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  1. Transitions have been crazy lately: yesterday, Abigail is at home, then BOOM! She's at the airfield today, Ava is at the airfield, then BOOM! She's at home Also, will be interesting if Abigail is "reunited" with Sarah at the DiMera island... Something I don't get about how Gwen showed up out of nowhere: Gwen said she heard Ava & Abigail argue over the phone? (I didn't care enough to rewind). HOW?!?!?! Neither Ava nor Abigail were on the phone with anyone!
  2. Awwww man! I'm neutral on Josh Duhamel, but I'd love to see Joshua Jackson - whose Charlie was always the heart and soul of the movies.
  3. No, not just you. It's boring that the women in these movies - not just HM, but also Lifetime, Netflix, etc. seem to have the same kind of jobs. As for the bolded, no freaking way would the female lead have a blue collar/lower middle class type of job in these movies because they are meant to be aspirational - Hallmark esp. To me, it's deliberate that the set design shows everything shiny, glossy, new. Houses are large and modern. Cars are newer models (no beaters). Etc. etc. etc.
  4. We'll see how it shakes out in today's episode, but yes, I do realize Abigail told Chad about the similarities between what happened to Kate and Sarah, and that includes the masking. But the last we saw was Chad saying he was going to attend to the kids then he & Abigail were going to have dinner together. Then BOOM - Abigail is at the airstrip exposing "Sarah"! Just seemed like it was a dream (nightmare?) of Gwen's...but we'll see.
  5. I just get this feeling the airstrip scene between Abigail and “Sarah” is a dream of Gwen’s…but if not a dream and Abigail really did expose the plot, Ava will find some way of silencing Abigail, but that will just open a whole new can of worms because there’s no good reason for Abigail to simply disappear. Someone will investigate an Abigail disappearance.
  6. The above was about Don't Forget I Love You. Was anyone else aghast as I was when Taylor told her dad that she saw Lady Friend with the ring - when Neighbor Dad flat out told Taylor that wasn't his deceased wife's ring - and it seemed Neighbor Dad was proposing to Lady Friend, then the dad told Taylor to tell Neighbor Dad she loved him anyway!!! 😲 Taylor doesn't know what kind of relationship Neighbor Dad and Lady Friend have (that the dad only thought of proposing because of the reasons posted in the quote above). For all Taylor knew, the two were in love (or close to it). But she's
  7. Since I don't care enough to look into the hiring practices of DOOL or social media of the actors, I'm guessing LG's short return is over? Now that Abigail has been bested (Kristen on the phone and seeing Gwen and "Sarah" together), I assume there's no need for Abigail/Xander to look further into Sarah's disappearance.
  8. Ah, OK...thanks for that. A Presidential press conference meant I missed an episode and I didn't feel like watching On Demand. But where would this voicebox be on "Sarah" considering her pixie haircut wouldn't hide such a voicebox?! Sorry, I guess I shouldn't overthink the practical aspects of how a disguise can trick anyone given the many other things that go into that disguise (height, weight, scars/tattoos, gestures or mannerisms, etc.). This show is such a damn cartoon now and has been for many months!
  9. How the hell can Gwen realistically mimic Sarah’s voice?!?!?! Is my memory that whack, but the two characters never really interacted, right? So how does Gwen know what Sarah sounds like? Can someone confirm/correct?
  10. No judging at all. I like this "tournament". Guys who would end up the "winner" for me are (depending on certain categories like appearance, acting ability, movie plot, co-stars) would be: Travis Van Winkle Andrew Walker Kevin McGarry Ryan McPartlin That's off the top of my head.
  11. I haven't seen today's episode yet to refresh my memory...but aren't both Steve & Kayla wearing their wedding rings?!?!?! I know in a past episode, Kayla kept worrying her ring (twisting it round and round) while they discussed their plan to infiltrate the convent/find Kristen.
  12. I'm curious to see if Hallmark will pair up the folks from When Calls the Heart in a non-WCTH movie. I know they already did this with 2 actors from WCTH (the actors who play Lee & Rosemary) but wonder if they will do that with the main actor - Erin Krakow and one of the actors from WCTH? Or maybe Hallmark will never do that because they don't want to muddy the waters - even though we viewers are smart enough to tell they are different productions/characters! If for nothing else, I will always have a soft spot for Natalie Hall because her character was my fave on a CW teen show c
  13. wrt to the bolded, it's so incredibly STUPID that the only reason Devil Johnny knew to hoof it asap to the courthouse to choke Chad from telling the (sort of) Truth is because he was sitting at a table in front of Kate & Lucas as Kate was telling him that Chad was going to tell the truth in court. Now, bear in mind: when Kate arrived at the Brady pub, that table where Devil Johnny sat was empty. So somehow, DOOL wants us to believe: 1) DevilJohnny somehow knew he should go to the pub; 2) DevilJohnny somehow knew to sit at the table in front of Kate/Lucas so he can listen in
  14. Not only are they insulting the audience, they insult the Salemnites. HOW, how, how many times have they witnessed someone OOC because of either the Devil or Kristen in disguise? If the people of Salem had a single brain cell, their # 1 automatic go-to these days should be to wonder if the person acting/saying stuff OOC is either because of the Devil or disguised Kristen. The fact they don't and just take it as it comes no matter how OOC somebody acts is so, so, so, so - did I say so? - stupid!
  15. Sooooo glad I'm taking a break from watching and only catching up via this forum. Show sounds so insulting to viewers - and women in general - that I'll keep away until I read something here that makes me want to watch.
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