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  1. This made me laugh! Yeah, Jackson! I can't tell you how many times I've left my parachute just lying there next to the couch and the cats go after it. LOL How about showing a problem we can relate to?
  2. If it couldn't be Lilith, Claire was my favorite. I wanted Frasier to date Claire for a short while to see what it was like to be happy. Maybe they could have broken up over finding out she loves milk glass bud vases or decorated her place with 1970's colors like avocado green, orange and gold. Something at least funny. On their trip, Frasier became an insufferable hot head. Frasier could have explored why he was angry, but there wasn't an answer. Instead, he spends his time obsessing over a dream he had of Lana. He asks everyone, even the guy vacuuming the plane, if he should pick Claire or Lana. I really got tired of his bad attitude. I wanted to like this episode since they were on a trip, supposed to be happy, and Frasier was with Claire. But, this one is on my list of clunkers. Then there's that scene where Frasier has just dumped Claire and she's in the hall waiting for the elevator. Daphne is there talking to her. Claire mentions that she thought of Daphne as a sister. They both hug and cry. Daphne wanted a "sister" too. I wonder if Kelsey was going thru another divorce at the time this episode was written. Maybe the writers were giving their opinion of his behavior and taking it out on him. Edited because I couldn't remember if her name was Lorna or Lana at that time.
  3. I really liked the tea party. Zoey's too young to understand the whole tea party thing right now, but that's because she's 2. She hasn't experienced much yet. How would Zoey know if she likes tea parties or not? Thinking about it though, what's not to like? Tea. Cookies and little cakes. Wearing cute hats and sunglasses. I was more of a tomboy, but i still loved tea parties.
  4. ITA about the skydiver guy. He didn't seem loving toward his cats. Just liked them because they were more exotic than a regular house cat since a tiger in the house would be illegal. His home was modern stainless steel. The cats didn't have anything to play with other than his parachute. During the end of the episode, I did see a cat tree shoved in the corner, but it didn't look that interesting for these 2 cats. Would that be Pump? I LOVED that cat! What a sweetie. The owner needed to be fixed during that episode more than the cat.
  5. I knew Brooke wouldn't win in the first few minutes of the show. Not due to her dish, but Katie saying they had to pick the one who they believed could beat Bobby. That comes down to experience. Brooke was too young. She might have had the better dish, but Andrew has tons more experience. I was surprised that Andrew picked meat loaf. Bobby knows what he's doing with ground meat. He said he hadn't made much meat loaf and wanted us to believe this was going to be a real challenge for him. NOT! I didn't believe him when he said it. So far I like this show. I like the more relaxed atmosphere here, rather than Iron Chef America. I'm liking Bobby dressed like a regular guy.
  6. I too tuned in because it was an interesting idea. I agree that the people in town aren't acting like I'd think they'd really react. I figured there'd be the people who were ecstatic to see their loved ones come back from the dead. They'd be wondering how it could happen. Was there some spiritual event going on? Were people coming back to life all over the world? Then there's the suspicious people who think the resurrected are somehow aliens, or imposters posing as their loved ones. I understand there should be a healthy amount of skepticism and maybe some DNA testing or something. But while that's being done, how about some HAPPINESS to see your little boy alive again! This show stirs lots of emotions. I'd have tons of questions to ask that person. Yet these people do a lot of silent staring. Another point is how can this show take a topic like being "resurrected" and NOT be mentioning The Bible? I've watched several episodes of this show. I don't remember anyone mentioning "hey, why don't we look it up in The Bible and see what it says?". Maybe they did, but I didn't see that 2 minutes. I hoped this show would be really interesting when I saw the previews. ITA that it seems more like they had a good idea, but don't have a clue what to do with it. That's too bad. I wanted to like this show.
  7. The up and down eyebrows made my face hurt just watching that. Nice screen shots. I forgot how handsome he was back then. I don't get Magnum on my cable.
  8. Ricky: "The time has come."
  9. Figured I'd start a thread about favorite episodes. When I think about a certain story, it gets me talking about it with enthusiasm all over again. The Pickle Story is my favorite. On the surface it seems like a simple story, but it's really complex. It starts out when Andy and Barney are trying to find a solution to not having to eat bad home-made pickles. The story becomes increasingly complex. They don't want to hurt Aunt Bee's feelings. They don't want to eat the bad home-made pickles. Their solution is to switch them. HOW to do that. Everyone loves the new pickles, but Aunt Bee wants to enter them at the fair. Andy figures it wouldn't hurt if Aunt Bee won a ribbon for them. UNTIL, he meets Clara and her album of prized ribbons for her pickles. Suddenly, Andy's got all these problems he's got to solve. He's got Aunt Bee's feelings, and Clara's feelings to consider. He doesn't want to hurt either of them. He's got to figure out what to do AGAIN. I love it when Andy, Barney and Opie are stuffing themselves eating up those pickles so Aunt Bee has to make another batch. The writing in this episode was especially good. It focused on 1 simple idea. Went all around it from different angles and thought about the consequences. It seems the actors and the writers all had fun with it. No car chases. No women dressed like hookers. No one is shot or stabbed. No one was hurt physically or emotionally. Except for a few sour stomachs by Andy, Barney and Opie. This was good story telling.
  10. I cringe when the consultant asks the bride, "What's your budget?". The bride wants to spend a maximum of $5,000 but you KNOW the consultant takes that as a starting point! Then the bride ends up with a $6,000 dress BEFORE alterations. But, it looks almost identical to the $3,200 dress we saw 2 episodes previously! If I'm ever in that situation, I'm going to start with a much lower price point and see what I can get. If I can't find anything, THEN I'll raise my budget. But I'm not going to start at my highest. Also, we keep seeing the same dresses over and over again. Kleinfelds boasts they have thousands of dresses. Why do they keep showing the same things? It's gotten where now when the bride describes what she's looking for, I can guess what gown their going to put her in before they show it.
