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  1. HAHAHAHA - Thank you!!!! Is she wearing compression socks as well??
  2. Amy needs a little more self tanner on her feet …… Ugh (being sarcastic...)
  3. Nuff said on the pants (Yikes) but when did she get her hair butchered!?!?! It looks horrid.
  4. Jen Coffey is starting to look like a female George Hamilton...
  5. This Totally!! - either that or wear boots because when this chick is on the sheet gets pretty deep. and another thing - that dolphin cuff bracelet reminded me of the Kirk's Folly offerings. Not interested. Just me.
  6. shouted with my imaginary megaphone ----- from your lips to EVERY narrow, sloping shouldered woman out there --- ATTENTION!!!!! Aarrgh!
  7. and she sounds rough too!! When an OAP is talking she's always in the background grunting in agreement or making comments that sound more like noise. Uh huh, yahhhh, riiiight... so annoying. She's really a prime example of someone on air who has no background training or experience whatsoever...... like it could be anyone who they just plucked off the street. PS&BTW - Have to agree I can't watch Alberti- maybe in a different venue but where he is now? - no, just no, (JMO) and seeing Courtney last night made me think, 'well, I don't miss her much' .............. LOLOLOL!!!!
  8. Yippity do dah!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! prayers continue
  9. Was just thinking it looks like Wendy is never going to wear high heels anymore. Has she worn the since coming back from her time off and I missed it?? her paranoia over falling must be really strong - just like the killer being right around the next corner. ps&btw I thought her wig today was really pretty. was thinking this very same thing.
  10. I never thought this before, but seeing these photos now I believe that Pam just might really be larger than Carolyn. I always thought Pam was a bit smaller and that Carolyn was always bringing up their sizes because she was putting digs in Pam. Kind of like snubbing her nose at Pam because Pam was wearing the bigger size. No matter what though, I can't stand Carolyn any more. And whoever it was that labeled her 'do' as Buster Brownish was spot on.
  11. Holy crap --- Carolyn was REALLY in the frump-a-dump zone in this outfit. She's a lost cause. All well and fine when you're at home on your off time......
  12. Prayers continue for you Cricket and prayers coming your way seahag....
  13. and speaking of celebs (using that term very loosely), I was quite surprised to see Desperate Housewife Shannon Beador hawking meal programs just now. Lucky me that I didn't miss this winning moment. Hmmmm
  14. I wondered that same thing because when I happened upon her I saw her lift her glass to her nose but she never drank it - at least not that I saw - course I didn't spend a LOT of time watching her either - UGH - go back to Customer Service - I think that was a better fit for you Mare...
  15. Yikes just a quick look and to me it looks like they need to bring out a fire hose and hose down Laura and the models wearing her stuff today. They look like it's been troweled on. Not a fan. They all look like Jen Coffey. Ugh
  16. I can NOTNOTNOT believe it's actually snowing here this morning. Ugh.....
  17. So apparently QVC decided they didn't have enough sport sandal selections, so they decided to add another brand - Keen. Yaawwwnnnn.
  18. Well, I see there's no chance of Demented tipping over - she's adequately braced for anything. Sheesh. God love her, but some days, I just can't take Miss Nambie Pambie... PS&BTW - that top is atrocious!
  19. I sure didn't make it up but interestingly enough, it's missing now...... hmmmmmmmm
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