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  1. I agree, it might be a couple of rounds early, but not ridiculously early. Yes, in the second round, that would be a dumb mistake. As an example, the league I'm in, we have two running backs, two wide receivers, a QB, 2 "flex" players (tight end/RB/WR), a kicker, and defense, plus 8 bench players. You definitely want to get your RBs, WRs, and QB set first. But a really good kicker can get you some points, especially if your scoring is set up to allow for bonus points for longer field goals. I've had kickers get me more points than my QB a couple of times, since a 50+ yard field goal is worth 6
  2. I generally use two different styles of purses. My day to day bag is kind of mid-size, such the Vera Bradley On The Go or similar. The other is a smaller cross body organizer bag that has various credit card slots and also room for cash, and my large phone. I have this bag in Wisteria. The smaller is for going out for dinner, or when I'm traveling (once I've reached my destination; I have a Baggellini to carry on the plane), or when I go out for a walk, etc. Whichever type of bag I get, it needs a secure outside pocket that my phone will fit in, and a good number of interior pockets. I don't l
  3. I've bought a couple of small, non-clothing items from them, with no problems. But I agree, you definitely need to read the fine print. You also have to make sure you don't need something right away, since the shipping time on most of their stuff is 3-4 weeks. They are kind of a consolidator, and don't keep stuff in stock. I probably wouldn't buy clothing from them, unless it's Q stuff or other manufacturers where I know my size. Same with shoes, I'd be leery unless it was a company I'd bought shoes from previously. They do have measurements/sizing for each company, but I'm not too trusti
  4. I am so sorry for your loss, Cricket. My thoughts are with you.
  5. My mom wouldn't buy my sister or me Barbies, as she didn't like the "message" she felt they symbolized (she also didn't buy us baby dolls). This was in the 60s, though, before Barbie could be a doctor, or lawyer, or astronaut. It didn't bother me, since I never had any real desire for one. Besides, we could just as easily "play house" with the stuffed animals she bought us instead. However, I did start collecting dolls as an adult (not Barbies, or baby dolls). I now have a wide range, from 15" fashion dolls, to 23" Asian ball-jointed resin dolls. I also collect a lot of other figures and
  6. Ugh, I'm really tempted by the set of crystal glasses that's the TTV. If I do decide to get them, I'd get the stemless wine, even though I don't drink wine, and use them as tumblers for cold drinks. But I really don't need them. But they are so pretty, and there is ValuePay. Hmmm....
  7. We've been lucky here in Alaska. After a lot of snow in March, April has been unseasonably warm. It's gotten into the 50s for pretty much the last ten days or so. It is supposed to cool down, but it will still be in the high 40s. All of the snow has pretty much melted, except where it was piled up from plowing. Plus, it's now light out until after 9:30pm at night, which is great. I just hope the nice weather comes back when it is really summer. Last summer was pretty dismal, cloudy and rainy and chilly.
  8. Snow showers here today (and 29F), but it's supposed to get back up in the 40s tomorrow, and stay there for the next week. Sigh...I wish I were still in Arizona, even if it is 90 there right now. Unfortunately, no MegaMillions or PowerBall wins, so I had to come back to work!
  9. I was tempted, but I bought two pairs of last year's sandal TSV, and they are still in good shape, so couldn't justify buying this TSV, especially since they sit in my closet for 7 months of the year. I'm glad they work for you; I really like mine.
  10. I watched Trading Spaces because I loved the UK version, Changing Rooms. Trading Spaces had some good designs (mostly Vern's and Genevieve's, since I did like their aesthetic), but it seemed they actually tried for disasters, instead of accidentally falling into them like on Changing Rooms. And I despised Hildy. (I also loved Ground Force, the UK surprise garden show.)
  11. I was going to say I can get one and eat it while sitting on a 4-foot snowbank, but realized that March 20 is the first day of my vacation and I'll be in Arizona! I'm more likely to go to Sonic, though, since we have DQ up here, but no Sonics.
  12. I have to admit, I like the gray one with the purple embroidery. Not enough to pay $70 for something I'd only wear a few times a year, but I do think it's attractive. I also like the black one, but not as much as the gray.
  13. Ah, the first faint hope of spring! I'm looking for spring wherever I can, since we just got about 10" of snow here over the past week, and it's supposed to dip below 0F the next couple of nights. Looking forward to my Arizona trip in three weeks. Have a ticket package to the Dbacks home opener (includes transportation from my mom's senior community, seat, food and non-alcoholic drinks)!
  14. I have the now discontinued iPad Pro 9.7 inches. The new iPad Pro is 10.5 or 12.9 inches. The big difference is going to be speed, since the Pros are much faster. The basic features are similar. The new Pros allow for split screen, using an Apple pencil, and some other benefits, including more storage capacity. If you carry a lot of media on your iPad, especially videos, the increased capacity is helpful. Also, if you use it as your main online device, the increased speed is a big plus, especially if you stream. Personally, I would upgrade. However, I would check out the Apple websi
  15. Well, just tried to order something from QVC from their lunch specials page, and found out that "free shipping" doesn't apply to Alaska. In fact, they wanted to charge over $11 for the "slow boat" shipping for a pair of jeans, which would have been nearly half the cost of the sale price of the jeans. So screw you, Q, no money from me.
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