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  1. I honestly can't hate Douglas for how he acts when no one in his life, including Hope at this point, has his best interest in mind. I'm just pissed that if this garbage pile of a show is still airing once he gets SORASed that none of this will ever be addressed. He'll be 18 and all like, "Yeah, man, Dad is the best!" while Thomas drugs his girlfriend in the next room over. For all my many complaints about ATWT in its later years, the show did nail it with their teens and showed exactly how and why these kids were pissed at their parents (except for Adam Munson, which was REALLY WTF). Once Douglas is old enough to meet someone outside the Forrester-Logan-Spencer bubble and realize the damage done, I'd hope we'd get something akin to the dragging Erica/Mary gave Sheila. Thomas'grooming and manipulation is damn near on that level, even if he doesn't have a smattering of her intelligence.
  2. I'd love for her to return and end this nightmare. Whatever karma she had coming about the brain cancer lie has likely been paid with interest at this point, if he were even a tenth as crazy in NYC as he's been this past year.
  3. With that situation, the show went stealth, not even revealing the boink until *after* Bridget's Google-fu saved Katie. The worst part of it was how insistent Nick was that Katie should be allowed to let go peacefully and Bridget being "Um excuse me wtf" and all of us being puzzled by this about face until it was shown he'd boinked her. Dead men tell no tales....or dead women, in that case 😐 come to think of it, if CH was on her way out, wouldn't there have been....any news about that at all by now? Anything about a final taping? 🤔 They didn't for Aly's death because that was an intentional secret, but if this were truly her swan song, there should be....something. plus, the who vagueness of her illness seems to lead into a whole set up about Sally keeping the lie going so then Wyatt--and the audience--can feel good about him.picking Flo. which, as mentioned above, is just so tone deaf. The only time she had anything resembling popularity was when Brooke made her kidney donation all about Shauna and Ridge at the worst possible time, but that was more about Brooke than Flo. i think Amber had more fans by the end of her run, tbh.
  4. That's how I've seen it, too. There's always been some trick pulled by either Steffy or someone in her corner where she got him by default but as soon as the jig was up,Liam would speed back to Hope. Notice how he barely thought much at all about his stupid, impulsive kiss with Sally but within three months of Hope returning, he was all but "Steffy who?" And she was carrying his kid! That said, I still want Steffy to have ONE halfway functional relationship, even if the show will inevitably make him their generation's Nick Marone and sacrifice him to prop up Liam.
  5. I'm more likely to root for a Rory/Dean reunion* on Gilmore Girls than I ever would Steam, but at this point, he needs to cut his losses with Hope, too. Sue for sole custody, because Douglas is the most important man in her life and nothing else matters. *A ship I hated so much, I made sure to TiVo Supernatural for the first 12 episodes or so just to give a boost to it's ratings in the hopes that Jared Paledecki stayed gone. Which.....well. 😭🤣
  6. Ya know, I still wonder if this complete lunacy in Hope isnt just an extremely lazy way for Bell to write a Steamless reunion and minimizing the blowback for dipping into that well again. I'll admit she can be full of herself but she did used to be far more skeptical of shady ass characters and had a brain to use. It's the exact level of lazy writing I expect outta this stupid show.
  7. So, what was his excuse before 2018? Technically, he "had a family" with Steffy in the clip Countrygirl posted up there, too, as well as the first time he tried to marry this version of Hope. Has he ever true apologized for any of that? He seemed to have some glimmers of self awareness last year when the plot called for it, This is Billy Buttbiscuit Abbott levels of self absorbed, and spineless wimp that he is, Liam is capable of better.
  8. While I'd love for Sally to make a miraculous recovery just on principle, Courtney Hope deserves so much better than being a third rate character and treated like a fourth rate talent on a show that produced half of soapdom's most notorious hair models, including long standing punchline Ronn Moss. And what irritates me most is in a year or two, once Brat Bell's moved on to a new fixation, he's gonna do the same shit to Flo to be rid of her, and then what was all this for? A giant waste of time, just like the baby switch was, where nothing's changed except Thomas usurping Liam as the show's romantic lead, because this is bizarro world.
  9. And then a year later, her secret twin who is 10 times more annoying and awful can return to scam Kyle out of his money, then pal around with Billy after Amanda gets sick of him! 🙃 Dying is a way of martyrizing her, and I don't want that at all. I'd rather she and Rey and Arturo just frigging go. Preferably before Sharon fucks Rey over yet again, because I'm certain the show is headed for a Shick reunion like I am that the sky is blue and history has proven Sharon can't have nice things.
  10. 😂😂😂 But seriously, am I the only one that remembers Victoria was damn near grown (and had had one pregnancy scare IIRC) by the time Billy Abbott was born? When they first got together, I was seriously going WTF to that. They've seriously de-aged Vicky after the recast, but even at her most bohemian art grad dont-care-about-Newman-Enterprises (which I DO NOT miss!) she still seemed too uptight for them to have lasted this long.
  11. Yabbut that means I'd have to watch the show 😛 i hate Thomas still, but Liam has been rationalizing this crap for a decade now. Kinda like I couldn't get mad at Eric reading him for filth (which next to the Forrest family freakout over Deacon's deflowering of Bridget and the Bill DARE dress down is my 3rd favorite scene of all time on the show!) in spite of his own dismissiveness of his wives, Thomas isn't wrong. I daresay that were Liam to have ever given Hope a real reason to trust and believe in him before Beth's "death," she wouldn't have been so set on pushing him on Steffy before he could leave on his own. Nor would Hope have fallen for that idiot trap Thomas set up...I mean, it worked once before when Rick did the same thing and Thomas was also the benefactor there.
  12. You know, when this whole mess began, I figured it was a plot to push Steffy and Liam together. Boy, was I wrong.....if only it were just about that. The baby story did reset a lot for B&B. Not so much for the show that's gone back to shilling the ToD and who ruined Wyatt's one good feature to prop another worthless Bell toy who will be disposed of in another year or two. No, what changed is with us the audience drawing a much harder line than they did in the past for some truly rank writing that disregard the very history foust upon us for the last ten years. Hope is only slightly more auteristic than Steffy--she wouldn't lie about killing a cousin in self defense--but she's not Bridget. Hell, even Bridget would have put an end to these shenanigans months ago and gotten his grandmothers on the horn long ago. As much as I'm glad her haters were proven wrong about her forgetting him as soon as Beth was back (as what usually happens on these shows that push biology above everything else), it's gone to the other extreme where Beth might as well not exist.
  13. The baby reveal/Thomas' fall happened in August, no? That was at least six months that Ridge and Brooke have been having this same circular discussion that neither of them will cave on. Like, GEEZ. Put Bridge out of our misery already.
  14. Ugh, Steffy is faaaaaaaaar from the worst cretin on this show. And that's saying a lot.
  15. What person SAYS this? Who would WANT to be that child being used as a bargaining chip to keep a man that doesn't want to be there?! It was awkward enough growing up having to make calls to my dad for the child support he owed us. im just so confused how anyone could write this.
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