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  1. He was there, but only for a second.
  2. At this point, I don't even enjoy reading the recaps anymore. Ow, my heart.
  3. 1. Take Carl off stretcher. 2. Collapse stretcher. 3. Take stretcher up out of tunnel the same way you brought it down. 4. Take Carl up ladder. 5. Uncollapse stretcher. 6. Put Carl back on stretcher. 7. Roll stretcher, live a better life not having to carry Carl awkwardly by the shoulders. Really, it's not that complicated.
  4. Bless you for finding this! So they had to dig back almost 100 years to find their shitty show opening. Respect, I guess.
  5. Seems like a win for the west coast all around!
  6. I think it just doesn't make sense any longer, in the era of live Tweeting and YouTube, to tape-delay when there may be an audience for it at 8:30. Does anyone know if they also show it again at the old time on the west coast? That would make sense to me, is giving people the option of watching it in either slot. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/la-et-st-saturday-night-live-on-the-west-coast-20170415-story.html One byproduct, if I recall correctly, is that they'll no longer be able to sub in a version of a sketch from dress rehearsal that might have played better for the west coast. That's been known to happen in the past, not sure if they do that anymore.
  7. Hooray! I love this show so much.
  8. Awww, thanks. Doing that submission got me excited about the new episodes in a way I haven't been since it was announced.
  9. It's a weird reveal if it's NOT Oceanside, but yeah, I thought I spotted a few males in the crowd while watching. I'm not seeing them in the screencaps, but it certainly could be a group that's not Oceanside but largely comprised of women. (Narratively, that seems like muddying the waters, but that's just me.)
  10. Omar G.

    S07.E04: Service

    This article (and several posters) repeatedly refer to Daryl as "broken". My question: why? I mean - we know Negan is definitely trying to break Daryl, both personally directly, and with Dwight's assistance. Unless I've missed something, however, we've seen no sign to indicate Negan has succeeded. Daryl's refusal in "Cell" to answer Negan's "what's your name?" question in a suitably capitulatory manner, in fact, would indicate the exact opposite. We can postulate (successfully, I believe) a significant degree of timeline disjunct between Episodes 3 and 4; Ep3 appeared to (IHMO anyway) at least strongly infer a passage of several days (weeks? months?) expended in trying to break Daryl, while Ep4 occurs within 3-4 days after the Great Negan Brain-Bash-O-Rama - Negan gave ASZ a week to get "half [their] shit" together, but then showed up "early". If Daryl was not broken by the end of the "Cell" timeline, then I'd hazard the guess it's virtually certain he was not broken in a significantly shorter time frame, such as 3 or 4 days. And lest anybody think behavioral acquiescence automatically translates to surrender, I refer you to a viewing of Cool Hand Luke - the turtle-shooting scene in particular. :) Of course that ledger is wildly inaccurate. I thought Carol more than adequately demonstrated the ASZHats kept better count of their chocolate bars than of their weapons and ammunition. That's a fair, if argumentative point. That's really just my shorthand way of saying "Remember last week when they tried to break Daryl? He sure looks and acts pretty broken, huh?" We all know he's probably going to snap out of it at the right moment and kick a foot in someone's ass, get his crossbow and ride off with his motorcycle. But for the time being, he's essentially acting like he's broken. Breaking someone is surely not as binary as the show would expect us to believe. But right now the switch it set to "Broken" at least in the TWD universe.
  11. Here's the "Attack of the Masturbating Zombies" sketch I mentioned in the show, written by Conan O' Brien:
  12. So I wasn't the only one who picked up on the "would you kindly"? :D Ah, damn, I meant to reference it in the write-up, but yes, Hideo Kojima is exactly who I think the character was modeled after. The game makes me think "Resident Evil," but the posters and personality and reputation of the game designer seem totally based on Kojima. Kojima was actually working on a horror game recently, so this fits perfectly.
  13. I would add Marlene Forte (Celia) to that list, too, she was fantastic.
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