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  1. Since the discussion of Bell trashing characters to prop his faves has come up, I had completely forgotten how quickly the cheese slid off Hector's cracker: Like...he was around for a good minute and seemed to be a good dad to Horsefaced Caitlyn but then they have him do this?! And then even after he lost his sight, he continued to talk Taylor out of telling Thorne about the accident with Darla. Why did they do this? :| I think this slid past me the first time bc I had no interest in Hector and all my ire was aimed at TIIC for Nick, who was riding high on his rengenc
  2. Basically, yeah. The issue was that the drug story was too damn shirt. Given JMW was having to wear baggy clothes when they filmed the climax of that story, the creators already knew she was pregnant. We know with the Beth story that TIIC are capable of carrying a story for months, even if it moved forward like a Yugo driving uphill in 2nd gear. She did not need a 2nd baby FFS.
  3. And that's even without getting into the fact that every man she's persued since Marcus was attached an unavailable or at best a highly bad idea. All the Foresters can STFU but given how recently her bullshit has been, she has even less room than Brooke to be up on her high horse. I agree Quinn has been the most dangerous character next to Sheila, but her behavior--Captive Cabin included--was known to Eric when he married her, with his entire family minus Ivy (....I think?) boycotting the nuptials. He chose to forgive her for the shit with Ridge too. Ridge is another one who
  4. As if Bell's ever let family get in the way of a ship! :P Oh right, that shit *did* happen. That was also around the time Steffy had been having her own emotional affair with Bill....one she never owned up to. I won't defend Liam's kiss with Sally, but it *was* something that he opened up around without prompting and was immediately remorseful about. Unless his last roll in the hay with Steffy behind Hope's back :|
  5. This is the same show where all of Nick's exes were in attendance at the last Nicket wedding and Ridge was the best man at Eric and Brooke's wedding, so of course she is. I imagine Hope will agree just to make sure it's actually happening and not a drill 🤣
  6. From my recollection, the closest Liam ever got was promising to break up with Ivy, it to marry her later that night to help her stay in the country. Steffy's always been the interloper between Lope (and between nearly every other happily married man who all has the backbones Liam lack not to lead her own). My thoughts exactly. Finn is dull as dishwater and seeing him get "seduced" by Paris is a whole lotta nope for me. Not because I care a wit about Steffy's happiness that's never been earned, but because they're both blank slate characters that I have no reason to care about. Th
  7. LOL WHUT I thought Ridge had sought out to do that ages ago. You know, until she made his dick hard and he was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about it. What I miss on this show most--behind coherent stories and dialogue that gets recycled more often that cardboard--is the lack of any character willing to drag the Forresters for the hypocritical crybabies they are. We had Bill but he's mellowed out and before that there was Nick, before he too was ruined. We need people to be true outsiders of the circle again. Okay, I'll give the writers one (1) credit for this. I'll take any character
  8. If only he had this energy when Liam was missing and he suspected Quinn was behind it....and maybe didn't until *after* the wedding to investigate 😐
  9. Speaking of which, since it appears we're headed for another round of Logans Did My Pampered Ass Dirty in the near future, I sure hope that when Steffy will put "selling me a baby under cause pretenses" comes up before the "Daddy wubbed Brooke more than MEEEEEEEEEEE!" rant. With a bonus firing once she gets her seat back and she starts scrubbing FC of the Logan presense.
  10. I....wouldn't go that far, TBH. From what I recall, Steffy and Fin volunteered to let her stay there, she didn't ask. She's a sickly sweet Pollyanna for sure, but she's so far done nothing in the same ballpark of those two. Mileage carries, of course. Although, given that she's currently dating Zende (....I guess?? I haven't seen him in months?!), I dunno why she wouldn't have asked him first. It smells like a setup for yet another triangle, to be honest, because if even golden girl Brooke was never fully allowed out of that circle of hell, I doubt Steffy will escape either. No o
  11. I don't mind this so much because everyone else on Show truly sucks, but they need to find something for her to do besides replace Katie as the show's buttinski and singing hooks.
  12. Yes and no. Her nature is such that she does stupid shit without considering others (ie, this CEO business) but to be this aggressively hypocritical and mean isn't on brand. Before this past week, the most intentionally spiteful thing I could recall from Brooke was her sending Macy and Deacon (both recovering alcoholics) a drink for having removed her from FC with her grandson's shares. Given she'd just lost her job, I can't blame her too much on that one. Seriously. If Eric wants to be mad, then fucking say the shit with your whole chest. But this whole stalker-y shit while also being
  13. That's my issue, too, and it's the same one I had with Eric/Quinn, which got even less build up and for this current Steffy/Finn sitch too. I'll take my hot man beef when I can get it, sure, but how long does that hold water when nothing in the writing supports what they're trying to sell? All the shirtless Don Diamont scenes in the world or chemistry he shares with Heather Tom that got wasted early on will not get me onboard with another round of Batie as one example.
  14. I don't necessarily hate the pairing as much as I'm aggressively bored with it. RS brings chemistry with all her screen partners but Nick and Phyllis they aren't. Say what you will about the way they were handled after the affair came out, but these were two characters with roots on the show and the affair had ripples for years to come. Two children were born that likely would not have been as a result of that. But Quarter? Where can they even go with a character who's only existed to officiate marriages for the last 9 years and a woman with Quinn's history? I may be pleasantly surprised
  15. Basically, this. The only difference now is that someone's dick isn't involved, bit it was this specific behavior of hers that drove me up a wall for years when she was the pampered pet of the show. That said: At worst, this will be an inconvenience to Steffy: she's still gonna be rich and Finn is thus far the only man on the show with a marketable skill that wasn't gifted to him by Daddy Dearest. Even if she doesn't have a Spectra fashions to run to like her uncle and dad would do during their spats with the family, she'll be just fine. Worst comes to worse, Bill would find a pla
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