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  1. That's true, but the cartel folk are adept at burying people in the desert never to be found. And no one back home knows where they went, the men themselves didn't even know where they were. Even if bodies were somehow found, it would be hard to pin on Gus, Mike or anyone. And he's going nuts in Cinnabon. He was never going to last long there.
  2. Can someone help me out, I can't remember from a year and a half ago, did Jeff the cabbie drive Gene from the hospital to his home, and Gene was freaking out so he got out before reaching his place? In other words, not back to his car at the mall? If so, did Jeff just happen to see him at Cinnabon quite soon after the hospital incident? As to the widow and workers being paid off and sent on their way, it's way too many loose ends for Gus Fring to be able to tolerate and thus doesn't work well for me. Any one of them can become disgruntled or just drunk and cause huge problems.
  3. Is Ed the vacuum cleaner man being punitive when he doubles the price for a new identity? Greedy for sure. Doesn't he give a limited warranty for his work? Just kidding, of course, but I always thought putting Saul in Omaha was a bad choice, he should have gone more than two states away. It didn't hurt that the second guy was way bigger. But seriously, I did enjoy him telling Gus he could keep the retainer.
  4. I think that's probably the case. But Nacho and his dad, or Kim, could still be shown going into the vac shop, no interaction with Ed, and the next we see they are in their new life/identity. I almost feel like it has to happen with someone, or why bother to show Ed, then have Gene change his mind.
  5. The NY Times reviewer thinks this is the best season premiere yet, and I couldn't disagree more. The only decent part for me was the Gene Takovic opener, I am curious how he thinks he can fix his problem. I am over Kim being pulled into slimy moves, then looking torn about it, we've seen this time and again. I can't abide Lalo. I am also not finding control freak Gus very compelling anymore. When he said "choose your next words carefully", I laughed. I was happy that Mike ignored that suggestion. Maybe it's because the waits between seasons are too long that I'm a little cranky about not being more bowled over, but I felt there was nothing new to see here. Too bad. I'm hoping the next episode picks up the pace and draws me back in, but this episode was just sub-par.
  6. Maybe Randall will be at odds with some aspect of the plan to build a house from Jack's sketch. It will be sad if he is excluded for any reason. Isn't their birthday also their father's birthday? I won't be surprised if he turns up at some point anyway. Mom wasn't answering her phone, if nothing else he would want to make sure with his own eyes that she was all right.
  7. I cringed when she said something like we haven't even had a date yet. Like she is expecting that, and then she calls Kate and blabs. I think some awkward times are ahead. Kevin didn't seem too interested in pursuing a next meeting, he was outta there.
  8. I don't know, I thought it fit nicely in the surroundings, from what little I could tell at night. One story, low-slung, not pretentious in my view. A hilltop is a good place to avoid flooding and water in basements, and they would need to follow local rules to get a building permit, so I can buy the location. Did the cabin below look refurbished, with a big deck? That would lend credence to a previous post about Nicky living there. If Kevin doesn't live there full-time, Nicky can keep an eye on the place (though he's got to be in his mid-80s by now), or a caretaker can live in the cabin.
  9. Any The Good Place viewers here who got a Chidi vibe from kid Randall not being able to decide on something to include in the time capsule? I wonder if that was intentional.
  10. If it's 12-15 years in the future, they are early to mid fifties, and from 40 to that isn't huge for lots of people. Even me, fairly unconcerned with hair or makeup and such, I don't see a ton of difference in pictures of myself at those ages. I hope that the writer(s) are friends with Elijah and it's a friendly jab, otherwise, kind of passive-aggressive shade. Funny though. I never heard of it, either, I'm too old and my kids are too young. We did the paper fortune teller thing way way back in the 20th century, in elementary school. Oh, the low tech fads.
  11. For a long time I've been thinking that a good way to end the series would be the Pearsons resurrecting Jack's Big 3 Construction idea--a way to come to better peace about his loss and continue his dream into the future. Kevin building Jack's dream house on the cabin property comes close enough, I really like it. It is one of the best bits of writing yet.
  12. That could be. But wasn't Randall repeatedly calling her on her cell in that episode? That was muddled up with Thanksgiving present and Big 3 future birthday, but I thought his name was visible on her phone that she lost at the grocery store. Also, would it be a bit draconian for Randall to not have at least some limited contact? If she's still living in California there's enough spatial distance for him to cede control to Miguel and his siblings. I feel like no contact would unduly punish Rebecca. Yes, and words to the effect of "never saw it coming" were said. That, and there was the way Mark stood there when Rebecca told him to get the hell out, without being defiant, but just stony. Almost like he expected more of a verbal attack or something. There's more we have yet to see.
  13. Didn't he have facial hair, or did I hallucinate that? I don't think I remember seeing him other than clean-shaven before. Graying facial hair can both add age, and hide some of the effects of it. I may be wrong about it, someone correct me if I am, but I was so taken by how good he looked, I might have mentally just added it (and I normally am not into him, at all).
  14. We don't know if Kevin and his son's mother are together in the future, but we just saw a clue that maybe they aren't at the end of this episode. He arrives alone, and in the first flash forward that we saw when everyone was gathering, Randall asks the son "where's your dad", not where are your parents, so Kevin may be a single dad at that point. Or not. We also haven't seen Annie or Deja or heard them mentioned.
  15. Sophie is mentioned and her picture shows up. I think she will be back (or the writers like red herrings).
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