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  1. Bo-Peep22

    Unpopular Opinions

    This is more of an unpopular opinion wrapped in a popular opinion I guess ? in the PJO series most can agree that Piper isn’t fan favorite for multiple reasons- most prevalently her insecure/jealous nature when it comes to Jason Grace and her relationship with him (all of which I agree with- I can’t stand Piper.) My unpopular opinion is that I can’t undertand how people can hate Piper but like Annabeth Chase. Annabeth is literally just a smarter Piper with a slightly more developed storyline. Despite her supposed “knowledge and wisdom” befitting of her mother Athena, Annabeth becomes irrationally jealous of any girl that talks to Percy ( and constantly takes out her misplaced feelings on Percy (snapping at him and insulting his intelligence when he does not understand why she is upset.) She only puts a lid on this behavior when it becomes clear that her IMAGINED romantic rival has responsibilities that conflict with any future involvement with Percy (she basically only stopped being a total heel because she felt she “won” over the other girl.) Annabeth’s feelings of insecurity (with Percy as well as her family) are annoying only because she literally complains about how she feels like the odd one out... to PERCY who Whereas Annabeth has two younger half siblings and a step mother who WANTS to get to know her like ? She makes poor decisions and hides things that are detrimental to herself as well as others but acts holier than thou when the same is done to her ? i just CANNOT with her character.
  2. I just finished book 2 in the Magnus Chase series: It was enjoyable but I don't like the series as much as I thought I would (I feel like everyone says this after they read the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books first lol). I tried reading the Kane Chronicles a few years ago (which I also liked but again not as much as I assumed I would) but could never bring myself to read the last book (though I know how the series ends.) By the time the cross-over novels popped up it had been so long since I had read the first two books of the Kane Chronicles that I didn't bother trying to read the crossover stuff:/ Now that I've finally given Magnus Chase a chance (I bought the first book like 2 years ago and only just read it two days ago) I have to say that while I love Riordan's efforts to include all kinds of new obstacles and diverse characters , I was a little underwhelmed by the characters he chose to represent this time around. I enjoyed Magnus' sarcastic nature (Percy had always been a fairly naïve "Gryffindor-ish" protagonist and Carter (from what I remember) had quite a guileless and innocent outlook about the changes in his life in family (like the boy next door). Magnus seemed very "grown-up" in comparison, though I'm assuming this is because he was older in the first book than both Percy and Carter were in their debut novels? I also enjoyed the inclusion of characters like Blitz and Hearth but...that's about it as far as the characters go. Riordan's decision to include characters with sub-plots that almost eclipse the whole demi-god discovery was, at times, a little annoying. I feel like Riordan almost included too many "real-world" issues (WAY more than his predecessor novels) that it is difficult to refer to it as a children's series in the same way that Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles are. Again, I can appreciate that Riordan wanted to represent more diverse characters than his other novels however he's (so far) only two books into his Norse trilogy and has tackled so many "real-world" controversies and Norse trivia that it was difficult to think of the characters beyond-"Oh that's the one that's (insert defining characteristic here)" whereas more time was spent fleshing out the characters in the Kane and Jackson series (mostly because there were fewer characters and more books in both series (I'm counting the cross-over books as well.) This may have been the point though? Magnus has a lot less at stake than Carter, Percy, and Jason did (right off the bat actually) so maybe Riordan didn't want Magnus to experience the same, "Oh my Gods, what do you mean my Father/Mother was a God/Goddess??" The Norse trilogy focuses more on Magnus' relationships with the other characters. The issue with this however...I feel like we aren't given the opportunity to really get to know and love the characters like the readers were with Percy Jackson. Because there are fewer books in all the new sub series that have been introduced, Riordan sort of has to struggle with making us like the characters but also educate us with all the mythology we either didn't know or were a little rusty on within like 3 books. (That may just be me being biased though because the whole reason I even picked up "The Lightning Thief" was because I loved Greek Mythology so much so I didn't really have to worry about remembering what each God/Goddess represented etc.) In comparison, I knew absolutely nothing about Egyptian myths and very little about North Gods/Goddess' that wasn't explained in the Marvel franchise. I do still plan to finish out the Norse trilogy when the last book comes out this October though:} SIDENOTE: I apologize about my post being so vague around a few of the topics I discussed- I didn't want to post any spoilers. Though I do want to say that-
  3. Bo-Peep22

