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  1. Jodie Landon

    S05.E11: Waltz in A Minor

    I believe so. He also sang "Gangsta's Paradise." It was nice to see Dre's intern again. I found myself laughing at the 8 credit score, Bow Telphy, and pretty much everything Pops said. I wish Junior would "find himself" already. Bow can't even root for him anymore. Glad to hear that Dre knows that he is not a good person.
  2. Jodie Landon

    S05.E01: Gap Year

    I enjoy the Junior-centered episodes because I really love how the actor chooses to play him, but I hate this gap year business. I really wanted Junior to thrive in college but I guess watching him find his way could be interesting. His Brooklyn roommate reminded me a lot of my New York classmates at my HBCU. Coming from laid back Hawaii the Brooklyn persona was a bit overwhelming lol. I was wondering when Jack and Diane would finally get their own rooms, but I hate that Ruby made their relationship into something dirty. I love when Junior stands up to Dre, even though I didn't blame Dre for kicking him out.
  3. Jodie Landon


    Sophia loves kids and seems to be good with them. And just that day her boyfriend told her that he could see a future with her. I'm sure in that future she imagined having children with him. As a young adult I was told that I have an illness that causes infertility. I was having surgery and there was a possibility that I wouldn't be able to keep my reproductive organs. I was devastated. I can only imagine how I would have handled that news as an emotional, hormonal teenager. On another note, can one oxy really make you flip out like that? I've only taken then after major surgery or for unbearable pain but they always made me very mellow. Maybe I just don't enjoy Deborah Joy Winans as an actor, but I thought that scene really missed the mark. I'm don't think it was supposed to be funny but it was to me.
  4. Jodie Landon

    S03.E03: Backwards-Like

    His daughter said her favorite her favorite food was bauliflower soup (which Issa said was sad). I fell out when he said "Bleenex" and "Blorox." Add me to the We Hate Lynn Club. And Lynn started to rub off on Maya later. I hated them both when they only went to Joan's restaurant for free food even though she was struggling to keep they doors open. They had horrible attitudes when it was suggested that they should pay for their frequent meals. I love Kelli and the actress that plays her since it was revealed that she improvises a lot of her lines. Tiffany is annoying and the actress that plays her irritates me as well. I love that the other 3 have a group chat without her. Initially, I was rooting for Daniel and Issa but it's a no for me after hearing the jab he took at her regarding her career. She offered him some very sound advice and has been very supportive of him. I guess he forgot that she was the reason he even had the opportunity to work with Spyder and Khalil in the first place. Hopefully, Issa makes the jump The Beat Crew. It may end up having its issues but anything is better than We Got Y'all. Molly's "my old firm" comments wore thin pretty quickly, especially coming to a black firm from a white one. Her jokes were also unprofessional and I cringed when she mentioned CP time. I get that working with people who look like her provides a sense of comfort, but damn, don't get too comfortable. I have to watch this show on CC...got tired of rewinding.
  5. Jodie Landon

    Four Weddings

    I've always thought of mac and cheese as a must-have family get-together food, but not special enough for a wedding, but I'm a bit bougie. The rest of your comment made me chuckle because last year the Food Network showcased a stove top mac and cheese with brussel sprouts and carriage that prompted comedian Kevonstage (who is African-American) to post an angey video in response because he felt that they desecrated mac and cheese. I don't think Jaye had a dry wedding for her sober family members, but because she couldn't afford alcohol or wasn't willing to increase her budget. Jaye came across as fake to me. Even if the winery served food on plastic plates she could have rented dinnerware. Also, in the beginning I think I heard her bragging not only about the horse and carriage, but also a Bentley and neither one ended up being at the wedding. If I'm wrong and she really did do it for her family, a winery is not the place for a dry wedding. It's akin to having a pizza party with no pizza or a fashion show with no fashions. Also, I can't believe there was no plan B for the rainy day bride. Don't outdoor venues usually offer a backup plan in case of inclement weather? The right wedding won. The wedding planner did an excellent job of executing the theme and everything was beautiful. I don't know how many more 2 hour episodes I can sit throug though.
  6. Jodie Landon

