dragged Hope for doing in similar situations, and assume the worst. In fact Hope once had a line that, almost verbatim, went "if you saw Liam doing the same thing, you wouldn't put up with it!" In 2012! And sure enough, she proved Hope right by barely giving him a second thought the minute $Bill showed up--not that I blame her cuz...come on 😛 but still.
  13. I'd be lying if I said I lost one moment of sleep behind Emma's demise, but if they had to off her, at least let Bill and Justin (aka the last two people in LA to know Beth was alive) be involved in the story Pfffff. Baby is the first Bill Spencer's first granddaughter*, he won't have her driving in anything less than a BMW 5 series. 🤣 *....I'm assuming, considering certain spoilers 👀 While I don't feel especially sorry for him either because he couldn't excersize one single ounce of common sense, I don't think he deserves as much shit as the other assholes either. He was, at a minimum, very clearly distraught and bothered for reasons beyond staying out of prison while the other stooges just cared about covering their own asses. Still, the guy is a horrible actor that stands out in a show notorious for its hair models, so I won't miss him when he goes. And on a tangent, I'm beyond sick of B&B casting the worst black actors with the worst writing, then dumping them when their popularity drops like a rock....if they catch an audience at all, which neither he, Zoe or particularly Emma never did. I've watched for 20 years now and Maya is the only person of color to make a significant impact on the show in all that time. Before that, there was that horrible Amber paternity question about whether her baby would be born black which....hasn't aged well. Big nope.
  14. ....bruh, he's five 😐 Truly, he's his mother's son. Good riddance to Zoe and Xander (who I thought was done cuz the actor had a new gig). This was the second best thing to come out of this stupid story. Zoe's hacker stalking ass didn't deserve a job at FC to begin with.