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  1. My mother had 6 kids [3 of each] within 8 years. We girls shared a single room & closet until I was 10, and the boys shared one room until they each moved out after HS. Clothes-sharing was just the most normal thing. It was having our OWN outfits that seemed strange to us. And that didn't really start happening until we starting BUYING our own clothes. In addition, my parents' sibs all had kids a little older or a little younger than us, so all the cousins shared clothes too. I can't remember a single Summer picnic where the mothers in our family weren't going through cardboard boxes of
  2. Pretty darned brainwashed - I believe is the answer to your question. I'm sure the overall vibe fundie parents put out on education - the whole time they're homeschooling - is that this is just something we have to get through. A drudgery, a mandatory task. Not something joyous and exciting, which it can be. Kids literally are brainwashed into thinking that education is like cleaning the toilet - it must be done, but we don't have to like it & we don't have to invest a lot of time in it.
  3. Thanks, Marys... I don't know how long this is going to last - this show is SO INCREDIBLY BORING. The little I managed to see was staggeringly dull. I can't believe TLC is still running the Duggars - last Spring I really thought they were over, but there's still 6 months to go in the year I gave them before "Counting On" started so I guess we'll see. If it's on at all in 2017 I'll be very surprised. I think people are pretty much done with the Duggars but who knows? If Trump gets in [God forbid], I guess it's conceivable that the Duggars could go on and on.... ?
  4. So I'm surfing around at 11 pm and see a Duggar face go by. What the ??? I've been away from the forum for several months now - it was getting pretty quiet last Spring - and had NO IDEA the "Counting On" show was back. Can't believe it's back either but hey, this is TLC! Just heard yesterday that one of their newer stars - from that Willis family show I think - has been charged with child rape so I can see nothing much has changed. TLC - the lowest common denominator channel. Of course the Duggars are back! I have some catching-up to do apparently, since this was episode 4. So Jinger is now co
  5. The Kleins, and most especially Will & Zoey, will absolutely be MUCH better off - off the air. The kids are both right at the starting point of being aware of the show & that most other people DON'T have cameras following them all the time. That the fact that complete strangers are interested in them, come up to the family in public, even that classmates are watching the show at home. No matter how fine a school they attend and how the adults around them handle it, they will "hear about" being on TV from other kids. And I'm not saying it'll be a lot of cruel stuff, but it's unlikely th
  6. Yeah Derrick - not sure I'm totally believin' this whole story. Just doesn't ring true.
  7. Spot-on correct. There's no mistaking, IMO, that Me-chelle views Josie in this [twisted] way.
  8. Yes, Sew. You are completely right - nearly ALL regionally-accredited schools in the US require a basic writing requirement in their associate & bachelor degree programs. In fact, at this time most accredited schools are ADDING English and/or writing requirements to core curriculums and have been for at last the past dozen years. All you have to do is to read a few comments anywhere on the Web to see [1] why so many schools feel the need to ratchet up writing instruction and [2] how desperately it's needed in this country. Ppersonally I'm hoping that a small portion of that instruction inc
  9. This is key to me as well. The Duggar males - I won't refer to them as men - in fact fundie males in general quite probably, haven't Clue One about what to do. Not really. As evidenced by Me-chelle's accidentally-hilarious "It won't take long..." comment to one of her girls a few years back.
  10. Good grief - what an odyssey! Plus - who wants to bet, that when the dust finally settles, some other production company will come along and make a movie out of this mess? Kind of a boring accounting movie, to be sure, but still...
  11. My two cents on the topic.The fact that Zoey's hair has been made more carefree is not at all surprising. For several generations now, it seems children's hairstyles have been becoming shorter and increasingly "fuss-free." Unless they really LIKE fussing and fixing it, most moms nowadays keep things simpler. Possibly because more Dads are now coping with kids' hair, and it's hard to imagine that many men are into that. Mothers have always been busy, but now that the vast majority like Jen also work outside the home, "easy-to-fix" hair is just [duh] - easier. For boys, those no-care-other-than-
  12. Sadly, I'm sure this is probably true. But it's not just the South. And they're hillbillies - all of them. No matter what their level of education.
  13. Derrick has got to be one of the shyest and most passive males I've ever seen. IMO, he didn't even choose Jill. I think he had extremely limited social contact with women before "meeting" Jill on Skype. I don't think he dated AT ALL before her. Not that he actually "dated" Jill, of course. He didn't even have to introduce himself to her - in person - at any point. The awkward portion of Derrick's courtship wasn't with Jill - it was with Boob. In my thinking, that says a lot.
  14. Yes, completely agree Zoloft. Having AC everywhere now has undoubtedly been a factor, but you're probably right in stating that Baby Boomer parents [my generation] haven't been nearly as "hands off" as our own parents were able to be. Parents don't simply "parent" any longer; they're expected to be security details too. Whether this is something they feel pressured to do by society - or within themselves - isn't really clear. And I honestly don't know whether this is good or bad. I hope some enterprising sociologists are busy researching this. We'll probably find out in 10-20 years that we did
  15. I don't remember really paying attention to the weather much as a child, other than noticing rain, snow, thunderstorms etc. And I don't EVER remember feeling uncomfortably hot on 90-degree days etc; at least not until I was maybe 9 or 10. My mother dressed us appropriately for whatever the weather was, and we played outside ALL THE TIME. All year long. So did all the other neighborhood kids [Baby Boomers all]. If it was raining we played on our 3-sides-of-the-house wraparound porch or down in someone's basement. This was long before people had AC in their homes. Only movie theaters and grocery
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