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  1. Because any one or all of us probably have a similar list of likes and don't likes that you would roll your eyes at (maybe already have??) Whatever - it is what it is. :-) Plus you're funny. Hee
  2. At the place I used to work there were always flocks of geese strolling around the popular walking route around a pond. It was like an obstacle course trying to sidestep the mounds of poop they left behind. Ugh
  3. which reminds me, I need to buy some pre-made cookie dough from the store to have on hand in case of emergency ..... Hee!
  4. and on a nicer note, was just coming here to say that I really like the Dooney woman's voice. It's very pleasing to the ear. And although I was getting annoyed at Jayne's constant phlegmy coughing (ugh), she has a voice that's pleasing to the ear as well. JMO YMMV and now I get to leave with a smile on my face and the memory of that atrocious photo of Caroweeble............. All is right with the world, the QVC world anyway......... lol!
  5. At yi yi ---- Love that I never have to miss any fashionable looks on the Q............LOL!!
  6. This is the first time I've really paid attention to Skunk's hair color and I don't remember the skunk stripes just being around the front of her face. I thought she had stripes over the whole head and that section up front has some kind of unusual braiding technique on full view. Interesting, to say the least --- that or just plain weird.
  7. Yes, this is a new picture after her having been McTooled. She posted it herself.
  8. Well, thankfully, Carolyn finally got her hair cut. You can see it in real time tomorrow morning when she fills in for David with Kerstin on SMQ. It's improved.
  9. and those clothes......! He will say he's an artiste...... Ugh
  10. I've been noticing that the applause that has to follow every single dam bit of Hot Topics she spews is sounding a bit lame. Not as enthusiastic as it once was.
  11. I have never heard of smegma in my life and even now reading these posts on the subject, I am still confused and scratching my head. Duh.... ETA - and I am in the heart of the Midwest, well Michigan, anyway, if that is inaccurate to say.
  12. they call the top shoe color White on the website. It looks more like beige to me. Which is it in real life?
  13. 24 hour Beauty Day? well, there's another reason NOT to watch. Garden Day - Ugh; Jewelry Day - Ugh (until the price of gold seriously comes down ((I won't hold my breath waiting)). About all I can tolerate anymore is the 24 hour Fashion Days. I was surprised big time at them showing the collectible bears - talk about throwback. I hope Lisa was watching. Hah.
  14. TOTALLY know what you're talking about and absolutely agree.
  15. My goodness, Judith really looks like that woman who looks like a cat. Yikes
  16. I'm in the same boat and what was I thinking when I started the dosing at 6am way back when. DumDum. Lately, I've been staying up too late and 6am hurts.
  17. Have to laugh to myself when I see Amy and mental ding dong in the same sentence.
  18. Wow - different strokes I guess, but I think MBR looks awful in those pants and shoes in the photo with Gomer upthread. I like the top but that's about it. Shoes and pants - UGH to the wow. Gomer looks good as long as I don't have to hear her. Saw her sister this early morning doing a show and wow, she sounds IDENTICAL to Gomer.
  19. I like it!! Hee doesn't seem to bother the bigger people I see out and about wearing them........
  20. well than it will definitely be a Spring to remember....... Hee! :-)
  21. Yikes!! I am very afraid...... this looks like it hurts.... Yikes!!
  22. Happy Spring everyone! It finally got here or at least will be at 12:15pm EST. Don't forget to get your free small vanilla cone at Dairy Queen :-)
  23. I was coming here to say the very same thing - she looks REALLY BAD tonight from head to toe. Ugh
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