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  1. starfire

    S07.E22: Making Amends

    Also, Catelynn is absolutely ridiculous and useless. She "isn't ready" for couples counseling with Tyler? That's a load of crap. They have so many issues and he actually wants to try to improve things. I guess she knows she won't be in control like she probably is at the spa treatment centers, and will hear some things she doesn't want to hear and might actually have to do some work. I am so annoyed she is pregnant again. She has no business getting pregnant again with all the unresolved issues she has. She is ready for another baby but not ready for couple counseling. Makes no sense at all. She makes me so mad!!
  2. starfire

    S07.E22: Making Amends

    Kristina is very mature and generous, and goes way above and beyond to keep the peace with Amber and her hair-trigger temper, but I hope she doesn't become more of a doormat and allow herself to be taken even further advantage of by Amber with more babysitting of James, etc. It's ridiculous what lengths she and Gary go to to not upset Amber. Amber is unbelievably selfish and immature.
  3. starfire

    S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    How utterly stupid and neglectful of Randy/Chelsea to allow Aubree to watch the live filming, knowing what happened at the last reunion and the probability that drama and fighting would happen again. Like the MTV "higher ups" have ever been able to control the losers on this show.
  4. starfire

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    Sounds like she is standing/swimming in her power again.
  5. starfire

    S08.E31: On the Mend

    If he really wanted to, Corey could likely use FMLA to get time off to go to Ali's specialist appointments.
  6. starfire

    S08.E19: Not to Stir the Pot, But...

    I knew pretty much all my classmates last names when I was in elementary school, middle school, etc. Teachers used last names, there are yearbooks, many families lived in the neighborhood so we knew their names, and so on. I would've noticed if a 1st grade, 4th grade (or any grade) classmate all of a sudden changed their last name. So thinking nobody is going to notice a name change is highly unrealistic to me. Hopefully the transition will go well for your son.
  7. starfire

    Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    It may (or may not) be because he is not an employee of Viacom. Creditors aren't able to do a traditional wage garnishment on independent contractors because their earnings are not considered wages.
  8. starfire

    S07.E17: Time Will Tell

    Most of these people...Amber, Cate, Ryan, all seem like they are about 20 years older than they are, and not in a good way at all. They are all useless, unemployed, lazy, burned-out hags.
  9. starfire

    Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    Who in their right mind would be happy to have Ryan's heroin-soaked sperm impregnating her? Mackenzie is obviously insane.
  10. starfire

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    He tries so hard to look sexy and sultry but it is not working. That hat makes his head look about 2 feet tall.
  11. starfire


    Right Michael..... you want us to believe that she "settled" for what she sued for or for $2,500,000 MORE than what she sued for? What a nut.
  12. starfire

    S07.E16: Friends in Need

    I feel so bad for Leah. Her "mom" is supposedly too depressed/mentally ill/busy filming to see her more than a handful of times per year, but she is perfectly fine to have a baby she will supposedly be with and take care of 24/7 (I feel very sorry for the new baby, too). This all must be so hard for a little girl to comprehend, and she deserves so much better. Amber should be ashamed of herself, but all she does is make excuses. She has no respect or appreciation for everything Gary and Kristina have done and continue to do for Leah. Thank God Leah has good, caring, stable parents in Gary and Kristina.
  13. starfire

    S07.E13: I'm Beautiful, I'm Smart, I'm Strong

    I thought I glimpsed this on the show but thought I must be imagining things. LMAO. MattTwo has to walk over that mat every day? And doesn't throw it away himself? Hilarious and pathetic....and very, very weird.
  14. starfire

    S07.E13: I'm Beautiful, I'm Smart, I'm Strong

    I pray that Catelynn gets another IUD put in, stat. She and Tyler are definitely not in a good place to have another baby right now. I hope she gets the help she needs, but I tend to doubt that another 30-day stint (probably with no professional aftercare - likely just occasional visits with Kinko's Kathleen) is going to meet her needs. I felt bad for Tyler. He can be a jerk, but things have been intense for him lately. One week he is driving his dad to treatment, the next his wife.
  15. starfire

    S07.09: Let's Try Again

    Things are always weird when Farrah and Sophia are involved, but I think it was especially bizarre that Debra was along on Michael's engagement vacation. The scenes with all of them were just so strange and awkward -- with Debra professing her love for Michael and Amy, kissing Amy, getting all emotional and dramatic, and just in general being there. I thought the actual proposal was sweet, but you can tell how whipped they are that they went along with Farrah's weird "ex at the proposal" plan. I haven't decided if Amy is a saint or just as nutty as the family she is marrying into.