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  1. That too. WTF. Isn't the man suppose to support his family not mommy and daddy. It says that in Gothard Bible. Man supports family. I guess they follow the Bible and Gothard when they want to oppress women
  2. CPS will most likely not remove the kids. They have little staff, a lot of kids they can't find homes for, and it is traumatic to remove a child away from their birth parents. Yes even bad parents. On top of this the kids would be split up. The oldest M kid is 11 going on 12. She's old in the foster care system and might end up in a group home away from her siblings. Yes, sadly foster care isn't perfect either. There are kids who die and are abused in foster care. Statistics show foster kids are 10x more likely to be abused. I'm a foster and adoptive parent. It takes
  3. These people are prolife but can't protect their own kids. So much for being prolife Anna.
  4. Isn't is sad a grown ass man can't cook or do anything for himself but he's headship.
  5. Wasn't he doing this anyway? He never had a real job. Anna cooks, clean, raises the kids. She homeschool too. He does not do anything. Even male animals in the animal kingdom have jobs and help out. Josh does nothing.
  6. Can you link the reddit post? Josh is a lazy person. He has no desire to do anything. I'll be embarrassed if I was Jimchelle. Your oldest son is a lazy deadbeat. Josh has always had things handed to him.
  7. Never understood how men can be leaders but so weak. How can you have a weak leader who needs their hand held every second
  8. Anna is going to be a prison wife. No more sex. No more babies. JB will control her from the outside. Josh will control her from prison. By the time he gets out, the kids will be teens and adults. Hopefully, this gravy train ends now.
  9. They threw their daughters under the bus. JB will throw his other sons under the bus too.
  10. So Anna will not out do Michelle in how many babies. Im happy Josh can't reproduce for a long time. He's a self absorbed selfish a$$hole. He already had people stick up and by him. He was never held accountable. Jim Bob and Michelle failed too.
  11. I really hope this is the house crashing down on this family. I feel sad for his kids.
  12. Especially from a woman. Imagine a female guard telling him what to do.
  13. My problem stems more from the USAFS who clearly don't see their mistakes. Especially with their ladies. Nathan has improved leaps. It's more of USAFS putting an insane amount of pressure on a then 18 year old first year senior. Then when he didn't deliver shame him for not delivering. Looking at you Tara and Johnny
  14. Puberty helps men but doesn't help women. Men and women's bodies are different. Men gain muscle and strength. Coaches actually coach for longativey vs short term at least they should. For girls it's a race against puberty. Girls get hips and breasts which slows down their rotation speed. That means coaches have to rebuild or change their technique. That takes time. You have to get use to your new body. What I think coaches should also do is build strength for girls. However, figure skating for ladies especially wants one body type. Not a Simone Biles body type. That's why some coaches like E
  15. Gold is Gracie's last name. They hyped her up big time. Gracie had everything. The name, looks, skating. She was going to win. She was the next Michelle. Caroline was the next Michelle and they hyped her up. Even with her issues. They hyped Nathan up. He choked for a few reasons but the hype they gave him was crazy. He was a first year senior I believe too. Only 18. Just let him skate. The Olympics have enough pressure. Nathan is the exception because he has good tech and has a decent coach. He's blooming and improved a great lot. He will be 22 at his next Olympics.
  16. Can I just mentioned how shitty the judges are. Imagine being a skater with good technical skills and Skating skills. Then you see the skaters who have not so good or terrible SS and tech get high scores than you. So the judges are saying skaters don't have to work on having the proper technique or SS. As long as you don't fall. So why bother with SS or proper tech when the skaters with bad tech and ss will still be rewarded. This goes for men and women.
  17. She is looking rough. The jumps aren't there. The skating skills have a long way to go. USAFS should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring her technique and using her to show Russia and Japan he have a 13 year old and 14 year old doing quads and 3A. They shot themselves in the foot. She currently has no technique coach for jumps. I don't know what her father was thinking. We never learn our lesson do we? Gracie Gold anyone? Nathan Chen? Caroline Zhang? Come on USAFS.
  18. I wish they would work on the 3a and one quad with Trusova. She has never landed a 3,4,5 quad program in competition. She also needs to work on other things. I'm surprised Anna and Alena were so close to her last year when she had quads. She can't win without jumps and other skaters with both tech and SS will out perform her. Other skaters are actually catching up to her. If she refuses to work on anything else I fear she's going to get injured and/or fall behind. I think the brownie points she got in juniors and seniors is starting to fade. It's like you can jump, fall, jump what else do you
  19. Dating Sergei? She's 17 and he's in his 30s? I hope it's not true. Alena said she is working on it but she has back issues and looks like she is going through puberty. She's also old for a Russian lady. She's 17. Her programs are a mess. She can do so much better with better programs and music.
  20. I recently watched videos of skaters Wow Russia's pairs look good to me. People are saying Trusova improved but I don't see it at all. Her whole program is a jump fest. Alena regressed. She always had good skating skills but I found her lacking in interpretation and listening to the music. Without her 3A she isn't competitive and is actually average. I'm not saying she is bad she is very good. Has very good technical elements and skills but I don't see the hype. Especially without her 3A. What the heck is with with Kamilla's costumes? The quad race keeps getting younger and younger
  21. I only feel bad for Vanessa. Sucks to end your career this way. He should be arrested.
  22. Shout out to Liza for being 23 and killing it with a bunch of kids down her back landing quads and 3A. And a Russian skater tested positive for COVID-19. No surprise here
  23. Russia probably threatened to pull her funding. It a circus at this point and very calculated. CSKA is the top club in Russian. Yet, she regressed and Tarasova didn't seem to help her. The picture Eteri posted looks like a horror film. And Med needed a lot of work. Her technique is just so bad. She could've took the season off or two to rework her technique if she was in a different country but Russia. She should blame Eteri for her technique and the ISU for giving her brownie points.
  24. I hope someone told Med the truth if she's aiming for 2022. The whole thing is weird and awful. Her body can't handle Eteri's training. She's not going to make 2022 or win gold. There are too many talented young skaters ahead of her in Russia alone. If she took time off to work on her technique and heal I think she could've done better. Instead I believe her career ends here. No way will Eteri work with her and make sure she continues skating. She's preparing Anna, Kamilla, and Maya and Daria. I believe Trusova is a lock and so is Kamilla. That leaves one spot open for Russia 2022. I don't bel
  25. This is why you teach proper technique. Anna is barely getting up there. She's another Yulia. I like Anna but how hard is it to teach proper technique to prevent injuries and to make it grow with a skater? Kamilla deserves better. Danii needs some choreography classes asap. Alena sp is a mess. Trusova I hope she continues to work more on things besides jumps. Her SP was good. Her long not so much. She should focus on one quad the 4T. That's her good quad and build other aspects of her skating up. If she doesn't she's going to fall behind and someone with skating skill
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