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  1. I wonder if Whoopi's joke about sex in the Olympic Village had "stick the landing" as a punchline. (I'll see myself out)
  2. I think she is doing image rehab. She has picked a cause to polish her image, and this is it.
  3. Yay, thanks for the link. I had been wondering if we would get a new season, since NYC has reopened.
  4. I suspect 45 now has to wear pull up pants, because he can't manage a zipper. If he does, indeed, wear an adult diaper, it might have gotten full and been leaking. I suspect fronto temporal dementia, and he is too combative to let someone help him dress. Really, Sara, word salad to paraphrase Manchin's op-ed? McConnell has already made it clear that nothing will get passed, and everything substantive will be filibustered. I'm wondering if the producers had a talk with Meghan, but not the others.
  5. Is it me, or does Meghan seem especially wound up on Mondays?
  6. Bravo is rerunning Season 3 during the day on 4/20. Scary Island, anyone? (Did they pick that date on purpose?)
  7. I think Megan is lucky that her latest kerfuffle happened just before the show had a week off. It will be interesting to see what she does on Monday.
  8. Ricky Gervais is usually fun. Looking forward to his appearance. We West Coasters may miss shows on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the impeachment trial.
  9. I see MeeeeAgain drank her Carnation Instant Bitch this morning while taking notes on Hannity's screed from yesterday to get ready for today's show. She is starting to remind me of Bitsy in that way, but worse. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather listen to Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I'd rather listen to Abby or Jed, and wow, was the View stupid to let Nicolle Wallace go.
  10. Thanks for posting the start date. I'm in Seattle, WA and lucky enough to get CBUT. Stupid Comcast keeps telling me the show doesn't exist. Now, I'll set myself a reminder.
  11. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME Lather, rinse, repeat. It was nice to have Ana while we could.
  12. I am going to be so shallow here, but was there a memo sent around this weekend to overdo the contouring? Perhaps, it's self-tanner? Both Meghan and Jenna Hager (on the Today 4th hour) had obviously done so. Maybe it's the at home lighting versus the studio lighting.
  13. Too bad there isn't a "Where Are They Now" followup series.
  14. Good description-I keep liking Kelly up until she does something mean or is cruel to someone. If she could work on not spewing her anger at whomever is around, she would have better relationships all around.
  15. That was so irritating. She is only a few inches taller than her husband, but she continued putting him down with all the toilet talk.
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