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  1. I agree she wants respect, but that's only part of her motivation for her recent turn onto the bad choice road. I believe she had healthy amounts of respect at Schweikert and could have continued to amass it there and in the Albuquerque legal community. She was pretty much winning at the game. I think she wants to punish people who get things the easy way, whereas she and Jimmy have had to work, fight, persevere against odds, etc. She has an underlying ability to skirt the rules, and enjoy it. She wants to use her powers for good, but is not averse to using them to wreck someone who did her wrong. Apparently can hold a grudge. Lalo better watch his ass if he comes back looking for Nacho, which I'm sure he will.
  2. Yes, that's the reason, but ID him for something relatively minor, and he was IDed anyway. So that's why it rankles, unnecessary and awful. The capability of killing an innocent person because he wants to investigate what Mike is doing . . . Mike and Jimmy are disturbed by this, Lalo not so much.
  3. Lalo has an interesting indefinable something about him, that the others do not. I suppose that's why I can tolerate him onscreen a bit more than other Salamancas. As far as having the dimension of loving people in their family or immediate orbit, that's true of Mike, too, he loves his granddaughter, but to me that's baseline human behavior. He still is capable of murder and mayhem, he just recently executed Werner, someone he liked. On the other hand, lots of non-murderous people could not give a rip about their people who have taken care of them, etc. so I guess these bits show some humanity in otherwise despicable people. I'm not over Lalo killing the innocent wire transfer guy, though. That was so unnecessary. Now that the show has humanized Lalo by having him show affection for his people, he has even more fire in him to get to Nacho, beyond just offing him for his involvement in the attempt. He will want to make him suffer, and his father is a good way.
  4. Except none of them are on solid ground completely trusting anyone. In this episode Eladio scoffed at Nacho's desire to not have to look over his shoulder, said something like you're in the wrong business then. Lalo wouldn't think Nacho would be rampaging at his compound, but he also wasn't sleeping, so I'm not sure he didn't feel a need to be extra alert. Which good thing for him he was. If anything, his night guard situation was a little lacking. I had not thought of that. If so he handles the stuff better than cousin Tuco.
  5. It was very quick thinking of Nacho to start an oil fire. Of course he's had recent experience with participation in a fire at Los Pollos. I don't know what he would have done if Lalo hadn't sent him in for the liquor, he would have had to go mano-a-mano I guess.
  6. I think nobody who consistently only sleeps only a couple hours a night can be as quick on his feet, physically and mentally, as Lalo is. It is likely that Lalo did not trust Nacho. He had a change of plan after his encounter with Kim and Jimmy, and was not just dropped off and picked up as previously planned. He got to thinking who he could really trust, per Kim's lecture. He knows there's at least one rat in the Salamanca organization who made it possible to try to grab his bail money. Between Gus and Lalo, I don't see Nachito getting out alive, he's been down one too many bad choice roads.
  7. Yes, Lalo did introduce him that way, and Eladio responded by wondering if Nacho is all right in the head. I think it was said earlier that Tuco is getting released in 11 months.
  8. I was initially asking about what the killers had for communication because I was trying to figure how Nacho got warned, then immediately had no cell again. If it was a satellite phone they used as was indicated by MrWhyt, then I guess that answers it. You apparently don't need a makeshift tower if you have a satellite phone, which are designed for use in places with no cell network. If I understand correctly. That makes sense to me now that he could have received that call and then immediately his phone was useless again.
  9. That is interesting -- instead of using her words to persuade Jimmy to stay away from cartel business. She has been steely and silent about her reasons for doing things in the past, so it fits with that aspect of her character. Whatever her motivations, I don't much like having Jimmy and Kim be two peas in a pod going forward. That's out of balance for one thing, but also boring. If they go that route, they're going to need a good foil. I don't want to see them succeed in ruining Howard and they go on their merry way. Maybe Mr. deGuzman returns and needs help from his team. Once a friend of the cartel, always a friend of the cartel.
  10. I meant between the killers -- did they communicate with each other via phone or walkie talkie? I thought there was some communication after Lalo went through the tunnel, maybe I'm confused.
  11. Did the assassins use a phone or was it a walkie? I noticed the initial Salamanca guard had a walkie.
  12. Yes, she was so bothered that she took information gotten by Mr. X and used it against her client, costing him millions. I knew then that she was capable of huge deception and malpractice, but Kevin's career isn't destroyed the way she's contemplating doing to Howard. She's dangerous. It's like she's let the lid off her id.
  13. I thought something like that, too, I thought Lalo did not trust him after what Kim said, and he was setting him up. He either gets himself killed that way, or reports the call to Lalo and passes the loyalty test. I do want to know who made the call though, and did I see it wrong or did he have no cell service again immediately after the call?
  14. There's plenty of reason for Kim to harbor resentment of Howard. That's not an issue for me. For her to immediately, zero to 60 as somebody aptly phrased it, traumatized or not from Lalo's visit, have a plan to take Howard down is what I am not buying. It wasn't long ago at all that she was really displeased with Jimmy for pulling off his fake invocation of Chuck's memory at the bar reinstatement. She was apparently impressed with Jimmy turning his Chuck grief into something positive only to be pissed that she fell for his con about it. So now she has a close encounter with the cartel, a chance encounter with Howard, and bam! she's needing to work her amazing skill set in a take down of Howard. It all doesn't cohere for me. For me, more about Nacho's betrayal of Lalo and its fallout, and Kim's future plans, if she carries them out.
  15. Do you mean the padlock that he picked open with some metal that he looked to be cutting up in the kitchen before he went outside? I didn't see a combination lock. Lalo would suspect him not just because he was up and about at 3 a.m. but because he even asked Nacho if he got lost coming back from fetching the liquor.
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