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  1. I never noticed them in the scene. Cuckoo clocks were very popular when I was a kid, in my part of the midwest. I even had one of my grandmother's, which is now my daughter's. They were fascinating to me when I was young. Maybe Kevin travels extensively in Alpine countries? Maybe if they are working, the sound comforts/calms Rebecca? Or he mentioned he likes them and now people keep giving them as gifts. They figured prominently in one of his movies . . . something like that may come up next season because otherwise why bother with that little set decoration.
  2. It's pretty generational I think, common in the midwest for sure. Another thing he said that shows his age is "stockings". Nobody says that anymore, it's pantyhose, if they're even worn at all. Nicky is a one man throwback.
  3. These are super sharp observations! I'm just wondering if/why the weddings would be at the same location. Except to fool us, of course. If his perfectly crafted wedding to Madison didn't happen as we know it didn't, but he marries her in the future, would a person go to the same site for the second time? Maybe, maybe not. If he marries someone else, a new location would be probable. Besides lighting, were the bathroom and bedroom the same?
  4. Rebecca having Alzheimer's wasn't known yet at the time she moved. She could help Kate and Toby, but only with somebody else with her, her diagnosis doesn't lend itself to caring for a newborn and a special needs toddler alone. Who's to say Miguel would be up for that in retirement, even as much as he seems to love being a grandfather and is very helpful. It's a lot having that responsibility at his age even without Rebecca's health situation. As far as her inappropriate behavior at the non-wedding, and I agree it was out of bounds, it could be typical for her, or the poor judgment could be
  5. Yes, I can see that I would never be able to do an identification as a witness under oath. I could never trust myself to be accurate.
  6. I thought I did, too, and now can't find that, either. I remember wondering if he said "how" is your mom, or "where" is your mom. Was I drifting off to sleep at the time and dreamed it? I don't know. We're clearly meant to wonder and be on pins and needles as to that wedding ring of his, and who's going to be pulling up in the car with Toby and Kate's kids.
  7. It was over the top, intended to make us see how playful they are with each other, are they together, yadda yadda. We must stay interested until next January . . .
  8. Right, not romantic and not what Madison needs to be doing for herself. As much as I say I don't care who Kevin ends up with, it occurred to me that Kevin does not need someone who said as Madison did that she's in love with him and he's so easy to fall in love with. Fine to a point, but does he need someone who is besotted like a fan? Who blurted the hookup info to Kate the first chance she got. He might do better with someone on more solid ground with who he really is, past failures and all. I think we know who that is
  9. I thought it was in episode 9, The Ride, but when I just looked on nbc.com., the last scene in Rebecca's room is missing. It ends with Randall and Deja on the front step, and it should go on to them in the room I think? I'm confused now. Maybe the continuation is in another episode.
  10. We need all kinds of new material to distract from that and the who will Kevin end up with intrigue. Which does not intrigue me.
  11. This times ten. I'm not superstitious but those earrings would feel tainted to me. Unless since the words that went along with them were, maybe you'll find somebody better than your father, she's like, yes mother, I found somebody way better. But I still wouldn't wear them.
  12. Kate and Toby are in a good spot by the time the non-wedding of Kevin and Madison ends. They were both willing to put the other first, that light bulb went off over Kate's head and she followed through. Same for Toby's realization of what was more important. Toby has recently been supportive of everything Kate wanted/needed: going to finish her degree, adoption, facing down that abusive Marc, learning about her abortion. I cannot fault him for not wanting to be a stay-at-home parent, it's not for everyone and he never contemplated doing it when they were having Jack and adopting Haley. I
  13. Aretha, lots and lots of people. If she had no will, then yes, her son inherits. But maybe she had foreclosed all thoughts of that and left it to Hai. Was he living there? I don't remember. The estate may not have been settled yet. But if he owned it, he definitely was the type to be sure it went to Randall. I think Randall will end up doing something noble with it, or else move in and run for Senate in Louisiana. Yes, they are possibly together in that timeline and still not in the end. At Rebecca's deathbed doesn't Kevin ask his son "how's your mother?" I could have that wrong. They
  14. Stranger things have happened on the show. I think Kate and Toby ended up the season on a high note with them trying to meet the other one beyond even the middle. If the 3 day a week out of town job undoes them, that will be kind of weak. So I can see them together in five years, then split in five more for other reasons. But the long lost or unknown sibling thing would not rock my world. There was actually a bra slung over a chair. I also think Cassidy is a wild card. They have something of a loose end to tie up with her.
  15. Absolutely agree especially with the true love thing. I get impatient with that no matter where it crops up. In Kevin's case, he might be a serial monogamist. Lots of people are. I'm guessing they will see each other again. She has something to say to him. There is that grandmother's ring. It will not be dropped. Since we see him with a ring in the flashforward to Rebecca's death, if he's married, it doesn't have to be either Sophie or Madison. It would be smart to have it be neither.
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