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  1. Goodness wtf has happened to this show? How did it go from being interesting and must see tv to must turn this shit off. I was once a huge Quinn fan and enjoyed her for the most part harmless antics, but this latest nonsense with Liam is horrible and vile. I don't even like Liam and find him underwhelming, but what Quinn is doing to a man that has brain damage is not entertaining. The retread of Bill/Katie/Brooke....yawn. Is there nothing else they can write for KKL? How many times do we have to watch Brooke cross boundaries she has no business crossing and then sayin ooops I'm sorry as the left tear falls. We've seen this same trope over and over. If she didn't meant to hurt Katie then why keep crossing the lines? How about keep your yap shut about how you feel? Then keep your legs snapped shut too. This bitch is trifling and too old to be acting this way. Where is Ridge? Why aren't we enjoying the romance of Caroline/Ridge and building to the fall out as the truth of the baby is revealed? At least Sasha and her Dad manage to be interesting, but even that boring insipid Nicole and Zende manage to ruin that. This show has sunk to the bottom. Sad when you think about where it was a year ago.
  2. Yup, my feelings when I see Steffy's dragged looking ass on my screen & when I watch YR as someone else posted. Bell soaps are now officially in a handbag to hell. I think it's fairly obvious that Julius knocked up the neighbor and Sasha is his little secret daughter he didn't want anyone to know about. This exact same thing happened to my aunt and uncle. He was boning the next door neighbor and got her and my aunt pregnant at the same time. Both babies were born merely days apart and no kidding..the daughters/sisters look exactly alike. My uncle was busted of course, but my aunt stayed with him, in spite of the nasty ordeal, but kicked him out of her bed. My uncle made a good living, and he and my aunt had five other kids together, so divorce was not an option. I presume my uncle kept banging the neighbor, because she never moved and from what I remember had no husband. Life can be so strange.
  3. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is doing well this season! I haven't seen the show in a few weeks so admittedly I'm a bit out of the loop w/what happened. Still that doesn't stop me from agreeing with all of this: Geez wtf happened to this show? Last time I felt good watching this show, Ridge/Caroline were getting their freak on with paint and Maya and Rick were being self absorbed asses (they still are) but at least it was interesting back then. Now we have to endure all this baby/pregnancy crap and boring Nicole and Zende. Then there's Steffy. WTF is this annoying character on my screen? I hate Steffy w/the intensity of a thousand suns. I don't want to look at her or hear her. Bitch is always up in someone's business. She has Lame, wtf does she care what Ivy does now or with whom? I can't stand that damn drag bitch. Grrrrr!!!!!
  4. Once again! *Slow clap* You just keep running those posts to the end zone. I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy it all.
  5. Yaasss! Every word is exactly how I feel. I bolded the highlights. I despised Maya Veronica Lodge Forrester. She is a selfish doe eyed manipulating wench and those damn writers are coming for my Ivy and I ain't having it. They better not stick her with Hans Klopek Forrester. I'm about to bust from anger with this shit. It's bad enough Hans is her cousin (blood or not) but it's damn HANS!!!! My Ivy is a regal gorgeous beauty who deserves way better than that leering leacherous creep. Ugh!!!! I was starting to really dig Wyatt and Ivy and think the two of them are really good for each other, wtf does Wyatt have to compete with Hans now? I need a damn serial killer to come to BB and get rid of Thomas, Maya, and Steffy. Those three are testing me.
  6. Papa Avant took me to CHURCH!. When he told Maya she'd already done what she wanted to her body but she didn't get to now decide what would be done with Nicole's, I was Yes...yessireeee! Those folks needed to fall on their knees and say Jayzus...I am HEALED! Then turn away from their selfish sinful ways. I think Maya's father has had Enough! He's not playing now and if Rick isn't careful he's gonna get a sex change himself, because that man is coming for his ass. Those damn Forresters are corrupting his children. I hate that Hans Klopek is back, but I was never feeling this lie that Ridge wants Caroline to hold on to. I want them to all come clean with each other and for Caroline to get some testing done asap, so Ridge can be declared the father once and for all. Then Brooke and her trifling ass can go away and stop meddling. Maybe she can get drunk and Hans can come over and comfort her. On the subject of Steffy's ass-ets, I"m gonna go with she was wearing a booty bump, that or she deliberately was popping that thing out so the camera would get it.