  11. I like Randy, too. He seems to genuinely want to find the best, most flattering dress for the bride to make her happy. Some of the consultants are interchangeable IMO, but the episode picks up for me when Randy comes in to help.
  12. How can a see-thru lace corset with cheap tulle skirt be $8,000!
  13. I first watched this show when I was a child. It's timeless. I still use some quotes from this show in my everyday life. One is from the episode where Lucy gets a black eye when Ricky tosses a book to her. Later in the episode, in the hall Fred smacks Ricky in the eye. Ricky walks into the apartment holding his eye and says, "Wha hoppen?" I come home. Reach in the fridge. Get a diet soda. Pop the top. It spews. "Wha hoppen?" I still say "lousy susan".
  14. I've watched several seasons of this show and look forward to the new episodes. I too hope the producers and Jackson have made the show better, and gotten away from the dramatic pauses which are annoying. Jackson: "Has Mr. Skankyfuzz started eating from his dish again." >----long pause----< Clueless Couple: "... Yes. He's eating from his dish." Some of the people on this show don't seem like cat people at all. For some of the problems, I'd think an experienced cat person would know what to do. I don't mean all of the situations, but some. The couple who introduced a rhodesian ridgeback puppy into their home comes to mind. They had some behavioral problems with their cat and thought a rambunctious puppy would some how help. WTF? Seriously, how did they think THAT would help? It seemed more like they were trying a tough love tactic with a cat. If you don't stop crying, I'll really give you something to cry about! A puppy that's soon going to be a BIG DOG. I kind of wish they'd give us updates on some of the cats and owners. I particularly liked the story of Ally and Cally. I forgot her age, but that sweet lady was in her late 80's I think. She wanted a companion animal and had so much love and affection to give a pet, but her cat was biting and scratching her. I'd like to know how they are doing now.
  15. Frasier: "Niles... are your pants humming?" Niles: "...it's my Testicle 2000."
  16. They still ask to see my Yum-Yum.
  17. Mountain Greenery is one of my faves, too. Their harmony was wonderful! Thanks for the videos.
  18. I'm really looking forward to this episode. They've been showing the promos and Zoey calls Jen "momma". Zoey is SO CUTE and I'm SO HAPPY for Jen that she's got her little girl now. Time to play dress up. Time for cute, fun hats. Time for cute clothes. Time for tea parties!
  19. I have several LEAST favorite: The Rita Moreno episode felt like a totally different show. The GIRLS did a cameo on their OWN SHOW. The homeless shelter episode, because I don't like hollywood preaching at me while they are hypocritical. I really want to talk about the Kid Pepe episode though. From the beginning, I have a hard time believing that Sophia would buy a boxer on the street corner. She's supposed to be the savvy one, like in the episode where she's negotiating the price of a nectarine from a grocer. Yet, she falls for Kid Pepe's story like Jack and his magic beans. Then there's the rest of the story. It's too ridiculous for me to "get into". Like some episodes where they wrote Rose to be too stupid to be believable, like Rose thinking Bob Hope is her dad. Kid Pepe was too stupid from start to finish. Even the line, "because you're CCCCCUUUUUUBBBAN", falls flat when it was obvious from Dorothy's delivery that it's supposed to be a big deal.
  20. Lillith (in an audible sigh): "My god." Frasier (taking it the wrong way): "My goddess!" --------- Frasier just coming back from a trip visiting Frederick and deciding to go to the radio convention. Frasier: "I've got to go pack." Niles: "Your bags are already packed." Frasier: "No, these are my daddy clothes. I need my 'COME to daddy' clothes."
  21. I LOVE the quote in this thread title. There are certain lines that could only be said by a certain character. Dorothy brought a centered perspective with the perfect amount of sarcasm.
  22. I didn't watch TNG during it's first run. At the time, I didn't want to watch anything other than the original Star Trek. I wasn't a huge sci-fi fan so I'm surprised I'd be so picky but I was. It wasn't until about the year 2000 that I was up late and nothing else was on. I was flipping the channels. TNG was on. What caught my attention and got me to put down the remote was they had just beamed aboard a metal object that had "NASA" written on it. I thought I'd watch a bit. That was "The Royale" episode where they discover what happened to that missing astronaut. When they find out his identity, Riker says, "Rest in peace, colonel". It's like bringing a missing soldier back home. I've thought about it several times that this episode particularly was what I needed to get me to be a fan. I'm partial to stories like this where someone lost is "brought home" sort of. They don't actually bring his body home, but the knowledge of what happened to him. The other parts of the story, like the mobsters, was silly. Many people don't like this episode, but this story got me to watch. AND, Riker was especially handsome so I watched a few more episodes. After that, I was a fan. Luckily at that time there were a couple of networks that aired 3 or 4 episodes a day. I was able to catch up with the series quickly. Became a Picard fan, too. I didn't like DS9 much. I agree with that other poster that it didn't really seem like a Trek show. It was just aliens in outer space. It never clicked with me. When TNG wasn't on, I'd watch Voyager. It was okay, but TNG is far and away my favorite of ALL the Star Trek series.
  23. "I'm meeting my multiple-personality group and it takes forever to make out the name tags." "Hammer toes."
  24. "Tell him he is a good cat. Tell him he is a pretty cat."
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