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  1. Goldmine? More like B&B failed up because Y&R was going through it's own equality stale, recycled plotlines that people wanted even less. I mean, I will sit through fifty years of Hope and Steffy over five seconds of Adam and Nick pissing on one another. The baby story in all its ugly awfulness was a departure from its usual fare and another show would have picked a better way to move foward from this than to restart a "romance" between Liam and Steffy that ended the minute Fauxdi jumped Bill's dick almost...*checks watch, carry the two, add the six* two years ago now. Now, Ridge had his periods of solid time with Taylor or Brooke, but in those ones he was very much stringing them (usually Brooke) along--but aside from the one moment he postponed his wedding to Hope over Wyatt's last minute revelation, where has that been for Liam? Nowhere. Because he has everything he wants with her now--stability, loyalty, open-communication (on her end now), and the last woman on Earth Bill Spencer would fuck (a statement that we may laugh at as we sigh about 2019 being the salad days of B&B in another 10 5, but I'll say it anyway). There were lots of other points to have ended this foolishness, but that was a very clear dividing point. It needed to end there, the way Tridge for all practical purposes broke up for good when Taylor confessed to the Big Bear Boink.of James 20+ years, 3 children and a life Ridge would have never spent with her had he'd known later. That's not to say Lope have to be endgame forever, but there's nothing left to mine from Steamless any longer.
  2. And this is why we can't have nice things. And now, we get the triangle without anyone calling Liam.out on this continued waffle crap, because really who's here to do it? Wyatt usually does it, but his credibility is shot to hell now. Thomas is right but I'd rather hear Quinn give him love advise and if she never talks to him again it'll be too soon. Bill has been MIA in all of this and largely supportive of Lope this time, but there's a lot of bad blood that kinda kills it there, too. Brooke is obsessed with getting Lope married ASAP as though rushing down the aisle the last ten times solved any of her problems. Ridge...I don't even know, even for him, this has been pretty rank by tossing Steffy under the bus. Either Liam gets back with Steffy or we get a curve ball of him ending up with Sally after Wyatt tosses her for Vegas Con Artist Barbie like the absolute fool that he is. I'm not the latter would be a step up for Sally and I'll regret typing this if it did come to pass and she goes full crazy like Ivy did but I'd tolerate that more than another round of the ToD.
  3. Lol, you're right hahaha. Still, she was presumably more "family" than the girl who was raised as a sister to her and she didn't give a thought in stepping over her to get to her carnival prize.
  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I hope that cursed union never comes to pass, but I agree with the sentiment. And her blood cousin's man. Hope may have been mere Logan trash to her, but Show never even tried to paint that with Ivy as anything but what it was. We have evidence of that by the way Steffy glomped onto Oliver, only to drop him the minute Hope was through with him. And if for some reason Hope ever gave Wyatt the time of day, guess who'd be hauling ass across town on her motorcycle suddenly in love, too? (Also slight nitpick, but Brooke also has RJ as well, who is still mostly a blank slate but even with his Marone genes has better odds of being a better person than any of those other brats. And Jack Marone got luckiest of all by being raised away from ALL these whackadoodles!) It took Ronn Moss leaving the show to even put a dent in the original triangle of doom, so good luck with killing this.
  5. Well, it's worked in the past... ... actually, even that's not accurate. Steffy usually had help, either from Bill or Thomas or even when she got a gift horse of Rick getting involved for his own opportunistic reasons. But the only thing keeping Liam attached to her was sex. By his own admission, he'd never had a girlfriend before Hope: it's not out the realm of possibility that he was a horny virgin before Steffy banged him. And this is why after 20 years of some truly baffling WTF stories that I'm finally tuned out permanently. Because we got this gross, disgustingly dark story that ate up the show for months but the only silver lining in this is that finally it showed Liam and Hope being a mature couple. They went through the effort they never did before of showing why these two should be together and had Liam standing up for Hope and looking out for her. Not even Molly Night with sex--the only thing Steffy had going against Hope--had put a dent in that. And now all of that is trampled, for no reason, and is just as blatantly out the blue as when Liam chose to get back with that slattern over Ivy, who presumably put out but wasn't a compete slag nor with Hope #1's non-sex related issues. As a kid, I was blindsided by Brooke being in love with Ridge after all she went through to be with Thorne. As an adult, I sigh in resignation that short of Bell stepping down and B&B's EP position becoming the musical chairs joke that Y&R has become, nothing will change. But I certainly won't be lining CBS or Bell's pockets for this trash any longer. I'll be sticking around because I love all you ladies but for real, fuck this show and fuck Y&R for being so damn dull and repetitive that it lost the top spot to THIS. I hope the spies that forward this info have better luck in their careers in the future to work on a better show than this.
