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  1. I'm conflicted. I could see myself rooting for either direction. I too was Team OG Broe (and always thought the best pairing for Brady was Chloe) but perhaps there's just too much water under that bridge...? As others have pointed out, Phillip comes with alot less baggage. So I am very slightly leaning toward Phloe....
  2. Bitsie is definitely showing me something I didn't see on Grimm. So it had to be the Juliet character rather than Bitsie that made that role underwhelming...
  3. ITA to alllll the above!!! Color me surprised how much I'm enjoying this show. Does anyone know if there will for sure be a Season 2? Also, didn't Superman ask John Henry Irons how did he get this THIS Earth? He never answered did he? I think that would be a pretty important thing to know since other folks might use the same method to arrive on this Earth.
  4. Watch out Salem Inn - you've got competition and worse news - Jack's Place is FREE! 😉
  5. Loved the “new” OG Ducks jerseys! And it made sense that Sofi = Banks jersey since both are the best player on their team; and Evan = Charlie jersey since both are the captain EXCEPT while I felt Charlie was the heart and soul of movie Ducks, in this series, that role is occupied by Nick Just perfect! I really hope they ditch the Alex/Bombay romance (romantic vibes). Not only is it a cliche, imo, they don’t have that kind of chemistry. My favorite part of the final was when each kid stated why they had already “won”. And it’s true - these misfits found a home/family with each o
  6. Notwithstanding the viewers' contempt for the Salem PD, but what's Shawn's excuse? Why didn't he at least try to involve the entire police force in searching for his own freaking daughter?! If he's afraid of trigger happy Jan, tell his co-workers to lay off the lights/sirens. Instead, he enlists Ben to help?! Civilian BEN??!! In any "normal" kidnapping, the first 24 hours are key. That's when you have the best chance of finding the victim, so you need to bring in as many resources as possible. I feel like I'm losing brain cells watching this show...
  7. Sooooo much THIS! I was a tepid Chabigail 'shipper, but maybe they just don't work anymore as a couple? For me, the lack of trust/faith in each other (but esp. on Chad's part) can't be magicked away. None, zero, zip, zilch of Gwen's shenanigans would have worked if not for that glaring basic lack of trust/faith. That's a serious strike in any marriage. Because the plot called for it! 😉 Seriously though...it's just so dumb! So is Ben the go-to for any emergency? Got into a car crash? Call Ben. Fell down the stairs & broke your leg? Call Ben. Leaky pipe? Call Ben.
  8. That certainly sounds like John DeLancie in the teaser, but how will they explain why Q has aged? Can't an Omnipotent Being take on any age/appearance he wants?
  9. Yep - the unprofessionalism from Trask towards Belle made me roll my eyes. And Trask is so stupid not to question how Jan "conveniently" found John's taped "evidence". Compounding her stupidity is not putting two and two together w/r/t Jan's "evidence" with her talk of how she and Shawn will finally be together blah, blah, blah. It's beyond obvious that Jan would have an ulterior motive to put Belle in prison, yet Trask can't see it? I wonder who is currently holding onto the one brain cell shared among Salemnites...
  10. No kidding! I thought the dress part was OK - but it was the sleeves that made the outfit absurd!
  11. The actor still creeps me out from when he played a villain on The Vampire Diaries Agree about both the door and Sarah's sister seeming not to know/care why her older sister just disappeared. Also, with all the racket Tag made when he broke into the house and confronted Sarah, why didn't Sophie come over to find out what was happening? And finally, I too hope Jonathan will develop powers sooner than later. Jordan is the classic "squeaky wheel gets the oil" so poor Jonathan gets shafted.
  12. Or Austin or Billie! Did the show forget Kate has more than a couple of kids?! THIS! THIS! THIS! You can have your chat in leisure AFTER you've left the place where you were kept prisoner for days(?) hours(?)
  13. Yes, Kaz portrayed by Freddy Carter. You can see more of his amazing cheekbones in the Netflix show Free Rein (teen show about show jumping/horses).
  14. Yeah, Ari was the best I’ve ever seen her acting when she lost the son she had with EJ. I’ve always been meh on the character, but I felt sooooo sad for Nicole, especially when she was folding away the baby clothes she bought for her “little dude”. So heartbreaking. And then they ruined whatever sympathy I had for Nicole with her blaming Jennifer for the baby’s death. Can’t wait for Abigail and Jennifer to compare being wrongfully blamed for a fetus death when each had NOTHING to do with it.
  15. That's why my favorite Nicole pairing has always been with EJ.
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