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  1. How were we told that Peggy feeling societal pressures of "having it all" is stupid?Lou was terse with her when he reminded her that "people died" but that was directed at her leaving the scene of an accident with a person lodged in her windshield. Her feelings about being torn between family and career are valid, but they are certainly not an excuse to leave the scene of an accident with a person stuck in your windshield. Or are you merely objecting that they portrayed a female character in a negative way? I'm having trouble grasping the point of your post.
  2. I didn't pick up on anything either. Other than the wolf-like way they were portraying him stalking about. Then there was his new identity of Mr. Tripoli, and that seems to run contrary to Malvo. Exactly. I think that rant upthread against Noah Hawley was over-the-top and very misplaced. Being hypersensitive to the point that you brand a writer a sexist for a mere portrayal of sexism doesn't seem healthy.
  3. I just got off the phone with the women's studies department at my university. They are also calling the Peggy and Lou scene in the prowler sexist. I tried convincing them otherwise, but they wouldn't listen to me and ended up calling me a sexist.
  4. I think I remember seeing a New York plate on his car in the episode he first showed up. I took note of it because Buffalo used to have the Italian mob and I wondered about KC's connections to the Italian mob. I just brushed it off as infighting between KC and Buffalo with the Gerhardts being caught in the middle.
  5. The Gerhardt's flag wasn't a Nazi symbol. Eagles have been a common symbol on coat of arms and family crests for centuries. Plus, Otto's father left Germany after WWI.
  6. Oh for Pete's sake! You do know this isn't really a true story, don't you? At least you put it in quotes. ;) Good review.
  7. You wanted explosions and a good old car chase like an episode of Mannix?I was disappointed that they didn't have Lou stop to help the Swedish bikini volleyball team change a flat tire on the way back to Minnesota.
  8. Besty's vision was a tribute to Rasing Arizona. I can't say that it was word for word the same little speech that Nicolas Cage gave at the end of the movie, but it was damn close. The entire opening sequence was fantastic, especially the Black Sabbath music. I was amused at how Mike ended up in a tiny office. He wanted to be a big bad crime boss, and the corporate boss told him they have drones for that. Hilarious!
  9. I'd give Liv Tyler an Emmy for her performance on these last two episodes. She pulled off being very threatening and dangerous with a smile on her face. It was damn good acting.
  10. If they let this go beyond three seasons it would be a mistake. They can wrap up the story in a way that doesn't meander and I think it will make the plot more focused.As much as I loved the Sopranos, it was time to end that. They had covered what they needed to cover and it was beginning to wander aimlessly. Three seasons of the Leftovers sounds about right. Besides, it isn't wise to keep leftovers hanging around too long.
  11. I still don't know what to think about this episode. I was more taken aback by how they lapsed into a few frames of Frank Miller-style comic book shots of Hanzee firing his weapon than the UFO. Ok, I like the episode but I'm so invested at this point in the series, they could have gotten away with a lot more than they did. Martin Freeman sounded too prissy Brttish as narrator, I would have like a neutral American dialect or a MidWest dialect. I halfway want to be critical, but what's the point? It was still good.
  12. That was another nod to the movie Fargo.
  13. Early Rock and Roll is usually described as being a blend of several different generes of music.Jitterbug and big band swing music certainly were an influence as were country, gospel and blues. I heard the term post Rock last year and it made me feel strange. That Halsey song, "New Americana" is probably the epitome of post Rock. It is hauntingly catchy and cool. Say, what if they took season three of Fargo into the future? I'd be up for that too!
  14. I'm probably being too nerdy here, but I think 1950 was before Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll didn't really get started until 1953. Mid to late 50s, sure lots of Rock and Roll. But when Otto rose to power in 1950, that was before it ramped up. Again, I'm being nerdy about the timeline.
  15. You know, that makes more sense than my theory of connecting the haircut to him being smitten with Constance. I sure as hell hope they explain what that was all about.
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