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  1. First, they weren't former close friends who started an actual *civil war* and needed time to lick their wounds. Second, neither side killed someone the other was close to. Bucky and Sam both understand what frame of mind Walker was in during that fight. Their goal was solely to take the shield back. Walker was on edge, but they knew that going into the fight. During the finale, there wasn't really a point where they needed to rely on trusting Walker to have their backs. And though it seemed like Bucky was bantering with Walker, I saw it as him being his usual snarky self when he's feeli
  2. From what I'm aware of, each disney+ Marvel show was given exactly 6 hours to work with to be split up however they want. This show was affected by the pandemic in filming restrictions but also story, because supposedly it involved biowarfare. Which makes more sense with the way Karli kept forecasting to the "big move" that would change things, but then they end up stealing resources? The others didn't know about her plan to blow up that place. The forecasting and the end results were not all that cohesive. As someone else mentioned, I think part of Bucky's next journey is getting a n
  3. Nagel had his own idea of what "perfection" meant and it wasn't the same as Erskine's serum. His serum on appearance allowed the Super Soldier to keep their physical appearance, who know what that means for how long the appearance of injuries would last. Performance enhancing drugs have been around for decades now and still have some gnarly side effects and no one (that we know of) is going to genocidal lengths trying to hide or destroy the patent on how to make them or actively trying to stop scientific progress on them. Unlike with the super soldier serum. I made the mistake
  4. As the Power Broker she would know the talents of the bounty hunters in Madripoor and whether she and the guys could take them on or not. Regarding Nagel, it doesn't seem she was interested in selling the serum as much as using it. She was trying to get Karli and the rest to come back and work for her again. We know Karli and the Asian Aussie at least both worked in the city around the same time (from their talk pre GRC bombing). The more people sniffing around to find out about Nagel and the serum likely tipped him into being a liability. Just like Zemo, she may be "crazy" or "bad" now, bu
  5. I don't think the parents would want to watch much footage considering how traumatized they'd be in losing their son. The mother was talking, but it doesn't mean the rest of the family agrees with her. From the look on the sister's face, it didn't seem she did. She also may have a different point of view on her brother's friend. Lemar did mention Walkers history of responding with his fists and not being able to do that as Captain America when Walker was first introduced. I do wonder if the sister was in support of the Flag Smashers considering how widespread they are. Though I don't think
  6. They sort of touched on it a couple times when Walker tried pushing his "I'm Captain America" while in other countries and having people not care (spitting in his face) or straight up say that means nothing (Sam in Zemo's apartment, then followed by Ayo's statement pre fight). Except the GRC isn't only the US, there are other nations that had a lot of power and would have interest in rebuilding borders. Plus anyone in any high position of power would likely want that back. I get what you're saying writing wise, except the aftermath of the Blip is a giant mess. Simplifying it in the storyte
  7. The sister absolutely didn't believe Walker at all. And as someone else pointed out, there is probably video floating around of the Flag Smasher saying it wasn't him, and if anyone from Lemar's family may be aware of that it's his younger sister. There was a bit of "why did he die and you survive" in her look as he was saying he'd always be there for them too. People have said that Sharon is playing the Fury playbook of getting other people to do certain dirty work, which definitely is long game style. I've seen some theories referring to Sharon being part of Also, "still not a
  8. Zemo made comments that made it clear he still has awareness of things going on outside his cell. The fact that he still has access to staff and those who are loyal to him isn't surprising is it? Especially with him being a proper Baron, same for him have multiple properties. What's weird is that all the multiple gov agencies that would probably be tracking his stuff haven't stepped in yet. Except Wakanda now. Sharon having business in Madripoor was convenient, but even Zemo pointed out they seemed to have a guardian angel. The show wasn't being sly about it. Bucky is always staring o
  9. All of the diversity makes sense. During the blip people came together and created new alliances (as mentioned in the first episode by War Machine and later by the Flagsmashers of what it was like). People went where they could try to thrive, and certain minded types from all over would have been interested or already been in Madripoor's lifestyle. Even the commercial being diverse makes sense because this was a worldwide (universe wide) changing event. Even with that commercial seems like it was aimed at an American audience, it's not surprising it'd be made to be diverse. Especially if p
  10. Dani has a point. The literal exchange: Cop1: Hey Sam: What's up, man? Cop2: Is there a problem here? Sam: No, we're just talking. Bucky: We're fine. Cop1: Can I see your ID? Sam: I don't have ID. Why? Bucky: Man, seriously? Cop1: Ok, sir just calm down. (As he puts his one hand out toward Sam and the other on his holster.) <--- * Not that long. *That right there. They saw an upset black man and immediately thought "danger" and pulled over. Sam expresses minor annoyance and they see "angry black man". Which only adds to the Isaiah story, a black super soldier? Of course mo
  11. You know it happens but...? Certain "problem areas" (aka poorer and larger minority populated areas) have a bigger police presence, which is how these small interactions happen more frequently. You can see the cop car parked and they only turn and come up the street as the two are talking and walking in the middle of/crossing the street a little too long. Even that is enough of a reason for some cops. But as someone else pointed out, Bucky says a few times Sam isn't bothering him and them assuming he was harassing Bucky is precisely why they got out of the car. Bucky didn't reall
  12. I believe Terra and Stella have known each other a while and Stella wasn't always playing the "I blinded my bff" act. I think Musa and Aisha were rather indifferent towards her until she showed up to help Bloom. Dane claims it's because Bellatrix takes him as he is and "didn't cut him off after one mistake". It's kind of trash reasoning in terms of trying to put blame on Terra, but makes sense for a naive new kid who is just trying to fit in and whose only guidance on how to do so has come from Riven.
  13. Has it been months? I thought it was only a few weeks, maybe max a month? Not that that erases any of the trauma. Difference is that heros try and do save a number of people and aren't only causing harm. They often will choose to sacrifice for the benefit of others. Even in real life people aren't just good or just bad (ex, say a car accident where someone dies, the aggrieved family may think of the other as at fault, their personal "villain", but the other driver was just overworked and tired and made a mistake, not necessarily a bad person).
  14. First, while the townspeople were angry at Wanda, they also know she's powerful and fear her. There's no way they would attack her. Also, it's possible they ran away when she said, but once things cleared they came back because of their children and the fact that that's their home. Second, I believe it's as @Chaos Theory said, this whole process was her cathartically going through the stages of grief. She was the source of the *extra* trauma of losing her children, though they're not really gone it seems. Someone else mentioned Wanda likely getting that help from Dr Strange and I think
  15. It could be Kyle that's in and Lana knows about it. Last episode it came off super unprofessional that Kyle knew anything about Martha's *bank account dealings*. Though it's also weird that they seem to communicate so much for a couple that doesn't seem close based on what their daughters have said. I'm curious how much the show is going to make Lana and Kyle make desperate bad decisions and flesh out their characters vs make them active and conscious of their part in making things worse for Smallville. I can see there being a social issue element in terms of a small percentage of winners
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