    S01.E08: The Upside Down

    Hopper selling out Eleven, to me, seemed to have more to do with his daughter than anything else. Not to say that he didn't want to save all the kids or anything but you have to remember...he spent most of his time with Joyce (Will's Mother) and as such began to see himself in her. I think, in his mind, saving Will and reuniting him with his family somehow made up for his daughter being gone (doing all the things he had wanted to do for his daughter for Will.) I loved Natalia Dyer's (Nancy) role and she was such a treat to watch. (Does anyone else think she looks a lot like Crystal Reed from Teen Wolf?) I also really enjoyed all the boys and their dynamic. I kind of wish they would have explored Lucas' jealousy a little more because he seemed ready to run Elle over with a car for like 6-7 episodes straight-it was almost weird to see him change his mind so fast. The pacing of the show was a little choppy at times (I also questioned why no one seemed to give a hoot about Barb) and at times it felt as if the boys cared more about all the cool things Eleven could do than finding their friend (Mike anyways) however overall this was one of the best shows I've seen in quite some time.
  4. Bo-Peep22

    S03.E04: Cupid Kills

    This episode really reminded me of just how much I miss Rhonda. She was just so loyal and caring towards Andre beyond reason (plus she didn't allow Lucious to speak to her in any sort of way he felt like.) The threesome seen around the world was actually sort of tragic for me to watch because Andre just seems so...lost without Rhonda in his life. I know it's been mentioned before that she's the one who really took care of the household and making sure that Andre was "ok" every morning but it's starting to seem like Andre just has no idea who he wants to be now that she's no longer there to support him. (Physically) He seems to be bouncing in between being his Dad's lackey and being an uppity businessman at the moment. For now I'm just gonna hope beyond hope that Angelo doesn't turn into the huge tool I'm thinking he will. I like his relationship with Cookie-so far-and the fact that Cookie just looked so happy with him (it's nice.) Everytime Jamal gets really close to a guy it just makes me wish Michael were still around.
  5. Bo-Peep22

    S02.E07: Family That Drags Together

    I'm so spectacularly pissed with this elimination. I still love her, but good lord Detox didn't even try to bluff her way through why she was sending Alyssa home over Roxxy. On one hand, at least she didn't try to pull an Alaska, ("She gave me this shirt.") but on the other hand...wow. I really have to hand it to Alyssa for being such a classy queen because that was some serious bull corn right there. I'm thinking Alaska is probably going to win but it's going to be very bittersweet-Detox and Alaska definitely lost some fans along the way. I'm hoping for a Katya win but I'm not holding my breath. Rupaul isn't privy to all the shade that's thrown around behind the scenes so as far as he's concerned-Alaska's been slaying the field while the rest of them eat dirt. (though my baby Katya has been runner-up quite a few times so if she can just pull off an amazing finale week we may be crowning our first Russian Queen.) Keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. Asher/Michaela: They provide an interesting dynamic to the group that I find myself appreciating more and more with each episode, though I will say I was very proud of Asher for letting Michaela know that if she couldn't play nice then she certainly couldn't play with him. She seems to have it in her head that she's so much better than him but she's honestly one of the more annoying characters on this show. My hope for this relationship is that Asher helps her laugh at herself a little bit more and not take herself so seriously all the time. Colliver: I feel like Oliver just got sick of being perched up on some pedestal 24/7. He's not stupid and I'm sure its obvious that the Keating 5 is hiding something that Connie just wasn't willing to drag him into so...he put himself in it.
  7. Bo-Peep22

