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  1. Wendy has had her NJ dermatologist on her show - Dr. Marion Shapiro - but she's white.
  2. I too was shocked at how feeble she seemed to be walking out. Does Lymphedema do that to you?? Now her latest thing seems to be she's desperate for a man - she's got no one to hug her. Blech! Not looking forward to the stories she'll start telling when she gets some hook-ups. Ugh.
  3. Totally agree - T O T A L L Y!! She makes EVERYTHING about her - yes, her show but I am TOTALLY over it. She's major OBNOXIOUS - always YELLING and totally unwatchable - for me anyway.
  4. LOL!! I was thinking he needs a haircut... Totally...
  5. Could only watch 10 minutes..... nuff said - not for me. The word that comes to mind is pathetic. JMO
  6. and now she's going to be on The Talk - UGH UGH UGH
  7. and what is her big attraction to 'pantyshorts'... they seem to be her latest love. . …. and I'm sure Wendy will be wearing her latest obsession - pantyshorts. and speaking of Harvey & TMZ, I gag everytime when she mentions TMZ she adds.... 'Hi Harvey and Charles ….. hi Vannnnn' - the Van part all dreamy like. Gag.
  8. According to Wendy she has already been diagnosed with lymphedema (she said look it up - this is not a health segment - LOL!) which may account for the cankles.
  9. Holy crap! that was some 'return' show.... During the hot topics segment (which was ALL.about.her) Wendy was practically yelling. A new Wendy has definitely been unleashed. I'm still laughing especially at the fact that she already has someone she's crazy about - not IN LOVE, mind you, and he's a doctor (she hinted). She also said 'Momma don't go after babies' or some sheet like that, meaning he's in her age bracket. Uh huh... her sense of humor & personality is what attracts all ages to her donchaknow. I was peeved at myself that I kinda liked her new wig. LOL. OOoooohhhhh Wendy -
  10. NEVER YOU!! LOL! (sorry seeing this late)
  11. Wendy is acting as OTT of her 'new life' (cough cough) as she was when she was hiding details of her old life. Give it a rest. Ugh .
  12. Speaking of Adam Levine, boy, he sure has had a lot of 'looks'... LOL!
  13. I had to laugh that he was served at 6:30 am...… LOL!! have a nice day Kev!!
  14. Think Wendy would need to go through a LOT of therapy before she would ever come to a place where she would leave her husband. She's seriously messed up. Not trying to diss her but she has got a LOT OF ISSUES that need to be worked on, addiction issues, marital issues, self esteem, etc. Just another example of seeing how the truth comes out one way or the other.....
  15. Thank you - UGH - the whole phony ass intro dialogue made me sick.
  16. OMG!!! I couldn't agree more.... can't stand him - used to like him once upon a time, but now - UGH!
  17. I agree, but Wendy did 'design' a line of clothing that's sold through HSN - doesn't that qualify her??..……… (snerk) Wendy almost looked unrecognizable in that photo of her coming out of the CVS in Florida. Sheesh a little effort wouldn't hurt. Could that woman with her be her sister maybe? I've lost interest in her return date what with all the announced postponements, but could someone tell me when she's expected to return for real? (never mind)
  18. I wish someone would track down Wendy's Mom in Florida for an interview. She seems like she'd be an easy mark to 'spill her guts'...
  19. woo boy - I bet Wendy LOOOOOOVED this ………..Maury's Offer
  20. I hear Wendy has delayed her return a week - returning on Jan 14 now - she must need more recovery time - wonder if it's physical or emotional.
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