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  1. Yesss... this is a functional arranged marriage if there ever was one! Although I'll go a step further and speculate Kim is not attracted to Kanye at all but respects him for his next level famewhoring tactics. These two could have gotten together a loooooonnnng time ago and didn't because Kim was hoping to marry (Reggie) for love and realized that would be impossible with the life she (Kris) has chosen.
  2. Uh Oh. According to TMZ, Khloe tried to pass a professional bakery's pies off as her own creations made for Thanksgiving!
  3. Khloe has clearly had cosmetic (not necessarily implants) work done over the past few years. No one suddenly grows a shelf-butt and plumped lips out of nowhere in their late 20's. So it is not likely she got in the "best shape of her life" by hitting the gym. None of these women hit the treadmill (and I'm including Caitlyn in on this - what Olympic athlete takes up smoking?) Kim has had significant weight gain during her pregancies because she can't do the liposuction/spanks regimen she typically does while not pregnant. The sexy baton passing is a scripted scene. Once Kim has birthed kid #2, had the lipo, and returns to the media spotlight after the holidays, Khloe will be relegated to the backburner. Rinse repeat with kid #3.
  4. Thula

    S06.E12: A Boy or a Girl

    Either the network paid for the trip to Alaska, or the Alaska tourism board did. As far as the groceries, they probably didn't pay a cent out of pocket because they were advertising the store. If they were doing legit grocery shopping they would have probably gone to a much cheaper store or a Costco/Sams club and not have taken all of the kids.
  5. Thula

    Kendra On Top

    This is the sad fact of professional athletics: If you (or your kid) want to make it to this level - doesn't matter the sport - the child's life must be 100% dedicated to this pursuit. No room to cultivate "backup" skills. So especially with full contact sports like professional football, the average professional career is 3 - 4 years. Most of these guys get drafted and don't finish their college degrees, make big bonuses and great salaries up front, and their career is over well before the age of 30. They likely have had a huge team of family/coaches on top of the management teams (agents, PR etc) helping them along the way - so the athlete isn't taking home nearly as much of those big bucks as everyone is lead to believe. Hank may have nothing to show now for his hard work his entire life. Kendra likely planned her life around a Dan Marino-type thinking the money would come flooding in for 20 years, so now they are reduced to coming up with bafoonery storylines to promote their show. Transsexual cheating scandals that have spread out over 2 seasons of their basic cable reality show and a few offshoots - wife swap, marriage boot camp, UK shows...ugh. I don't even believe Hank actually cheated. I think Kendra is furious that the couple has no income other than the show, and let's face it - Kendra's way too old to tow the line as former Hef gf (that show ended years ago). She doesn't come across maternal enough to get into the mommy lifestyle guru club that a lot of her fellow reality show do. Her anger and bitterness toward Hank seem very real but she's projecting into a fake cheating scandal instead of opening up and saying "This wasn't how I planned it!"
  6. Thula

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Regarding any of the minor offspring of the housewives watching the show: I've seen a handful of reality show scenes (mostly housewives-ish types) being filmed and they are all very much set up, staged, scripted etc. Not reality at all. If those people chose to be on these shows and open their life up for scrutiny, it is important for the kids involved to see the difference between what goes on in shooting and what appears on the TV - editing, sound bites, all of the manipulation. There's no way you can keep the fall out of a long term affair hidden from elementary school age (At least) kids, whether you are a public figure or not.
  7. The Kardashians are working hard to paint a rosy picture of Lamar's recovery, but if he's actually suffered a stroke (or multiple), there is no way he is talking or texting this soon. They're really downplaying how serious his condition is, and it is really going to come back to bite them in the butt a week from now when their fans will be expecting Lamar to just sashay out of the hospital like his old self. If they want to create the impression that the Kardashians are instrumental in bringing Lamar back from the brink, they had better be willing to stand by his side throughout a likely lengthy stay in a stroke-rehab facility and then another lengthy stay in a substance-abuse rehab facility. Photoshopping can't pretty up that reality.
  8. There is SUCH a wide range of reports on Lamar's status. I'm reading he opened his eyes and spoke and is breathing on his own, and I'm reading he's barely made any improvement and fluttered his eyes for a moment in the middle of the night. And as late as early this morning, other media outlets were reporting he was brain dead. I'm inclined to believe he must be improving or the Kardashians wouldn't have flown back to LA.
  9. Thula


    Addicts tend to live life on the edge. They take a lot of risks that most people wouldn't take. Even if they are 'on the wagon' or in recovery, they still tend to gravitate toward drama and act very impulsively. I imagine Lamar was drawn to Khloe as a Mother figure, protector, and someone he felt he could completely trust because she was famous in her own right and had her own money so she truly loved him. He was probably also wanted that big happy close family that he never had growing up. As for why Khloe went along with this....on VH1 Couples Therapy, Dr Jenn Berman made a suggested in an earlier episode that Scott Stapp's wife sought out a "wounded baby bird" as a mate because the wounded bird will never fly away and leave her. The Kardashian women seem to have an MO of seeking out men with some issues. Easier to control? And if things go bad, they can blame it on the men and come out smelling like a rose.
  10. Thula

    S06.E03: Text, Lies, And Tampon-gate

    Did anyone else catch Jaclyn's MASSIVE makeup spread on her dresser? That was waaaay excessive. Who did Joe commit domestic violence against? Is there another girlfriend in the mix? Doesn't domestic violence charge imply someone he lives with (or recently lived with) or a legitimate girlfriend as opposed to a booty call situation?
  11. Lamar and his ex haven't been a couple for 6 (I think) years. I don't get the impression that he is around his kids much, so it is doubtful that he and his ex were close or that she would know much about his medical history or life in the past half dozen years. Stepping in as a guardian for someone and making these type of life/death/medical decisions aren't up for group vote. One person has to make the decisions or else it turns into a big cluster-F. And it's not about doing what's best for Lamar's kids, it's about doing what's best for Lamar.
  12. That's not how it works. If your next of kin is unable or unwilling to make decisions on your behalf, they don't get to just randomly choose a new decision maker without your consent. Next of kin are usually the decision makers because, in theory, they would have a vested interest in doing what is best for you. The ex that Lamar dumped to marry Khloe after a public whirlwind romance, would likely have an ax to grind even if she is the mother of his children. In the event there is no next of kin, courts would appoint an impartial guardian.
  13. Probably not, because this was so sudden. But don't put it past the Kardashians/Ryan Seacrest/E! to manufacture scenes in a back lot of a Hollywood set, to make it seem as though they were by his bedside 24-7.
  14. Thula

    S06.E02: Enter The Drama

    To Stir up drama. The other couples have already had a day or so to bond, make alliances, and settle into place in the social hierarchy. The last-to-arrive couple come in feeling like outsiders and kick things off already on the defensive. The first time they did this was with Jon Gosselin, but that wasn't intentional - a couple had backed out (we never found out who) and production called Jon and his girlfriend last minute and they flew out to CA in their sweatpants. And it's especially sad considering she is 60! The whole petulant child act needs to get retired once your old enough to have an AARP card. And since she has an age-appropriate boyfriend, what the hell is wrong with him that he's willing to put up with all of this drama at his age?!? Just getting out of bed in the morning and getting to the bathroom without breaking a hip should be enough drama for one day.
  15. Thula

    S10.E19: Baptism By Fire

    Tamra hasn't found Jesus, God, or a clue. Tamra needed a story line this season and some ammunition to walk into the next round of child custody court battles with Simon.