    S27.E02: Bad Blood

    From the previews it looks like Abram and his brother are gonna replace Tony and Shane (medical emergency). Although I can't say that I like Tony or his mysogynistic attitude (eye roll) I do find his affectionate love for Shane sweet to watch. The Jenna and Brianna smack down was funny but was also equal parts sad. Even when Tony had Shane pinned up against a wall I never got the sense that they hated each other or even just disliked one another it just seemed like a typical (drunken) fight between brothers. However Jenna and Brianna really seem to hate each other- they also seem stuck on what the other cousin has,"she doesn't have a job-the only reason SHE has a job is because her Dad owns a bakery!" Etc. I also really like Cory and Mitch's relationship (I have to laugh everytime Cory refers to Mitch (the tallest dude there) as his baby cousin).
  8. Wow...I think I'm way off in the left here. Daphne doesn't peg me as the "Miss Saint Mary" gal of the bunch, she actually seems pretty normal to me. Grew up poor and deaf and still managed to be a rock star on the academic front so it sort of makes sense that the whole, "I have to work" thing doesn't fly for her. Yes, she was a little too judgmental in those grey area places but towards the end of the episode she clearly had a reason to be. I was actually feeling sort of bad for the Mother until she blamed Daphne for her daughter's continued deafness. They said they would, "see what they could do." What part of that sounded like "I am clearly made of magic and one swift breeze shall cure all." WTF? Daphne's an over-achiever which can be annoying but she's kind, has a good decisive head on her shoulders, and works hard. (She's not my favorite character but I don't hate her either) Bay is the one who give me, "I'm a special snowflake" feels.-_- ALL DAY LONG. She acted like a complete psycho this episode and though her apology was very heartfelt and actually made me tear up a little (haha) it was still a very, "Holy crap!" moment watching her fiddle through Emmett's text messages (side note: I really don't think anyone would leave their phone unattended in a foreign country...that rarely happens while people are in their home countries so...) and actually send a message to her ex's new gf. O_o I'm a little disappointed in the Travis/Bay development because I agree- why can't Bay meet people outside of her circle? She's not on house arrest anymore so it's not as if she can't meet a nice fellow at an art exhibit or something. So far the only guy she's been connected to who didn't have a thing for Daphne first (or second) has been Tank and that...did not end well. (Both Emmett and Travis liked Daphne (romantically)first and Bay's ex from the first season also liked Daphne-and Ty already loved Daphne (like a sister)/Noah also had a thing for Daphne. Daphne's has had an interesting array of love interests so it makes me scratch my head a little when I realize that Bay has only been with one guy who wasn't in some shape or form connected to Daphne...weird.(Not counting the brief fling with the mysterious Alex lol) ....Wow, just read over what I wrote and realized that Bay does sort of get screwed over alot....and I didn't even throw in the whole Angelo situation, Regina not really bonding with her, Zarra, Emmett first cheating, switching schools, taking the fall for Daphne, ex-bf pretending to cheat on her....poor Bay-_-
  9. Bo-Peep22

    S05.E10: Status Asthmaticus

    Hellhound? Did not see that coming at all. Baby Beta's tragic love story held little to no interest for me-unfortunately I just don't find the childhood duck and dodge victim conveniently turned into the hot girl with damsel in distress syndrome entertaining. Maybe it's because we didn't really get to see them fall in love like Allison and Scott did? Stiles and Malia= pretty much done. I took their car conversation, "It never mattered to me-but it mattered to me" as a classy way of saying, "We're just too different." I actually really enjoyed the Stiles v. Theo scene. It was interesting to see Stiles so protective of Scott despite the "break up" and his eventual decision to save his Dad. Oh I thought Scott was going easy on Liam and that's why he was so easily beaten-but maybe I'm wrong? Haha Mason continues to be the MVP- love him.
  10. Bo-Peep22

    S06.E07: Wanna Love You

    Jenelle: I hope that long awkward pause when her "friend" asked her what she would do with Kaiser was producer made. To which Jenelle is quick to assert, "I just need to get away"-from what? Is everyone in her circle under the impression that you no longer have an obligation to parent your kids when the other parent isn't around?? Kail: Obviously cares that her ex is having a child.(eye roll) I like how she even admits she's a jerk to Javi on purpose...and then laughs about it! Ugh. Leah: (gulp) I actually don't consider Gracie "evil" or even a brat (ducks to avoid tomatoes). IMO, that little girl gets the least amount of attention from her family and every time a crisis pops up (so like every week) they shuffle her off to some cheer related activity with thinly veiled agitation that she's apparently supposed to ignore. So it's not hard to understand why she would have adopted such behavior to get attention-even if its being yelled at, for that brief moment it's not about Ali's medical needs or Addy's "baby" status- it's all about Gracie. Add that to the apparent arguing Jeremy and Leah have no problems about doing in front of the kids...she's probably under the impression no one will notice her unless she's loud and wild (poor thing). It also makes sense that for that same reason Ali appears to be the most well adjusted- she's been exposed to relatively mature adult behavior the most (the family usually straightens up when she has an appointment) and she's also been witness to several of Leah's little meltdown episodes- If Gracie is the one who strives to be seen then Ali is probably the one trying her best not to.(So the situation won't be agitated further). I agree, the shoe obsession with Addy probably stems from a few off screen situations in which they've left them in stores and restaurants lol. On a shallow note- I badly wanted to take a comb to Ali and Aleeah's hair!! Chelsea: No offense but out of all the kids Aubree is probably the brat of the pack. Pet Peeve of mine: when passengers complain about how late they are and insist we must "hurry up"...do you not see the other cars???
  11. Bo-Peep22