  7. This show is becoming such a huge bummer. First poor Nicole gets pressured into carrying a baby for her self absorbed sister and now her idiotic money grubbing father and weak wimpy mother are going to land on them? The father is simply without shame isn't he? He's got dollar signs for eyes. Dragging down further, I've to deal with Hans Klopek Forrester coming back from Paris..ugh! And why in the hell doesn't someone grab a damn lemon bar and shove it in Pam's mouth? Someone needs to choke the hell out of that gum bumping biddy. That woman can't snap it shut can she? I'd have to choke a bisch like that who was all up in my uterus. Woman be gone! Speaking of meddling bisches....Brooke Broke Down Logan is getting tired and played out. I can do with her tired ass worrying about whether Ridge's sperm is swimming up stream or not. This woman needs to get a life and get laid. She's just way to worried about Ridge/Caroline and it's pathetic. And who the hell does Liam think he is? Martin Luther King? That whole speech was just silly. He's trying to be a peacemaker when he can't even get his penis out of Steffy's purse. This whole week was FAIL! Ugh...this show is snapping my nerves....I'm not happy.
  8. Ugh, every time I see Steffy's huge Loretta Lynn head pop up on my screen I just want to punch it. She's such an insufferable selfish self righteous bitch. Did I mention that I hate her with the intensity of a thousand suns? I HATE her. How is it that you can hit someone with a tire iron and they fall and hit their head and that's the end of discussion for the authorities. I'm sure this was discussed way back on here, but wouldn't Ally have shown some sort of injury from the tire iron? All of this is just lazy writing and I'm beyond bored with the Steffy/Ivy feud. It's clear that Steffy will always win. She's gotta really be Victor Newman's daughter. On another note, I thoroughly loved watching Ridge/Caroline today. LG/TK really know how to save an episode and If it weren't for them I would have tuned out. I'm really invested in their story and though I hate that Thomas is involved in it, at least I'm not bored by the whole thing. I have this sinking feeling that Thomas is going to play dirty and say that Caroline was fully aware of what was happening and wanted him. I can see this weasel doing whatever it takes to keep Caroline and Ridge apart. I'm hoping there is a twist and the baby is really Ridge's.
  9. As a latina who grew up watching Telenovelas I can proudly say this is all true. There is something about a telenovela that that American soaps just can't capture. Imo, they are written with much more heart and you always get the satisfying end of the villains losing and the hero/heroine finally getting the happily ever after. It's a long road with twists and turns and fans are usually tortured along the way, but you do get the pay off before it wraps up. Beautiful actors, locations and awesome sets. Yes...the men are very handsome and may I add the kisses and love scenes..are FIYAH! American soaps are just torture and most villains never pay (see Victor Newman). It's a huge turn off and eventually you just tune out, because you already know what the end game is going to be and it won't be your couple.
  10. I've been skimming off and on for days ( the show is too damn boring to actually watch) but THIS prompted me to actually make my fingers move on the keyboard. I would love for the above I bolded to actually prompt Nick to throw out that worthless dried up rotting herb that adds no flavor to anything; but that would actually mean the shit runners were paying attention to Nick's character and writing him true to form. It's pretty plain to this viewer that this show is run by morons who are only interested in their investments *coughFRIENDScough*. So most likely withering herb will be forgiven and Nick will barely blink at her culpability in any of Adam's shenanigans. She'll scrunch up her face, try to cry and Nick will fold and then haul off and punch Adam blaming him for upsetting and bullying the herb into helping him. He'll probably find a way to drag Sharon into it...saying she was worse because she married Adam and Sage only helped him because she was afraid. I'm positive Nick will find some way to elevate that hideous creton he's married to. We all know in Nick's world Sharon is the worst, no matter what. We are stuck with Kelly Sullivan and her piss poor acting and more scenes of her scrunching her face as she attempt to fake cry.
  11. It's bad enough that she has all those fillers, but as you point out, it's all further emphasized with the over the top makeup and hair. She looks like a man in drag. She should have learned after working with Hunter Tylo not to touch her face, but it's almost as if she's going for the same puffy distorted look.
  12. Hey! Thanks so much <3 I totally agree with you on the rivalry between Liam and Wyatt. I never cared much for either, but lately I find myself rooting for Wyatt to crush Liam into dust. I could tolerated Liam before but aligned now with Steffy I find I simply loathe him. The best line of the day. Liam is nothing but Steffy's bitch and purse holder. I have never ever understood the appeal of Liam. I think SC is an okay actor and he has his shining moments, but beyond that I don't get his appeal. I have never ever believed in any orbit that any girl of Hope or even Steffy's status would be attracted to such a bland ordinary guy. He's a walking sleep aide. I would love for them to recast CJ, but if the latest casting with Thomas is any indication, I'm almost afraid to imagine who would play CJ. Boy you guys are on fire today with the wit and commentary. I have to say today was one of the best eps I've seen in a while and it's in large part because of Bill/Katie. I loved Bill and Katie reading Liam's wimpy ass and then leaving him slack jawed. Steffy has completely emasculated Liam and this is something that has to be completely vulgar to a man like Bill Spencer. I think if Steffy's face could have moved it would have cracked from the way her and Liam's asses were being served. I didn't miss Rick or Maya, but it was sort of nice to see them.
