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  1. 1. She looks great in that picture of her on the boat with Joe in his Fartmouth t shirt. 2. "B- good effort" is legitimately hilarious 3. That kitten is crazy crazy cute 4. Why the fuck is her mom not wearing a fucking mask??? 5. "Cake" Made me laugh and laugh. 6. Vodka is omnipresent by its omission. 7. She doesn't know what mindfulness means, and, whatever she is doing doesn't work because she admits she is stress eating and dreads exercising. wtf, mika? You are so unselfaware it's astonishing.
  2. so was it good? It was worth it?
  3. We already pay for DirecTV, HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BritBox, and I think Acorn. I don't want to chase new subscription-based content platforms and download apps and buy a new TV that can support last week's technology. I'm not a Luddite; at some point I need to try to shape the market so it suits me. Millennials' acceptance of a ludicrously disparate content delivery industry is not going to drive me to watch TV on my computer. I'm not adapting and adopting for new platforms, so that new platforms must adapt to me.
  4. How badly did Joe ruin that segment? Jeez louise. He would jump in and (practically) shout "I'm smart too! I know things too! I have books! I have books!" That was a great segment, but fucking Joe...
  5. In the 7:00am minute as they introduced the (SHOCKING) story that the White House knew about bounties to target our troops, I was listening rapt to Mika read the latest details. Then she said, "ossifer" instead of "officer."
  6. Ok, what I just wrote might be construed as cruel and tasteless and an excellent example of how the internet is an ugly place. To balance it- I admire the young lady's work ethic, creativity and spirit. I would imagine her mother is very proud of her.
  7. Video of the young artist at work. I wonder what Bing Bong and Mika think of that tattoo. Bing Bong: "She has a tattoo, Mika. You've failed as a mother. You're worthless." Mika: [looks pained and crestfallen and slowly inserts a heaping fistful of cake into her mouth and chews very slowly]
  8. Giant, cataclysmic event in sports. Joe's a Liverpool fan. And it's Roger Bennett from Men in Blazers. Try it, you'll love it.
  9. "Vapid vulgarians?" Sweet jesus, she's a nitwit. She thinks she's F. Scott Fitzgerald dropping prose bombs, but she's a fucking nitwit. Karen who married her boss and got giant fake boobs called the CEO of Twitter a vapid vulgarian from the sun deck of her Boca McMansion.
  10. One of these is far far far more probable than the other.
  11. I flipped to Morning Joe still with my eyes closed. I was desperate to catch a few extra winks... anxiety makes it hard to sleep through the night... and Joe was SCREAMING. I had the TV on really low and I thought what commercial is this? And then I thought, oh lord, that's Joe legit bellowing. He said something about rich people and Zuckerburg and shootings. Was he standing? What was Mika's face like? I don't know if I like this particular persona he adopts. Seems fake and modeled after Morton Downey Jr.
  12. OMG, what if she answered??? "Hi, this is Mrs Scarborough, Know Yer Value. How can I help you?" You need to be prepared! Your represent us all!
  13. This is to plant a seed in the universe... Please have Anand on tomorrow to condescend to Joe and woke-splain how "Defund the Police" is perfect campaign-year phrasing and the world is too stupid to get it. They're both generally detestable and hate each other, which makes for good TV.
  14. I've had long standing back issues that have flared up badly during quarantine from... doing nothing and sitting with bad posture. An awkward night's sleep Sunday and I woke up a leg that didn't move well, a lower back locked in place and an upper back in spasm. It has since mostly resolved until... the laughter put my back in spasm. THANKS @teddysmom Mika stress-eating cake by the fistful is the funniest thing in the world. Sorry Mika, I'm sure you're lovely in real life.
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