  6. I had this same problem with her ages ago when she was the one waffling between Liam and Wyatt. She understandably wanted stability and loyalty but the minute anything went wrong, she was out the door without a second thought. Liam has done quite a bit to prove himself this year but much like her cousin, one good deed doesn't erase the last decade. But if that's what she honestly think of Liam, then either shit or get off the pot. It's not like she can cut Steffy out of his life: they share a child together. Liam is going to have to co-parent. And yes, Beth is eventually going to know her sister--that would have been the case even if Beth had never been kidnapped. She knows all of Steffy's dirty tricks and not even roofie sex was enough to keep Liam interested this time.
  7. Justin Torkildsen was my first Rick, which was why KL was such a glaring depature for me, even more so than the Mulletor and Sludge. Once Rick was allowed to tone the entitlement and Ridge hate down from 11 to a 6 and got a haircut, the character was much improved...and by then, the show decided to get rid of him and recast with Jacob Young, whom I never warmed up to in seven years on the show. He reminded me of Commander Data and I had no clue why Carowhine pursued him the way she did. Now KL!Rick? Yeah, I can see that. He was entirely wasted on the Marone twins who were ten years waaaaay too young and they should've had him going after Taylor from the beginning. Imagine her having that late-in-life baby with Brooke as Grandma?! 🤣 At any rate, if that sprumor is true, I wonder why they're revisiting that Maya/Carter thing now, years after the fact. It's not like there was any there there the first go around, when he was Maya's rebound.
  8. It's manufactured drama. The way Hope used to be written, I could have bought it 5 years ago...but TPTB have mellowed her out a lot where Steffy is concern. She's grateful for Steffy raising her and letting her play with "Phoebe" when she thought Beth was dead. I don't buy that she'd purposely cut Steffy out of Beth's life and certainly not out of Kelly's. But the shit Steffy was spewing was the worst revisionist history I've seen in a good long while...look, revise everything they want before 2003--its down the rabbit hole and YouTube likes to gut videos so new fans won't know or care. But this episode happened two months ago, and Steffy had not one iota of a fuck to give about Hope's pain. We've seen this trope play out a lot in soap operas and there are better ways to show Steffy's pain without coming across as a selfish slattern. I mean, Ashley Abbott has gone off the rails both times she lost children before and even she showed Sharon more grace and respect. AMBER showed more tact and she actually did steal that baby. Steffy is no saint and never will be. With that said: He was, and I'm glad someone said it. She has every right to be and if she's old enough to walk, she's old enough to start recognizing familiar faces. I was in the Navy for five years and a lot of sailors have told me there's an adjustment period when coming back from deployment for kids at that age. And then there's...other, more extreme examples in the news every day. Long story short, it's disappointing to see him slipping back to that old pattern of hiding stuff from Hope and not actually talking or respecting what she says. Reese orchestrated the whole thing. He deserves what he gets. But yeah. I'm black myself and I certainly don't tune into B&B for the quality representation, but this is some bad optics. A number of folks pointed this out way back when Carowhine was purposely mispronouncing Maya's name and the possible racist undertones of that "joke." I never expected Thomas to pay because he's a legacy child and the show offed one of Ridge's other children, but I never expected Flo to upstage Steffy AND Hope in all of this. Bad fucking optics. 😂😂😂 She came to a whole new country to stalk a man that was over her, so it's not like she's ever been working with a full deck. Brooke at her absolute lowest point wasn't this goddamned stupid. This is ATWT Emily Stewart after shooting Paul Ryan off the cliff level of desperate. OTOH, Zoe might go full nuts and finish the job Brooke started when he inevitably moves onto Flo or back with Sally when Wyatt waffles away, so...fingers crossed?
  9. Do any of them know about that? There's a lot I could pin on that slattern, but this isn't one of them. That was all Tommy's doing because he believed Liam's admittedly shitty history with loyalty entitled him to force sex on him, like Stephanie thought Brooke's history entitled her to sic a man she barely knew onto her. And if Thomas' continued griping about Hope passing him up and choosing Liam in spite of their history didn't smack of incel Nice Guy rhetoric, I don't know what does. Even if Liam was still the unrepentant shitcock he was at his third wedding attempt, he would still be better than ThomAss for not being a gaslighting rapist.
  10. For the first time in her adult life since Hope first started seeing Liam a decade ago, she actually had some damn sense on this today. So far, she and Liam are about appreciating and enjoying their daughter and recooperating from this traumatic last year. Considering how Steffy proposed to Hope for Liam the last time, they shouldn't have gotten married so soon last year in the first place. Brooke is a fucking moron here. Hope OTOH seems to have learned the lesson (for now) that a piece of paper does not a relationship make and if you need that to prove his loyalty, something is rotten in Denmark. I hope to God that was confusion and awkwardness from Liam in those last two minutes of the show, but let's also remember that Brat Bell jettisoned Brooke and Thorne after all they'd been through to be together before they'd reached six months in their marriage so that Brooke could chase behind a happily married Ridge. He also tanked Taylor and Rick for the same reasons, despite Taylor having been engaged to Thorne and then.married to Nick with nary a thought about him for years unt TIIC wanted more cheap conflict for Rick and Ridge. I'll be disappointed if this leads to more waffling from Liam after all this but not the least bit surprised. That's sorta his #brand along with his veganism and moral compass.
