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  1. That's what I meant. I thought she was there to make sure Varga (or whomever) didn't escape ... which is why I thought she set him up to attempt just that. Because if anybody was going to abandon the others, it would probably be him. Which is another thing that bugged me about that scene: why didn't he just get off the elevator on the SECOND floor? Does the elevator not stop at the second floor? What was the need for all the James Bond elevator-hatch-escape stuff? And aren't there, like, any STAIRS in that damn building? Shouldn't Nikki and Mr. Wrench have factored in someone tryin
  2. I was under the impression that Nikki sent the text to Varga (to get him to abandon his minions to their fate so she could get him alone and take him out), but then he outsmarted her by climbing out of the elevator (which was a bit much for me to swallow, quite frankly). I was also under the impression that Nikki is the one who sent the incriminating documents (and Gloria's name and number) to the IRS guy, because she wanted to get Emmit every way she could. It seems like once Varga and Goldfarb cleaned out Stussy Lots, they didn't much care what happened to Emmit. He could have died, gone to
  3. I totally agree with your assessment of Tuan. He kills me, talking shit about the U.S. like he A) knows everything about the goddamn world, B) knows more than experts Philip and Elizabeth, and C) isn't sitting there bingeing on American junk food while wearing a goddamn KNIGHT RIDER tee-shirt.
  4. Not everyone wants a partner; Deirdre is clearly pretty content with her life and wants nothing more from a relationship than sex. I don't see what her looks I have to do with it. I think her looks do come into play here, or at least the way they're perceived, because it's one of the reasons Philip approached this whole thing wrong. Yes, he's still thinking about Martha, but they all underestimated Deirdre because she's older, "plain," and works a "boring" job. Elizabeth specifically mentioned Deirdre's age and job when she teased Philip about getting kicked out of bed by Deirdre. He
  5. If they don't have sex at the exact same time they did before, it won't be the same sperm and egg meeting. So unless Lucy knows exactly what time that happened (which, ew, how could she?), what she's asking for is utterly IMPOSSIBLE. I so don't care about Wyatt's dead wife, but at least he has some kind of chance of going back in time and preventing her from being killed (the only reason his attempt didn't work is because he pegged the wrong man as her killer). What Lucy's asking for is freaking ridiculous, even on a time-travel show, and I wish everyone would stop pretending like she has a sn
  6. Yes, it was awesome that she was an attractive, plus-sized woman who had no problem finding dates (just dates that weren’t weirdos, losers, or killers). No, it wasn’t cool that they made the fat lady a fucking HIPPO. A HIPPO! Why not an alligator, or a jaguar or something else predatory and vicious that can take care of itself, but isn't code for "fat fatty fat pig"? In fact, I have to wonder if she wasn't written as a pig or elephant at first, and some "discerning" soul decided that was just too on the nose. They took what could have been a funny, interesting twist and ruined it. That “reveal
  7. I find the characterization of the Wizard pretty believable. Reactionary, petty, small man, easily humiliated with a severe inferiority complex under all that blustering? Yeah, him shooting Anna was a bit of a shock in the moment because it happened so suddenly, but once I think about it, not that surprising at all. Pretty sure Elizabeth was faking it, and Anna was telling the truth because she wasn't in on the spying ploy (which seems pretty dumb, actually, because it could've made the Wizard suspicious that they weren't in agreement). I think she feels betrayed and wants to h
  8. I actually liked that scene, even if it was a bit ham-fisted. I think the writers were trying to give Monroe an opportunity to go on one of his historical minutiae-based tangents (“nerdsplaining,” as The Wild Sow put it), which they haven't let him do in a while. And Rosalee completely realized that he was about to tell her a long-ass story, because it’s one of those things about him she finds cute, and he knew that she was just humoring him (take a note, Auggie’s dickhead dad) so it didn’t come off as mansplaining as much as one partner putting up with the other's idiosyncrasies. I ha
  9. But his name isn't listed on her birth certificate or in any other official records, so it wouldn't come up in a background check. No one knew his name but her mother and her biological father (because he knew he'd slept with this woman and, being in Rittenhouse, I guess he secretly kept tabs on the fact that she'd given birth to a baby nine months later?), so how could Agent Christopher possibly know? I don't think even Flynn knows who her father is, does he? (I was thinking it might've been in the journal and he would reveal it, but her mother was the one to tell her.) The rest of Rittenhous
  10. I would imagine he learned about it when he stumbled onto Rittenhouse and its various nefarious dealings. "They killed my wife but I know about that time machine they bankrolled, so I guess I'll be stealing that to get her back!"
  11. Yeah, when I was a kid (in the 80s), seat belts were still not a big deal, even for nine-year-olds. I grew up riding around in the backseat unrestrained, and sometimes sitting on another kid's lap if space was tight. That was the joke: of course seat belts existed (even automatic ones), but if it wasn’t automatic a lot of people didn’t even think about putting one on. I don’t know if the cops in Ohio back then were required to buckle up (and even if they were, people don’t always do what their bosses tell them). Not necessarily. Power/phone service could be out in one area and not in a
  12. I assume Creepy Bio-Dad meant that she's a direct descendant of Rittenhouse Jr. (the creepy little twerp she stopped Flynn from killing). That would be a pretty neat twist, which I also assume means we will never actually learn what "gift" dude was referring to, even if the show does get picked up for another season. There is no way Lucy could have remembered the "original" timeline (the one in which the serial killer was conceived) unless she started a new journal and got Wyatt to take it on board with him. And asking us to assume that's what happened is just a bit much, even for this s
  13. That's exactly why I don't care about Wyatt's Dead Wife Drama. I don't know her. I don't know anything about her, except that story he told to Bonnie and Clyde, and I'm sorry, but the actor and the writing are just not selling me on why I should care about this. I don't know why they felt they needed to shoehorn it in. I shouldn't be HOPING that one of the heroes fails the little mission he set for himself, but I am, because the whole thing is such a drag, has nothing to do with what we're watching this show for, and takes up precious minutes that could be spent explaining any one of a number
  14. Sorry not sorry, but I’m glad Wyatt’s wife is still dead. It’s terrible for the other people who love her, but he’s an ass and he was way, way, way out of line. And because it’s this show, I’m sure there won’t be any other consequences for all the crap Wyatt pulled (stole the Lifeboat, got a man killed, fucked around in the past like a clumsy dummy, lied to Rufus), so maybe he needed to chase a man to his death to realize that YOU’RE NOT GETTING YOUR WIFE BACK, YOU MORON. Now if only Flynn would realize that the tragedy of his life can’t be undone by mucking around in the past, and Lucy would
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