    S05.E09: Lies Of Omission

    I won't say this makes sense but i can somewhat make some guess work on why ScottandStiles were so easily pushed into Scott and Stiles. Scott has previously expressed, while under the influence of Motel Hi-jinks, that he considers pre-series Batman and Robin to have been a pair of nobodies and would rather be dead than return to that "baseless" existence. Fast forward to present events-he's losing that Alpha wolf edge and slipping back into asthma ridden loser McCall. Scott's head space-he's feeling pretty vulnerable and doubting himself as a sound leader. Now the only feasible reason I can cook up as to why Scott was so willing to at least begin to doubt Stiles has to do with the "I can't trust anyone because you trust everyone!" revelation a few episodes ago. Scott has a fairly fresh example of Stiles admitting that he does not trust Scott's judgement (as far as how to deal with the "bad guys" anyway) as well as a display of some pretty aggressive behavior, stemming from his frustration with the situation, towards Scott's "Superman Syndrome". Although he at first finds it hard to believe and even maintains that it is, "impossible/not possible", he quickly reviews recent Stiles behavior v. Stiles he's known since toddler hood behavior and admits that the IDEA of Stiles losing control and going vigilante on the pack is not as far fetched as he'd like to believe. IMO, that's why he doesn't immediately bust out with the whole, "Theo told me blah blah blah...", because while he wants to believe it's not true he's very aware that Stiles, even before werewolves became more than just a fairy tale for them, has always lived in the Grey of right and wrong. It's not a hard stretch for him to believe that Stiles, with the stress of a previously coyote girlfriend, Nogitsune detailed baggage, and dying kids galore, might exact his own version of justice. I also think its supposed to tie in with his feelings of helplessness over the Dread Doctors. Kira has just skipped town with her family-a situation that he in all his Alpha greatness could not fix, several children have died on-in his mind-his" watch, his baby Beta no longer believes in him (that's like Bambi flipping his tail up at his Father), Deaton has gone AWOL, and again Stiles has also admitted that he believes Scott is too trusting to be objective. Unfortunately the only person who hasn't criticized Scott is our resident baddie Theo who just so happens to be showing up Scott in the reliability department. I think Scott has taken all the shots to his credibility as well as his sudden loss of an indestructible body (basically his confidence) and turned it into a desperate, "I need to better-I have to!" mentality. Which would sort of explain his rough behavior with Corey-he didn't want to let another person down and was again guiltily disappointed that Theo was the hero in the end. So when Theo expresses his belief that Stiles has turned into head bashing psychopath, Scott inadvertently becomes the Stiles of their relationship and he actually can't bring himself to trust that Stiles would only kill in self defense because of the lack of direction he's been in recently/ as well as the doubt he now holds in his own "too trusting" hands. Scott just so desperately doesn't want to make the wrong choice by believing in something he shouldn't have. Ironic I guess? For Stiles, I can only say it must have been a combination of "I knew I would lose him" and his own guilt. He clearly believes that Scott is a better person than he is so I'm guessing he thought if Scott, who never blamed him for the Nogitsune incident and always understood his less than lawful behavior pre-series, could tell him what he did was "right" then maybe he could forgive himself. So to have Scott, who was willing to give creepy Theo a chance, confess that he couldn't completely believe that Stiles killed Donovan in self defense was devastating. When even his human moral compass was at a loss at what to say it just sort of broke his heart. The way it was set up was BAD though. (I still can't really wrap my head around why Stiles kept insisting that Donovan was going to kill his Dad...he was already trying to kill you!)
  12. Bo-Peep22

