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  1. Hello all. Miss you all and hope to come back soon. Joe died at 8:50 on May 24th, which was Kody's very first birthday. I stayed all night with him, left the room for less than a minute, and he left me. His dedication can be found if you go to the Post Star Newspaper in Glens Falls, NY I do not want to be in trouble for posting the website here. Joseph T. Rahl. You can not miss him. He is the incredibly handsome man holding his dog Kody. Oh, Michelle was the only one of us to be with him at that moment. He passed to the song Let It Be, from the Beatles.
  2. just saw someone looking for me. i will keep this brief... sorry if I gave some the impression i have a habit of posting and disappearing and coming back. Joe is dying.. we are discussing funeral arrangements. A LOT HAS HAPPENED FAST and i can not deal with it all. it is late now so I will try to post soon and catch you up for those of you so kind to wonder.
  3. 73.00 for a Logo T-shirt with embroider crochet lace.? She is insane. Kerstink is spouting poop trying to tell me how high quality this is. This is a freaking t-shirt with granny lace on the bottom to help accentuate your hips no less.
  4. i wouldn't be caught dead wearing that combo Kerstink has on now, in public.
  5. not really they both suck
  6. :) Yesterday I said I was flipping from the Weather Channel where they were showing footage of the 2011 tornado outbreak, as well as other tornado shows. I had seen all of them a half dozen times. So, I flipped over the the Q hoping for some less boring, more interesting show. Instead I got hit in the face with Josie Moron with Sandra, I think. So CLICK and FLIP! Back to the Weather Channel I went to watch the repeated tornado shows. I still would rather watch over-played shows on the Weather Channel than ANYTHING on the Q that has to do with Josie slathering that frickin' oil all over h
  7. Okay now you win the internet best post award today.
  8. That goes to show how much i dislike Josie I guess! :)
  9. no reason to rush back..no school to attend.... i vote they spend another week... or two....
  10. i have to agree with @DownTheShore on that one. Looks like she has a hefty bag with sparkles on... you know when you need to quickly cover a coat in the closet so you grab a garbage bag and make a slit in it to fit over the coat hanger? (maybe I am alone in this LOL)
  11. but i AM an aging French woman so it's all good
  12. yea - rehashing the tornado outbreak of 2011. i usually like these things but i have seen it MULTIPLE TIMES! UGH! So it was rehashing Josie's grease or tornadoes... i choose the tornadoes.
  13. thought i would take a break from the Weather Channel and see what was going in Qland... CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!! No way am I watching Josie Moron. I know it has been said so many times before, but the lack of interesting programming at the Q is pathetic. Makeup, food, vacuum cleaners and pillows. Ad nauseum,
  14. Pitiful. Here she is looking for something to wear in the mornings....
  15. I get what you are saying. I got harassed when I was in the air force. I was actually stalked. The guy came up to me in the commissary one day with a handful of pictures of me doing all kinds of things on the base, right down to taking my garbage out. I freaked out inside, told my commanding officer, who was a woman and nothing was done about it. I thought after all these 30 years now, things would have changed for the better, but then I hear stories where it is just as bad. PS - I still have one of the pictures he took of me walking to work. I don't know why I kept it, it is just a weird
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