    S03.E01: Better-Like

    The party Lyft fight scene was hilarious.
  7. Jodie Landon

    Four Weddings

    The groom did go too far, but I loved the bride's reaction to falling. "I almost died... I'm pregnant now." I enjoyed watching this group. They all seemed to be genuine friends but also gave honest criticism. But as many have said 2 hours is way too long and there is no variety in the weddings so TLC really needs to go back to the original format.
  8. Jodie Landon

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    Getting a staunch Trump supporter with racist tendencies to interview participants on show centered around immigrants and the people who love them...interesting choice.
  9. Jodie Landon

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    It makes sense because that is exactly what River said; Pedro confirmed it in the episode following the fight. River likely uses the word in his daily vocabulary, so though he was angrily addressing Pedro it likely wasn't meant as a racial slur. However just because someone happens to be black does not mean that they are comfortable with being called that word (even as a joke or a term of endearment), and Pedro was clearly offended by it. Also, colorism is a huge issue in the Dominican Republic so I'm assuming that Pedro didn't take kindly to the word being used towards him by someone who is lighter than him; he felt degraded on top of the typical disrespect shown to him by the Family Chantel. Chantel not understanding why that word set Pedro off is probably due to cultural differences (and the fact that she automatically sides with her family anyway).
  10. Jodie Landon

    S03.E10: No Turning Back

    It was censored, but I read his lips. While Winter and Chantel were arguing with Nicole, Pedro asked Chantel to trade him seats. Winter and the mom replied that Chantel wasn't moving. Pedro started the "Aye, aye, aye, aye," pointing in the direction of the parents. The dad seemed unaffected and continued gnawing on the Costco chicken wings, but the mom began arguing with Pedro. Neither were really yelling; they talked over each other but remained seated. River interjected "Who the f$@& you talking to, n----?" That was when Pedro's demeanor changed and he yelled "What you say?" He then stood, River threw something at hit the lamp. Pedro flinched as if anticipating being hit. He then charged around the table and the fight ensued.
  11. Jodie Landon

    Basketball Wives LA

    I almost felt bad until I remembered that Tami is a damn mean girl herself; people just look past it because she's funny. She treated Keisha horribly and at one point turned on Royce, someone who was an actual friend to her (though she and Royce are back on good terms). Jackie was quite likable and level-headed in that scene, which is so unlike her.
  12. Jodie Landon

    S01.E07: Monster High

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but am I supposed to think Plum is completely unlikeable now? Because I do, and that makes this show hard to watch.
  13. Jodie Landon

    S03.E10: No Turning Back

    The Family Chantel instigated that fight. Even if she was being fake, Nicole was making an effort to be nice. That dinner was not the time for Chantel's mother to bring up Nicole being happy about Chantel's departure or Nicole's reaction to sleeping on the couch. And Chantel kept it going. And her brother was the one that started physical fight. Pedro seemed to be keeping his cool until the brother called him the n-word and threw something at him. And had Pedro manhandled Chantel's sister the way that Chantel's brother handled Nicole, her family would have tried to press charges. But least Chantel's mom was kind enough to try to return Nicole's weave.
  14. Jodie Landon

    S01.E06: Belly of the Beast

    The kicker was when she told him he had to sit in her office while she ate it. I rolled my eyes at the "They're the precious ones. How's that working out for them," line because it just isn't true. A lot of the people I see in porn look like regular people with really bad makeup and stripper shoes. Pornhub offers a huge variety of it (or so I've heard....). I knew a guy that liked elderly porn (didn't even know that was a thing) so there's really no restrictions on what makes a great porn star. So that scene really missed its mark. I think this is why I've lost interest in this show. I don't really like anyone except for Prue's friend. I might like the guy that works at the coffee shop, but we really don't know enough about him. And I'm not sure if I like Julia for Julia or Tamara Tunie.
  15. Jodie Landon

    S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    I heard Wu Tang Clan's C.R.E.A.M too. It was unexpected, but greatly appreciated.