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  1. It was well after RJ's birth and after Ridge decided to stay with Taylor after being tricked into re-marrying her by Stephanie faking a heart attack. By the time Ridge came back to Brooke begging for a second chance, Brooke had made the single biggest effort to date to move on from him. At the time this happened, Brooke was actually married to his brother Nick, who at that point was *the* single most toughest competition Ridge had ever faced for her affections. Thorston Kaye highlights the very worst of his traits but even with a slight more charismatic actor, Ridge was awful and I was si
  2. Did he...did he forget he nearly blinked Bridget himself after Taylor died?! O_o I mean, I'D like to forget, but he has no room on this specific issue here. Preach. It sure is something that Ridge's default these days is to accuse other men of rape when his fragile pea brain can't accept the fact that a woman in his life made a decision he didn't like. First he lies on Steffy about Bill and now he's painting Deacon as the aggressor. As was pointed out earlier, Brooke had absolutely no attachment towards that creep Andy, and she had made it abundantly clear that she was throug
  3. On paper and without the context of everything in Liam's history, sure. But if Deacon is like a hurricane in Hope's life, then Liam is a CAT 5. On Jupiter. Actually, Taylor did stand trial for Darla's death. I forgot the specific reason how or why she got off in canon, but that was the one "punishment" she ever got for anything in her life. But in general, these shit stains use their money and wealth to get out of jail, then look their noses down on everyone else. That might be the single funniest line ever written in B&B's entire 35 year history. While there have
  4. Seeing that Ridge made it as clear as a king waffle like himself could make it that he was happy with Taylor at the time, there is nothing for him to forgive. The only wronged party in all of that was Bridget, and she has patience that would make the biblical Job look like a Karen in K-Mart in comparison. Hers is the only opinion that matters for forgiveness and if she can make peace with that without making it Hope's problem--despite mentioning more than once how hard it was to see her as a sister-theres no reason his whiny bitch ass can't make an effort to suck it up.
  5. Why did I read that in Eric Cartman's voice? 😂 But absolutely this. Wasn't him dumping her on their honeymoon over a text from Deacon enough of a clue? Ridge has fuck at least two women who were completely out of it. He can fuck off to Uranus for all I care. As the kids say these days, "you love to see it" 👍 Back in the old days, I was very much Team Everybody Sucks Here for Hope and Steffy, but honestly the very worst shit Hope's ever done to anyone doesn't compare to the shit Steffy's pulled. I didn't appreciate Hope 1.0's ability to speak up wit
  6. I see Deacon is already influencing Hope for the better 👍 Normally, I have no patience for women tearing into other women even with their history, but given all of Steffy's shrieking to Hope about Finn recently, I'm glad to see Hope go in on them both. Liam would be the least self-aware character in all of soapdom if not for Billy Abbott. But even Billy has Victor and sometimes Adam to put a foot in his ass, which is more than he ever gets. Sure he gets a fews slaps on the wrists, Eric laid into him one time (which is not as fun to cheer for in light of *his* own adventures in gaslig
  7. Which is odd because in the early days, Liam *was* pretty active in her life, in spite of the circumstances that led to their separation. God knows the show gives me enough reasons to bash on Liam, but I'm gonna assume it's a combination of COVID restrictions and Show's own extremely narrow focus on why we haven't seen Kelly around Liam much these days. I'm not looking forward to Kelly's SORASing when Grandma Taylor will poison her brain the way she did Steffy and Thomas about Evil Logans and how Hope stole her daddy and ruined her life the way Brooke ruined hers.
  8. I gotta somewhat defend Finn on this. I'm a few days behind but I would say some shock is warranted for covering a secret like that, especially as part of an affair. But that said, this would play a lot better if Finn hadn't all but forgotten Li existed the minute Mommy Dearest showed up at his door because she's the truly wronged party in all of this. My SIL did help my brother raise the child he conceived during her deployment, but she knew about the affair. (She has since divorced him and I couldn't be happier). Or to connect it to a story we're all familiar with: was Hope right to be
  9. No worries. This is an industry-wide problem, not B&B only but it's telling how often black characters (and Gabriella, the only Latina of any note in the 20+ years I've been watching) are either pushed to the background as Carter was for ages or only used to prop up white characters (ie Marcus, Justin and Maya). That said: I'm in full agreement here. I don't want her dead but that doesn't mean I'm not as sick of the tonguebaths as I was when Hope got parties thrown in her honor every 6 months or when TIIC sang Taylor's extremely unearned praises. I would say it's getting into
  10. I hope not. Not because I'm some super big fan or terribly invested but between Emma's death receiving no justice and the clear lack of checks and balances before the Eric/Quinn/Carter shit went to air, this show has....shall we be generous and say perception issues that I am exhausted about screaming about. Real life already sucks hard enough on this as it is. But even besides this, killing off characters is just lazy as all shit. Just write her off as following Zoe wherever she fucked off to and I'll get the pleasure of knowing they're both miserable. Win-win for everyone.
  11. Agreed. I'm not as down on Paris as most people. I think TIIC need to give her some actual reason for all the men on the show to fawn over her, but the same could've been said about Hope 10 years ago and Steffy too. So far, she hasn't done anything great but she hasn't been awful either. I'd rather it not be Finn because I'm tired of Hope and Steffy fighting over men, but I'm #NeverThomas, so...yeah.
  12. I'm at a table for one on this, but while I don't necessarily love ever fashion choice Paris makes or this orange hair of hers, it's nice to see anyone on this show with any attempt at fashion flair at all, given the basic bitch 2002 JCPenney catalogue picks that pass for high fashion these days. Seriously, the last fashion show I can recall was when all three Avant sisters were on the show and probably predates the release of Pokemon Go.
  13. As an aside, while I'm very happy for her, I just cannot even imagine getting pregnant in the same calendar year of giving birth! O_O That said, there's no need to give Steffy another child right now.
  14. In fairness, has anyone other than Bridget really earned their acclaim in the fashion industry? Say what one will about the idiocy of her leaving the medical profession behind, she submitted her designs the Jackie M anonymously and after Nick bounced her following their divorce, she turned down Ridge's offer to design for FC. But the rest of the Brat Pack? All any of their whiners *do* is let Mommy and Daddy fight their battles and get pushed into positions according and it's all boring and trite. The show has been missing true underdogs since the Spectras left and for the brief period Sp
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