    S06.E06: Walk Out

    Well these ladies sure know how to pick 'em (eye roll). Jenelle: What made her segment so uncomfortable to watch was the blase demeanor she maintained through out Nathan's roid rage of demeaning name calling and sarcastic barbs. Obviously this was not the first time he's gone after her in such a way, especially considering the fact that she felt comfortable enough to keep her eyes trained on her cell phone while he insulted her merrily. (It was a weird moment) Chelsea: Aubree is adorable but she needs some serious disciplinary direction STAT! I'm not sure why Chelsea was so surprised by Taylor's hesitant stance on the Adam front-Chelsea herself has only stopped hooking up with the man in the last year. Kail: This girl is a box of contradictions. She doesn't want to be with Jo because he's too controlling...but she won't let the man decide where his family get's to live even though she herself has complained about how far away he lives. She doesn't want to be with Javi because he's too clingy and subservient to her personality but the one time he's honest (from the get go) about how he feels...she complains because it's not what she wants to hear. She makes herself miserable and then insists that her unhappiness stems from everyone else. Leah: Leah has never been my favorite Mom but I have to admit I did feel bad for her when Jeremy admitted that her insecurities were part of the reason he no longer wanted to be with her. From my understanding Jeremy's silence at Addy's elation was due to the paper in his mouth? (Or perhaps the tension?) Regardless, I do think Leah should really consider going with Corey's week split plan. She's said herself that she is extremely dispirited and stressed by her life so I'm unsure why she's so against having Corey and Miranda take some of the pressure off her shoulders.
  13. Bo-Peep22

    S05.E08: Ouroboros

    I feel like part of the reason Papa S. struggles with being a supernatural Pappy is because technically he isn't. For Melissa it's a tad easier for her to throw up her hands and declare her allegiance to the "dark side" because her kid is apart of it-in fact he's a permanent member of wolf-man hood! (for life-yikes!) So she can't exactly roll with the punches and hope for the best outcome (Scott not ending up in jail preferably) or just pack up and haul ass away from the action. However, our little goober (Stiles-whose-name-now-officially-has-an-initial!!) voluntarily assists the pack despite maintaining his pre-series status as a run-of-the-mill human. For the Sheriff, i think it's a hard pill to swallow knowing that his family doesn't have to be apart of the cycle of death. Knowing that the situation shouldn't affect his career or test his integrity as a person v. his status as a Father and yet still sort of stuck in the middle of, "I love my child but I can't stand the person I'm becoming because of his choices." I did find Mama M's station visit to be very spiteful though. Her statement, though it rang with truth, was more about shoving it to the Sheriff than actually having a point. Am i the only one who finds Kira's story line a little...boring? As a character I like her (awkward turtles are always hilarious) but her relationship with Scott just seems so forgettable. IMO it's because she and Scott are both cupcakes in a sea of muffins and though on the surface having two saccharine tempered people create sparks is adorkable...it's also very repetitive. Malia's Mommy issues would have been a more enjoyable watch if Peter&Derek were still around for a Hale reunion BUT I will concede that Malia finally having a life outside of her boyfriend and the pack is refreshing. (Of course if her Mother has her way that life is soon to be over so...) Mason is the BWH of the group (Big Warm Hug) and he continues to amaze. Considering the lack of communication that goes on in this group I can't imagine Lydia and Stiles actually telling Parrish they know what's up. Especially seeing as the first person Stiles informs of his discover is Lydia...decidedly not Parrish.
  14. Bo-Peep22

