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  1. The thing that's crazy to me is why aren't we seeing Bill rain hellfire on Justin after what the latter did to Bill's son (deliberately keeping the video/secret that Vinny planned a "death by suicide")? And Ridge too - his exclusive focus shouldn't be on Daddy Forrester, it should be on whatever arrangement Justin & he have to bring down Bill/Spencer Publications! Where did that whole Justin/kidnap Thomas/hide video evidence to clear Liam stuff go?!
  2. Sorry for my mishmash of thoughts, but: My take on the whole EJ/Johnny thing is EJ should be neutral. Neither support nor actively try to sabotage Johnny's filmmaking. Just let it play out and see what happens, but let Johnny know that EJ's preference is for Johnny to join the family company. [Of course, since none of this is in EJ's nature, we're seeing it play out onscreen the way we are] I deliberately didn't watch when Marlena was possessed by the Devil because I thought the idea of it was soooo dumb and campy. Wasn't Passions airing around the same time? Maybe DOOL decided wel
  3. Yeah, I too forget someone's name right after being introduced unless I make a conscious effort to remember (like silently repeating it over and over while introductions are made, but that causes me to miss out out what else is being said...so I don't do the repeating thing much). It was in passing, but another hint is the name "Ray" which Paulina told Doc was the baby's father.
  4. Neither dress nor belt worked for me. I thought both were hideous!
  5. Here's the thing: I could buy with the open marriage concept IF: 1) one of more of the participants have a history of open relationships; 2) one or more express interest in wanting to explore open relationships because they were always interested in the idea and now want to actually try it But, of course that's not what the situation is. Does anyone doubt that IF NOT FOR Eric's erectile dysfunction, there's no way in heck Eric would want Carter to "service" his wife!?
  6. I think the thing that will leave the worse taste in my mouth about how the series ended is that Charlie did in fact turn out to be angelic. Producers seem to be saying: Celestials are "better" than humans, and it's a BAD thing to "merely" be human if you can be a celestial. P.S. I still don't understand why Rory's wings were weapons...maybe I'll re-watch one day, but if anyone can explain, I'd appreciate it.
  7. For me, the two things above seemed like the writers were trying to inject an actual triangle into this. Like saying: 1) Ooooh, Nathan is serious about settling down because he wants to buy property to build a home; 2) Hey, see! Nathan likes books and reads too - - - it's not just Lucas! But how much do you bet both things - Nathan wanting to buy property and his interest in books - gets dropped now that Elizabeth has chosen Lucas? Well, if this was on Lifetime, yeah, we could maybe see Lucas's motives as superficial and even nefarious. But c'mon - it's Hallmark. Of cou
  8. Sorry, maybe my post was confusing. I meant a limited run with a recast Hope. As I previously posted, given how much ish has been happening to her immediate family, it's crazy Hope isn't on canvas. And here we go with another family member facing ish - Hope's father. Maybe they'll resolve that story quickly and mostly off screen. That's probably the best way to avoid having the ridiculousness of Hope's continued absence.
  9. Thankfully, this one post encompassed just about all my thoughts on this final season/series. Regression (Charlie being angelic after all), glaring omission (no Trixie at Chloe's deathbed, and no goodbye from Luci to Trixie) and nonsense (AmenaGod can go back and forth but Lucifer can't?!) is my takeway. The only two things I liked were: 1) Lucifer as the "Linda" in Hell; and 2) return of Charlotte, even in a non-speaking role My final comments: what did Chloe tell Trixie about baby Aurora? Does Trixie know who the father is? Is Trixie told about Celestials - or - does T
  10. Yep - except for that one time the night Sheila "re-introduced" herself at the wedding, I can't recall Finn making it clear that he considers Li his mom. I guess blood is thicker than water! OMG - yes! Rena looked so fabulous in that dress, and the makeup complimented the dress quite well. As for the whole storyline of Carter "servicing" Quinn at Eric's behest, most of you have echoed my thoughts about how gross it is. As for the racist undertones, that's why you need diversity in any organization. People can hear about different perspectives from others, and maybe even be appri
  11. ITA!!! And for me, I was watching Beyond Salem and DOOL concurrently, so it was soooo weird seeing certain characters BOTH in Salem, but also in another city (Elani group in Miami and Chad in Phoenix).
  12. I don't necessarily want the role recast, because to my mind, Kristian Alfonso IS Hope! But, I don't think the storylines involving key incidents to her immediate family members (Ciara being found alive but now has amnesia, Claire being kidnapped by crazy Jan) worked without her being on canvas. Perhaps just a limited run, where after the immediacy of the situation is over...Hope can go on a "world cruise" or something. [Hey, if that can work for OG Sally Spectra, why not Hope?!] Depending on where they go with the Doug story...it just perpetuates the silliness of Hope not being there wh
  13. Thank you!!! I couldn't figure out where I saw her before...and didn't see the credits so it was bugging me how I knew her. Yeah, I tuned in for the nostalgia factor, but felt the execution & stories were underwhelming. There was so much campy vibe to this show, and that's not really my cup of tea.
  14. It's loooong past time DOOL recast the role. Too many things have happened on canvas for Hope to continue being absent.
  15. THIS! THIS! THIS! I can understand Finn being desperate to connect with Sheila if: 1) he grew up motherless; or 2) grew up abused by whoever played the mother role in his life BUT NEITHER OF THESE HAPPENED! If anyone on this forum is comfortable talking about it publically, if you were adopted, but raised by a loving/supportive mom, can you talk about how you'd approach a birth mom who suddenly came into your life (esp. if people are telling you about all the horrific things your birth mom did)?
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