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  1. To be entirely fair, Adam has done very little this go around to keep his nose clean and came in like a wrecking ball. He's burned through all the bridges. That said, it was sorta nice earlier in the week when he and Nick had a whole 2 minutes of conversation that didn't end with them pissing on the other's leg and Nick was giving big boy advise about Connor going to birding school.
  2. Man, Steffy does not live up to Stephanie's legacy at all! Steph knew how to strap up and kept a piece on her--after gifting Brooke a gun to off herself with, how TF is a knife gonna compete? Forgot to comment on this direct earlier since...yeah, it's Zoe, no one cares, but every time I see whatever that is on her head and the three different tones with the blonde front, I can only think of Yu-Gi-Oh: It's not even close, Yugi definitely pulls it off better. It bears repeating: Zoe moved across the pond and stalked her last ex for months until she wore him out, then dropped him like a rock when push came to shove without blinking. But I'm supposed to believe she's entertaining any of Tomass' foolishness? I will be glad the day Zoe fucks off to London for good, but God, they need to do better for her if they're invested in keeping her around for the long haul.
  3. Yeah, I dunno why that happen since I copied it directly from your quote with the built-in insta-quote thing, but thanks for letting me know 👍 sorry 'bout that!
  4. TIIC expect us to forget about all of that crazy and see her as some innocent kitten who'd never hurt a fly. I'll grant you she's redeemed herself with helping Hope expose Thomas and it's more than Flo has ever been inclined to do for her cousin, but I can't even with this.
  5. I really expected this story, and particularly JMW's acting, to fall flatter than the sourdough breads people attempted at the beginning of the pandemic, but CountryGirl's summaries have convinced me this is much watch TV. After all the pain and anguish, I sure hope this is the final death knell for anything pertaining to Steam. It needs to be, the way Taylor drinking to get over Ridge should have been the end of Tridge. I certainly wish better for Steffy than what her mother became. Well, she was like this even when sober, so it's not much of a stretch she'd be like this when hopped up.
  6. You mean that Joey King girl from those Kissing Booth movies? She got the lion's share of talent in the family, but Heather Tom she ain't. 👀
  7. Seriously? It was kinda a big deal and it's pretty easy to connect dots to ppl with a minor amount of into these days. I was able to track down a grade school friend whose family got stationed in Germany using his name and our hometown which he made mention of in his LiveJournal. This was in 2005, well before Google was spying on us all. I dunno why Amanda is acting like an idiot except for the most forced plot contrivance. I wasn't aware buttbiscuit had ever stopped blaming anyone but his own sorry ass self for what happened there.
  8. That, or Twitter Oy vey, Stan Twitter for B&B on the bird app is a nightmare, and this is coming from a Star Wars fan. Me too! 😛 Yeah, she was married to her Siddig for a while, and it was his baby she was carried when she became Keiko's surrogate as a clever way to work the pregnancy into the show 🙂
  9. They really need to recast the role. They been needed to ages ago when HTy waltzed back in demanding they rewrite canon to accommodate a religious practice she no longer follows, but the character's absence is glaring no matter how bonkers. Amongst the current soap veterans, I dunno who I could see stepping up. Maybe Kelley Menigan Hensley from ATWT? She has plenty of experience playing a shill, deluded bat as Emily there. My dream pick would be Nana Visitor from Star Trek DS9, but anyone who watched her play Kira Nerys there knows her talents would be extremely squandered here. Still, I can dream 😛
  10. It really should've been this way from the beginning and introduced some long-lost Forrester/Hayes-Hamilton cousin to be the spoiler in a love triangle if we *must* have one. And before that, when Hope first returned shortly after Liam dumped Steffy, SHE was the one who talked him into going to the first ultrasound appointment. People can miss me with that Evil Logan powergrab bullshit. No, that was Stephanie and Taylor. Twice. I've never seen a story do universally despised as the Beth kidnapping one. Not even the Ridge/Bridget nonsense, the low bar against which other bad stories were measured. She should've yelled "Thats not gonna happen, Liam! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!" just for the lulz. I can't imagine the writers are clueless to how often that scene with Ridge and Rick had been memed. But getting to the seriousness though, it speaks once again to her entitlement to a child that was legally never hers. And even if Beth was legally adopted, he'd be in the right to insist someone take her, too in this instance. Ridge was able to get temporary custody of Hope that time she near set Casa Logan on fire because of Nick and Donna's stupidity. All of this. For some, the Logan can't fucking win no matter what they do. Good Lord, Brooke is a fucking moron about her personal life and wasn't Mom of the Year material, but not even she would leave kids to the wilderness to get hopped up on drugs.
  11. Phyllis and Summer dragging one another for their poor decision making with men: I won't lie, if my mother was Phyllis Summers, I wouldn't listen to a word she had to say about relationships either.
  12. She's been making poor personal decisions from the day she kissed her not-uncle Rick, but yeah, Liam was absolutely justified in walking out 3 years ago. He's never looked back. And the best part of that break-up? There was no one waiting in the wings. Hope and Ivy were gone and Liam was not interested in Sally in the slightest. It was probably one of the longest spans that he stayed single. It was one of the very few times Liam showed a spine and it was long coming. I've been proud of Steffy for owning up to that (and I suspect Jacqui Wood was the one who pushed for that, not Bell) since it felt like it was *some* growth as a person. And this stupid drug story is unraveling all of that. And unlike Steffy's other selfish cruelty in the past, it's not just other idiots like Liam and Hope that are affected but an innocent child that by accident of birth was saddled with two lemmings for parents. As was mentioned by another person, drug abuse is not good for a child to witness.
  13. Yeah. It has a whole lotta shades of the shit Steffy let Bill say about Liam shortly before her Midnight Stallion Ride. I'll say now what I said then: either shit or get off the pot. She knew what Liam was when he slipped a barely cooled ring on Steffy's finger--hers, specifically--and she's well on track to keep on repeating Brooke's mistakes. What even is the point of getting with Liam if she's still stuck on that history? If she can't get past it, fine, but be HONEST. And regardless of all that, Hope shouldn't trust Tom-ass any further than she can throw him. He literally tried to burn Rick over far less and if she thinks he's forgiven anything, I have a farm in Mars to sell her.
  14. I sure hope so, bit this *is* Liam we're talking about. Still, good for him for not waffling on this issue. If there's one time for him to grow a spine, this would be it.
  15. Spring 2009, to be exact. This waaaaay early in JMW's tenure on the show.
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