  13. *Waves* Thank you! I can't get enough of TK and LG together either! Thomas really does have a creep factor to him. I' was trying to figure out who he reminds me of with his unusual eye contact and lurkish behavior and it's Hans Klopek from The Burbs!
  14. Hey there! Thanks ;) I'm a fan of Raquel Welch, I think she's a gorgeous woman but that wig line of hers is a no go and Steffy is too! I thought there were a few here who were digging him when he came on board. I was Ron Moss fan, he gave some good laughs and his scarves and growling "It's not gonna happen Rrrrrrrick!" always made for good tv. It's just impossible to replace or replicate that. So I just tell myself that this is sort of a new character even though it's Ridge. I'm just willing to let it slide and focus on the good good that TK and LG are bringing. They give me the feels! I don't know why Thomas had to be replaced. I thought the last guy was doing pretty good although I guess he doesn't resemble TK in any way.
  15. Hey All! It's been a long time, but personal family stuff has had me away. I still remain a fan of CarRidge though...that's my shit! .I guess I'll ride alone, because I dig TK as Ridge. He's certainly not original recipe Ridge, but that's ok by me. What I love about this Ridge is that he's not all about Logan. That bike had been ridden to death and personally I wanted off of it, and I wanted Ridge to finally get off of her. Literally. I dig that there's a new love in Ridge's life and it's Caroline. I am a huge fan of LG's and I love what she and TK are bringing to the show with this May/December romance. It's refreshing and they are really selling it to me. What I can do without is that punk Thomas in the mix. I'm not sure what I think about the actor..he's okay I guess...I think the show wants to make him happen but it's not. . What I can absofuckinglutely do without ...Is JM, but my gawd is she hideous to watch. Beyond her horrible acting is her distracting Las Vegas drag look. Then there's the helmet hair that looks like a wig from the Raquel Welch line. I was starting to actually like Liam when he was with Ivy, but now he's become an annoying turd again. I second KMatula coming back so she can make Steffy suffer. I despise Steffy. I want someone...anyone to crush the shit out of her and her loathsome ego. . Where are Quinn and Deacon? Those two deserve a front burner story. I'd love to see Quinn torment and torture Steffy. Ivy should have confided in her and let Quinn assist her with the blackmailing. Quinn knows how to make a bitch squirm. Why is Oliver being wasted? Ally's death could have been written so much better and all the beats of the grief were missed with Thorne and Oliver. Oliver especially is cute enough and way more appealing to me than this Thomas character. Bradley needs to understand that there can be other 20 something characters/romances that are far more interesting than the one's that involve Liam or Wyatt. Dollar Bill is hot, but his sons remain just meh for me. I especially never got what Hope or Steffy saw in Liam. He's never been anything other than just vanilla for me. Wyatt at least pushes the envelope and lives a bit on the edge...but Liam is not all that in looks or personality and Wyatt shouldn't have to live in his shadow. I don't know how anyone else is feeling but the show is just lukewarm for me now, Bringing on Thomas and Steffy to shake things up has been a huge dud for me. I'm not looking forward to a wtd for Caroline, or her getting kicked to the curb by Ridge over this and I especially don't need Brooke gloating or sniffing around Ridge. Or Steffy's judgmental attitude over it all.
  16. Thanks! It's nice to be back reading the great posts! I just wish I felt the same enthusiasm about YR. It just felt so boring and flat to me.
  17. Thanks ((H)) I missed all of you guys and the delicious snark! I just did not have the stomach to watch and knew if I even lurked here I would be dragged in. I can honestly say I did not miss this show. It appears to be in worse shape than I thought. I won't be surprised if Pratt is fired and Phelps decides she wants that no talent RC that just got canned at YR. Then we'll really be in trouble.
  18. Hey all! Well I gave up this show as soon as Jack was kidnapped and tortured and the hideousness that is Nick and Sage began. I decided to come back and now I find out Sharon is pregnant with Dylan's baby...ok, so that isn't so bad...but then I find out Adam is still stuck with that mutilated eyebrow Chelsea and he's going to lose again to Victor, have that old nutsack Billy on his behind and Victoria is still a hormonal hag, I've got to still look at Dummer and her Gnome acting like they're the best thing in the world, while Jack is still being tortured because Victor is roaming free and his wife is upset because she didn't know her husband was kidnapped and tortured and all she cares about is that she was stuck with Marco who was awesome in bed. WTF with Neil? this man is vile and where is Drucilla when you need her to slap him silly? Cane/Lily = zzzz and why is Mario Cantone still on the show? Please free Lauren already. I won't blame her this time if she finds a new bartender to hump 7 days a week. All in all this show is a D- but I missed you all.
