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  1. Since it's the editors who put together the bits of these people and the only horrid relationship I saw on this was Chris and Logan. And apparently the editors felt Justin was giving them more to work with then the others, who when they were a rather rah rah about themselves when they gave their remarks about themselves. I can't hate a person from an edited show, and a radio personality would fit the style of boisterous behavior Justin seems to have. Congrats on the wedding, Just watched again and all I could remember from the first time was how much I hope we wouldn't see tv announcers doing their gimmick throughout the series funny I can't recalled what if anything I though of Justin during the original run, and I didn't have time to really follow the forums at that time. I really can get annoyed if editors show to much screaming --- the twinnies., nasty rude behavior --- Colin or boo hoo whine cry ... Rachel of big brother. **
  2. I guess I like smug people and I will be sad if like Rob and Amber they do so well yet lose that final leg. Will be only the second time that would make me sad. I see him enjoying the race and I am sure the camera and sound folks want interactive folks not mutes so I'm fine with the moove and interactions he has with the camera folk. I certainly much rather hear him then more of the pap's bickering. So I might be the only one with fingers crossed he crosses that finish line first too!
  3. I kept getting distracted and loosing place in whatever the story was. What was the snake all about? How the hell did a man of the executioners rank have the ability to read, nevermind afford his own bible? I am just lost.
  4. Oh, dear, I really don't see Walt being the sort to shag a woman the age of his daughter. If Vic looked a little older or Cady younger than perhaps I could see it, but otherwise, it doesn't seem to be in character for him to hook up with an inappropriately aged female. I thought he truly loved his wife and that he'd choose someone like her (though we really don't know a lot about her.) Cady has to be late 20s or early 30s if she is a lawyer who had worked at a firm (again why he'd let his lawyer daughter work in a bar rather then encourage her to apply for a job at another firm in some nearby county or start her own practice is a little odd too.) I could understand if Vic was an experienced detective in her 40s but she sure doesn't come across as that age or experience. I sort of wish I knew a little more about the Vic character that is in the book to see what the attraction is/was. I like the Longmire character but if any Vic hook up happens it would definitely take the shine off him a bit, since it shows that he'd be easily influenced by the trait of older guys that think hooking up with some younger good looking chick makes him some studly dude. Not cool.
  5. I would but I think I'd be talking to myself. I'm happy that person mention the feature film as I wondered about the two girls in the photo. I assumed Meg was an ex of some sort. Glad that too was confirmed.
  6. I guess I'm not explaining my reaction well, as I expected the same sort of reaction this time as we got from her at that time. She was pretty vehement that she had decided to see her evil monster of a brother due to her sons' pressuring her to do so. I expected the same screaming rage reaction on this meeting too, not the weep fest that we got. I'm not understanding her 180 change in seeing him this time as compared to the previous visit. Why even let him start with the touching/grabbing stuff, I'd expected she'd be keeping her distance while screaming at the top of her lungs why again she detested him for what he'd done to her. Maybe it's just me, I'd thought she'd be kicking him in the face not letting him grab her thighs when he approached her. Maybe it's just me.
  7. Yes, that's is what I'm talking about. She has not only had calmer discussions regarding the evil that is her brother but also that freak out, yet on meeting him instead of tearing into him and letting him no that he is a monster and needs to get far, far away she lets him sob into her legs and also joins in on the sobbing. I'd expected her to start screeching at him the moment his face popped out of the trailer about his being a horrible person and what he'd done was unforgivable so get out of town pronto. Seemed weird that instead of that Norma, we get some wishy washy weep with her rapist Norma. Sorry for double post, forgot I also meant to address this response too.
  8. I know more than I probably would like about CF but what I know is from 10+ years ago. From my experience, you cup both front and back chest walls since you want to get all lung surfaces. I did think it was odd she only asked him to cup her front and than it appeared he only did the upper chest wall (it is difficult to fully cup a female with breast, as the breast are a bit in the way. Also, you cup in sort of a rapid rhythmic style, not that pat, pat stuff he did. I doubt she'd be coughing up much with the little bit of cupping he did. I think the average waiting time for double lung transplant is 2-3 years but why is she in podunk instead of a large city with a hospital that does lung transplants? Her dad would have a choice of where to move to when he immigrated to the states, I should think. He knew Emma would evenually need those lungs, and better that she be near the hospital to get there quickly plus you need to stick nearby for the 6 months post transplant. So, that's another odd thing I find about Emma's story. Couldn't dad have moved anywhere in the states, why choose marijuana central instead of a city with a well known med center transplant program? What even gave him immigration approval any ways? Is the US in need of taxidermists? Another odd aspect of the program, why is she even living in that town?