    S02.E11: Wrecking Ball

    I was also surprised by Taylor's dismissive behavior towards the Max&Carter chronicles after like...a day? Actually it was more like ten minutes because honestly she didn't even seem all that mad,per se, as much as she was confused/upset when she found out. Considering the fact that for episodes now, Taylor has irrationally lashed out at inappropriate moments (like a teen) and needlessly hurt others to validate her own feelings (like a teen) it's a tad odd that the one time that she actually has a reason to be unreasonable (like a teen lol)...they have her go all, "It's Ok, It's fine," syndrome on us. I think she was just done with all of them at that point though. She just seemed too defeated to get raging mad or care about her awesome SAT scores and sort of stuck to passive aggressive comments when she could summon the bite. I actually really liked her this episode though and had similar thoughts of, "Is she going to sleep with Crash?" (whose name is apparently Cameron? I did not know this lol) I wouldn't have been adverse to it;} Carter's rush to throw that whole "Lori's breakdown" excuse Crash's way should have been a HUGE red flag to old boy. Apparently it's OK to sleep with Max if there is emotional turmoil in Twin A's life- so what's she going to do if she get's in a fight with Crash or if Lori's trial turns out even worse than I think it will? That should have been his cue to squeeze in a little, "Yeah I totally understand but (just so we're clear) if we're gonna continue to be a "thing" there cannot be anymore 'stupid mistakes' capiche?" My main eye roll about "Finding Carter" is its flippant use of plot threads. For example, Gabe has an affair with the counselor and we're teased with the idea that Kyle is eventually going to find out the identity of the under-aged student (his son) when...nothing. (Well nothing until one of the vital characters in that plot verse kicked it this episode) Bird's parents skip town and most likely the country and it's only brought up again as a way to manipulate a bond between Madison and Bird over their shared wonky parentals. Grant barks at his would-be girlfriend because of his abandonment issues, who in turn is too disgruntled to even answer his Skype calls and then we never hear from her again? (I guess they "broke up") I understand that the main story line of Carter&Taylor with crazy Mama Lori gazing through the cracks in the door takes priority over the side characters drama, but it's like a black hole shows up at the end of each episode and gobbles up the extras- though occasionally its spits some back out (Crash). I just wish the writers were a little more consistent.
  15. Bo-Peep22

    S02.E08: Riptide

    I know I'm going to get smacked for this but...I like Taylor (cringe). Granted she has exhibited some pretty selfish behavior recently, but I think it all stems from the fact that her entire life has been about being the good girl, the good daughter, and the good student and its all sort of crashing down on her. Being a good girl didn't stop her crazy neighbor from kidnapping her sister, being a good daughter clearly didn't make up for the fact that said sister was still gone, and being a good student meant squat to the one school she'd always dreamed of attending (because they wanted her sister). Honestly I'm shocked that Grant is the one they're really playing up as having an inferiority complex- Taylor seems to be the poster child for it. It was interesting to me that Taylor (for whatever reason) never correlated her depression and subsequent delinquent behavior back to Lori (it seemed pretty obvious to me). I know on the show they've been selling her mood swings as a result of being related to Lori but I honestly believe it runs back to her inferiority complex- even their biological mother chose Carter. Lori claims that she left Taylor because she knew how it felt to be a "mother" and didn't want to leave Liz and David childless seeing as they were sans Grant at that point, but Lori is a psychotic loony toon so I doubt Taylor would actually see it that way (No one else on the show did either lol). Though I have to agree-when Taylor originally tossed a stink eye Max's direction about not divulging in a very painful memory (clearly) I had a "girl bye" moment. Because, you know, it was clearly Max's business and his prerogative in what Taylor did or didn't need to know (especially since they are no longer seeing one another) not to mention Taylor's entire family had plenty of issues to deal with so I doubt Max was really thinking to himself, "I wonder if I should tell her about my Mom before or after her parents' marriage goes down the toilet?" or "Maybe I should tell her after Carter gets back from getting her stomach pumped?"....but then I really put myself in her shoes. (Just for a moment) It seems like Taylor is ALWAYS the last to know. I'm talking the imaginary bird that Max should totally buy would probably tumble upon these characters' secrets before her. And when a "Taylor" type, an overachiever who strives to whirl her way out of the mediocrity stuck to her back, is confronted with the fact that-as much as she has accomplished- she's not really the 'adult' she wants to be-it's a car wreck waiting to happen (and it has). Taylor has spent her entire life being the "good one" to make up for her parents crap marriage and to counteract her brother's feelings of abandonment that she's finding it hard to connect with people that see past her imperfections (that even she can't bring herself to accept) and still want to be on Team Taylor. I think Carter can sort of sense the anxiety in her sister, I loved the little "kid on the playground" description of her, so she's trying to glue together the tiny cracks that have carved themselves into Season 1 Taylor while Season 2 Taylor flounders around trying to find herself (the same scenario Carter was in during season 1). I believe that's why Taylor was so touched that Carter confessed to Madison that she wishes she were more like Taylor because I don't think Taylor even likes Taylor right now. (Which is why she broke up with Max (IMO) she can't "find" herself so she can't see what Max and Carter are seeing- an awesome person that's had awful things happen in a short period of time.