  19. It's certainly going to change how I view this show. If this means she will be shoved front and center and involved in every frickin' story then I may have to cut back. I think she's a piss poor actress and her face is just to damn f'd up with fillers for me to watch her. I don't like the character for sure, but I sometimes think it's because I really don't like the way JMW chooses to portray Steffy. In another actress hands I might just love to hate her..instead of just hate her.
  20. Fantastic post Cupid, KKL really can do more and has earned the right to have better story. I personally think she should be the martriarch and would welcome that change. Let's just get off this I-need-a-man in my bed trope we keep getting served. It's so old and tired. At this point, Brooke should not need or even want a man. She should be comfortable in her skin, comfortable with her life and her solitude. She should finally be at a place where she can look back at her life and have no regrets, just ownership of it all and how it has made her the woman she is today. Then she should forge ahead, no apologies for shit..and start kicking some ass with the company and her son. I would be down with shades of Stephanie Forrester (minus the broaches and pantsuits) and I think KKL can do it ..but her way.
  21. THIS! When she did this..I wanted to put a fist through my flat screen. Annoying bitch. WTF is it her business what Ridge and Caroline talk about or do? This woman is so desperate to have Ridge pay attention to her it's embarrassing and trying to make him feel ashamed because he's with someone younger is atrocious. I really could do with another break from Brooke. He was definitely amused by her..because he knows she already tried. She and her swimsuit failed. So no..she can't get him back like *snap* that. I so agree about TK being sexy. I dig him so much as Ridge. I dig him even more when he's with Caroline.
  22. I agree with your whole assessment so no need to apologize to this poster. For the record...I'm team Ridge on this one. After the way Rick has behaved and the way MayRon has thrown her weight around, I personally have no fucks to give for her. As I said before I want her ass dragged for filth and Rick thrown under the bus of humiliation. Bring it ON! I think like some in viewerville...Ridge is over Brooke. I love that he more or less told her that he's finally seen the light where she and her ego are concerned. Caroline is a breath of fresh air for him and for this viewer. I couldn't stand Amber...but I loathe Nicole so much that I would at this point welcome Amber back. She makes way more sense than Nicole who is nothing but an annoying opportunist. There is at least history with Amber and she is connected to some on canvas. The audience is invested in her...wtf should I care about Nicole? The only thing I enjoy is the way she makes MayRon squirm. I find myself bored with Maya's whole story...that said I am so looking forward to the big reveal and her being shown the door out of Forrester. IDGAF if she stays with Rick, but I will enjoy his face being cracked by the reality that this woman who is so wonderful and unique has been lying to him all along ....from day one..while she was busy running around pointing out everyone else's deceits. Oh how sweet it will be! I don't hate Katie..but I do agree with you that I would hang with Quinn any day. I love her!
  23. I sincerely hope you are right, because honestly if she left I would be sad. She and JM are it as far as the vets and you're absolutely right that she should be the matriarch for the Forresters and the show. That really was my hope for her and where I thought we were going when Steph passed. KKL is deserving of more than this silly desperate for a man crap they keep shoving at her. DEAD! Thanks for sharing.....and I don't know why but I seriously got a bit teary eyed. It's obvious how much she is loved on set. Aww..TK kneeling with her daughter ...*melt* And then DD's warm embrace.....it all gives me the feels! I gotta go blow my nose (yeah I'm a sap)
  24. KKL is an attractive woman but I've never bought Brooke as the be all end all of womanhood for this show and especially lately. The stringy hair, bland makeup and now blah wardrobe aren't doing her any favors. If I'm supposed to think that she's any sort of competition for Quinn and or Caroline...the hair and MU dept need to kick it in high gear! I'm all in with Maya getting her comeuppance in the same way she dished it out. I want to see her ass dragged for filth. As for Nicole, I wish the person committing all the murders in Genoa City would hunt Nicole down and snuff her out. This is one character that I can do without. She's beyond annoying and pointless. My oh my..how handsome did TK look today posing for that camera? Ridge daydreaming about his sweet Caroline gave me the feels and when she called..oh I was grinning ear to ear. I'm so happy that LG is feeling better and on the mend. What an inspiration she is and truly a tough cookie. I can't wait until she's back on full time because this viewer misses the sparkle and energy she brings to the show! I also need my Ridge/Caroline! I really think having Brooke back has slowed down a lot of the energy and momentum that was going prior to her return. The drinking story has been a huge flop and it's clear that Brooke/Deacon lost any magic they may have had years ago. Ridge is so much better away from her and Bill has much more wit and sparkle with Katy. Dare I say that perhaps Brooke is not needed on canvas anymore? I hate to wish KKL out of a job...but where does the show go with Brooke from here? Mileage and all that, but she does nothing for me anymore. I'm way past being over her or her sexual antics and the idea of her banging another of her daughter's boyfriends/exes is revolting.
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