  11. Not that it was any excuse at all for what Brooke did, but Deacon and Bridget were doomed from the beginning. She was naive and stupid and Deacon was opportunistic and wanting to spite the Forresters for supporting Amber's marriage to Rick. If Brooke hadn't come between and no other cheap floozy turned his head, Bridget would've wised up eventually. People love to drag Brooke for this, and say nothing about Taylor sneaking around with Rick, but the only difference in those examples is that Bridget's rage over the event didn't get her killed. Bridget is no bullshit the closest thing to a saint the show has ever had, but she's also been allowed to have real emotions and reactions to the shit happening around her without going way over top. Like when Nick told her about boinking Katie in Catalina, there was no surprise in her voice, just a "WTF really dude" and "Ah shit, here we go again" and tossing her ring after learning Katie was knocked up on top of it. No muss, no fuss and she didn't give them a second thought until TPTB had to split Kick up to get Heather Tom and Don Diamont some screen time together. Such a shame their chemistry was never put to good use on Y&R, but I digress. Overall, she's a good girl, but a strong one who moves on with her life and in the one instance where she was overly insecure and petty towards a woman (because of Nick keeping secrets, even one that any decent person would have kept and he was in a Kobayashi Maru situation somewhat), she realize she was wrong and apologized. She didn't even use the excuse of her grief to shriek her ONS with Owen or throw up Nick's history (save for one line) as a reason to save their marriage. You know, I'd rather B&B never bring Bridget back, because history has proven they will fuck it all up again and shit over that history. TIIC had no issue taking a wrecking ball to Ridge's very few redeeming qualities these last few years, so why would Bridget's history be safe?
  12. Now in a few years, after she's demonstrated a pattern of better behavior? I'll be willing to say she's reformed and now a better person. But at this moment, she hasn't nearly earned her keep. Will Munson on ATWT was an actual child who was mentally poisoned by proxy by his mother's inability to keep out of her older son's life and accidentally killed his brother's fiancé to make her happy. He spent his formative years in psychiatric care, which had ramifications that persisted into adulthood when he and his wife tried to adopt. And that's still more punishment than anyone involved with hiding Beth has gotten, as grown ass adults not raised by Barbara fuckin' Ryan. Actions have consequences. Or they should...who here wants Flo around? Or Shauna? I admit fifteen years ago I viewed Brooke to be as overhyped and overexposed like Steffy is now, but I'm not *that* desperate to have Brooke "get what's coming" by sitting through scenes with Vegas Con Artist Barbie.
  13. All of this. I can't add anything else to that. This. It's bad enough she wasnt allowed her own agency during the whole eight months this crap dragged oooooooooooon but she and Liam and even presumed pet Steffy have all taken a third-row seat to propping up 2020s Amber and Brooke bashing. Lame.
  14. Actually those two bumbling fools have been off the screen since Ridge fired them and we're only tangibly connected to the main cast to begin with. If those two were as insistent to be insta-forgiven as the Fultons, I'd have the same reaction. If Flo is going to be here long term, she needs a much better publicist, or needs to get serious about cutting her mother's BS. I get it: it's hard to stand up to the best of parents, but especially not the bulldozer Gypsy Rose stage mama Shauna appears to be. But she's gonna be ruined by association until and unless that happens. Also this I can accept her not being in Flo's corner, but much like Taylor's irrationality about her kids' lives stem from her Brooke hate, her anger is all about Shauna. Flo can piss off today for all I care, and that isn't changing anytime soon but this isn't a good look for Brooke. Even for her, this is vindictive and petty. Yeah, but what would B&B be like if they weren't always shitting on Brooke to make her The Worst Person Ever, amirite? [/sarcasm] I really couldn't care less how petty they make Brooke to prop up Shauna like she's the new Jack Wagner of this show. Shauna. Is. Trash. And not because of her background. That flash in the pan DID story with Billy was actually the first time Delia has been mentioned or thought of in ages actually, and only thrown in to give Billy conflict with the most current version of Adam. The kid they never forgot about OTOH? was Cassie. It's been at least a year since the last blow out event memorial for her so Y&R is long overdue for Sharon and/or Nick to use her memory to be a shitheel. It really doesn't make sense considering Bill and Nick and all that, but when you find clips from the 80s, they really were all close friends who loved one another. It makes me even more mad that all that history was trashed the last few years, no matter how much better of Bill is with Brooke.
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