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  1. S/H are beautiful. I can watch them all day and I don't usually watch pairs. Hanyu vs Chen. Clearly Chen was better today and if Hanyu wants to win Chen has to mess up a lot. I'm actually really in awe of Nathan and Hanyu. It's not easy being a full time student at Yale nor is it easy coming back from injuries. I hope both stay healthy. As for juniors. I'm sorry, you can clearly tell Liu lacks speed and the basics when you see the other skaters. She had a few UR's too but I don't believe tech called any skaters technique. So much for having a technical ppanel. I don't like her Lz at all. I hope she stays healthy. Again, people need to stop bashing Liu for beating the Russians and stop bashing the Russian juniors for being weak. Kamilla broke her leg doing quads and is starting to get back to skating. Poor girl. Trusova doesn't need five quads. I don't care if she wants them or not. Eteri actually needs to put her skaters health first. She doesn't even need 5 quads to win at this point. I don't know any 15 year old senior man performing 5 quads. Not even Hanyu and Chen are doing five quads Work on her skating skills and basics. I'm actually surprised Alena has a close score with Trusova. That goes to show you what the skater needs to work on. 4 quads and a score or 241 and a skater with good skating skills and two 3a getting a 240. That says a lot. And what is Nathan wearing? I need a word with Vera Wang please. Yes, I'm actually surprised by that. Alysa had UR's but the Eteri skaters aren't called for this technique either. So why complain? Alysa has 4Lz and 3A that's all that matters at this point. It's similar to Russian fed complaining their skaters are finally being called.
  2. I heard Kamilla broke her leg from doing quads. Poor kid. I like her SP program but it wasn't her best.
  3. Hanyu vs Chen showdown. Alysa vs Kamilla The Russians vs Rika S/H are in a league of their own in my opinion P/C I think are the favorites right now In my opinion. I just can't get into them for some reason. This is a wild Grand Prix Final.
  4. We don't know about Jason's sexuality. It's truly disgusting what I heard from Alexei. I liked his Olympic program too. I don't understand what Jason has ever done to him. Saying he skates like a girl and Trusova should take his place in men's is rude. Just because Jason doesn't have a quad doesn't mean he's not good. Alexei lost my respect. Jason is competitive with triples and that's impressive. I also hate how Alexei said girls and men need more quads so they can't skate like Jason. I truly don't understand what's wrong with this man. Then bashing Rika and her lack of edge issues. Some of the Russians right now I'm disappointed in.
  5. Apparently, Russian federation is complaining about Rika's Lz and how it's not called because she has edge issues. Since when did Rika had edge issues? I'm confused. Yagudin bashed Jason for not having quads and for not skating like a man. I have no clue what skating like a man means or looks like. I truly don't understand what is wrong with him and Russian fed. What did Jason and Rika do? I think it's amazing Jason can skate without a quad and podium and be competitive.
  6. She isn't the same skater she was two seasons ago. Her technique has so many flaws and is more noticable. I wish her team would fix her tech and skating skills. And I'm sorry to say this but Alina is over scored especially in PCS. I believe her PCS scores were the highest in the SP and FP I'm not sure. How does she have higher PCS than Alena or Rika is quite interesting. Most likely Eteri has her new focus on her new senior skaters. Let's hope they will be back. . I just can't get into the new number ones in ice dancing.
  7. Sui/Cong are the ones to beat. Poor Jason. I was rooting for him. Karen top 3. I wish she was consistent. She has beautiful spins. So Russian Fed has a judge who was caught cheating. WTH. Why is he judging if he was caught cheating? ISU and Russian Fed need to get it together Alina. Poor Alina. She was in the same position as Alena two seasons ago. She won everything and was the new it girl. It's sad to see her skating go down hill. She looks over it at this point. I really loved her red ballerina program. She looks done. Sad. I can't get attached to any Eteri skater because after two season they're done. Alena might survive but at this point I don't know. Seeing Evgenia go downhill, Yulia, Polina, and now Alina, makes me realize Anna, Alexandra, and Alena will be replaced by her upcoming young quad skaters who are 11/12/13 right now. Russia doesn't even allow their skaters to breathe and grow before replacing them. Thank goodness Rika changed her costume. I can't get into her programs this year.
