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  1. lynny

    The Umbrella Academy

    I loved this show so hard. It was like someone at Netflix decided to make a show specifically for me.
  2. lynny

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    They glossed over it, but it was pretty clear that the niece was home and her mother (plaintiff’s sister) didn’t know she was coming so the niece was hiding away from the aunts home until she got word to come for the surprise. It also wasn’t “they” who were trying to save the bees. It was the defendant. He said that the others in the neighbourhood wanted to get rid of the hive and he wanted to protect it. It’s an admirable thing to do. But it’s pretty clear he was acting alone and not on any kind of neighbourhood watch patrol regardless.
  3. lynny

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    He wasn’t on neighbourhood patrol though. He was putting caution tape around a bee hive. Like @Byrd is the Word said, all I could think of for that entire case that I was looking at the next George Zimmerman.
  4. lynny

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    This case made me furious. Judy is an old, rich, white lady. I understand she hasn't personally experienced systemic racism, but to not acknowledge its existence is disgusting. Talk about white privilege! I can't believe the staff aired this case at this time. You can't separate the behaviour of the cops from the statements made by the kid. These cops were willing to question a 12-year old boy without a parent present. Is it really so unbelievable that they'd tell him he was going to jail? Or if they "only" told him they were going to press criminal charges, is that better? Wouldn't a 12-year old hear that and assume jail? And, don't forget that there is likely a not a 12 year old black boy in America who hasn't been taught to be extremely wary of police. AND!! What was so unbelievable about any of it? The kid picks up a phone. Has probably a minimal amount of time to get from one period to another. He can't detour to the damn office. He either drops the phone back where he found it or he takes it to the next class and asks the kids whose phone it is. He did the right thing! There were NO witnesses that said this kid did anything! The only evidence that he was responsible was that tainted police report. It's BS.
  5. lynny

    Hot Bench

    If you've never lived in a rural area I can understand thinking that calling the police or animal control is a good idea. If you live in a rural area you know that there is no such thing as animal control and the police take 2-3 hours to turn up for a break and enter so a dog tangled in your gator is going to result in a, "What do you want me to do about it?" from the dispatcher. The land owner's story made perfect sense to me. He mentioned in the hallway that he's been bitten by a dog before which would explain him feeling scared. His story was so credible to me. It's exactly how it would go down on our farm.
  6. lynny

    S18.E04: Hell Freezes Over

    1. I’m super annoyed that there was literally zero sabotage when the preview made it sound like blue team would spend their entire kitchen prep time leaving bombs for red team. And there were zero bombs! Yeah, they exaggerate the promos but they just made up an entire story line that didn’t happen. 2. Men vs women. Fuck that. I actually thought the chemistry was better with mixed teams. Though the men vs women split does tend to bring out the raging misogynists a bit earlier.
  7. lynny

    Hot Bench

    That couple was vile. One of the judges asked, "what about the kids?" and their response was, "The kids could have stayed." And, then at the end, talking about their son is "so good with the kids. He plays with them." Yeah, sounds like the typical "Uncle Dad". Those people were not "probably very nice people" and I resent the judges implying as much.
  8. lynny

    S18.E01: Rookies vs. Veterans

    The minute those stupid bagpipes got going and GR said they were in mourning, I was 100% positive it was for the stupid beef wellington (or one of the other dishes). I didn't watch the very early seasons of this show and I may have missed a season or two along the way, but I really didn't recognize most of those veterans except for a few were vaguely familiar. Does anyone remember the season with the "military chef" who was super misogynist and had to do a formal apology or something for his behaviour on the show? What season was that? Because there were a few other dudes that season that were nearly as bad as him and they kind of got a pass because the one guy was such a flaming douchebag the others weren't as noticeable. But, I could swear Bret was one of those guys? Maybe I'm completely imagining things or mixing him up with someone else.
  9. lynny

    S04.E10: Sporemageddon

    So, I just had a thought about The Lady and Aneela and the ending there. I kind of thought that The Lady was "inside" that little girl at the end . But then I got to thinking: What if The Lady is actually in Dutch? As in that's not Dutch that we saw at the end - it was The Lady disguised as Aneela. She was right behind them exiting the green and I assume she got out in her Aneela disguise. Then, she tosses real Dutch in a prison ship and sets herself up as Yalena with Johnny.
  10. lynny

    Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    I didn’t see it as a gift for shippers at all. I kind of found it funny that the only way Dutch and Johnny get together is if their entire history and personalities are erased and they are living out a nightmare.
  11. lynny

    Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    Yeah but I bought Aeryn Sun and John. I don’t see it with Dutch and Johnny. I think that there is always some wishful thinking in the shipper realm and I usually understand it. But the Johnny Dutch ship is something I’ve never understood.
  12. lynny

    Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    This whole post is exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes when I read this thread, I feel like I'm watching a completely different show than others. I haven't seen John/Dutch sexual chemistry, like, ever. And, I am extremely grateful that the creators are sticking with their original dynamic, rather than give into fandoms. I enjoy the way the relationships are on this show.
  13. lynny

    S04.E08: It Takes a Pillage

    Throughout this episode, I found myself quite annoyed. I did not enjoy Johnny & D'avin's dad. I kept cheering for him to be killed. I'm still annoyed he wasn't. But, when I think about it, the non-Daddy J parts were really good. It's nice to see positive female relationships grow. And, I like Jack. He's not a typical annoying pouty teenager. He's actually useful instead of just constantly screwing everything up. (Actually Daddy J was the useless, pouty guy that always screwed things up. That's why I hated him.)
  14. lynny

    Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    Yep. Quit the show over it for a while. Came back because of all the ties to Arrow, but mostly only watch the crossovers. Not having any background on the comics, I didn't know that they were supposed to go there. The fact that they made them siblings to start with was a stupid move.
  15. lynny

    Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    I don't see the "heart eyes" and the chemistry. I know, I know, I'm in a minority here. But, I see her with far more sexual chemistry with D'avin or Alvis than with John. I totally get how those who see that chemistry want some steam. I just don't see it. To me, they have awesome "I love you forever/ Ride or Die" chemistry. It's just the same as I see with say Oliver & Thea on Arrow. Two BAMFs that can be partners kicking butt even when one of them is more "the boss" in the field but they'd do anything at all for eachother. I just always took the characters at their word, right from episode 1, where they referred to eachother as siblings, not lovers. Maybe that's why I can't get past the idea that they're going to end up lovers. They're more like brother and sister and it's kind of incesty.