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  1. I'm not sure that I believe Texas couple was really living there. They had virtually no personal items in the house. I assume they're still living with mom.
  2. I would agree with this, but Dwight told Negan that Sherry was killed by zombies, so there's no need to protect her at that point.
  3. He definitely didn't deserve to die over that. The show keeps trying to humanize Dwight and have the audience root for him, but then they make him do something awful for no good reason. I'm baffled.
  4. I'm so confused. Why did Dwight set up the doctor?
  5. Although I enjoyed this more than expected, I wish that Oceanside was an INTENTIONALLY all-women community, instead of being a Savior by-product. Much more interesting, but I guess the writers couldn't figure out s way to integrate them into the story without tying in Negan.
  6. This might be the dumbest episode ever. Carl somehow leaves Alexandria with a USABLE CAR and then destroys the USABLE CAR to kill what? Three zombies? Carl and Enid have a long conversation and then MAKE OUT with Negan's crew what? Fifty feet away? I thought Hilltop had a bunch of residents? Where the hell were they when the fires were set??? Only like 4 people showed up, none of whom had the common sense to close the fucking gate IMMEDIATELY. Maggie gives the pocket watch to Enid, instead of Glen's unborn child in the future? Come ON. Jesus
  7. I'm not sure I understand Shannon's end game here. It's public record that David was arrested and plead guilty for battery or something similar. It would make more sense to admit it, say it was a dark time (or not as serious as the charges imply), and that they've worked through it. I get that she wants to keep it off the show, but you have to know that EVERYTHING is going to come out when you're putting your life out there on national television.
  8. I don't believe for a second that nerd family had lived in that house for a few weeks. There were NO personal items, toys, or even any indication that a single night had been spent there. If you look out the windows, the house seemed to be in a parking lot. I wonder what the real story is behind these weirdos.
  9. Why in the world would Michelle wear that shirt with a regular bra?? It was ALL I could see.
  10. WHOA, Michelle!! Put your eyebrows back on, girl!
  11. There is a certain kind of woman who can pull off Nicole's pink cat dress. Nicole is not that woman.
  12. Vicki's new boyfriend is unsurprisingly a VERY bad man. http://www.ocweekly.com/news/an-open-letter-to-real-housewife-vicki-gunvalson-about-her-new-dirty-cop-boyfriend-7298653
  13. I thought it was pretty telling that when Kris spoke about Kim moving out that she was looking forward to more alone time. Not a word about Corey.....
  14. I don't even what these bitchz are arguing about anymore.
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