  8. Many girls lose their jumps during puberty. It's similar in dance and gymnastics too. They have to relearn technique and how to perform with their new body. Liza had this issue. She lost her 3A. Women have hips and breasts which slows down rotation speed and changes the centre of gravity. If quads are to be a thing in ladies skating then we have to see grown women with a grown woman body do them. Not little girls. Samarin got a 5+ for his 4Lz. Judges must clearly be on something.
  9. The majority of girls don't have her body type and I fear they'll starve themselves trying to get it. Sadly she has a serious back injury I believe a spinal fracture I'm not sure. Her mom said she couldn't even bend down or walk. She is missing the entire season this year.
  10. So RusFed is pissed their skaters are being called and judging is inconsistent. They should be ashamed of themselves at this point. Especially Danii who posted the unfair edge calls on Anna's jumps. That's not a Lz Danii. The ISU should make judging fair and consistent. So it's ok to ignore Russian skaters bad technique? I'm confused. How will this advance the sport? How is this fair for skaters who do proper tech? They also want quads in the SP. I'm not fully against this but I'm sorry, I still need to see a grown women pass the age of puberty to land a fully form quad. If the russian ladies or any lady can land a proper quad at 18 or 20,22, then look at adding quads to the SP. Trusova will probably get a 260 and PCS scores of 9 and 10s this weekend. I'm upset Koylada is not competing. I hope he feels better and we can see him at Russian Nationals. Sadly, they're cracking down on this too.
  11. Anna got called out for her edges and I read Danii isn't happy with her score. What did they expect? Anna is a sweet girl and skater but her team did her a disservice. If she is called out like Evgenia is then what? I know she is going the 4Lz for points but it should be done right. It's sad ISU allows skaters to get away with poor technique because the next generation will have poor technique too and coaches will not fix it. Stop rewarding poor technique. What happens if the judging system changes again? Then what? Boyang has the most amazing 4lz. I like C/B programs this year. H/B I don't know about them. I just can't get into them. Sad, because I've followed them since juniors. And ISU the reason why skating is losing fans because I can't watch it anywhere.
  12. Yes. I love C/B programs this year. I've watched junior ice dancers and novice too and they're so good. Sucks we can't see it and all we talk about are the ladies. Our ice dancers are the Russian ladies but I don't think USA federation or anyone cares enough about ice dance. The ladies event is the most popular.
  13. Skater struggling with triples and can't skate a clean program? Make them learn quads. Eteri logic. So Nationals will be Bradie, Mariah, and Alyssa? I was watching an awesome skater from China. She is 12 and will be going junior next year. Nini is her name. It's going to be interesting to watch her develop. I love seeing skaters outside of the big three feds in my opinion(USA, Russia, Japan) podium and skate. Also, good news, Kolyada's surgery went well.
  14. This is shocking. I wonder why Japanese Fed will not give him suggestions or maybe they did and he didn't take it. Shoma can go to Alex in IL. He did during off season. It's sad because he is so talented but his jumps makes me cringe. And it's sad ice dance isn't mentioned more. I get ladies are popular but we have huge talent in ice dance. It's crazy to see how many ice dancers can easily make top 5.
  15. Watching Trusova and her falls scare me. The way she lands I would hope they fix it before she gets hurt. It seems like her quads are a hit or miss. Sometimes she lands sometimes she doesn't. A person who saw her live said her jumps aren't all that big and the choreography was just her skating around the ring. At least Anna has musicality and flows with the music. It's also interesting to see how she scores without quads. She needs quads to win because it's clear as day her team isn't working on anything else with her. Rika was only 11 points below her with four quads. Alena was I believe 4 points away from her with her quad layout. I thought she would score higher based on TCS alone. Hanyu was so amazing. He keeps improving and improving. Evgenia in my opinion will not make a World's team this year. I still can't believe this is the same skater who broke records and went undefeated for two seasons. ISU is replacing the gala with an awards show. Someone replace the ISU please. Do they just throw ideas out there? Some fans are pissed because they brought tickets already.
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