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  1. Radar

    The Hills: New Beginnings

    I didn't mind the first episode, but the subsequent ones have been lacking. Jason's wife and Brody's wife are getting more screen time than the cast members featured in the opening credits.
  2. Radar

    "The View": Week Of 4/1/2019

    I believe Meghan was trying to be "hip" by tossing off some outdated Bravo lingo, here. I too, am a Real Housewives aficionado, so I'll call her out when she steals a quote or phrase from one of the wives in her lame attempts to make a quip. On the very first season of RHOBH, ex-housewife Taylor Armstrong, threatened to take another one of the ladies outside and go all Oklahoma on her ass. It is not an expression I have really heard used again since today. I have no doubt this line is what Meg was trying to emulate.
  3. Radar

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    I wasn't getting Megs involvement at all with introducing the New Edition off-shoot singing group along with Sunny. Was first expecting her to claim to be a big fan like she did with those comedians from yesterday. Nope- the wife of one of the guys in the group is a Real Housewife of course, and Meghan even tried to pull a little gotcha question rudely asking about him and his wife having an open relationship. Apparently the wife is open about it on the show, but I thought it was still such a tacky question to ask him mere seconds before he was about to perform with the group. If she had any tact she coulda just said I enjoy your wife on the housewives, have you enjoyed the experience?
  4. Radar

    "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    Meghan was laughably awkward looking as she swayed off beat to the Christmas song at the end. She and the other hosts were acting as faux back-up singer/dancers during Darlene and Bryan's performance. If she did not pick out that hideous Christmas tree get-up herself, then wardrobe must absolutely hate her. Standing up next to the other hosts with that mess of an outfit on really made her look enormous.
  5. Radar

    "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    Yesterday, when she was talking percentages of White House staff leaving under other presidents leaving compared to Trump she gave a particular nasty scowl towards her co-hosts who didn't get her point that she was trying to "give a compliment" to Obama.
  6. Radar

    "The View": Week Of 10/22/2018

    Eryka Jayne is a minor dance music artist, targeted to gay clubs who got a huge publicity boost by joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills several years ago. She became a fan favorite her first season, but has started to slip in popularity on the show as glimpses of her volatile temper and general bad attitude have been revealed. She guested with Meghan before on Andy Cohen's nightly show and since then Meghan has of course labeled her as a "friend." Eryka was on the View once before too to promote her book, I think and Meghan tried to hype their friendship. Being buddy buddy with Meghan Mccain is not really doing Eryka any favors with the gay community (her main fan base.) I think Andy Cohen is friendly with Meghan because she's so vocal about being a fan of the Bravo network.
  7. Radar

    "The View": Week Of 04/16/2018

    Today's episode is not totally Meghan free. She shows up in the pre-taped interview with Guiliana Rancic wearing a printed black shirt stating "This Ain't No Disco." Does the wardrobe department hate M, or is it her own choice to wear outfits with animals and cheesy slogans?
  8. Was not at all pleased to see her pop up on WWHL along with her boring husband and give her unnecessary opinions on a range of Bravo Reality shows cast members. I think she may have done the show before a couple years back, but I had any idea how Vile she was back then. Also, I honestly can't understand how she seems to think (in her mind) that she has some sort of status as a gay-ally? She once spoke up on supporting gay marriage years ago, but now conveniently turns a blind eye to all things mike Pence. Just because she's friendly with Clay Aiken and Andy Cohen will occasionally let her drop by as a guest on his talk show does not solidify her as a fabulous friend to the gays.
  9. Radar

    Siesta Key

    Good question. Also if it's wired shut he probably can't brush his teeth normally, so I'm sure his breath must be pretty rank. Lucky Juliet, lol.
  10. Over the course of the show, Kyle has often made odd sometimes baffling choices on which other housewives to stick up for. Remember how she would speak up for Taylor or Faye both hugely unpopular with the viewers, but stay silent when called on to defend LVP, or even her own sister.
  11. Radar

    "The View": Week Of 1/1/18

    Pleasantly surprised to see Ana on again. Please just hire her already View! Meghan "Gangsta" Mccain is such a bad fit for this panel. I wonder if she will soon stop showing up on Fridays, without Whoopi there to run interference for her.
  12. 7 episodes down and we already get a preview for the rest of the season! Are they just doing like 14 episodes and the reunion for this season of NJ?
  13. Radar

    S08.E05: Not Over It

    I found Delores extremely dull and skipped the majority of her solo scenes last season. Think she lucked out and was kept around another year mainly because Andy has a thing for her son.
  14. Radar


    Hope that is not the last we have seen of Skanks. He's been a great villain. Is Kevin ever coming back? The story line about Charity working on music with a potential new love interest is a snooze.
  15. Radar

    Siesta Key

    Kind of surprised by the rotating narrators. So far a different cast member is narrating each episode. Probably would have been much less complicated to just go with the Laguna love triangle template and have Juliette as the "Kristin" or Maddison as the Lauren type do the voice overs for the whole season. Trouble is neither of those girls are all that likable or entertaining. Chloe is the most watchable even with her anger issues.