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  1. Exactly what I was thinking - Duh?? - I'm sure there's more to it but we'll probably never know.
  2. My guide says 'new' for the show but it's an old one. Is she on break now for the holidays, anyone know?
  3. Defensive much today Miss Wendy??? She's on a major roll these days.
  4. JMO, but I thought the wig Wendy was wearing today was a hot mess and did Wendy forget her pants for today's show?? Any shorter and she might as well just sit there in her underwear.
  5. LOL!! Maybe Leah could share some tips with Carolyn, on the side, that is.
  6. I loved his reaction to her YELLING out at him.... He was as shocked as I was. She wants to be the expert of all the gossip talk. and I loved the comment an audience member made "I believe once a cheater, always a cheater" - I cracked up watching Wendy listen to that. LOL!
  7. I was scrolling comments from the bottom up and made myself laugh out loud when I started scrolling up this pic because I thought it was going to be Carolyn!!..... LOL!!!! Maybe Isaac is her fashion role model.
  8. Pretty soon I'm going to mistake Leah for Diana Ross - that hair has a life of its own. Hee!
  9. BWAHAHA!! I hate when she does this - tries to get gossip about other people from her guests. How rude and crude. It just always seems so cringeworthy. They aren't guests to provide info on other people for gawd's sake.
  10. The Clarks TSV clog is very 'manly' looking. Ugh. Not a fan. Amy O's little butterfly ankle tat didn't help much either. Hee!
  11. Wow - it's been a while for me watching the Q but I tuned in this am and boy, Leah has really lost the weight. She looks Fabulous!
  12. something is most definitely up. with. Wendy.... but at least she's still holding hands with Big Kev.... lol!
  13. and I've had it up to here with her crocodile tears of emotion ….. this WHOLE show - bizarre. I loved the confused look on Wendy's face watching Taylor Dane performing - like she was trying to show interest - DUH …. bizarre.
  14. Thank you!! Idiot! that whole lingerie comment was idiotic.... sounds like Wendy is gearing up for something.
  15. The worst fashions --- O M G!!! I couldn't make it past Part 1 without wanting to fall on the floor laughing...… I just caaaaaannnnnnn't…………. LOLOL!!
  16. Thanks for the info. I've been out of touch and was wondering what the heck the repeats were all about.
  17. Cathy Pedrayes never heard of ecru?? Seriously, airhead??? PS&BTW she pronounces it "EEEEEEEEEEE-crew". Oy - rolling my eyes,
  18. watermelon hat In case you like DIYs and want to make your own version of the Watermelon Hat QVC was selling. :-)
  19. I think it would be fun to spend an evening with you just to hear some of the stories...…. geez...….. Hang in there!. ?
  20. ,Was watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel last night, When Sparks Fly, and thought the lead actress looked familiar - sure enough it was Meghan Markle. I had never heard of her before the Prince Harry hookup and never watched Suits, but seeing her in this film she wasn't a bad actress. Color me surprised. ?
  21. and if you really want to analyze her features some more - her nostrils are not symmetrical. either. PS&BTW - I don't remember Pat ever having an illness in the past, but I thought it was lip plumping or some plastic surgery attempt gone wrong - or was it the result of a car accident?? It was waayyy back in the day and I only saw her for a split second but it was shocking how different she looked and then she was off air for a long while and when she returned they would never do a closeup or linger on her face for a long while. Strange.
  22. I thought Pat looks really pretty lately and like the shorter hair too but she stil drives me nutz with her Pollyannaish way of speaking and schmoozing and whatever...….aarrgh!
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