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  1. Yes, it seems like something is wrong with him, though we know he makes it a ways into the future. I don't know if Lydia is Chilean, Rodarte is a Hispanic surname, but we do know she knows that Gus is way more than just a drug dealer, as she told Mike when she was showing him how to launder money. And now we see that Gus is free to be himself in front of her. How it all connects to what happened in Santiago has piqued my interest even though I haven't been one to care about the drug thuggery in general.
  2. This episode was quite operatic. Gus was positively florid with Peter, then switched to pragmatic, hyper controlled in the burning down of LPH. Jimmy and Lalo in the courtroom, then Jimmy and Howard in the hallway. I feel like this is building up to a suitably operatic conclusion to the season; someone is not going to make it out alive. We know who survives into BB, so that leaves only a few candidates. I shudder to think.
  3. They can protect each other by lying. They are both very good at it. There doesn't need to be a marriage. Speaking of being a good liar, I really cannot give accolades to Kim's handling of Kevin. She just committed huge malpractice against him, and now she's got him all bowled over by her powers of persuasion. Not the kind of lawyer I'm impressed with. She and Jimmy are actually made for each other. It was the reaction that in real life would have Jimmy removed from the building, and maybe taken in on a mental health hold.
  4. Marriage. Even Huell thinks it is lame. Because it is lame. And they don't have another friend between them. I can't with Kim anymore. Gus and Lydia and Peter from Madrigal and Santiago and 'hang on, we're so close'? Now that's intriguing.
  5. I would like to see more of that, too. We did see Jimmy have some pangs of conscience, didn't we, when he managed to turn all the retired ladies against Irene, if that's what her name was. I cannot remember any of the details, it was so long ago. At this point I don't know how much he would care about collateral damage done. He has gone precipitously downhill morally. I think in show time it is only a short time since he was reinstated to practice, and what does he immediately do? He's like 'catch me if you can' and part of him wants to be caught and punished at the same time that he thinks he can pull off any slime that occurs to him.
  6. They did show us that when she was working in the HHM mail room, she was impressed by Chuck, sort of star struck in a way. She marveled at his abilities and mastery of details, etc. In a way I suppose she's emulated Chuck in the regulatory work. But let's face it, how long is someone with the thrill-seeking impulses she has going to be satisfied with that dry stuff with a side of mundane public defender cases?
  7. I'm guessing that Cassidy is going to come back in the story next season since she popped up in Nicky's new trailer. I wonder if Kevin starts construction on the house he builds after being inspired by the time capsule drawing. This would bring him back to Pennsylvania more. I hope to see more of Nicky for sure and I wouldn't mind Cassidy figuring in somehow. I honestly don't need any more Kevin/Randall, it's going to be tough watching Rebecca's decline, I am not invested in Kate and Toby adopting. There has been plenty of adoption in the show, it was already hard to swallow Kate's IVF, and now they apparently successfully adopt. Kevin navigating impending fatherhood could be okay but I'm not really into it. They could use an infusion of new plot or at least interesting returns to threads they've already woven.
  8. I think it's pretty irrelevant anyway. It would not apply to anything that just happened, before they marry if they do. And if Kim has the idea to use it in the future when they do underhanded/criminal things and want to avoid being compelled to testify, I don't think either one of them would have much problem lying under oath to begin with. If she's going to marry him it should be for some other reason.
  9. That's a very good distillation of him. Yes. If Mesa Verde cuts ties with Schweikert, and with Saul being radioactive, I don't think Kim has a future there.
  10. I think Rebecca's birthdate was on her cognitive test and I think it was March 1950, but I haven't double checked. That would make her 70 now and if we're seeing her 12 years hence she would be 82. She looks like a pretty youthful 70, so how they showed her at 82 seems to track for me.
  11. If she were harmed or worsens because of it, I suspect he would remain among the unforgiven. Kevin is not speaking to him at the 40th birthday, so maybe forgiveness would take more time than that. I keep remembering they come together in some fashion at mom's end of days. It helps me kind of distance from the ugliness of this episode. The more distant future of Jack's new baby and sibling revelation strike me as a little trite so they just don't serve to balance out the sibling rivalry in overdrive that is Kevin and Randall right now. I'm ready to move on and I hope they don't pick up next season right where they left off.
  12. I think so, too, though they are now getting closer to knowing, if the show is to conclude in two years (though that will be extended by the pandemic). If she hasn't made headway in four years, it gets less likely to me that she will do much changing in the next couple. Regardless, they still want us to wonder.
  13. Imagine the Randall hate if that happened. It would overwhelm. Until kingdom come.
  14. I think so, but the 'Kevin is hot' comments here outnumber the Randall ones. Kevin does nothing for me, I wouldn't look twice at him on the street, but that is probably in the category of unpopular opinions. Different strokes. I do think the perception of physical attractiveness plays into evaluations of the unacceptability of various behaviors.
  15. It seems like they gave her that job to fit in with the plot line of Deja's coming into the family, if I even remember that correctly. I think she was working in New Jersey (could be wrong) so that fits where they lived at the time, before the whole Philadelphia story started. Randall is driving with Tess to the deathbed gathering, Beth is coming separately and gets there first from her dance studio with the Pin the Tail on the Donkey, so I don't even know where they are all located in the future.
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