  9. Watched a few episodes of this, found it so, so and never really kept up with it. Picked it up again and am totally lost. Who is Issac, who is Adam, why should I care? Sometime mid-season I guess they threw in a mysterious disappearance of Abigail. I usually hate shows that have to recap the season to date in the first minute or so but this show really needed that for any new viewers or returning viewers. I'm 50-50 about watching any future episodes. The COW didn't pull me in and the mystery new cast members aren't telling me why I would, should care about them. How nice that this 2000 year old "Adam" would like Morgan to off himself with the newly found gun. Why does he care if there is another can't be killed kid on the block? Not as if their like vampires that may get to be the big bads if they survive the longest. If the was some mysteries weapons that kill but the dead arise unable to die by any other means was the dagger melted down to make the gun? Is there a mysterious cult making magical weapons, any clue show. Might helped to gain initial viewers if there was a hint in the beginning of the series not thrown in when it appeared cancellation was imminent. Pretty sure that the ratings won't be getting my help.
  10. Oh, my, I must be out of style too as I have my flip phone still as well. It's a fairly new phone, gets internet and all, just a preference. I don't use it for the internet often as I've a tablet for that. His flip phone doesn't make me think this show is set in any "distant" past since Norma has a "smart" phone that she so nicely shot in this episode. Man, there's been many a time I'd have liked to shot my phone! Wonder if her insurance will cover gun shoots for her to get a new phone. This is the first episode I watched twice. Didn't quite get why she confessed secrets to the psych teacher then sexed him up? She didn't pay him for any treatment so it's not as if she could claim patient privilege, so I was confused why he was saying he could lose his license since she's not a patient. I wonder how all that will pay off. I wondered why Dylan didn't get Norman to the ER for psychiatric help when he flipped out and later turned into "mother". I guess Norma convinced him that getting Norman the help he needed was bad . Dylan, you'll be sorry you listened to mommy when your bro kills you as soon as he thinks mother is showing you more attention than he thinks she should. And Emma went right along with just handle Norman's breakdown alone at home. She'll likely pay for that too. But where the heck is her father that she needs to insert herself into this psycho family so badly? Is he hiding out his the taxidermy lab so much he hasn't noticed that she is never at home anymore? So many questions. So, Caleb falls to the ground tearfully begging Norma for forgiveness and she starts sobbing along with him. Here she is angrily telling the boys what a rotten rapist monster he is than she turns around and when confronting him becomes a sobbing mess. Hmmmm. Loved the look that Norman gave him, deadly. Now I again question why Norma has no problem with telling the boys what a monster he was but why not blast him as well? Weird. Edited as shot is not the same as shoot.
  11. Okay, then. Lizzie is just too murderous for belief. If this show persists in having her murder on average two people per episode, it would be impossible for her never to be caught for at least on of her victims. I might watch another episode but if she again murders a person without anyone catching on, than I will pass for future watching.
  12. Yeah, I've always had to turn the volume way up for this show, but then I have to leave the room for the commercials because it's too loud. It's a way to get some exercise anyways. Rick can have a real hoarse raspy voice and Norman can sort of mumble at times. The rest I do okay with usually. I did wonder about the girl earlier running around as if she was just coming from or going to a birthday party with what looked like a gift and the balloon, later the balloon floats by during the brawl in the street. Does the balloon bring on the unfair wolves or a herd of walkers? What is that wayward balloon with the magical apocalypse helium suppose to signal?
  13. I certainly got the impression that Michonne was behaving as law enforcement and to protect the rest of the group from any further damage from Rick going off the reservation with his ranting and raving. I didn't get she was being a bad-ass but being professional. I don't really think any of the group want to get exiled, though they do want the rest of ASZ folks to wake up to the realities of the ZA. Not sure how they have managed to escape any of the horrors, as I cannot believe such a large metro area seriously got so fully evacuated. Where did they relocate the millions that lived in that area is my question.
  14. Eh, isn't even fatal if you are eliminated or at least the last I heard death wasn't the penalty for coming in last in an elimination leg. I guess [the comment in the video about casting ] also explains why she felt the need to carry all her beauty products with her as well, not only will she not snag a beau but if she isn't attractive they will kick her off the race. Perhaps, the reason she's having issues finding a man isn't her looks but her issues. She's bagging on the guys not looking like their photographs on what ever internet dating sites she tried, but does she use a candid photo or a glamor shot for her profile? I worked with a lady who wouldn't even check her mail without a full face of make up and her hair done.
  15. Eh, some folks in families don't sound alike, mine was so bad they sent me to a speech pathologist to stop having such a mush mouth, because of my drawl. If you get to college they really try and get you to sound like a generic newscaster by sending you to pubic speaking classes and such. I really don't get all that hung up on any of the accents unless they start doing dem or dose, then I might.
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